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We had been set up by a mutual friend so it was great we had a connection. Our work schedules meant Claire and I didn’t see a lot of each other the first few months of our relationship, but there was that electricity between us that was worth making the effort to keep in touch. No matter what the other person did, it would get us going. When we kissed you would have to catch your breath afterwards, when she touched me it felt like I would explode. Everything was intense. It was worth the wait each time to see each other.

She was 5’6 brown hair that came down to the middle of her back in gentle curls. Her smile lit up her face which had a few freckles sprinkled over her cheeks and her sparkling brown eyes are enough to get lost in. We are both a little overweight but to each other we are perfect. Her thick thighs and ass are heaven to me. I always had my hands on them which she didn’t seem to mind.

Her housemate Robyn on the other hand was just 5’dyed red hair, nice big tits and tight ass accentuated by her flat stomach. Her pale white skin was blemish free like she had used makeup but it was natural. She was good looking but after her ex cheated on her and old roommates would just put her down she was left with no self-confidence.

I was 26 when I met Claire who was 29. Robyn was only 22 and was annoying, well to me anyway. They were housemates but Robyn didn’t really have any other friends apart from Claire. She was always there and it frustrated the hell out of me. Claire and I had started dating just as Robyn had moved in, so I couldn’t really tell her to move out. But it wasn’t supposed to be a permanent move. Claire had offered her the room to get her out of a bad situation with her previous house mates.

Robyn’s ex would call her and because she loved him she would let him back in her life repeatedly. Until she had finally had enough of him and sent him packing for good. Her so called best friend from her old apartment would take her out on nights out to try and get laid. But as soon as Robyn got any attention she would swoop in and try and get it all by being slutty. On numerous occasions, their nights ended up at their place with Danielle having sex in the room while Robyn was in her bed next to them, with guys that had tried it on with Robyn first.

When Robyn changed job and moved to work with Claire as a nurse they became close. Claire is a great listener and very caring which I supposed makes her an excellent nurse. Robyn latched onto her very quickly and was soon spending a lot of time at Claire’s house to escape from Danielle. Feeling sorry for her Claire offered her the spare room for a bit till she can sort her own place out. I did feel a little sorry for her but I was gutted the place we had to ourselves was now going to be shared.

They shared a 3-bedroom house with 2 big bedrooms and a smaller box room with they used for storage. Unfortunately, the two big bedrooms backed onto each other. The downstairs had a living dining room with ran through to the kitchen. It was all open plan down stairs so no real privacy from each other. The one bathroom upstairs was by the box room, so we had to pass by Robyn’s room to get to it from Claire’s.

When we had the house to ourselves we would be all over each other. We fucked in every room of the house from early in our relationship. It was animalistic sometimes, but I just had to have her whenever we were together. We could not get enough. I didn’t have much confidence till I met her and all I wanted was to make sure she got to cum.

She made me feel like a sex god. I always joked she was faking it but she would just grab my hand or my head if I was between her legs and pull me into her pussy to feel how wet she was. We were made for each other. We were horny teenagers all over again. We are not quiet during our sex sessions, I was quick to learn the places of her body that would make her gasp and ones to make her scream.

Once Robyn had moved in our private time was almost none existent. We would have to play quietly when we went to bed of an evening because she was there all the time. Robyn tried to match her shifts with Claire’s so they could car pool and save money. But this also meant they were always off work together. Our date nights to the cinema now became a night out with Robyn tagging along.

The sympathy for her being mistreated was wearing off on my part anyway. I was quite a private person so I didn’t want her involved in all aspects of our lives. I knew I had a great thing with Claire but didn’t share details of our sex lives with my friends or anything like that. They just knew I was happy by the way I had changed. Claire and Robyn became closer and closer so I guess they shared some stories as most girls do.

One night I was extremely horny and didn’t care that Robyn was in the next room. Within casino oyna seconds of me kissing the back of her neck Claire was ready to go, instantly going down on me. She loved the reaction she got as soon as she put me in her mouth. She had made me cum from this alone many times but she had other desires tonight.

She slowly released me from her mouth and kissed up my stomach and chest till she was high enough to slide herself down onto my throbbing cock. The warmth of her engulfed me. I will never get enough of the feeling of being inside her. As quietly as she could she started grinding on me. As our orgasm built so did the pace and the noise level. As Claire climaxed, her pussy clamped around me pushing me over the edge too. We were quiet by our standards but if Robyn was awake there is no doubting what had just happened.

All the pressure had built up in me I felt like I had exploded deep into her. As I softened and began to slip out I realised how unplanned this had been because we had no wipes or anything to clean ourselves up. I was going to have to make the trip to the bathroom. I picked up my underwear and opened the door. I was convinced I heard movement from Robyn’s room but was not in a position to question anything being naked and my cock glistening in our juices.

I cleaned myself up and caught my breath. Put my shorts on and went to head back to the room. As I walked out the door I bumped straight into Robyn who was only wearing a pale blue silk night dress. Instinctively I reached out to grab her so I didn’t knock her over due to the size difference between us.

