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Wife becomes entertainment..“The Party!”The day of the party arrived. I awoke, after hardly sleeping, and headed to the gym. When I arrived back at the house, Nancy was up at the counter. She was drinking coffee and looking at her Facebook account. My wife was right, she was very stunning. She wore a half cropped shirt, which showed the bottoms of her large breasts. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she wore the tightest boy short panties which hugged her ass perfectly. She was totally focused on her phone and must not have heard me come in because she jumped when I said good morning. She smiled at me and returned the pleasantries. We only finished moving her in the day before. This was her first morning having moved in. She took the bedroom right across from ours. She had quite a few things and the rest of her stuff was going to be placed in an off site storage center. As I poured my cup of coffee I could see her face better and could tell she had been crying. She was receiving quite a bashing from her family for announcing she was getting a divorce, she explained. We talked about it and she explained how’d she been wanting too divorce him for awhile now. With the proposition I made the other day, she saw it as her way out. I felt kind of felt guilty hearing this. “You know party or no party, you are always welcome here.” I told her, and leaned on the counter in front of her. One, so I could communicate with her. Mostly, so I could get the perfect view down her shirt. she wore no bra, which gave an amazing view from my angle. “I really appreciate that, you both have been so kind with all of this” she replied, setting her phone, down taking a drink. “I didnt know you went to the gym so early? Would you mind if I joined you in the future? She asked.”Absolutely!” I responded “If you dont mind me asking something, why does your family give you such a hard time?” I questioned.”That is a long story” she said semi laughing”Well do you have anywhere you need to be?” I laughed back”Ok, I’ll tell you my story If you tell me yours. How you came to be so open with your wife. I’ve never met, nor heard of anyone like you.” She said eyeing me up and down. Holding her coffee mug with both hands.We moved to the table and she started to tell me all about her life. She didn’t hold back. she told me of how her uncle m*****ed her at a young age and ass fucked her daily until the bastard was caught. She had no father figure in her life. She developed as a woman in her young age and always had large breasts since she was 12. With the attention men would give her, she always used it to her advantage. She knew, very young, that she could get a lot of things or special attention just by flirting and showing off these. She laughed cupping her tits and jiggling them for me. What she found is she really enjoyed the sex and driving men nuts. It made her feel powerful and in control. She was good at it too, because it made her feel good. So she explained it as the best of both worlds. This caused her to get a bit of a reputation and in a small town it was hard to hide. This reputation caused pain and dishonor to her family. When she got married they took that as a step towards redemption. Now, with her getting a divorce its just another notch of disappointment towards her family name, as her mother would kindly remind her. I will say hearing her talk about this kind of bummed me out. I could see how she was the way she was and how it was all from early c***dhood trauma. She had a lot of demons in that closet. Here sat a woman that in another world would have been some trophy wife for a guy. Probably produced cute k**s and made a great wife. Yet, in this world here sat the gorgeous woman, who was broken and and though acted tough was hurting and her only solace was sex. Which made her feel good and made her feel valued. Crazy how it all works out.“Damn Nancy, I don’t if I should say sorry or what to actually say. ” I replied, as she finished telling her story. “Don’t be, I see this as a new chapter” she said smiling. “Plus I love who I am and I am very happy with my life. “Hey I mean this.. I hope you know you don’t have to do this party just because we are giving you a room here” it felt as though I had to say it. I didn’t want her to think we were using her because of her broken past and knowing she’d be a yes. “I truly appreciate, but are you fucking k**ding me! The money alone is worth me doing this but I am very excited to be the center of entertainment. I still fantasize about the gang bang I did as a teen. Plus, my ex was so fucking boring and we didn’t do shit. Hell, what we did the other night was amazing and I cant believe how bad I’ve been craving it.” She said, arching her back and stretching. The move caused her top to move up her breasts exposing her left nipple for one brief second, before she relaxed and it dropped back down. “Enough of my drama though, now you have to share” she said, leaning back in her chair, holding the cup with both her hands, legs slightly spread and fully focused on me. I started to explain how the party came to happen and how it wasn’t planned. I told her of my shock when I realized it was her in the mask. I explained, how i felt when she looked at me after taking my bosses cock in her pussy. I explained how It was crazy because i didnt feel jealous, I simply wanted to fuck her bad. I explained how ever since that night things were so different around here with us. How completely open and honest we’ve been with each other. It has completely transformed us, causing us to actually be closer and more satisfied. Even when I heard how she fucked both, you and Kim it didn’t make me feel jealous or anything like that. It was as if she was telling me she went to the store. As I continued telling Nancy about the party and explaining Shauna and my relationship, I noticed her rubbing her legs together. Not dramatically, but enough that I could see my story was turning her on. Damn I thought, this chick really is a nympho.As i finished my story, I picked up my cup and leaned back in my chair. My cock, not hard but also not limp, could be seen in my gym shorts. I noticed Nancy eye me up and down, especially looking right towards my slightly bulging cock. Then smiling, taking a drink or her coffee she thanked me for sharing my story. “I cant believe she told you we fucked. The day I met her during her first yoga class, I fantasized what her pussy tasted like.” She said, slightly laughing. “So question. Now that I live here and we have all discussed, I think in detail, with the other night that we are all open to each other.” again smiling at me. “Does it mean that we can have whatever we want when ever we want?” She asked, placing her cup down, leaning back and slowly lifting her shirt up and over her breasts. She placed her finger by her mouth and with her other hand started moving her hand down her belly into her shorts. I placed my coffee mug on the table and stood up. I pulled my shorts completely off and stepped up to her. She took my cock in her mouth hungrily. She started sucking on me and giving me a hand job at the same time, why i finished taking my shirt off. She licked my shaft up and down and took me back in her mouth. My cock was rock hard in her hand. She pushed me back and I sat back in my chair. She stood and slipped her top off and pushed her shorts off. She then reached down and took my cock in her hand, aiming it towards her pussy and straddled me in the chair. “I want this cock again” she said, while sliding all the way down, taking me all in her. “Just sit there, I’ll cum quick” she said, grabbing the back of my chair and leaning back. I massaged her breasts and sucked on her nipples as she slowly made circles on my cock with her h
ips. She would slightly come up and then let her self fall hard back onto the full length, letting gravity do the work. She leaned forward and while kissing me continued making circles with her hips. Faster and faster she fucked me, at the same time sucking the bottom of my lip. When she suddenly fell forward, her mouth right by my ear, her breasts pushing against my chest. “I’m cumming, dont move” she whispered and I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft. Her inner muscles flexed so hard. She finished shaking and spasming on my cock. “Take me how you want” she said kissing me.With one motion, I lifted her up and off my cock. I then spun her around and pushed her over the table. “Fuck yes” she said, “Fuck me any way you want!” I took my cock in my hand and slammed it up her wet pussy. I didn’t hold back, I wanted to slam her pussy. I grabbed a handful of her hair and started fucking her hard. She reached forward and was holding the table. Her Tits pancaked between the table and her chest and stuck out both sides. I pulled her hair hard and fucked her violently. Trying to get every inch of my cock in her pussy. “I’ve needed this!” she cried out “harder!’ her voice bouncing with each thrust. “Fuck yes, use me” she said gripping the table. “I’m going cum she said.” “Hold it!” I commanded “don’t you fucking cum until I do” I said pounding her faster.”