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“We’re sorry. The number you have reached is not in service. Please check the number and dial again.”


How could this happen? Of all the damn times for his pager to go out, why did it have to be now? I never should have let so much time pass before calling him, but I thought it would be best to get settled at my new job before we got…reacquainted.

I still remember our phone conversation from my first week. I had his honey-sweet tones in my ear bringing back every moist and wet memory of our night together at the same time my department’s Executive VP spoke to my boss in a booming voice while sitting on my desk smelling of cigar smoke. With all that chaos to deal with, how could I tell Sire that he had the best damn tongue that ever tasted me?

So here I am, in between doing grunt work to pay my dues around here and proofing another commercial script copy that I didn’t write. Sire hasn’t been to the workshop, he doesn’t have a phone at his apartment, it’s been two weeks, I’m bored as hell, and the only number I have to reach him isn’t working! DAMN, I miss him!

Actually, my clit misses him. My lips, my shoulders, my ass…oh God! He was turning me on from memory! I could sense the heat rising from my crotch. Even as I pressed my legs tighter together, I could feel the inner lips of my pussy getting moist and slick, its juices climbing to the surface, threatening to soak my panties at any moment. I needed to calm down, and fast!

I decided to walk around downtown after work before I jumped on my train home (or anything ELSE for that matter!) Having trudged up Broadway many times, I took a side street and found myself a little too close to the Williamsburg Bridge for my taste. As I tried to feel my way back, I passed by a store with black curtains drawn over the display windows. A flyer taped to the door advertised an S&M workshop. “Tame or be tamed!” it said. “Learn which you are and how to get what you want!”

In my present mood, I couldn’t tell which one I wished to be, and there was something sinister about all those black drapes that said “Watch your ass if you come in here!” But my previous state of horniness was quickly being replaced by curiosity. Maybe there was something inside that I should check poker oyna out to help me calm down. I took it as a sign and opened the door to go inside.

Immediately, I sensed something strange. The wood displays up front gave the appearance of a bookstore, but the display of body oils gave off something else! And that’s when I saw it: way in the back, full of so many different colors, textures and tastes was the BIGGEST dildo display I had ever seen! Soft ones, multi-colored ones, small, large and Big Daddy ones! The selection seemed endless! As I looked at them, for the first time in years, I felt my giggly kid-in-the-candy-store grin spread across my face. I could actually feel myself drooling! Ignoring all else, I went straight to the wall and introduced myself to a whole new adventure.

I picked up the purple one first. It was curved slightly, soft and cool to the touch, but it was the colors that mesmerized me. I briefly wondered if my little kit and clit would enjoy THIS kind of “rainbow connection”! Then I saw a pair of blue balls attached to a VERY small dick of a dildo. “Well, hello stumpy!” I laughed to myself. I marveled at how much bigger the balls were on this one. “Kind of like this store,” I thought. “Big surprises hidden in the back!” Then I laid eyes on a HUGE, brown apparatus, complete with veins and topped off with a thick, meaty tip. It looked so REAL! Oh, I HAD to get a hold of this one! But my hand could barely get around the damn thing! Grasping the balls, I ran my other hand up and down its length, then flopped it to the side, entranced by its weight and texture. And all the while I was enjoying my new discovery, one thought screamed in my mind: where the HELL was Sire when I needed him? When my thighs needed him? When my PUSSY needed him?!

“Looks like you’ve found someone.” Startled from my stupor, I turned and found a saleswoman beside me with a knowing grin on her kindly face. “It’s okay; we like our patrons to be encouraged, not embarrassed, to enjoy themselves, and what they find here.”

“Oh don’t worry; I’m enjoying myself!” Even as I realized what kind of place I’d stumbled upon, I also found that I was feeling quite relaxed, which was nice. Only now, I was hornier than when I came in, and that canlı poker oyna was WORSE! And with no Sire in sight, if I was going to get some action, I’d have to get it for myself.

“So what do you recommend for self-satisfaction?” I asked.

