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The afternoon has faded the evening waning. They enjoyed the most sensuous days together. Jon as usual, took Kim to unbelievable heights of lovemaking. They soared together towards ecstasy, claiming it, taking it to be their own.

He must return, as she to the real world. Her heart aches for him to come back soon. She can close her eyes and feel his touch as he made exquisite love to her, only hours ago. She wants to savour it, making it last and last until they are together again.

She reaches for the vibrator. He teased her with it, showing her how it can bring her pleasure in his absence. He held it against her sex, the vibrations flowing through her clit into her pussy, as she bucked wildly against the sensation. His fingers folding the skin of her lips over the tip of it. She feels the vibrations still, how it made her scream with pleasure, his hands pressing it to her cunt, making her flow with orgasm after orgasm.

He showed her the way, so she could pleasure herself while he is gone. She reaches for it and lies back in the same spot on the bed, the scent of their sex still surrounding her. She wallows in the sensations of it, her eyes closed, imagination going wild.

She takes the tip of the vibrator and positions it on the side of her clit, letting the vibrations run like an electric shock down her entire slit, she applies pressure as he did. Her legs splayed outward, her hips bucking poker oyna up to it, forcing her sex to grind against the toy. She stiffens in response to the unbelievable sensation of the vibrations. Her eyes closed, she can imagine him there, running it over her, his eyes fixed on her womanhood. She was so brazen spreading open to him, the ultimate intimacy.

The feeling is like shock waves, running through her sex. She can still conjure up the image of his face, his lust obvious as he ministered to her the delights of pleasure. Over and over, down and up, running the head of the toy along her slit, pressing inside just for a second, making her push hard against it , wanting it inside. He teases her, and presses against her so that she responds by writhing against the bed, her legs shivering, her eyes closed in ecstasy. her moans loud and forceful. She can feel the building up, her clit reacting, by plumping up hard and tingling. She wants to go over the edge. She moans softly, she knows she must hear him, let him be part of it.

She calls him, and he answers, sleepily, listening to her sighs and her moans. He can hear the toy buzzing, knowing she is being pleasured and knowing she wants him to be part of it, even though he is miles away. He listens to her sexy voice, as she describes her actions; “Oh Jon, right there, yes yes yes, oh yes darling right there now harder, ohhhhhh harder, faster” Yes take canlı poker oyna your tongue to me there, touch ne there. She imagines the vibrations are the forces of his tongue against her wetness, the pressure of his mouth on her pussy as he eats her, drinks from her. She pressses it to her hard, all the while caressing the tender inside of her thighs. She runs the machine down and up, circling just like he did. She can feel it building, “Oh yesssssss Jon, god Jon nowwwww, uhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

He listens, the earpiece close to his ear, he can imagine her masturbating with the vibrator, he can imagine the sight in his mind .He can sense the urgency of her sighs. He goes with it, prodding her on to the edge, “Yes my baby kitten, let it flow, let it go, cummm cummmmmm for me my precious baby”

She cries out as the head of the vibrator collides with the tip of her clit, swollen and red, raw from sex, It takes only a second, but rushes through her for long minutes. Her body tenses and her hips rise from the bed. Her hand is steady and true and the machine pressses against her, He hears it, she feels it the gutteral moan from her as she cries out in passsion, “Yessssssss oh God Jon, Jon, Jon.” She comes hard, the orgasm tearing through her tender sex, the vibrator humming along; she does not take it away. She knows how he would hold it against her clit as she spasmed, thinking she would faint , internet casino pass out. Oh yes, he would make her cry out in passion. She is shuddering shivering, he can almost feel it through the phone lines. Her sighs have become little moans of pleasure as she comes down from it, slowly, effectively.

He strokes his cock, listening to her voice, his angel, his sex slave in the throes of orgasm. “Mmmmmmmmmm yes yes cummmm my baby kitten” he whispers into the receiver, urging her, commending her talent and enjoying the sounds of her lust.

He feels the pressure build in his body and he tenses, shooting his load all over his belly. She would lick it clean from him, that vision in his mind is a whole other story, oh yesss, how he loves the vision in his mind, her cummmming hard against the vibrator as he looked on. He blows his seed hard; wishing her body was here with his, to take it inside her. Soon, soon he will make love to her and again and again.

She falls back, sated, she smells the freshness of their sex, only a few short hours ago. She turns off the vibrator, her legs are like jelly and she lies back, letting her womanhood contract. She comes down slow, moaning like a kitten into his ear.

She curls up on her side, her hands caressing her raw pussy. The vibrator, hot from its work. She holds the coverlet close to her letting the orgasms rip through her body. She whispers,” good nite my darling”, he responds, encouraging her, making her feel so loved .She is loved, her Jon, her gentle prince. They both drift off to dream of their passion, bringing it to life. Even though miles separate them, they are one, united in heart and soul……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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