“I can’t! You’re gonna make me cum” she said and I could feel her pussy flex again. With that, my first strong jet shot up, deep, into her pussy and I know it was a lot. I was so turned on, I could feel the back pressure in my balls as I filled her warm wet cunt. I kept pumping, thrusting and grunting with each explosion of cum in her pussy. Her legs shook rapidly and she collapsed on the table, laying her head to the side. “Holy shit i needed that” she said, breathing heavy. I pulled my cock from her pussy. I was still hard and my dick was soaking wet. She stayed bent over, legs spread laying on the table. Slowly, a small white dot oozed from the entrance of her pussy. As she pushed herself up and took a deep breath, thick large glob of cum left her wet hole and dripped down between her pussy lips. She gathered her clothes from the ground. Her creampie was now on her thighs and a couple drops landed on her calf muscle. She kissed me deeply. “I’m going to love living her. Now gotta hop in the shower” and headed up stairs. I sat watching her walk away. With each step she took, her pussy would drop another white glob of cum. She left a trail of cum and even a few drops on a couple steps. She didnt give a fuck! I took a paper towel and followed her path, cleaning up my cum that exited our new room mates pussy. I wiped my cock clean with the same paper towel. Though still hard, I gathered my stuff up and headed upstairs to my room. As I walked by Nancys room I could hear the shower running. I opened my bedroom door slowly and my wife, Shauna, was still asleep on the bed. Her naked body was slightly covered by her blanket. I went to the shower and was just letting the water hit me. With my cock going limp I put my hands against the wall and let the water run over my shoulders. I had my eyes closed as I was thinking of everything I needed to get done before tonight’s event. It was then, I felt my wife’s hands on my back as she came up behind me kissing my shoulders. “You and your 4 am gym routine” she said laughing, as i spun around and kissed her good morning. I moved aside and she got under the water and started lathering up. She asked how my work out was and If the gym was busy. I listed off the regulars who are always there at that time. I then joking laughed, how the workout was great but the post workout was even better. She gave me a puzzled looked. I told her how I came home to Nancy at the counter. How her family is giving her shit about the divorce. How she told me about her past and it matched what she had told me the other day. I then explained how she wanted to know how I’m so cool with you being as sexual as you are. Well that led to us fucking. I said, focusing on her reaction. “You fucked her” she asked, smiling. “See isn’t this going to be awesome!?” She turned and let the water hit her face. It was at that moment I knew I had married 1 in literally a million. I reached around her and cupped her breasts and kissed her neck. My cock was on her ass. “So you aren’t mad or bothered?” I asked, with genuine concern. “She spun and wrapped her hands around my neck. Look, you told me the truth. No secrets, I didn’t have to try and pry it from you. If you and I are both honest, this is going to work out great. Just do not start keeping secrets or lie too me.” She said, kissing me. “Don’t you think I’d know what would happen if two very sexual girls moved in with us? I love it and now you have to tell me all the details. Did you guys talk about the party at all?” She asked, reaching down and lathering my cock. As I explained in detail how Nancy and I fucked, my wife listened intently and rubbed her pussy, letting the water run down her body. I could tell she wasn’t going to cum or not really wanting to fuck. So I moved on to the next question she asked. No, she didn’t ask about the party. She did say she’s excited for it. She quit rubbing her pussy, wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me. “Are you excited for tonight?” She asked, while kissing me.“I just hope it runs flawlessly.” I responded. She pulled back from me. “You doubt me?” She said, with a pouty face. “No way!” I emphasized. “Just gotta get it ready.” I explained.“Well lets get going then” she said, kissing me and turning off the shower. She threw on a robe, while I was getting ready. She left the room and a few minutes later came back in with her morning coffee. As we headed down stairs, Nancy was on the couch watching the morning news. “Good morning” Shauna said, leaning over the couch and giving her a kiss. “I heard you started your day nicely” she giggled and sat next to her on the couch. “I did and my pussy it still quivering” she smiled, patting her crotch, lifting the remote and changing the channels. I grabbed my keys from the table. “I’ll be back, I’m going to head over to the venue and make sure its good to go.” I checked in at the venue, called the liquor store and picked up the keg. I called the caterer and verified the time with them. So far everything was going well. That is when I received the text from my wife, “Babe come home” it read. I made an immediate U-turn. I entered the house and saw all three girls outside on the patio. Kim had her back to me, Nancy and my wife sat across from her, my wife was speaking. I walked outside, “hey ladies”. Nancy looked up and smiled, my wife glanced at me and back to Kim and Kim didn’t even turn to me. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Kim is having second thoughts” my wife explained.“What?” I said surprisingly“Its not like that” my wife continued “she is scared and doesn’t like feeling bad about it”.“Oh” I replied, not really knowing what to say to that. I couldn’t really respond with the whole “I know how you feel” fuck no I didn’t nor could I even imagine how she’d feel.“I’m so sick of being afraid of everything” Kim explained in frustration. “The other night was awesome and why we were messing around it was great talking about” she said smiling and grabbing my wife’s hands. Nancy continued sitting there, arms crossed leaning back listening. “It’s just when I’m alone thinking about it, I get nervous. I start thinking stupid shit and I chicken out.” She explained, putting her head down. “Knock it off”, my wife said squeezing her hands. “What is the stupid shit you think about” asked Nancy, arms still crossed“You know, what if someone recognizes me. Will people call me a slut. Does it mean I’m a hooker because I’d be getting paid. How would I explain the money to my parents. Like I said stupid shit” she explained to us three.“Well
first” Nancy said leaning forward and taking Kims hand in hers. “It is slutty!” My wife looked over at Nancy, eyes wide open. Nancy turned to Shauna “well it is and don’t down play it. You know what though?” She asked, looking back at Kim. “So is what we did the other night. You know we are all pretty kinky sluts. Us licking each other, swapping cum, you fucking chris. There is no difference. Well I guess the only difference is, if things go how I think they will, tonight we may be walking funny for a couple days.” She said laughing. She then refocused on Kim, “You have to start doing something though. You have to quit giving a shit what others think. We are going to be wearing masks, so no one will see our faces. We have no tattoos and you will be with us.” Nancy turned and looked towards Shauna. “I also can say with confidence, Chris wouldn’t let anything happen to us.” With that said, all three girls looked to me and I smiled and nodded. “No one has to know about the money and if any one ever does ask how you got a car. You simply tell them to mind their own fucking business. Afterwards, if you still need to explain, tell them I gave you a loan. Again you are now on your own, you live here and can start saving up and after tonight you are going to be able to achieve one of your goals.” she finished and kissed her hand.“See I hear you talk and you make it sound so easy, so nice.” Kim said, with longing in her eyes towards Nancy. “Its just.. 30!” She said, a quiver in her voice. “I told you the other day, don’t focus on the number. Besides, we have no idea what is going to happen in there. We of course are planning for the worst, or best, I don’t know how to explain that.” She said laughing looking at my wife, who smiled back. “We know this for certain though. Us three have to put on a show. The other night we had no problem doing that, wouldn’t you agree?” Nancy asked, Kim turning her head blushing. “No don’t turn away. Did you enjoy eating Shauna’s pussy?”“I did” she replied, turning back to face her“Did you enjoy eating my pussy?”“Yes” she responded, squeezing her hand. “Did you enjoy sucking and fucking Chris?”“Yes” she responded, turning and looking at me. My cock bounced in my shorts. “Did you enjoy us pleasing you?”“Yes” she said laughing, looking towards my wife. Who smiled back. “Then guess what slut? Yep, thats right you are a graduated slut” Nancy said laughing, my wife punching her in the arm. “Look, I’ll make you a deal. We get in there tonight. We dance, put on a show and at most us three mess with each other and tease these pricks. That is what we are being paid for. If it does get a little heated, like the event I did; Nancy and I will take care of what needs to be done and all I ask is you keep everyone interested. That means you dont have to do anything, I’ll leave it up to you. You are a big girl. I just want to emphasize there is no pressure, simply have fun. Nancy and I have talked and we aren’t worried about the what ifs. Does that sounds fair?” Shauna asked, Nancy nodding her head in approval. “What does keep em interested mean?” She asked“Just what it sounds like. If it does get sexual, keep them focused on what is going on.” My wife smiled.“These are typical men in power, they think they are all that. So just stroke their pathetic egos. Tell them their little peckers are huge, stuff like that. Tell them how interesting they are, basically just let them talk. Men like these love to talk and brag about how important they are. Just bat your eyes, stick your tits out and they will do whatever you want.” Nancy chimed in. “You don’t think that way of me?” I asked, laughing nervously. “No you are harmless” she said, glancing at me. I fucking didn’t know if I should be offended or what with that comment I laughed to myself. My wife just looked over at me and winked. “I can do that!” Kim said standing, hugging both Nancy and Kim. The three girls then went their separate ways in the house and I proceded upstairs to get ready. Hours passed and I told the girls when the car would arrive to pick them up. I gave them cash for the ride and told them I’d see them soon and I headed to the venue. The party was about to begin…. Everyone arrived within the designated time frame. In all, I counted around 22 guys and what surprised me were the 2 women. They were all on staff with the Admiral except for for the two girls. They were friends of the groom, as were 5 of the guys. The caters just left and we tapped the second keg. That is when my boss and his boss headed my direction. I was introduced by my rank and name, but with aka “The Closer” added on the end. I shook his hand and he thanked me for putting on one hell of a spread. My boss chimed in, “You haven’t seen anything yet. Am I right, Mr. Closer? He smacked me on the shoulder. I looked at my watch and responded, “eta 15 minutes.” “Great! all I’ve heard from this crusty squid is how amazing his bachelor party was. If its anything like he talks about, I’m hoping it may wake my confused ass son up.” As he said that, all three of us turned to look at his son who was holding a drink. He was trying to fit in a conversation, a group of 7 guys and the 2 girls were having. It looked painful as did the look on his face. I turned back to the two senior leaders. “Sirs, it will be a great show” looking towards my life and leaving the conversation. My boss caught up to me and pulled me to the