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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #5iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 5Freddie woke up, startled as he inhaled some hair, but his freak out instantly ended when he looked down at Jade, fast asl*ep on his chest. Apparently, she had slipped on one of his button up shirts during the night, but didn’t bother to button it up. Something about this sight made him feel something really spectacular- he wondered if he might actually be in love with Jade… he’d never felt this way with anyone but Sam.Freddie kissed the top of her head, which prompted her to slowly awaken, nuzzling her face deeper into his chest. Slowly, she slid her face upwards to look at him. Her hair was an absolute mess and some of her makeup had stuck on her face, but for Freddie, she had to be one of the most beautiful sights he’d ever seen.The two shared a quick kiss and Jade sat up and straddled him, his unbuttoned shirt just hanging off her body. The shirt covered her arms and the sides of her chest but in the center she was naked, the edge of her breasts showing just enough to tease the teen boy. She smiled down at him, knowing full well the effect that she was having on Freddie. She slid her fingertips over the edge of the open shirt, inching over the material at a rate of millimetres per second. The teasing was absolutely killing him.Finally, Freddie couldn’t take it anymore and pulled Jade close and kissed her softly, slowly nibbling on her bottom lip, as he stroked her hair.”As much as I enjoy this… maybe we should get our showers before this goes any further.” Freddie said, kissing along her neck.”And I think you might be using a plural on that shower. I think we should conserve water”, she said, coyly.”Well, I have to say, I’m into the ‘environmentalist’ that’s coming out this morning.”Jade got off Freddie and walked into the bathroom and turned the water on, and within a minute, the bathroom was full of steam. Freddie sat in bed and watched her move around the bathroom, his shirt barely covering her ass, leading straight to her creamy legs. She started brushing her teeth, and Freddie seized this moment to grab her sides when she went to spit. She, of course, let out a little scream, then kissed him, her minty breath invading his mouth. He quickly brushed his own teeth and looked over at Jade, who bent over and slid off her panties. She looked over her shoulder and slid his shirt off her shoulders. All Freddie could see now was her naked back leading to a perfect ass as she stepped into the steamy shower. Freddie followed behind quickly, slipping his boxers off and stepping inside.As soon as he stepped foot inside, Jade wrapped her arms around him, kissing him as the hot water poured down over them. They had to stop kissing a couple times just so they wouldn’t drown while too busy kissing. Freddie’s hands explored her body slowly but intensely, kissing her lips, bending a bit to kiss upon her glorious chest. The hot water pouring over her perfect supple breasts, teamed with Freddie’s tongue which was circling her nipples, leading to him suckling ever so softly.Freddie kissed her lips once more before dropping to his knees and pushing her against the wall. Using his fingers to spread her lips a bit, Freddie dove his tongue into her slit, licking up her sweet juices. The act was met with very deep moans, with a hint of screaming, which only encouraged Freddie to eat the teen out more. Freddie moved back a bit and began moving his middle and index finger inside Jade’s pussy, as he licked the hood of her area.”Oooohhh fuck… yessss…. Freddie. Right there, right there, right there….” As her voice got higher pitched, Freddie could feel her pussy tighten, and then her body shivered, as she experienced her first orgasm of the day. Freddie licked her a bit more, lapping up her juices, then stood up and kissed her deeply, pressing her up against the wall.Jade spun out of his arms and smiled at him, moving her wet hair out of her eyes. She kissed down his chest and dropped to her knees wasting no time in swallowing his growing cock. As the hot water poured over her body, she began touching herself as she bobbed her head up and down his rigid member. Jade slowed down her pace, and tried to deep-throat Freddie, managing to get almost 6 1/2 inches down before she choked. Pulling off his cock and spitting on it, jerking him off some to catch her breath before she started back on blowing him. Freddie placed his hands on the back of her head, gripping her hair, and fucking her face, which Jade actually didn’t hate.Finally, Freddie pulled her up by her shoulders and kissed her deeply, his wet member sliding between her hips as he held her close. Freddie turned Jade around, his cock pressing against the crack in her ass as her arms arched over her head to hold his head close.Freddie gripped her shoulder for a moment, pushing her downward a bit, and in one swift motion, he entered her almost completely. Jade grabbed Freddie’s hand and put it in her mouth to mask the screams and moans from being filled so quickly. His other hand moved up and down her side as he slowly pushed completely into her, then all the way out before