On the train home, I still had my kid-in-the-candy-store grin on my face. I also had my very first sex toy purchase: a 6-inch long, metal encased vibrator with bumps, curves and a pointed tip at the end. Talk about “packing a piece”! A sure shot at getting off if I ever saw one, and the saleswoman was so helpful. I had to tell Sire about this place, but tonight, for once, I was going to take my adventure into my OWN hands!

When I got home, I didn’t want to waste any time whatsoever! As soon as I locked the door, I went straight to my bedroom and ripped off my clothes. I spread out my jacket and skirt neatly on a chair, but for the rest, I showed no mercy. My bra, panties and pantyhose went flying off me! An euphoric rush of cool air flowed from between my rounded, caramel thighs, and I let my fingers slide down to my pubis. As they moved forward and back through my curly bush, I pulled and fluffed up my liberated mound. Each rub and tug became more and more delicious, arousing and awakening me further. As I leaned back and moaned in ecstasy, I glimpsed an unfamiliar sight; the reflection from my closet mirror displayed a young woman, naked curves and all, with her fingers nestled in the pink and brown folds of her underused pussy. I began to marvel at how lovely and wanton she looked. Her legs splayed wide apart so as to allow better access to her rapidly moistening slit. Her rounded breasts with their chocolate brown nipples begged to have Sire’s tongue roll over them…

Wait a minute; how would this ripe, sexual being know Sire? Looking closer, my mind finally focused on an amazing thought. This woman, this wonderful sexual being…was me.

Still watching my reflection, I began to fondle my inner folds, allowing my other hand to slide all over my breasts and belly. I marveled at the feel of my own skin, gave thanks for my curvaceous hips and thighs, hugged myself and licked my own nipples (Hell, why should Sire have all the fun?) As my thumb played and flicked at my shy clit, I watched internet casino at my wanton woman as her chest rose and fell in anticipation.

Finally, I brought my weapon of choice to bear. As I guided the smooth exterior over my body, goosebumps trailed in its wake. It slid over my skin to finally rest directly over my more-than-slightly panicked pussy. For a moment, I froze up again, but I saw that sexual wild-woman in the mirror again, awaiting the first, painfully joyous plunge. In that moment, I decided, placed the tip of my “piece” on my clit and turned it on.

Shit! Holy SHIT! My body jolted as my pussy leapt away from the powerful intruder. It was almost as if my little clit was afraid to feel such splendid tremors, and splendid they were! My well-juiced hole was begging to feel that cold, strong hardness, but I had to calm my little nub down. I began to rub the “piece” up and down my pussy lips instead of thrusting head-on. Ah! My body responded favorably to this new move as more of those life-inducing tremblings ran through me. Bringing the tip back to my clit, the vibrations pounded my little pearl relentlessly. My fingers dipped into my overflowing, heated core. I tasted my own flavor, and found myself grinning again!

Oh, I was close. So close! So PAINFULLY close! Hard, rushing waves of pleasure assaulted me with the force of a hurricane. I looked at my reflection in alarm and tried to cry out, tell her to stop. But we were both too far gone, unable to even look away. And as I watched her, the maddening throbs of orgasm overtook us both. We howled to the heavens together as we surrendered every shred of restraint. We let the spasms course and pulse through us as our fingers were liberally coated with our salty fluids. Finally, we felt our nipples harden, then soften as the waves finally subsided.

As I fell backward on my bed, I dropped the vibrator between my legs. As I leaned to pick it up, I caught sight of my reflection once again. The nipples were actually inviting, belly still round, but toning. The thighs were plump, but still spread invitingly wide, showing off my lovely bush and well-juiced pussy lips within.

So, I thought. This is my wild woman, my brand-new sexual beast.

For a moment, I wondered what Sire would think, and if he’ll like her as much as I do.

As if in response, I felt my hand stroke my fur and touch my “piece”.

Then again, maybe I’ll just like lie back and like myself a little more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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