After the initial shock of bumping into someone I let go of her and her dress that had bunched up fell back into place. It wrapped round her tits and her nipples stood proudly through the material. It was obvious she had nothing on underneath. I looked her up and down as I said sorry. I had never seen so much of her dream catcher tattoo on her right thigh exposed. She did the same to me. She looked flustered but I just put that down to the collision.

As I said I am overweight so probably not something she wanted to see half naked. I don’t see what Claire see’s in me but for some reason I turned her on. She looked me in the eye then back down at the floor but her eyes stopped at my crotch. Now I’m not massive in the dick department but I had just cum so even soft I still had a decent bulge in my underwear.

“Sorry I didn’t know you were in there” she said her hands going down to the hem of her dress trying to make sure she was covered. This pulled it tighter again up top revealing more of her cleavage. Her small frame made them look huge. I just edged past her saying no problem I was heading to bed. Her rosy red cheeks standing out against her pale skin as she smiled saying goodnight.

I didn’t look back and just closed the bedroom door behind me. My naked girlfriend on the bed quickly erased the quick encounter with Robyn from my mind. She had fallen asleep before I even got back. A damp spot had formed on the sheets as my cum slowly leaked out. She must have been wiped out for that not to bother her.

I gently got back into bed and started to nod off myself. I heard Robyn go back into her room and shut the door. Her bed was against the wall which joined the two bedrooms. The shape of the room didn’t allow her to have her king size bed any other way. A few moments later I swore I could hear a gentle intermittent buzzing coming from her direction. Then it stopped and there was silence. I nodded off wondering if she had a vibrator and was that what she was doing?

Our meeting on the landing wasn’t mentioned again and hadn’t really crossed my mind again because I was just getting frustrated with her being round all the time. Robyn liked to moan and being single was obviously killing her. I did mention on numerous occasions that maybe hanging round with a couple all the time probably wasn’t helping and she should go out and try and meet someone. This fell on deaf ears.

We all work nights but my shifts start earlier than theirs so I get ready first if I am at their house. Robyn had worked the night before so was still in bed when I went up to get my shower. I was running a bit late getting ready and she didn’t cross my mind when I left my clothes in the bedroom and just had my towel with me in the bathroom.

After a quick shower I wrapped the towel around me and headed back to the bedroom. In almost identical fashioned we crashed into each other again. This time she had a white vest and boy shorts on. The difference this time was that as we collided her hand pressed against my crotch. I was in so much of a rush I practically just picked her up and spun her round and carried on walking. My wet body causing her vest to become slightly see through.

“We have to stop meeting like this” she canlı casino joked as I looked back as I reached the bedroom. Just as the door shut the towel fell off. That was a close call. It wasn’t until I was in my car on my commute to work when I replayed the whole thing in my head.

She must have heard me in the shower and would have known when I had turned it off. The walls are not that thick. Was she just waiting for me to walk out the bathroom? Did she put that vest on just too bump into me? Why did she grab for my cock? Well it felt like her fingers tried to wrap round it. All these thoughts circulated in my head. God this lack of privacy with Claire was really leaving me horny.

Over the next few weeks Claire and I had seen a house for sale that we both loved and luckily we had just enough money for the deposit. It was only down the road from where she rented with Robyn. After discussing it with her now best friend it was agreed that we should go for the house and Robyn would take over the rental agreement at the house and live on her own. This saved her looking for her own place if in fact she had ever started looking in the first place.


Once we bought the house and only took what we needed from the old place. We left an almost fully furnished house for Robyn and Claire said she didn’t have to pay for any of it. At this point I didn’t care because we finally had our privacy back and we could go back to the way we had been before the dreaded lodger.

What I didn’t expect was that we would keep being invited round to the old house and Claire inviting Robyn to our new house so much.

We decided to have a house warming/birthday party for Claire. She said it would be a chance to set Robyn up with someone if anyone took her fancy. I really hoped she would meet someone outside our group of friends so we didn’t have to spend so much time with her. The night went great and but when Claire said she would start introducing her to people she said she had met someone the previous night whilst out clubbing in town.

“Who is he? What does he do? Did you sleep with him?” Robyn was attacked with a barrage of questions and she just burst out laughing. They snuck off and left me with my friends which I was more than ok with. To be honest the lads looked a bit disappointed because they probably thought she was up for it and she was good looking after all. I just didn’t see her like that apart from those few moments after our collisions.

I hardly saw either of them again for the whole night until it was time to say goodbye. They were both quite drunk and I knew Claire would just pass out once she went to bed and I wouldn’t be getting any action tonight. As the last of our guest left I helped Claire up to bed and left her to sleep off the alcohol. I spent the next 2 hours or so cleaning up the empties and the general after party mess.

I was so pleased with myself once it was done knowing I had it cleaned so I wouldn’t have to do it the next day. I went back to the living room to pick up my phone before heading up to bed. I had new messages. In a panic in case something was wrong I opened my phone and saw they were all from Robyn. I know she does my head in but I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her.

Unlocking my phone it started at the first unread messages.