drilling inside her again.”Freddie… fuck me…” she whispered through gritted teeth.Freddie was happy to oblige as he picked up the pace, pounding her pussy. He pulled his hand from her and used both hands to grip her breasts as he fucked her harder and deeper. Jade’s eyes began to roll back as he pressed her body more against the smooth walls of the shower. Freddie pulled her back so that she was standing, sliding one of her legs out as he pushed upwards inside her love hole. She leaned her head back to kiss him as he increased his pace, gripping her breast as she held his face while they kissed. Her increased moans were definitely a sign of doing something right, and he got that signal especially when she had her second orgasm, absolutely screaming into his mouth as their tongues entwined.Jade turned around and kissed Freddie more and she wrapped her arms around his neck, followed quickly by wrapping her legs around his waist, forcing herself onto his member. Swinging on his neck and by gripping her legs tighter, she increased the rate of penetration, as he held her by her hips. Freddie didn’t know what was the hottest thing about this situation, the fact that he was fucking what he considered to be a goddess, her breasts bouncing so much with the f*rce of the action, or the look on her face as her eyes narrowed and she smiled slyly in between moans. The whole thing got too much for Freddie eventually.”Jade… I’m going to cum. Where do you want it?””Right where it belongs,” she whispered, gripping her legs tighter, as she increased her speed until finally she felt him go a bit limp and then she felt a massive gush inside of her. She was on the pill of course, and they were in the shower, so she believed fully that she’d be ok, but she had no idea what possessed her to let him do that. As Freddie exited her, Jade gathered up his cum from her pussy and licked her fingers clean.”Guess we should actually get clean now,’ Freddie said, feeling kinda weird about cumming inside Jade.”Oh yeah… We were a little too preoccupied with getting dirty to even consider getting clean.” She could tell that there was something wrong with Freddie, but she wasn’t exactly sure what it was. “I’m on the pill, y’know. So don’t worry about anything, ok?” she said, rubbing some shampoo into her hair.”Oh yeah… I know… it was just kinda weird and I’m a paranoid type of person.””You never… inside your ex?” she said, like it was completely normal.”No… She was really into swallowing stuff, so I never came in anything besides her mouth really.” Freddie realized after he said it tha
t that wasn’t exactly true, but he didn’t mention that. Instead he began to soap down her body, paying special attention her breasts.”Oh… well, Beck came in me once. We freaked out at the time, but it was cool.” Jade loved the feel of Freddie’s hands on her body and rubbing soap into her soft skin was certainly the perfect kind of task for him.Freddie switched to using one hand on her and one hand on himself, though his focus remained on getting her tits cleaned.”You’re cute, you know that?”Freddie smiled at her. “And you’re perfect in every possible way.””No I’m not… I’m petty and jealous, and I do things to screw up what good I do have going for me.””Shhh…” Freddie said, kissing her and rubbing down her sides. “No worries… I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s going to be ok.”Jade wanted to tell him about the bet so badly, but she couldn’t find the words, and instead kissed Freddie and stepped out of the shower.Freddie looked on, confused by what happened. He rushed to wash his hair and get out, but she was already gone by the time he got out of the bathroom. He found a note she’d left which told him to meet her at the rope climb at 1pm today. Freddie wasn’t sure what this was about, but he definitely felt like something bad was about to happen.* * *Sam and Beck ate a late breakfast rather silently, both thinking about the shortness of their watery rendezvous. It was over too quickly for both, and really not that satisfying. Sam thought about the contest in a few hours, and the repercussions. She stared across the table at Beck, thinking back to the first night they really met, and how it escalated into something magical. And now here they were- eating a meal in silence without messing around. ‘Maybe I should appreciate this,’ Sam thought.She and Freddie never really had a cool setting. They were either fucking or fighting all the time, never spending anytime in the middle unless they broke up. At least things were simple with Beck… or were they? There was no stability… they were going in complete opposite directions after this. Well, technically they were both going south, but one was a lot further south than the other. Sam was so caught up in her own head, that she didn’t even notice that Beck had started staring at her too, making motions to catch her attention.”Sorry… just kinda spaced there. You say something?””Yeah… I asked what you were doing today.””Oh… yeah, I’ve got a thing at 1pm and I kinda need you to be there.””Like an iCarly thing?””Not really. It’s just a really big event that I think you should be there.””Ooook… could you be a bit more cryptic? I feel like I still have too few