side. “Chris my boy! Gah damn you did it again! I don’t know how you accomplish this shit in such little time, but you sure as fuck get it done“ He said, punching me in the shoulder and taking a drink of his beer. “I wanted to ask you earlier, by any chance if that nice tuzla escort little piece of ass that was at my party would be in attendance tonight?” Leaning in asking me. This newly wed mother fucker was asking about my wife I thought, turning my head slightly looking at him with disgust. “I don’t know, the company said they were going to have 3 or 4 girls for this event. I gave them the final number of 30 in attendance and though we are just a few short, they never gave names or anything.” I replied, in a professional manner. “Understand”, he said holding both my shoulders and looking back to the group. “Well lets just cross our fingers. I do remember you were a little bias towards her yourself “couple pump chump”. He said laughing. I hated that fucking name. It stuck for a week after the party. It wasn’t my fault, having just watched my wife get fucked and this prick telling me to go next. I was too fucking turned on realizing it was my wife, the whole environment and seeing the whole damn room full of guys lustily eye fucking my wife. Anyone would have lasted only a couple pumps. Ugh, hated thinking of that and he of course had to remind me of it. I’m only glad that from his party only a small handful were here. The rest of the room were from out of town and couldn’t remember that embarrassing moment. My cell buzzed, the car arrived and the girls were waiting for me in the back waiting room. It was the area the caters set up in. I left it unlocked and told them to just text me once they arrived and I would come get them. I turned on the music and announced to the room that i would be back with tonight’s entertainment. As I was walking out of the room, I saw a large group patting the Admirals son the shoulders. They were moving chairs around and tables to the side. They placed one chair right in the middle of the room. I headed out the door. In the staging area the girls looked unfucking believable. They each had on large trench coats but under the trench coat, well holy shit! Kim, wore a jet black wig that was shoulder length. Her mask was attached to hair and around her head for extra security. It was white, with sparkle sequences all over it and covered her nose up. Her lingerie top was black and started at the neck, which was wrapped as a choker, with sparkling fake diamonds. It was lace and pulled h
er breasts up and together. Making her chest look bigger than it normally was. She wore lace gloves that went up to her triceps. She had a diamond in her bellybutton piercing. Her black thong rode high on her hips and covered part of her ass, which in this outfit was her best attribute. Her ass looked amazing in those panties. She had black leggings that were complimented by black stilettos. Nancy, wore a jet black wig as well. I had no idea how she covered all her blond hair, but I didn’t care it looked amazing. Her mask was secured the same as Kims. Hers was black with the same sparkles across the face. Her lingerie was a dark blue that sparkled in the light. The choker around her neck sparkled and spelled out “moist.” It was composed of string that crossed around her body. Her massive breasts were amplified by the criss cross pattern leaving her nipples exposed. The criss cross pattern continued down her body and only a string went up her ass. The pattern around her ass cheeks made her ass look plump. Her thong rode her hips and a small, very small V pattern covered her pussy. Just barely enough to hold her pussy lips in. She as well wore leggings with black heels. My wife, Shauna, wore a jet black wig that was exactly the same as the other girls. Her mask was a dark blue almost black color. Her choker wrapped her neck and sparkled in the light spelling “tease.” Her lingerie was red, the same color she wore last party but this outfit was different. It looked like a very sheer panty set. You could see her nipples and her trimmed pussy through the material. If it got wet it would be totally transparent. She wore gloves like Kim and had leggings like both of the other girls. Her heels were red and as I continued to look all of them up and down, I simply could only respond with, “Holy fuck you three look amazing!” “We thought we were going to be late”, my wife said laughing“No you guys are good, I had the car pick you up 45 minutes earlier than needed. Though I didnt think it would take that long to get here” looking down at my watch.“Oh no we were early” replied Nancy. “The driver was questioning us like crazy because we had masks and trench coats on. So when we got here we showed him what was underneath. He asked if he could come to the party, we told him no, invitation only. So he asked if he could jerk off while looking at us in the mirror. “Hey we didnt have to tip!” Chimed Kim. He also gave us his card and said if we needed a ride home he’d be around the area.” She finished explaining, adjusting her straps.“I’m sure he’s sitting right out side in the parking light just hoping you girls call” I said laughing.“Ugh, I’m so nervous” Kim said, fidgeting“How many showed up?” Questioned Nancy, who looked like a football player wanting to get put into the big game.“So give us the scoop, how is it?” my wife asked.I first handed Kim my flask from my back pocket. She took a shot of whiskey and made the face anyone who doesn’t like the taste makes. Nancy then took the flask from her and took a shot, making the similar face. Kim looked towards Nancy with a kind of shocked look. “Hey I can be nervous too” Nancy said looking back at Kim. She gave the flask back to Kim who took another shot. I told the girls not all 30 showed up. How with the guys and 2 girls that showed up, plus myself it would be 25 total. The girls put their coats back on after taking turns in the bathroom, getting situated. I pulled my wife aside and told her my boss was asking about her. She laughed, “of course he is, I think I left an impression” she said smiling. We both were curious too see if he’d notice her. She didn’t look the same, different wig, etc. Plus all three of them were wearing similar outfits. They all seemed to look like the same girl. Only height, size and breast size separated them. As we walked down the hall towards the main venue around a small group of men, maybe 10 or so, passed us and 1 of the two girls. They were headed home and thanked me for a nice evening. They glanced at the women walking a little behind me but made their way out the door, which locked shut once they left. That now left 13 guys and the one blond, I think, as I mentally calculated and opened up the main door, holding it open for all three girls to enter. They were greeted with enormous cheers, clapping and shouts. All three were smiling and waving as they approached the young man who looked so awkward sitting in the center of the room. The Music was thumping, Kim and my wife stood in front of the boy and Nancy made her way around the whole half moon of people that stood behind him. Some individuals were sitting, but most of the room was standing looking at the three women in trench coats. Nancy teased each person, touching faces, arms, noses and flashed a few of what was under her trench coat a couple times. As Nancy came back around to join the other two girls in front. I took my place up at the DJ table. The three approached the boy sitting in the chair. He was death gripping the side of his seat. They each got to a side of him, Nancy was on his left. Kim on his right and my wife right in front of him. She started dancing and slowly stripped her trench coat off. She then changed places with Nancy who did the same. Teasing him and dropping her coat. Finally, Kims turn who was now in front of him and she did her tease and stripped her coat off. I quickly ran, picking up all three jackets and placing them on a table. The girls were taking turns straddling him, shoving their breasts in his face, rubbing on his crotch and absolutely torturing this poor k**. He didn’t know what direction too look. One minute Nancy was feeding him her breast, cupping it so his lips were on her nipple. The next minute Kim had her crotch gyrating against his pants, which clearly held his rock hard cock. My wife asked for two chairs that were immediately brought at her request. She placed them on either side of his. She then stood on the chairs, holding the back of his head as support. She danced, squated and gyrated for him. Her crotch right up against his face. She would bend over and push her breasts against his head and then back up so he was faced with her pussy. The poor k** just sat there, slumped and completely in shock. As my wife was giving this k** a show any many would have died to have. I looked around the room and everyone was loving it. Its when I noticed my boss. He was staring at my wife, the red lingerie, the way she moved her hips and shoved her pussy in this k**s face. He instantly knew this was the woman he wanted at this party. This was the woman he fucked at his. I focused back on Nancy and Kim who were working on his legs, rubbing them up and down. Nancy was brushing against his cock with her hand. The cheers were loud and the girls were into it.. Thats when the k** suddenly pushed aside my wife, grabbing at his crotch and bending over, looked around the room in embarrassment. I could see Nancy lean in and say something to him and he push her aside and ran to the door, leaving the room. The room instantly got quiet. All you heard was the thumping of the music and all eyes fell upon the Admiral who stood watching what happened. He then suddenly turned and looked towards me?! What the fuck did I do! So I looked to my wife who made eye contact with me and nodded towards the door. I took the hint and followed the k**. As I was leaving I saw the girls turn and revive the audience. Each making their way into a different part of the group.I entered the bathroom, as it being the only other room in the venue some one could run too. There at the mirror splashing water on his face was the k**. I could still see the bulge portruding from his pants. “Hey man you ok” He looked up into the mirror, “Yeah I’m fine thank you, that will be all” he replied. Wait who the fuck did this k** think he was talking to? “Hey bud whats up, I’m hosting this and your are the guest of honor. Your just bolted out of my party. So what’s up man?” I questioned firmly, my eyes again looking him up and down for something wrong.
