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I lay back on my bed, unable to keep thoughts of him out of my head. My eyes flutter close as I imagine him right here with me. His warm breath blowing down my neck, already causing my back to rise off the bed just slightly. God, he hasn’t even touched me. His left hand begins to caress my soft, naked skin. I moan lightly as he brushes my already hard, small pink nipples before his hand trails down my side.

“Hands.” He says simply against my ear, his voice low and rough. My lips part as I bring my hands together and to him. He grabs my wrists, holding them above my head. He taps them twice whilst looking deep into my eyes, his own eyes dark and swirling with hunger. The sight makes me gulp and I feel a throb down below. He raises his eyebrows at my lack of acknowledgment and I quickly nod in answer to his silent instruction to keep my hands exactly where they are. No rope. No tie. The ultimate test of submission. I watch as his lips flicker up into a small smirk. He is so in control of my body and he loves it. I love it.

He gets up off the bed. His eyes drinking my body in. The rise and fall of my chest, my ragged, just about audible breathing, the way my hips can’t help but thrust up with the tiniest of movement. I watch observantly and he kneels at the edge of the bed. He taps my ankles and I eagerly part my legs for him. He lifts my right leg and kisses along my foot. His eyes piercing into my own. I can’t look away. He lets go of my leg, placing it back on the bed, my sole on the mattress. He repeats with the other leg. God, I’m soaking for him already. He runs his hands over my smooth shins, over my knees, up my thighs. I close my eyes. Suddenly, he slaps my inner thighs. I gasp, my eyes flying open.

“Eyes. On me.” The tone of his voice warning me. My only warning.

The skin at the point of impact poker oyna tingles deliciously as I whisper, “Yes.” His hands run up the insides of my thighs, softly massaging where they are now slightly pink.

“Yes, what?” He asks, as he positions his body between my legs, his head lowering to where I need him the most. My breathing becomes quicker with anticipation.

“Yes Daddy..” I whimper. I bite my lip as he smiles. He lowers his head to my aching little pussy. My toes curl already. “Oh, God…” I watch and moan softly as he places small kisses along the top of her. Along my inner thighs. Along my bald pussy lips. I gulp as he pushes my legs wider apart. I feel his breath against my clit. Fuck, I need him. I can’t help but lift my hips up, lifting my pussy to his face. A wicked smile appears on his lips as he moves his head away. I whimper as he shakes his head. He is enjoying this far too much. But, God, so am I.

He kisses up my tummy, past my breasts, up my neck and along my jaw. I moan his name. His lips finally find mine and it takes all my strength to keep my hands where they are. My back arches up to meet his body, wanting to feel him close to me. He suddenly grinds up against my naked pussy, I throw my head back as I gasp at the pleasure. Fuck, if only he didn’t have those boxers on. He nuzzles his face into my neck, breathing me in as he continues to grind. My breathing becoming louder against his ears.

“…” I whimper breathily. He stops. Then I feel his teeth against my neck. I groan loudly. My hands break position and find his back, my nails digging in as his teeth sink into my skin. I moan for him out loud, “Fuckk..” He licks my neck to soothe his mark.

He moves his mouth to my ear, “Uh oh. When did I say you could move your hands?” I whimper as I begin to plead with canlı poker oyna him.

Suddenly I’m flipped over onto my tummy and lifted to stay on all fours. I feel him position himself behind me. Fuck, what have I don- My thoughts are interrupted as I collapse forward at the surprise of the first spank, the sound crackles through the air.

“Come back.” He orders. I quickly resume the position on all fours. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. I wince as his hand comes into contact with my pink, tingling ass cheek for the Tenth and last time. My skin is on fire as he now gently massages my cheek. Placing one small kiss there. My breathing is erratic as he flips me back over onto my back. He caresses the side of my face, pushing my hair behind my ears.

He traces his thumb along my lips as he whispers, “Good girl.” I whimper for him, my whole body on fire. Needing him more than ever. He starts down my body again, parting my legs with his hands. I feel my juices trickle down as I bite my lip. I know he sees it as he reaches my soaked pussy. He chuckles.

“Such a good girl. Look how wet you are.” He takes his finger and runs it up my slick slit. He brings his finger up to me and I open my mouth immediately. He pops his finger in and I close my mouth, sucking on it. My tongue swirling round as I moan at my taste. I watch as his jaw clenches at the feeling. He takes it out and goes back down to her. I look down at him, watching for his next move. He licks slowly with the full face of his tongue up between my folds, finding my clit and sucking on it. My hand immediately finds his hair as I tangle my fingers in it, my eyes squeeze close as my back arches off the bed. I groan as he moans against her, sending vibrations throughout my body.

Suddenly, his tongue darts inside me. He fucks internet casino my pussy with his tongue as my hands grab at the bedsheets. “Fuck!” I grind my hips at the pace he fucks my pussy. My foot resting on his back between his shoulder blades. I whimper at the sudden loss of his tongue from inside me but it is quickly replaced by two of his fingers, his tongue returning to my throbbing little clit. I groan loudly as my hands reach my breasts, kneading them as he pumps his fingers in and out of my pussy. In and out. In and out. His tongue works my clit so expertly. My toes begin to curl and I can feel that familiar feeling build in the pit of my stomach.

“Fuck baby..” I moan breathlessly. A hand returns to his hair as I tug on it lightly, his fingers work faster and faster. In and out. In and out. “Oh God, I’m going to cum Daddy!” I squeal out loud. “Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop..” I whimper as my legs begin to shake.

Suddenly, he curls his fingers up inside me, hitting that spot that drives me completely insane at the same time he sucks on my clit.

My body explodes in orgasm. I scream his name as my back lifts off the bed, my body shaking and convulsing under his spell. My legs begin to try to close, the sensitivity of my pussy almost unbearable as he continues his beautiful assault of her, his hands pushing my legs apart, fingers digging into my thighs. Hungry.

“Baby..fuck!” I squeal as my back lifts off the bed again, my hand slamming down against the mattress, gripping the bedsheets as my knuckles turn white. His fingers withdraw from my gushing pussy as I moan for him. His tongue licks up my sensitive pussy, almost soothing her. My body spasming as he flicks against my clit.

“Fuck.” I whisper. He withdraws completely now from my pussy, not before slapping her cheekily. Making my back arch once again. I watch as he licks his lips with a wide smirk playing on them. I groan, a small smile also playing on mine. Exhausted.

I open my heavy eyes. My own fingers are soaked. I sigh and chuckle to myself. He hasn’t even touched me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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