questions…””Oh shut up…” she smiled.” Just be at the rope wall at 1, ok?””I’m just happy to see you smile,” he said coolly, scarfing down a big bite of overly processed eggs.Sam definitely had feelings for Beck, but there was just something wrong here. Like he was already withdrawing to prepare for having to break things off in a few days. Sam thought through what today meant, and wondered if she should just call it off. Maybe it wasn’t worth fighting over.Her fears subsided rather quickly when Beck moved his tray to Sam’s side, and jumped over and sat next to her. He kissed her cheek quickly and slid a bit closer and wrapped his arm around her. She rested her head on his shoulder, comfortable that he was showing some real affection. If Sam had paid closer attention however, she would have seen that the reason Beck suddenly showed some emotion had just entered the mess hall.As Jade walked in, she looked around, hoping not to see Freddie, afraid that if she saw him, she’d tell him all about the whole contest. While he was nowhere to be found, her eyes did come upon something very unsettling that reignited the fire in her heart. Beck and Sam so lovey-dovey drove Jade crazy, and she stormed out without ever getting a bite to eat.Sam kissed Beck’s lips softly, and would have continued to kiss him more, but some random killed yelled at them to get a room for their PDA. Sam resisted the urge to throw her food at this annoying k*d for as long as she could, but in the end, it was too much for her. And thus there was a food fight.Fifteen minutes later, Sam exited the mess hall, completely covered from head to toe in eggs, mayo, grits, and little pieces of bacon which she ate whenever she came across some. Beck on the other hand, despite never really moving much during the fight had a small bit of egg on his clothes, but was miraculously unsc*thed by the epic food battle.”Guess this kinda kills my chances for some post breakfast action, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri huh?” Sam said, only half-jokingly.”Yeah… I think so. Why don’t you go grab a shower and I’ll see you at that rope wall thing later.” Beck kissed Sam’s head, in a spot with no food, and headed back to his cabin.Needless to say, Sam was kinda bummed, but she had to admit that she kinda brought it on herself. Sam walked back to her cabin, anxious to get cleaned up and to get her head clear for this stupid contest. She tried to build up her anger towards Jade as best she could, but not much was really helping. Until, of course, she walked by Freddie’s window. Peering inside she saw Freddie doing push-ups, then stopping to write, then exercising more. It was strange, but it was also really hot. She may not have been worked up enough about Jade currently, but the chance to be with Freddie again and not have to worry about his gank of a girlfriend really got Sam’s bl*od pumping.Just as Freddie turned his head up to look at the blonde teen, she ducked down and headed to her room so that she could get into the shower. Inside, Carly was sitting up in her bed and staring at the ceiling like she had a headache.”You ok, Carls?””Not really, Sam. Not ok at all.””Mind explaining what the hell that means?” Sam said, getting snappy as she changed out of the dirty clothes, tossing them in the corner.Carly sighed a really deep sigh. “I don’t know if I should tell you about it… it’s really weird and freaky, and I don’t think I will ever get to sl*ep again.””Ok… now you have to tell me.” Sam walked into their bathroom and turned the water on to the shower. “Better yet, tell me everything while I get a shower. This camp food is uber-gross.””Ok, so yesterday, I took a nap and I had the creepiest dream ever.””Gibby giving a lap dance?””Ha-ha… no… But that would be funnier than anything, especially now that he no longer takes his shirt off in public. It was a sex dream.””Ooohh…” Sam called from the shower.”Not Oooh… but ewww… it was with Spencer.”From inside the shower, Carly could clearly hear a massive spit take. “What?!””I told you it was weird. It gets worse though. He was really great, and we had sex in our apartment to appease some chicken god.””See, now a god of chicken I could get behind. Infinite supply of chicken probably.””Not the time for jokes, Sam!” Carly snapped. “Anyway, I felt sick as soon as I woke up, and all last night, I had similar dreams where Spencer and I hook up for some crazy reason.””So, now you’re never going to sl*ep because of an imaginary thing that won’t affect you in the least because that’s not Spencer at all? I get that right?””Well, it sounds a lot worse when you say it that way.”The shower cut off and Sam stepped out, and Carly looked over at her for only a second and was instantly reminded of how much she missed Melanie. Sam noticed this look a bit, and snapped her out of it, wrapping herself in a towel and getting dressed for her contest. Sam threw on a t-shirt that was a little tight for her, a sports bra, some panties, and some denim cut-off shorts.”Somebody looks sporty.” Carly said, only slightly undressing her with her eyes.”Yeah… rope climbing contest today. Thinking I might win. Pretty sure that gank ex of Beck’s is gonna be there so it’ll be sweet to crush her.””Cool… mind if I join?””No! I mean