He caught my glaze and instantly covered his hard on, bulging from his pants. “Nothing” he said and looking at me in mirror. All i could see was sheer embarrassment. I then instantly knew the problem. “A little too excited?” I slightly laughed. “I’d be judging the shit out of you if you didn’t have just cum in your pants after that kind of show” I said, adjusting my hard on as well. He instantly looked down towards my crotch seeing I had a similar bulge in my pants. He returned the laugh. “I’ve never had anything like that in my life” he said , turning to look at me. I approached the sink basin and leaned back against it. “Bro, no one out there has had anything like that” I said crossing my arms looking at the door. “My dad probably has” he said looking down pitifully. “Dude, what is it with you and your dad?” I looked at him, questioning.“Look at me!” He shouted, “I’m different, I’m not muscular like you and every guy out there. I’m not in the military like him or all his friends. I’ve always been a let down especially with my choices of partners and now he has the son that can’t even last through a lap dance, given by a girl. I’m just an embarrassment!” he said, leaning on the sink putting his head down. I genuinely felt bad for the k**. Fuck, I had no idea what to say to this k**, he was right about a few things. It still wasn’t cool he felt that way though. “Look man, I dont know what to say about how you feel, how you look, what job you have or how you feel you add up in the eyes of your old man. What I do know for certain is this.” Grabbing him by the shoulders, spinning him to face me. “What you do with the rest of this night is going to result in one of two things. Either you are going to be remembered as the k** that blew a load in his pants and ran out of the room OR you are going to be known as the mother fucker that rocked one hell of a party! The awesome part, is it is entirely up to you.” I was holding his shoulders, staring at this k** and he started to smile. I must admit though, I’m pretty fucking proud of that pep talk. That was some straight Rocky Balboa shit. Reality kicked back in, “Yeah, easy for you to say, look at you” he said, wanting to turn back to the sink. “No don’t give me that bullshit!” I said, spinning him back to face me. “Be honest with me right now. What did you think out there?“It was pretty crazy” he replied“No, the girls man.” I shouted and shook him“They were nice” “Bullshit! I said be honest. Come on, which one had nice tits? Didn’t you just want to see the girl in red pussy? She was literally shoving it in front of you. Which one could you imagine fucking? It’s just me and you, come on be honest!” I massaged his shoulders. “loosen up you are tense, relax. This is your night” I smacked his arm, he almost fell. Fuck, this k** was more tender than my wife, I thought. “The girl in red was right in front of my face, I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen anything like that” her rubbed his arm.“And…” I egged him on.“The little one, in black, is the same size as my fiancé.”“No, don’t focus on that shit. Dig deep, back to the one in red, dancing in front of your face.” I pushed.“Yeah, that was intense she was right in front of me. I felt weird, I was really getting turned on, which is so odd.”“Odd, are you fucking k**ding me. The whole room was turned on. Don’t you mean hard? Come on k**, work with me. Just say it” I pushed harder..“Yes, she got me really hard and a couple times I could see her pubic hair in her panties, which is new to me. It was the one in the blue though, she kept touching my dick. At first I thought it was an accident, then I realized she was grabbing it on purpose and stroking it. I tried concentrating on the girl in red but I wanted the one in blue to really grab me and that is when…” he faded off and turned back to the sink. “Thats when you fucking came! You blew a load, jizzed your pants! Fuck k**, anyone one would have done the same! I would have whipped my cock out and jerked off watching myself, if I had not been mesmerized at the girl in red standing in front of you” l said laughing, getting him to laugh with me. “Really, you would have jerked off watching me?” He asked, with a puzzled look.“Look k**, It was fucking hot. So don’t give me the puzzled look. If something is hot, hell yeah! I’d want to pull on lil Chris. , I So back to what I said earlier, there are two ways this is going to go. Now, do you want to become a fucking legend or what? I asked staring into his eyes, shaking his shoulders. “What do you mean” He asked, and I filled him in on the plan that just popped in my head. I then gave him my flask and told him to take a couple shots, I’d be right back. As I left the bathroom, I walked back into the main room. The room was now divided into 3 smaller groups throughout. Starting furthest away from the door, by the DJ table. Nancy had a small group sitting in a chairs, formingin a circle. She had her panties off and with her breasts cut out from her lingerie, she was basically naked. She was moving from guy to guy, giving each a sexy fucking lap dance for a few moments before moving onto the next one. My wife, was in the middle of the room. She had her panties off as well. Her bra was pulled down around her breasts making them stand out, very perky. She had 4 chairs side by side and she was going from one to the other giving each in a chair a lap dance. She would then stand, spin and land on the guy next to the one she just left. Kim was closest to the door and at the moment she was giving the blond girl a very seductive lap dance. The girl was feeling Kim up every way possible and you could tell Kim was loving it. I think the guys in the circle, around the two girls, were loving it even more. A few of the guys from the other small groups were even looking over at Kim and the blond putting on a show. I grabbed Nancys trench coat off the table, next to Kims group. I then headed back to the bathroom. As I walked in, the k** was still dressed. “Dude what are you doing? We gotta get back in there.” Whats the hold up? I asked throwing the trench coat on the basin. “I know, I know! I started too but then started psyching myself out and now I’m limp. Its not going to work” dropping his head again. “Oh man, you gotta ditch those thoughts. Did you take a shot like I said? He nodded yes. “Ok good, now get naked.” I commanded, looking at my watch. “With you in here?” he asked“Dude! Either you strip or I’m fucking going to strip you myself.” I shouted, as he started undo his pants. He looked away and started undoing his shirt. He slowly got undressed and after more coaxing, took his boxers off. Holy shit, I thought too myself. The k** was limp and was still fucking big. This fricken dork was packing some series meat. “Holy shit k**, you have a big fucking dick” i said laughingHe instantly tried to cover his crotch with his hands. “No get over that bullshit, in a couple minutes everyone is going to see that shit anyways. Plus, from what I see, you are going to have a few envious mother fuckers out there. Here take another swig.” He drank it real quick and made the sour face. “Ok start thinking dirty thoughts or something, you gotta get it up bud. When you walk in there, you have to be ready to go.” “I cant with you just watching me. You said earlier you’d jerk off watching me. Let’s talk about what you’d see.” “Fuck, ugh..well for one I really am curious how fucking big that is. I’m excited to see you shove that in N.. the girl in blue. She is going to be quite surprised.” As I kept talking he started pulling on his cock, listening to my thoughts. “Will you jerk off also as we talk about this, so I dont feel weird” he asked So he thinks two guys jerking off in a bathroom isn’t weird, I thought top myself. I then rea undid my pants and pulled my semi hard cock out. “Alright, lets get this going” I said pulling on my shaft. “You have a nice cock also, he
said, looking down at my dick” “I appreciate that but come on k** we gotta get back in the party, we are missing out!” I said still pulling and looking down as his cock grew. “I am excited to see if people will jerk off watching me” he said and his cock grew more. “If I fuck her really hard, will it make the guys want to cum” he asked, still looking at my cock which was fully hard. The k** pulling on his cock across from just kept making it grow and grow. Fuck, I was starting to feel embarrassed compared to this k**s size. “Yeah, I promise with you fucking those girls with that” I pointed at his cock “it is going to make quite a few people happy”. I smiled thinking of the shock Nancy is about to receive. He started speeding up his tempo. “No dont try to cum!” I shouted, “You are perfect, now throw on the trench coat” I said, putting my cock back in my pants and buttoning them back up. “Alright! Now to sell this, you gotta do everything I say and I mean it! You can not hesitate.” I said grabbing his shoulders his cock hitting my leg and I was standing away from him. I explained my plan; “First, I’m going to go in there and put on Motley Crews, “Kick start my heart.” When you hear the engine revving at the beginning of the song, you are going to enter the room with the trench coat on. You are going to scan the room, find the girl in blue and walk right up to her. You are going to take her hand and guide her behind you back to your chair, in the center of the room. You are going to pull her to the front of you, so she is facing you. As you start to sit your are gonna throw open your trench coat and tell her as well as the whole crowd that you want a proper dance. She is going to see that b**st right there and she’ll do the rest. ““Now if you do everything I just said and trust me. Not only are you going to be remembered after tonight. You are going to get a lot of fucking respect! I know you’re going to get fucked like you have never imagined, and k**, I swear your dad is going to see something in you he has never seen before.” I grabbed him by his shoulders and felt his cock hit my thigh, again. I looked down, “mother fuck k**!”I laughed “So, you trust me?”He took one more shot, gave me my flask back.. “I trust you, Let’s fucking do this!” he shouted, giving me a high five. I laughed, slapping his hand “Now we’re talking!” I smacked his ass, like a coach sending his player into he game, and headed back into the room. I entered the room, again. Kim was still dancing for the girl. The only difference was the girl in the chair now had her breasts out, fully exposed. A guy sat next to her and was whispering in her ear as Kim was grinding on her. Around 6 other guys were around them watching. Two of them were standing, their hands in their pockets. Sexy as fuck, I thought. I continued walking up and behind