Hey sexy how was your night, I have been at a party. What do you think?

This was followed by a selfie taken from above looking down at her face and showing off her ample cleavage in the top she had worn that night. It obviously wasn’t meant for me. She must have been extremely drunk. She looked great in the picture. As I scrolled down thinking she would have realised and just apologised.

The next message said wish you were here now helping me with this. Then a picture of her with her top open showing off tits in her bra. Obviously getting undressed she had on a black lace push up bra which just increased her cleavage against her small frame. Then another message, do you think this it to short? The picture that followed was her bending over the bed with her skirt pulled up exposing her ass in a thong that matched her bra.

Are you kidding me she really hasn’t got a clue? If I had my phone on me while these where coming through I would have had to text back to stop her. But they had all been sent so there was no stopping it. Her tight ass looked incredible bent over with the thong disappearing between her cheeks. She had moved into Claire’s room after she moved out and this was taken in the full length mirror we had left there. The pose was one I had Claire in many times in that room but with their different body types this looked a lot different.

I wish we had more time together and you could have come here tonight. This was accompanied by a pictured of her on her kaçak casino back with her legs spread looking down her body. Had whoever these were meant for cum there last night or did she just mean back to the house. I can see now why the lads where gutted when she had walked away tonight. I was rock hard and dying for a release. But I had more messages to read.

I wish this was you, was the title ahead of the next pic which was her topless sucking on a vibrator. My mind raced back to that night hearing the buzzing sound from her room. She was getting off. She had this flesh coloured toy in her mouth I was imaging it was me. It had an uncanny resemblance to the size of my cock. Just a coincidence or in my drunken mind I’m sure. I was now stroking myself to these pictures. They were hot. Thank god everyone had gone home and I was alone.

Scrolling down the next message was a video clip. I pressed play and it started on her face. She had that flushed look that I had seen on the landing that night. Slowly moving down her naked body. Finally stopping at her cleanly shaven pussy with the vibrator push half way in. Her free hand came down and began moving the toy in and out. It glistened with wetness as it came out. The camera was so close you could see how tight she was as she gripped the toy pushing in it.

The video was about a minute long but her moans and the images sent had me ready to cum. I had to slow my stroking so I didn’t shoot all over the living room. I went to the final message which was her back bent over the bed with her toy pressed against her asshole. With a text that read. If you can make me cum like that you can put it anywhere. Enjoy these when you wake up babe. Speak to you soon xxx

Should I reply or should I wait till tomorrow and pretend I hadn’t seen anything. It was obviously not meant for me. But why is she sending such explicit pictures and videos to someone she only met last night. I didn’t think she was that type of girl but her ex must have kept coming back for more for some reason. She did have a great body and obviously after tonight she is very sexual.


The next day I woke up with Claire between my legs with my cock in her mouth. Nice way to be woken up.

“Just my way of saying thank you for last night and tidying up.” I guess she had been up already but I had slept through. She went about deepthroating me like I loved her doing. Looking down at Claire the image of Robyn sucking on her dildo popped back into my head. Could she deepthroat like this? I was imagining that it was her doing it to me. She had got into my head even though she didn’t know it or mean it.

As I exploded Claire lifted her mouth off me and her face was covered by my load that had built up looking at Robyn’s messages last night. She went back to sucking me till I was soft. After cleaning up the mess Claire had gone back downstairs I checked my phone. I had more new messages. They were from people from the party thanking us for having them and there were also some from Robyn. She must have checked her phone and realised her massive mistake.

Alex I’m so sorry and embarrassed please don’t tell or show anyone. I was drunk and didn’t mean to send them. Stating the obvious there Robyn I thought as I read through the rest of the message all along the same lines asking me not to mention it to Claire as it could ruin their relationship. The thing I noticed was she hadn’t told me to delete the pictures. Maybe she just thought I would have done that automatically without being told.

It had been a few hours since the last message from Robyn but having only just woken up this was my first chance to read them. I better put her out of her misery and reply. How do I play this? Do I joke about it? Do I ask questions? Do I reassure her that her secret is safe? Do I compliment her? I had never been in this situation with someone outside of my relationships. I was thinking about this way too much. I went with a bit of it all.

Hi Robyn, sorry I haven’t replied only just woke up and got all your messages. Don’t be worrying it is an easy mistake to make after having a drink. We have all been there and drunk text. You have nothing to ashamed about, you looked hot and whoever they were meant for he is a lucky guy. Your tattoo is a piece of art. Your secret is safe with me.

I thought that was supportive enough with a little compliment thrown in there. I really didn’t want to make her feel awkward and although she was annoying I wouldn’t want her and Claire to fall out over something so stupid. I wasn’t going to cheat on Claire she was the best thing to ever happen to me. The pictures were meant for someone else. It would be easier in both our lives to keep it between the two of us.

Within minutes I received a reply. Thanks for being so cool about it Alex. I am glad they went to you and not anyone else on my phone. I could have been totally exposed in more ways than one. I am really ashamed. My reply had put her mind at ease and that was the last we spoke till I saw her next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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