… it’s kind of a thing based on the rope course from yesterday and so you probably wouldn’t be allowed in since you didn’t compete.””Oh… ok, that’s cool I guess.” Carly was a little hurt and taken aback by Sam snapping at her. Sam walked out the door quickly, and Carly was alone again. Carly considered going back to bed after Sam left, but decided to grab a shower and head out to Cat and Tori’s cabin to hang out with them.Sam walked by herself for a while, stopping to stare out at the lake she and Beck had copulated in, and for the first time in her sex life, felt like she regretted something. She started flinging rocks at the water, trying to make one skip, but alas, they all sunk upon impact. Mostly due to her throwing them extremely hard and more downward.When Sam checked her phone for the time next, it was ten minutes until 1. Sam raced through the woods, arriving just as the two guys did.Beck looked over at Freddie and Jade, who was dressed similarly to Sam- t-shirt, cut-offs, and her dark and coloured hair up in a ponytail, before looking at Sam. “What’s going on?” he asked.”Jade and I made a bet about who could climb this 25ft rope wall the fastest, so we are going to settle this complicated bullshit right now.”Freddie chimed in, “And that’s supposed to solve things how?”Jade kissed his cheek, and said, “Because what we bet on is going to change things. Now, just sit right there, and tell us when to start climbing.””Now!” Beck said jokingly, which sent Sam starting up the rope.”No…” Jade said coldly. “This should be fair. Also, fuck you,” Jade said looking over at Beck as she readied herself on the rope next to Sam. The two girls exchanged glances for a moment before Freddie and Beck simultaneously said “Go!”The two girls raced up the ropes as quick as they could as the two guys just stared at them, exchanging confused glances with each other every now and again. About two thirds of the way up, Jade started to have trouble, and it looked like her shoulder gave out, possibly due to the strenuous exercise she went through this morning. She stayed put for several minutes, and eventually began to slide back down. This opportunity gave Sam a clear chance to reach the top, and within a minute, she had reached the top and rung the bell.”Boomba! I did it!” Sam exclaimed, jumping up and down. “I beat you, and now you’re alone!””Yeah, whatever,” was all Jade said as she nursed her shoulder and started walking away.”Hold up, gank… you gotta stick around for this. Remember the deal?” Sam called after her, and she eventually began to walk back to them.”Whoa,” Freddie said, as he and Beck figured it was time to step in. “What the hell is all of this about? What’s the point?”Sam interrupted, “The point is that Jade and you are split up.””…News to me.” Freddie said meekly.”Yeah, it gets better. Now you, me, and Beck are gonna fuck, and she has to watch.”Beck chimed in with a “Yeah, that’s not gonna fucking happen.””So let me get this straight,” Freddie said, now splitting his attention the obviously upset Jade, and the semi-ecstatic Sam. “You made a bet… on a rope climb… and said that the loser had to break up with their boyfriend and then watch said boyfriend have sex with the winning girl.””And that girl’s boyfriend.” Sam added, slowly losing her excitement.”Yeah… I’m not really sure what to say to this… Beck?””I’m kinda at a loss for words here. That was really uncool, and it shows a complete lack of respect for us,” Beck said pointing at Freddie and himself. “But perhaps more importantly, it shows that you both have no self-respect.”Jade began to perk up a little bit, thinking that maybe this was ok.”But we made a bet. We made the rules.” Sam whined, clearly upset that she wasn’t getting her way.”Yeah,” Beck said, “you did. Rules that would have put you back in bed with your ex.””You would have been there too.””No, I wouldn’t have… if you knew me as much as I thought you did, you would know that this is one hundred percent wrong and I would have no part in it. I mean, if you want Freddie so bad, why don’t you just fuck him and get it over with… I’m done.” Beck said, as he turned and walked back towards his cabin.”Wait!” Sam called after him, but he kept going. Sam looked back at Freddie, who gave a quick look of disappointment, then turned away from her. Sam could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, so she ran into the woods.Freddie looked back at Jade with such an intensity, eyes narrowed at her.”I know you’re mad, babe, but-“”I’m not mad, Jade. I’m disappointed. Big difference. I think Beck had the right idea. Maybe all this,” he said pointing at himself and Jade, and then the whole camp, “was a mistake.””Freddie… I- I love you.” Jade managed to squeeze out the words before she began to cry.”No, you don’t, Jade. If that were true, then you never would have made a bet like this. I thought I loved you too. Guess it just sucks for both of us right?”Jade walked towards him and reached out, but he pulled away from her and he began to walk away. He dared not look back in fear of losing his nerves, but when he felt the first droplet of rain, he couldn’t resist looking back at the teen girl, now sitting on the ground with her face buried in her arms.