the DJ table. My wife was still dancing for 4 individuals all sitting on the chairs lined up. You guessed it my boss was right there, pants undone. You could make out each of the others cocks in their pants. escort tuzla All had bulges trying to break free from their pants. Another guy had his pants undone and unzipped. Each guy was groping and touching my wife freely, any way they wanted. She went from guy to guy dancing and grinding. Then she’d spin and be over top of the next one. A couple in the group straight out had their hands on their crotches rubbing their cocks through their pants, mesmerized by her body and the way she moved. I still couldn’t tell if my boss recognized her or not. He was in that group, so made me kind of guess he possibly did. It is then that I stopped dead in my tracks, frozen by the view!Nancy had a group, a little smaller than my wifes, except Nancy was dancing for only one man at the moment. She was grinding the fuck out of the Admiral! She was pulling his face into her chest and giving him one hell of a dry fucking lap dance. I quickly scanned my iPad “fuck, fuck, fuck” finally finding the song and hitting play. “Holy shit k**, you pull this off, taking her from your old mans lap. You will become legend”, I mumbled under my breath.The Revving of the race car started and I looked towards the door. Nothing! I turned the music up. “Come on k**” I whispered. Right as the drums started kicking in the, the crowd slowly turned their attention to me. Even the girls looked up towards me to see what I was doing. That is when the k** threw open the doors! Trench coat tied around his waste. The whole room turned, looking in his direction and people started nudging each other. The k** walked intently, scanning the room. Then I knew he fucking saw! Nancy, was sitting on his dads lap. The k** stutter stepped and looked to me. “Go for it” I mouthed, making a fist in the air. The music was pounding loud and picking up speed, as the guitar started whining.” I looked over and noticed my wife who’d seen me urge the k** and arched her eyebrow at me. The k** seeing my belief in him, was sparked with renewed with vigor. He picked up his pace and made eye contact with Nancy. She slowly started to stand up off the Admiral. She stood naked, her nipples erect pointing at the k** approaching her. I don’t know what she thought, as he approached her. He grabbed her hand, turned sharply and pulled her behind him. He d**g her quickly to the front of his chair, still situated in the middle of the room. The music hit the Tempo, as he spun her around. He reached up, pulling her head towards his and kissed her. I mean, not a peck on the cheek! This mother fucker pulled her in, kissing her hard, shoving his tongue in her mouth and pulling back off her. He yeld louder than the music “I want a real dance” and as he yelled, he threw the trench coat open and sat down. There Nancy stood, hands by her side in shock. Having just been man handled by some k** and kissed hard. Now, staring at this recently timid k**, who now sat butt naked with easily a 10 to 11 inch hard cock which stood at full attention for her. I shit you not, Nancy was stunned! She not only looked at this k**, as if too say, “what the fuck got into you?!” But, she also was looking straight down and you could see her still questioning, “how the fuck was that in YOUR pants.”The crowd lost their shit! People had their hands over their mouths, slapping the backs of their friends, or whoever was standing next to them. People were punching each other and you could make out the words from certain peoples mouths, “Holy shit!” Every eye in that party was now on Nancy, who still stood dumbfounded, starting down at this k**. As Motley Crew shouted, “Whoa!, Yeah! Kickstart my heart hope it never stops” Nancy went to town. She was already butt ass naked but she must have been so fucking wet. Every time she would slowly squat or bounce to the music, this k**s massive cock found its way right into her wet hole. It parted her pussy lips each time. Everyone could see and tell she was being penetrated with ever move she made. She couldn’t dodge it. She was holding the back of his neck, leaning back and straddling him. The problem was, his cock was so big it was almost penetrating her just from standing there. If she squated even a couple inches, that cock slid right in. She was losing herself in the music. At first, truly trying to give him a dance. She couldn’t win though, with a cock like this all you could do is fuck it. She must have finally realized that thought. As each time she tried to dip and squat, the monster that stood erect slid right in. She finally just accepted it and dropped down onto it. She took the entire length in one stroke. She buried it and arched her back. Just as Tommy Lee’s drum solo kicked in. She kept with the beat as it picked up speed. Nancy matched the musics pace, bouncing on this massive cock. The music crescendo and Nancy came all over his dick. You could see her ass flexing, her legs flexing, her chest thrust out and her body start to quiver. She kept fucking though! She madly bounced up and down. She was now intently staring at the k** and f
ucking the shit out of that hard cock. She was GOING to make this dick cum and the look on her face meant it. The song started to end and that is when he grabbed her hips and thrust hard, lifting them both out of the seat. The k** yelled out a couple times. Nancy had her head and back arched. The k** was emptying his balls in her pussy. You could tell she felt ever pulse. Her body twitched every time his balls did. She was being shot from the inside, twitching with every jet of cum that blasted the inside of her. The crowd erupted, clapping and cheering for the show that they just witnessed. Nancy, had to stand up just to slide off this cock, that seemed to never leave her cunt. It took an effort on her part to finally pull herself off the tip. Cum ran from her pussy immediately. Her pussy had to have been slightly stretched, allowing a free flow of warm spunk. The k** jumped up, arms raised high in the air, his hands made fists, and he jumped up and down in front of Nancy. He was so proud of himself! The problem was, he still had a little cum oozing out from his massive cock. With every jump, his cock was flicking cum onto people standing around, cheering. The looks of disgust was clearly visible as they got hit with this jumping k**s jizz. The room was still going crazy. He looked at me and I pointed to him “You’re the fucking man!” I shouted. He pointed back at me and then remembered he was butt naked. He instantly went to cover his crotch and grabbed for the trench coat on the ground.Nancy, watching his celebration, leaning on the chair, was catching her breath and giving her pussy a break. Her body slightly quivered as she calmed her breathing. The cum was not dripping but flowing from her pussy with every breath. she looked down seeing it splash onto the floor. Her wet pussy lips were parted and were cherry red from the bouncing. It was just stretched by a very large cock. It has been awhile since she received suck a good fucking, she thought. She then looked up from her thoughts and saw me celebrating with the k** that just walked in and took her in front of everyone. I was pointing at the k** and he was smiling point back at me. That is when she instantly knew, it was all my doing. “So, he likes to direct shit” she whispered to herself. “Well, time to show him how to orchestrate” she mumbled, standing up and grabbing the k**. She kissed him, just as he had done to her only moments ago. She then took him by his hand, leading him over to the group that was around my wife. She approached my wife, holding his hand behind her, dragging him with her. She grabbed for my wife, who was watching her approach, taking hold, behind my wife’s head, pulling her in. Nancy kissed my wife with passion. The crowd went ballistic! Nancy then pulled the k**s hand, guiding it to my wife’s pussy. She made the k** finger my wife, while they were kissing. The k** now stood facing my wife and Nancy, whose lips were still locked in an embrace. His fingers slid in and out of my wife’s pussy, due to Nancy’s guidance. Nancy pulled him close into her and my wife. Nancy, my wife and he all started kissing. Their tongues chasing each others between their lips. The k**, still didnt move his hand from my wife’s pussy. Nancy, reached down and started stroking his still erect, wet, cum drenched cock with her left hand, while rubbing my wife’s ass with her right. She then guided the k**s hard dick right at the entrance to my wife’s pussy. Firmly holding the base of his monster cock, she pushed a couple inches of hard dick into my wife’s wet hole. Nancy then got behind my wife and turned them both, making sure I could see the entire side view. She was holding my wife’s shoulders and looking at me. She made sure i was watching her direction of this sex show. He stood a few inches from my wife, yet had his fucking cock in her. I could tell my wife was in shock, being led around and fucked at the same time. Guys were finger fucking Nancy, rubbing her ass, grabbing her a breast, touching her any way they could as she maneuvered around the two she was sculpting. Cum still dripped from her pussy. Her left leg was coated with dried strands. She didnt give a shit about any of it! She just kept looking at me, focused, having deduced that I made the k** fuck her. She was now taking control. I could only watch helplessly. She was now pushed the k**s ass, making him fuck my wife with that massive cock. Except, she wasn’t finished. She made him sit and my wife instantly slid down the entire shaft, gravity doing its job. Plus, the fact my wife had been dancing and having been groped by so many guys, I’m sure she was soaked. Her pussy welcomed that thick shaft, easily. She took it all in one motion, just as Nancy had minutes ago. She arched her back. I have no idea if she’s ever taken a cock that big before in her entire life. I didn’t know if the look on her face was ecstasy or pain. I only know, she sat motionless on his lap. His throbbing tent pole, burried deep in her. Nancy only smiled, lookingup at me, proud in having made my wife just impale herself. I swear I could have seen my wife’s belly slight protrude as she landed on his balls. Nancy then turned, facing the group who was groping and touching her. A couple of them had their cocks out and were jerking off intently. One of them was my boss, how did i fucking know?! Nancy grabbed the one standing next to him by the cock. She led him, cock in hand towards my wife. She pulled him by his dick, behind my wife. She quickly dropped down, right by my wife’s ass, who was still sitting motionless on the b**st