* * *Beck was more furious than he had ever been, save for a couple instances that involved Jade, including their breakup. He stormed through the woods, punching at least three trees.‘How could she do this to me,’ he thought.Things were going so well, and while they weren’t perfect, things certainly were past the point of ch*ldish bets like what the girls did. Sam turned out to be far less mature than even Jade. Beck felt the first few droplets on his head as he walked back towards his cabin, but decided to just stick around the woods for a while. He really didn’t want to deal with people right now.Beck sat under a tree, avoiding a good bit of the rain as it poured down. Being wet wasn’t his favourite thing in the world, but honestly, given his mood, it didn’t feel bad at all. He had almost fallen asl*ep when he heard someone come towards him. Figuring it was Sam, he was prepped to yell at her. Though by the time he spun around, he realized it wasn’t her, but Tori.”What are you doing out here, Beck? It’s kinda raining.””Yeah, I noticed. Just had a huge fight and figured I needed to cool off.””Oh, I’m sorry.” Tori said, now lifting her flannel over shirt over her head to block the rain.”Why don’t you sit down under this tree… not dry, but it’s better than being poured on.””Thanks,” she said, sliding down the tree and plopping down next to her former crush.”So, Tori, why are you out here in the rain?””Well, I was going to go for a swim, but then I saw that the clouds were getting kinda dark, so I decided to walk back. I saw you from the path and I figured I’d see what was up.””Cool… I just don’t really want to talk about it.””Oh yeah… I wasn’t really planning on digging into that.” Tori sat in silence for a few minutes, just staring at the camp through the woods, and thinking to herself. After it became really apparent that Beck wasn’t really in the mood for company, she pulled her shirt back up over her head and stood up.”You don’t have to leave,” Beck muttered, still staring at the cloudy sky. “Sorry… I don’t mean to be a jerk. Just not in the best of moods.””I understand, but maybe I should let you get your thoughts together, and head back to my cabin.””Please stay… at least until the rain dies down. I thought I wanted to be alone, but I kinda like having someone here. Kinda keeps a balance going, you know?””A balance… yeah. It’s… something.” Tori said just to agree as she slid back down the tree to Beck.”I liked Sam a lot. Really. She was just really immature.” Beck blurted without prompting.”Wow, already throwing the past tense out there, huh? Must have been something serious
.””Yeah… I don’t know how I could really have a relationship with someone like that. I mean, who wagers their relationship to settle a bet?””She bet your relationship on something. Wow… so she lost?”No… That’s the thing. She won the little contest her and Jade had-“”Wait… Jade? Like your ex Jade? This just gets worse and worse…””Yeah, and Jade bet the same thing, so I don’t know how Freddie’s dealing with it, but if he knows what’s best, he will leave her like I left Sam.”Tori felt bad for Beck’s heartbreak, but she couldn’t help but look at the silver lining. She and Beck were both single now, and suddenly any concern she had for Beck was slipping away and being replaced with urges and the thoughts of the two times they kissed. It was certainly a lot of awkward thoughts to deal with.”Well, if it’s any consolation, I don’t think I could ever wager a relationship, and especially not one with you. You know, our friendship and everything.””Oh yeah, I know. You’re just in a more mature mind-set, I guess.””Nice alliteration.””Yeah? I figured you’d appreciate that,” he said, smiling a little bit and güvenilir bahis şirketleri petting her shoulder.This is definitely a friendly gesture, she thought. “Well, is there anything I can do to help?””Not that I know of…”The two sat quietly in the rain a while longer, each deep in thought, but not saying a word. Beck was transfixed on figuring out what he wanted, and Tori was pretty focused on making a move on Beck, now that the window was there. Finally, one of them acted.Tori slid up the tree and turned so that she was sitting half on her knees and half on Beck’s lap. Before Beck could even react, she grabbed the sides of his face and began to kiss him. At first, he was standoffish and seemed like he was trying to push her away, but that faded in an instant as his hands wrapped around her midsection.The two teens kissed a bit more, their lips hungrily grasping onto each other’s. Beck was still in a state of shock at how forward Tori was being. He always knew that she harboured a bit of a crush, but this was way more aggressive than he ever imagined her to be.He hands pulled from Beck’s face to the edge of her flannel up shirt, which she slid off revealing a tank top that was already soaked through. The cold air had already gotten Tori’s nipples hard, a fact that she was quite aware of.Once her over shirt was off, she moved it behind Beck’s head so that she wasn’t pushing his head into straight tree bark as they kissed. They kissed deeply some more as Beck slid his coat off revealing just a t-shirt. He looked up just a bit at Tori