of a cock. Nancy took the guys dick in her mouth and the crowd yelled out a cheer. She sucked his dick fast to the roar and approval of the crowd. She made it quite wet, saliva dripping down around her hand and onto her massive tits, making a complete mess of her lingerie. She then, having sucked his cock to full hardness, guided it toward my wife’s ass. She then stood and whispered in the guys ear, still holding his cock, aimed in between my wife’s ass cheeks. I have no fucking clue what she said. The guy took his cock from Nancy’s hand and starting pushing it into my wife’s ass. Now don’t get me wrong, my wife enjoys anal. I just dont know how she enjoys a monster cock and an average cock at the same time. She let out a yell as her ass was swallowing this guys dick. Nancy looked up and smiled at me, blowing me a kiss. She then walked back over towards the small group of guys pulling their cocks, a few dripping precum. She touched a couple tips, then placing her wet finger in ther mouth. It was as if she was tasting the treats and sampling each. She was looking down slowly touching each cock, taking them into consideration. My boss was jerking his hard cock, along with 4 other guys. She started to pull one from the group by his dick. I could see the anger in my bosses eyes, as he looked at Nancy. She then stopped pulling and grabbed my bosses cock. She led my boss to the front of the DP, right at my wife’s face. My wife looked up and made eye contact with him. She was just laying across this k**s chest. The guy in her ass was making her bounce with each thrust. This caused her to slowly move up and down on the cock impaled in her pussy. My boss didn’t hesitate and let lust take over. My wife saw it in his eyes and simply opened her mouth. He did recognize her and she saw it. I realized my boss remembered and its why he couldn’t hesitate to feed my wife his cock. He roared and all i could do was stand behind the DJ table watching my wife, who was now air tight, get completely used as a fuck toy. The guy in her ass and my boss each pumped, like an engine. As one cock disappeared in its designated hole, the cock on the other end would reappear all wet and hard. My wife was utterly helpless and still impaled on a thick, long shaft in her pussy. Nancy rubbed my bosses ass with one hand. She then, leaned forward, slightly bent over using my wife’s back as support with the other hand. She looked up at me with the evilest grin I’ve ever seen, not caring for a second as
a guy stepped up behind her and started pumping her pussy. She didn’t look back at who just penetrated her, nor could she care less. She continued watching me, simply smiling, as the three men used my wife. This, while at the same time she was having a train pulled on her pussy by 4 guys behind her. They each took turns fucking her and trading places. Quickly, each guy blew their load onto her back. She never turned around once to watch or acknowledge the cumshot. She simply stared at me looking at my reaction to the entire scene. Too my shame, I had my cock out and was jerking off. Nancy, only smiled, being rocked back and forth with the thrusting. She would look down at my cock then back up at me. She would pull my boss into my wife or reach over and stroke my wife’s back down to her ass. As if making sure each side was still being fucked. I kept eye contact with Nancy but couldnt stop watching my wife being used as a fuck toy. What seemed like an eternity, was really only minutes when the k** on the bottom of the pile started trying to move my wife. He was going to cum, but the two other men didnt move. My wife took her mouth off my bosses cock long enough to yell out her own orgasm as he pumped her pussy full of cum. This set off the guy in my wife’s ass. He thrust hard and started emptying his balls in her tight ass. Both holes, now being filled with warm spunk. Only one hole remained empty. Both of these creampies and my wife’s orgasm caused my boss to jerk his cock fast, aiming it right at my wife’s open mouth. He shot his load, no let me correct that, he completely sprayed my wife’s face with cum. It as on her shoulder, her back, chest, all over her face. With the majority landing in her mouth. He must have been saving up all week, it was one of the biggest cumshots I’ve seenn in awhile. She swallowed all that landed in her mouth, just trying to breath. The cock still in her pussy was twitching, making her jolt. I don’t think she even understood what just happened. She looked shell shocked. As both men withdrew from my wife’s holes, she instantly headed towards the bathroom. She didnt look steady on her feet. She moved quickly not looking at me or anyone, only focused on the door. I looked back at Nancy, who was still being fucked doggy style. Only now 5 – 6 guys had joined, all stroking their cocks waiting their turn in the train. She licked her lips at me and winked. She then turned and took a cock in her mouth, which was closest to her head, now being spit roasted. I tucked my cock in my pants and was leaving the DJ table, headed to the bathroom. I looked over at Kim was riding a guy cock while making out with the other girl. The girl was also riding a cock making out with Kim. A large group was standing around them, jerking their cocks watching the show. Kim had what looked like dried cum across her shoulder and left arm, I couldnt really tell for sure. I made my way to the door when I heard someone yell out “Hold up!”, It was the Admiral. He was wanting to talk to me. “Closer, they say?” approaching me, hand out stretched. “More like, the Gah Damn miracle worker!” He announced while shaking my hand firmly. “I don’t know how you did it but I’ll be damn, you got my son to fuck a woman?!” He said, still shaking my hand. “Thank you sir but I need to go check… wait what did you say?” I asked, with a confused look on my face. “You got him to fuck a woman.” He looked, at me confused. “Did you not hear me, I said thank you” now addressing me with the smugness of a senior officer. “I am sorry sir, I meant no disrespect, I just didn’t know he was a virgin.” I replied.“He isn’t a virgin. Wait you must not know. Well I guess you would say, he is.. well when it comes to women he probably is a virgin. See, he’s been living out of country with his mother, my ex. He, of course, is getting married to quite a beautiful woman I must say. The kicker is, she isn’t fully a woman. Shit you know she is a he or he is a she now, hell how ever you figure that shit out. Bottom line is, I have no clue what kind of plumbing is down there. I just at some point he had or still has a dick. What matters is I know I just witnessed my son fuck a woman! Just like one of the boys and I think I have you to thank for that. I dont know how you motivated him to accomplish that but that is exactly the kind of leader I need who can motivate the troops.” he finished stating as my boss was walking up, pulling up his pants. Over his shoulder I looked at Kim and then Nancy. They bother were fucking in their little groups. Nancy looked up and made eye contact with me, seeing us three talking. “What did i say Jim? Can he deliver or what!” proudly, smacking me on the back.“Yes he can, every thing you said was correct. You sure as shit weren’t making it up.” Admiral nodded to him, eyeing me up and down. “I appreciate that sirs, If you’ll now excuse me, I need to head to the bathroom.” I turned back towards the door. “Here we are trying to kiss your ass, Chris and all you can do is want to take a piss? Hold it for damn sake!” my boss said angrily.“No not that at all.” I explained, defensively. “The woman in red ran out of here in a hurry. I just want to check on her and make sure she was ok. I’d hate to have her company pissed at me and not ever work with me in the future again.” I explained, looking at them both.“Well after the fucking she just took, she probably had to go clean up.” my boss chuckled. “I have to admit I gave her a nice hosing down” he smuggle laughed, instinctively grabbing his cock. Damn he annoyed the shit out of me. “Yes you did” the Admiral laughed, smacking his back, “Just like the good ole days in Guam. Hey that gives me an idea or should say sparks a memory. Since I am with my two new COs” he said looking right at me. “How about we go relive the good ole days, with a little trifecta” he smiled at my boss. “I Couldn’t agree more!” My boss smiled and patted me on the back. They both started walking towards the door leading me out. “A trifecta? I asked“You’ll see” he said, still pushing me forward. “Lead us to the bathroom.”We walked down the hall and as we approached the bathroom, I so hoped my wife would come out. She didnt though and they pushed me towards the door, “go make sure she isn’t on the shitter” my boss said, pushing me into the room. I entered and my wife was in front of the mirror. She was wiping cum off her face and I could see a massive wad of toilet paper in the sink. It was covered in cum. She must have wiped both pussy and ass as well as parts of her body my bosses cum landed. She looked up in the mirror at me, “Holy fuck! That k**s cock” was all she could said. I put my finger up to my mouth. “Shh I whispered, they are right outside.” “I yelled out one moment shes in a stall” “who is”, she asked. “Admiral and the boss.” “Shauna he just called me one of his CO’s.” I said taking her hands. They were wet, I dont know if it was water or cum. She gripped my hands in return, “I knew it, congrats!” she said slightly bouncing in place. Her cum splattered tits bounced and I eyed her up and down. “All thanks to you” i said, smiling at her. That is when she leaned in to kiss me. I hesitantly pulled back. “You better fucking kiss me jerk” she said pulling me in. Her face and lips still had cum, now dry, on them. She didnt care. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and I could taste the acid taste of mens cum. She has kissed me after blowing me before and this is the taste I remembered. I pulled back though remembering it was my bosses jizz. I dont know why that bugged me but it did in a way. As I released her, the door slightly opened. “You good?” came a question behind the door. My wife reached in flushed the toilet and went to the sink. My boss peaked in and saw me standing next the her at the sink washing her hands. He instantly looked at her ass and then up to her reflection in the mirror. “One hell of a show, young lady” he said approaching her. “I’m st