looking down at him, biting her lip as she watched him undress. Beck continued the activity, sliding his shirt off as well, showing off his toned chest.Tori ran her hands over his chest, rubbing his pecks and along his abs. Beck’s hands also did some exploring, gripping Tori tight by the ass through her denim shorts. His strong touch prompted Tori to kiss him, and she began to feel herself getting very wet, and not from the rain.Tori looked around a bit to see if anyone was around, and once she was sure they were completely alone, she stood up and slid off her cut-offs, revealing a purple thong that highlighted her ass really well.Beck stood up to meet Tori in this undress-off, sliding his own pants off, leaving him in a pair of boxer briefs. Now, Beck was becoming the aggressive one, and in one swift move, he swung Tori against the tree softly and then pressed himself up against her.Tori was in a state of shock. When she was in control, she felt like she could stop this whenever she wanted, but now she felt she was lost in this make-out session with Beck. The thought that she’d never been this far with any guy and what this might lead to really got to the head, and she began to pull away.”This is too much Beck.” Tori said, shaking her head, as the water poured over their heads.”What do you mean?””That we’re moving a little too fast.””I wasn’t the one who jumped me, and then took off almost all her clothes.””Yeah, but that was my decision, just like it’s my decision to drop this if I want to.””It’s because you aren’t in control anymore, right? I know that’s kinda scary.””No, I just don’t feel comfortable with this level- power has nothing to do with it.””Tori, come on… we both know power is exactly what this is about.” He looked her in the eye and moved her hair out of her eye, tracing his finger over her face and moving the rogue hair behind her ear. “Trust me. If you say stop, I promise I will, ok?”Tori was really turned on, and she was definitely falling hard for her crush here and now. “Ok, Beck… but seriously, if I want to stop, we need to.””That’s a good girl,” he said smiling. He pressed his lips to hers, pressing her up against the tree more. As she felt his midsection against hers, she could feel his building erection struggling with the fabric of his pants.Tori was getting really turned on, and she almost called it off when she felt his hands drift up to her chest, and his thumbs played with her hard nipples and breasts through her wet shirt. Eventually, Tori cut out the middleman and pulled her tank top off, revealing her pert breasts.Of all the girls Beck had been with, Tori certainly had the smallest chest, but he absolutely loved her ass. It more than made up for not having much up front. Beck leaned down and kissed Tori’s nipples, taking a moment to run his tongue around them. He felt Tori shiver a bit and pulled her closer to him, and took each of her breasts into his mouth to heat them up.Tori may have been freezing on the outside, but inside her incredibly wet pussy, it was like a sauna. Adding to that was the feeling of Beck’s fully hardened member press against her opening, with only a couple pieces of fabric between them. Her brain screamed for her to stop before this goes any further, but every fibre of her being was giving in to Beck.Beck knew that this was the very definition of virgin territory for Tori, so he pulled back and looked her in the eyes.”Listen… I don’t know what’s going on between us, but the next step is a really big decision, so as much as I want you, if this is as far as we go, that’s cool.”Tori thought long and hard about what was coming, and what she should do. If she was going to lose her virginity, Beck wasn’t a bad choice for a ton of reasons, but she could only lose her virginity once, so this really was a big deal. Finally, she looked at Beck and asked, “Do you have a condom?”Beck was surprised that she was really going to do it, and searched his wallet for one, and finally managed to find one. “You sure about this?””I really want to feel what it feels like to be,” Tori’s voice lowered to a whisper for her next word, “fucked. Is there a way to do that without, you know, breaking my, you know, stuff?”Beck had to chuckle at how naïve Tori really was when it came to sex. “Yeah, it’s possible, we just need to be really careful, ok?”Tori nodded and slid her thong off, giving Beck an amazing view of her ass, which only got better as she leaned and faced the tree, semi-wiggling her ass at him. Beck also pulled his boxer briefs off and approached Tori, sliding his uncovered member up and down her ass and against the absolute furnace that was her pussy. Finally, Beck slipped on the rubber and pushed himself against her entrance, leading to an enormous sigh and squeal from Tori. Beck continued sliding into her until he felt some resistance.”Oh my god oh my god oh my god… that’s far enough.” The feeling was really overwhelming the young teen who had a tough decision on whether he should push forward or pull out. Finally, she came up with an idea. “I can’t do this right now, but I think I could do something close”Beck looked confused as he slid himself back out of her.”You’ve already got a condom on and I’m super wet right now, Beck, and I know you wanted to be my first, but would you settle for my ass. I’m a virgin t
here too, but there’s no lasting issue there.”Beck’s jaw nearly dropped as the teen began to finger self and use the juices on her asshole.”If you’ve never had anal, how do you know you’ll like it?””I’ve seen a few things that show me it’s pretty great,” she said, thinking back to the sex tape she watched on Carly’s laptop. “Maybe it will make you feel better?”Beck took a breath and though this through, and positioned himself at her asshole, slowly entering what had to be the tightest place in the universe. He barely got an inch in before she started to wince in pain.”I’m sorry Tori, this was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have-“”Keep going… I don’t hate this feeling.” Tori said with baited breath, rubbing herself as he entered her further.Beck pushed deeper into Tori’s ass, gripping the perfect rump with his hands. After getting nearly 5 inches into her, he began to pull out then push back in. After a few minutes, Tori was no longer feeling pain, but only pleasure. The lubed condom had done its job, and now that it was set up, Beck slipped the condom off and really focused on how good she felt on the inside. As Tori neared orgasm, she could hear Beck’s breathing quicken as well.Tori wanted to give some dirty talk, but she couldn’t really think of any at the moment. All she managed to get out was “Fuck my ass” and a couple “Oh my Gods.” Eventually, Beck was pounding her ass almost as fast and hard as he would with normal sex, and once he established a rhythm, he no longer needed to grab her ass, so he held her by her breasts, which sent a nice feeling through Tori’s body.Within moments of his pistoning, Tori felt her orgasm reached critical mass, and she came hard, squirting down the side of the tree. Beck couldn’t hold out much longer either. A few more pumps and it was too much for the suave teen as he came inside her asshole, his cum leaking out of her backside.”That was really intense, Tori… seriously.””Yeah… I’m actually not sure what happened. I literally just wanted to kiss you and it escalated pretty far pretty fast. I’m sorry.””For what?””You’ve got enough going on, Beck, and I’m pretty sure this didn’t help.””On the contrary, I think this was just what I needed.””Oh ok… I’m not really sure what this was for me… I kinda just feel like I need a real shower at this point. Hope it’s ok if I go.””Yeah, sure… it was kinda weird. Sometimes we do stuff that just takes some time to figure out completely.””That sounds about right. Mind if we don’t talk about it for a while?” Tori said, gathering up her soaked clothing and putting it all on again.”Sure thing.” Beck said picking up his wet clothes and heading to his cabin to sl*ep the dreary day away.In the distance, he heard thunder and began walking to see what Robbie was up to, hoping he could get his mind off this day.In a not so distant area, a cute redhead had looked out her cabin window to see the rain, but had actually watched most of the intense moments that Tori and Beck shared. Cat exclaimed to herself, realizing who she was looking at, and buried her face in a pillow. Cat was a little ashamed that she had touched herself a bit as she watched them. She changed into her pyjamas and looked over at the clock, and wondered where Jade was, when she heard her stomp inside.* * * After the rain started really falling, Freddie had a change of heart and turned around, worrying that Jade was going to get wet and possibly get sick. Sure enough, there she was, still sitting by the rope wall, which kept her a little dry as the rain fell. She was still shivering, clearly not really wearing clothing built for warmth. He walked up beside her and sat down next to her.”If you’re going to yell at me, you might as well get it over with and go away.””I’m not going to yell at you Jade. I wanted to come back and tell you that I was sorry that I went off. I’m still upset, but I was kinda mean.””Well, it was deserved I guess.””Yeah,” Freddie said, slipping his over shirt off and putting it over her shoulders. “Let’s get you back to your cabin.””I don’t think we should be in my cabin. Tori and her stupid fuckin’ s*ster are there… plus Cat. We wouldn’t be able to do much.””We wouldn’t be doing anything. I’m going to take you to your place, and we can talk tomorrow about all this. It’s too much to process and if I react before thinking it through completely, I might make a mistake.””Oh ok…” Jade was really taken aback and disappointed by the situation, and just stared at the ground.”Come on… let’s get out of here before a storm starts.””Fine.” Jade got up and started walking, holding Freddie’s shirt tight to her body as she walked. As mad as he was, he still couldn’t help but stare at her perfect chest, the wet t-shirt hugging them so tight.Freddie walked Jade back to her cabin, the two not really speaking much, and as much as he wanted to accept it, when she made a move to hold his hand, he had to pull away. After several minutes, they reached the cabin. He began to turn away, but she called to him.”Can I at least have a hug? I’m in really bad shape right now Freddie, and I’m sorry.””I know you’re sorry, Jade, but this was