ill wiping up your mess” she responded smiling, throwing the towel in the sink. “I apologize for that. You excite me” he said, eyeing her up and down. Taking in every inch of her body. The admiral entered behind him as well and shut the door, locking it as he entered. tuzla escort bayan “I hope we arent intruding, we just wanted to make sure you were ok.” he lied“oh, how sweet” she looked at each of us, I slightly rolled my eyes. “thank you for your concern. I’m fine, just trying to clean up this mess.” she nodded towards the pile of cum soaked paper towels in the sink. “I see my son did a number in you” he proudly laughed. “Do you plan on continuing the party?” he asked, moving towards her and touching her arm. “Of course! As I said I just wanted to clean up real quick.” she looked to me with a kind of confused look. “It seems I got as much as I can, shall we head back out?” she asked making a step to the door. The admiral placed his hand on her chest, stopping her. “That is great to hear. I truly was hoping, after the performance I just saw, that you would be coming back to the Frey. I would like to make a request though.” He said looking down at her chest, as he traced each breast with his finger. She looked nervously towards me but not long enough to bring attention and back to him. He was in her space and was touching tracing her nipples with a finger. “What request?” she asked. “This fine gentlemen and I were hoping we could have a private show.” he looked around the room. “Seeing how I am paying for this event, I only hope this would be possible.” he said smuggly, smiling at her, now groping her tit with his hand. I saw her eyes flicker and she saw something I didnt. “So you are the one I have to thank for the extremely large amount that is in my bank account” she said unbuttoning his shirt. The tables turned so fucking quick, he instinctively stepped back. She continued undoing his shirt “do you realize that the little one out there can now fully a dream and own a car” she said opening his shirt, tracing his chest with her hand. She moved to his pants and started undoing his belt. “You have made both me and my partners out there so very happy.” she said now unzipping his pants. I stood there mouth fucking open, what the hell was she doing?!“We’ve only had one other man compensate us, the way you said” continuing to push him slowly back, now pulling his pants open and slightly off his hips. “It is very sweet of you” she said reaching into his shorts and grasping his hard cock. Her eyes went big, what a treat! Like father like son. I instantly looked to his crotch. There was no way he had a dick the same size as his son. I continued to stare as she pulled it out. What the fuck, I thought. It had to have been smaller than mine, I instinctively looked down towards my dick then back up to her. “Sweet of me?” He questioned looking down at her as she continued to stroke the full length of his shaft. She immediately let go and put her hands up in defense. “I meant nothing negative. I simply meant, its not important” she said and reached for his cock.“No, what did you mean? sweet..” he questioned her again. It is then that it hit me! Holy shit, my wife was playing this mother fucker. I woul have laughed out loud, except I was no mesmerized at her skill. “It was nothing” and he advanced towards her pushing her back towards the sink. “Tell me, young lady! What did you mean” no pressing against her as she leaned back, catching her balance on the sink basin. His cock was erect and laying on her right thigh. She looked up at him, “I just meant it was sweet, but if it had been just a little more. It would have been impressive!” she said, looking down touching the tip of his cock. “Is that so?” he asked looking down at her. She looked up, as she wrapped her hand around the head of his cock. She then pushed him back a little and squatted down “that is so” she said taking his cock in her mouth. He tilted his head back as she easily took his entire cock in her mouth. Even hard his dick was average at best. My wife had no problem taking him all in, making a fake sound like she was gagging on his cock. She pulled off “sorry its just too much” she said, diving back onto it. He leaned forward against the wall and I just watched as my wife devoured this mans cock. I’m sure he hasn’t quite had his cock sucked like this in a long time, if at all. He snapped back to reality and lifted her back up by the shoulders. Her lips were wet and she let a little dribble of saliva leak from the side of her mouth. He reached up and wiped it up with a cum soaked tissue from the sink. “Well how about we make a deal? You give me and my guests and extra special private party and I will personally make sure you are impressed” She grabbed his cock in one hand, reached around and pulled his head to her. His lips landing on hers and she sucked his bottom lip. “You have a deal, stud. Now what do you have in mind? I’ll do anything you want.” she said seductively. My cock was rock hard in my pants, having just watched my wife milk this man for more money. Holy fuck, I was married too her and would have handed her my wallet, after that performance. As she started to squat again he stopped her and started stepping out of his pants. My boss followed the lead and I took that as my sign to also follow suit. In only seconds, the three of us all stood with fully erect cocks, pointed at my wife. She looked around at each of our dicks standing at attention. “MMM, I like this already” she said cupping her breasts. I looked at each of their cocks. Hell yeah, I said internally mine was the biggest. The k** earlier, having made me feel small, was now a faded memory. Especially, compared to these two standing around me. I know my wife noticed as well and hopefully was a little happy. “The game you dirty little slut is simple. You are a slut, I take it? he asked quizzically. “She gave an evil grin and ran her hand down her pussy, a finger over her clit and into her wet hole. “I am a slut” she said looking at him. “That is good because after your little seduction act of getting me to fork up more money, I expect you to earn it.” The look in her eyes was that of shock, he called her bullshit. “I have no problem paying for a gorgeous piece of ass, such as yourself. But for the money we are talking about, we are going to play a game I once played in Guam.” He said advancing forward to her. “You do want to EARN your money?” emphasizing the earn. “Dont you?” I could see the fear of the unknown in her eyes. She was having her bullshit called out and now it was entirely in her court. For a brief second, what looked like panic changed to confidence. “Oh I’ll earn it” she said, rubbing a hand down his chest and flicking his nipple. I could tell she was trying to get a sense of dominance again. The problem was it wasn’t working with this man. The most wicked grin came on his face. “That is so good to hear! The game is called follow the leader. Extremely simple to play. See I go first choosing whatever tight little hole or area on your body I want. As I call out next, my second in command comes and joins me, in whatever I’m doing. As he gets settled, he calls out next and my third in coming takes his place. We stay that way until 1 of us cums. If it is too much” he looked her up and down “or you cant please one of us. We find a differnent area and try again.”My boss was pulling his cock hard and I had a since of dred. Do I speak up, was this too much. I looked at my wife trying to get a since of what she was thinking. She wasn’t letting this guy intimidate her. “And when does it end?” she asked not dodging his gaze at all. “Simply when we all cum and cant get our cocks up any further. Only one little slut, has every made all 3 of us cum at the same time. We were all in her ass you see and her cries echoed on the room” I dont know if he was trying to scare or intimidate her. He leaned forward whispering in her ear, at the same
time reaching behind her and rubbing her ass cheek hard. “She finally wanted it to be done and fucked us like a wild a****l. She made all 3 of us cum at the exact same time. I swear I thought I saw her lift up a little, with all 3 blasts happening at once” he said laughing and slapping her ass. “She turned her head facing his, you are a dirty little boy arent you” “Oh you sweet little thing, you have no idea” and he pushed her down. She squated, as he slid his cock in her mouth. He started slowly fucking her face. It did nothing for her and I’m sure gave her confidence. I could tell she was sucking his dick, trying to make him cum quick before he called out, which he did right then, “next.” My boss moved forward quickly and placed his cock at my wife’s lips, she opened a little wider and he slipped his dick in. She now had two cocks in her mouth and in each hand. She really couldnt get a rhythm down, as they fucked like a piston. One sliding in why the other was coming out. Oh fuck, I was next and I felt horrible for my wife. I had no clue what to do. If I didnt join in, I have no idea what he’d say. At the same time I wasn’t liking the way he was talking to my wife. I couldnt show emotion thought because to them, this was some bitch being paid, very well mind you, and they were going to get every penny out of her. “Next”, my boss yelled out. I looked down, I was hard enough but how was i supposed to fit in her mouth. “Just ease it in, trust me it will fit. Women naturally have big mouths.” he chuckled. Spit and drool was coming from the sides of my wife’s mouth. I started probing her mouth. She tried to get it open farther. “Just start pushing it in, it will fit” he said again, looking over at me. I did as he said wanting to get this over with and was able to get the helmet of my cock in her mouth. I looked as my wife had 3 cocks shoved into her mouth. My boss, that fucker, was the only one sliding his cock in and out. Damn he pissed me off! The Admiral and I could barely move our cocks and inch. After a few moments the admiral withdrew his cock, “At ease gentlemen” He said laughing, jerking his cock. “Her mouth isn’t quite as big as others I’ve had, but we will make due” My wife stayed down and was rubbing her jaw and spitting on the ground, she didnt look up. “Oh I hope we arent done?” The admiral asked her, with total sarcasm in his voice. “She looked up at him, oh no just stretching” she said, hatred in her eyes as back at him. Then to my boss, who just fucked her face with no care in the world. Then finally she turned to me. Wait! what the fuck, why is she looking at me like that. I didnt plan this. She stood, “what now” she asked, as if that didnt even bother her. “Chris, stand behind her please. I need you to hold her up” He directed, stroking his cock. I got behind my wife reached down and picked her up. Holding her legs spread. I leaned back balancing my self on the sink with my ass, as she laid back on my chest. I whispered in her ear so softly, I’m sorry. She reached down and rubbed her pussy fast and hard. Either she didnt hear what I said or didnt care. “Much better, my dear” Admiral said as he slid his cock in her pussy. “MMM perfection, he cried out” and fucked her in a steady rhythm. I could see my boss almost drooling, just waiting for him to call out. Right then, “Next” my boss had zero hesitation and slid his cock into my wife’s pussy. Forcing his cock in, making my wife cringe. My wife took it like a champ. It had to have been due to her taking that monster cock earlier that she was able to fit two erect cocks like they were nothing. The both pumped vigorously! Each of them holding a leg and i was holding the majority of her weight on my chest. I couldnt help how hard I was, watching these two both in her pussy and the sound! The sound was unlike anything ive heard before. She was so wet and it made such a sloppy wet sound with every stroke. I know my wife felt how arroused I was. My cock was bouncing on her ass, slapping the other two cocks, which were piston fucking her, and back against her ass hole and ass cheeks. “Damn It, get him in here! I’m gonna cum” Yelled out the admiral. My boss cried out “Next.” “Get your dick in here, hurry up” admiral said looking over her shoulder at me. I guided my cock to the soaking wet spot. The two cocks pumping, kind of pulled me in. My wife started cumming, she couldnt control it. That made me harder and all I had to do was slowly thrust forward and with each pump they took me deeper and deeper in. My wife moaning finally cried out, “she was cumming!” “Yes, Yes!.. Cry out” The admiral said to her. As soon as he said that she shut up and tried stopping her orgasm, too no avail. “Oh we will make you scream! But first I need to cum” he roared and his cock swole against the other two in her pussy. The warmth was instantaneous, I could feel it cover my cock and I know my boss felt it as well. He withdrew his dick. My wife looked down seeing it was still hard, just a cum covered mess. “Either of you close?” he asked, as we both kept fucking like pistons. I knew to make it easier for my wife I had to cum. I concentrated so hard and fucked her. Her pussy was now stretched and full of fresh cum, It wasn’t working. I tried closing my eyes, too no avail. “At ease, gentlemen” the admiral yelled out and we both pulled our cocks out at the same time. Letting my wife gently down to the floor. She almost dropped to her ass. Her legs were shaking and couldnt hold herself up. She grabbed the basin and put a hand on my shoulder. She dug her nails into my shoulder hard. I made a face but couldnt cry out! She didnt and I couldnt look like more of a pussy than she did at this moment.“Too much? The Admiral questioned, stroking his cock. She took a couple breaths and turned to face him. Regaining her strength and facing him. “That was amazing, I’m glad you guys arent that big” she said smiling. OH FUCK, I thought. She is now picking a fight. What are you doing babe? I wanted to asked, fuck the smile on the Admirals face said it all. “Well said” and he pushed her back down.” this time she didnt squat she went on her knees. Her legs wouldnt have been able to squat at the moment anyways. He shoved is cum covered cock in her mouth and started face fucking her. My boss was smiling, jerking his cock hard. Precum flowed from his cock. “Next” he yelled and my boss moved into her mouth. He started pumping her mouth as well and this time she really was gagging with the brutal face fucking she was taking. My boss grunted “fuck yeah” and started cumming. The Admiral laughed “friendly fire, friendly fire.” Both men kept laughing and fucking my wifes face. My boss pulled his cock out and flicked the slobber, cum covered cock back towards my wife. Plastering her face with cum. She didnt swallow any of it, she made sure it was all over the Admirals cock and balls. She even pulled his dick out of her mouth and spit a massive wad of cum on his belly, then stuck his cock back in. The admiral laughing, scooped the thick wad of cum off his belly, which was oozing down to the base of his cock and smeared it all over my wifes tits. He was still face fucking her when turned to me and yelled out “Next!” Fuck I didnt want to, I didnt even notice i was jerking off the whole time. I saw my wifes eyes look over at me. “Next!” he commanded and I moved quickly. Trying to gently slide my dick in. The admiral put his hand on my ass and pushed. “Get in there! This slut enjoys it” he said laughing. My wife gagged due to his push and again I knew if there was any way to save this, I had to cum. So I concentrated hard and started pumping her mouth. My wife finally succumbed, I could tell she was trying to make us cum also. She had both of us in her hands, pumping and sucking. I was so close and started to feel it build in my balls. My cock started to swell in her mouth and my wife had to have known i was close, because she gripped my cock harder. “At ease”. The admiral yelled o
ut, laughing. We withdrew our cocks and mine twitched, it was rock hard. I was so close. I looked down and on my knees my wife was drenched with drool, cum, saliva, spit. she was a mess. Her chin was completely covered and her tits were soaked. It was down her belly, splashed across her thighs and in a pool between her legs. Her eyes watered and mascara was running down her cheeks under her mask. I pulled a tissue from the bin and offered it to her. She looked up at me in complete disgust. She wiped her chin and cheek and threw the cum soaked tissue back at me. The Admiral laughed, stroking his cock. “Sassy!, I love the spirit. Having fun yet?” he asked“I’ve had funner” she replied, smiling. He let out a true laugh “Gah I love her spirit, I have no idea if you have a man in your life but bless him if he has to put up with your fighting spirit!” He offered her his hand, the other still jerking his cock. She ignored it and grabbed the sink basin, pulling herself up. I reached forward trying to help her up and she jerked her arm away from me. She then bent over pushing her ass out towards the Admiral. “I’m assuming this is next”. She asked, looking in the mirror at him. His eyes were on her ass, “Oh yes! Now your are getting it” She and I both looked at my boss who was limp as fuck. He was trying so hard to get his cock hard again. I know on the inside my wife was celebrating. I say this because of the smile that came across her face. “Looks like I may have been enough for one of you” she said laughing. The admrial looked down over at my Bosses cock. He laughed, “not as young as we use to be, I guess”. “You’re in luck young lady. I’ve seen that man fuck for hours before. A girl about your age might still be laying in a bed in Japan, after the ass fucking he gave her once” My boss smiled upon hearing the compliment. Still disappointed he couldnt get hard again participating in the ass fucking about to happen. I was happy though, that was one down and I was so close to cumming. I was right there and as soon as I slid in, I knew I’d blow. That would just leave him. “Chris my boy, would you mind hoisting her up again?” He asked pulling on his cock and rubbing her ass. I got in front of her and saw her cum drenched body. I moved in and she wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped up. My cock was right at her pussy entrance, I could feel the warmth. Her ass was perfect height, he slid right in. He grabbed her hips and started fucking her ass rhythmically. I had my head pulled back and my wife saw I wasn’t tying to get too close. Due to her being covered in cum and all. She then pulled my head into her. She was rubbing her chest, her neck every spot she could on me. She was making sure I was taking the entire messy load onto every inch she could possibly force it on. The Admiral saw this in the mirror and started laughing, continually ass fucking my wife. “Disadvantages of being the junior son” he chuckled. My wife started fucking him back and bouncing on his dick. “Yes that is more like it”, he said. “There is the slut, you said you were. You like getting your ass fucked? Next!” he yelled out. I looked, my boss was still limp, not even remotely able to get an erection. The admiral looked over “next time he laughed, Next!” I took my cock and tried to find her ass. I could feel his cock sliding in and out and followed it up to her asshole. I felt around and tried to push, Nothing. Again, I felt around and pushed. My cock slid in but it slid in her pussy. I pulled out and it was completely covered in cum. I tried to guide it in and kept brushing against his cock, which continued thrusting. “Just shove it in, son” I did as he said and back into her pussy. We double fucked her and she took my head and pushed it onto the breast that was covered with the thick wad of cum from earlier. She commanded that I suck her nipple. I wanted to give her pleasure, she knew what she was doing. Her nipple was covered in cum. I took it in my mouth and kept fucking. The admiral thrust harder and harder. He couldnt hold her up and concentrate at the same time. She dropped to the ground. I was still in her pussy, she lifted her leg up and I kept fucking her. I was going to cum, as was she. The admrial was jerking off, he aimed his cock right at mine and shot his load on my dick. “Pump it in her” he commanded. I looked down as each thrust i made, took his cum into her and when my cock withdrew the cum was gone. I was pumping my wifes pussy full of another mans load. My wife looked down noticing the same and started to shake. She was cumming which set me off and I started cumming in my wife. I pulled out after the last thrust and the admiral pushed my wife down. She took him in her mouth. He reached forward, getting a tissue from the dispenser and was wiping his face, acting like my wife wasn’t even sucking his dick clean. He then threw the tissue in the sink and stepped back his cock leaving her mouth with a slight popping sound. He didnt even look at her. He started getting dressed, I helped my wife up to her feet. She stood and started to wipe her self up. “Leave it!” He commanded, not even looking at her. “I want to see you before I leave.” She turned facing him, she was dripping cum from almost ever inch of her body. What wasn’t on her dripping, was dripping from in her, down her leg. He turned once he finished buttoning his shirt. He and my boss were now dressed. He eyed my wife up and down looking at every inch. “Absolutely gorgeous” he said, “worth every penny!” “Son” he said looking at me disgustingly, slightly laughing. “clean yourself up, we will be calling it a night. I will see you tomorrow ,14 hundred hours. They unlocked the doors and left. I was now alone with my cum drenched wife. You could have cut the silence like with a knife….Too be continued…. The after party

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