something pretty huge. I… love you. I just don’t know if I like you right now, honestly.”Once again, he had to look Jade in her eyes as the tears started welling up in her eyes. Freddie walked up to Jade and held her close for a moment.”We’ll talk tomorrow. I promise.” And with that, Freddie was gone, and Jade stormed into the cabin. canlı bahis şirketleri She never even glanced at Cat as she ran into the room and after jumping onto her bed, buried her face into her pillow.”Jade… are you ok?” the shy redhead meekly asked.’No, I’m not fucking ok!” Jade yelled through her pillow. “Do I look ok to you?””You look really wet. You should put some dry clothes on before you get the bed wet or worse get sick.””Maybe I want to be sick… and die.””Please don’t do that, Jade… why do you want to die?””Because… I deserve to. I think I just got dumped, and it is entirely my fault.” Jade finally turned over, and looked at her best friend. “And the worst part is that I think I might have been in love with him. I mean, I am still, but I don’t think it matters anymore.””Well, if its true love, it will always work.” Cat may have been incredibly naive, but Jade found this surprisingly helpful. “If it makes you feel any better, I think Beck is cheating on his new girlfriend.””WHAT?!” Jade said, sitting up at once.”Yeah… I saw him having ‘sex’ in the woods a little bit ago.” Jade wasn’t really sure why she was putting sex in quotations, but she decided not to push it.”Wow, Cat… are you sure it was him?””Yeah. And Tori.””TORI?! You saw Beck… and Tori… fucking?””Jade… Language!” Cat said through gritted teeth as if the words would hurt her. “Yeah… they were messing around against a tree out there.”Jade narrowed her eyes, trying desperately to get info out of her redhead BFF. “So they were messing around? Or were they f… you know…” Jade then prompted to use her hands inserting one finger in to a hole made by the other hand over and over again.Cat looked confused for a moment and then her eyes went big and she copied the sexually explicit gesture.”Wow… that’s… crazy.” Jade didn’t know how to feel about any of this. In a way she was kind of happy that the other couple had broken up, but she still felt like feelings like that were the reason Freddie left her. “That’s a lot to take in, Cat… I’ll be back in a minute.”Jade got off her bed and grabbed a couple things from her suitcase and walked into the bathroom. After taking care of some business she began to change clothes, deciding to just put on her pyjamas since she had no intention of leaving the cabin for the rest of the day, if not the week. Jade stripped the wet clothes from her body until she was completely nude, then
replacing them with warm and dry ones; a blue spaghetti strap camisole with no bra underneath, black panties, and a pair of long flannel pants. Once she was finished, she pulled her hair out the ponytail and let it fall, and then stepped out into the room, coincidentally, at the same time as a crack of thunder.”Wow… that storm sounds really bad, Jade. Glad you got in when you did.” Cat said, cutting her lamp on so she could read a bit. “Not having any television up here has really freed me up to read.””That’s cool I guess.” Jade sat back down on her bed and got her computer out. Maybe she would find some game to play to keep her mind off of everything. Just as Jade plugged her computer in and turned it on, the power went out, followed immediately by another loud boom of thunder. “Well, that’s fuckin great,” she said, throwing the laptop onto a pile of clothes she could barely make out in the dark.”It’s ok Jade, I think there’s some candles around here somewhere, and we can light them until the power comes back.” Jade saw Cat’s phone light up and serve as a momentary flashlight while the redhead searched through some drawers until she finally found six candles, which she put on the table between their beds. She then struck a match and then lit all of them. Jade was actually kind of surprised by how much light they gave off.”That’s cool, Cat. Weird to see you react so quickly to something like this. Remember that time last year when the power went out when you were sl*eping over and you absolutely freaked out? Big change.””Maybe I was just really scared then, and I wanted you to protect me… and I didn’t hear you complain when I cuddled with you, scared.””Oh yeah… I remember that night, the last lesbian ordeal we ever had.””Actually…””Whoa, Cat… really? You’ve been with other girls besides me?””Not until this trip, but since I’ve been here, I’ve hooked up with both Carly and Tori.””TORI… again? Is she just going through a checklist of people I’ve been with and going for my sloppy seconds. I know you like her or whatever, but she is at the top of my “most hated” list.”Yeah… I even kinda hooked up with Robbie, but we didn’t do anything big. We did go down on each other though.””Jeez Cat, you really have been busy since you’ve been here. I was only with Freddie. But then again… he was really all I needed.”Jade began to tear up again a bit, to which Cat came over to her and sat next to her on the bed.”Don’t cry, Jade. It’s ok. I’m sure it’s not the end of the world, and even if Freddie did really break up with you, it’s not like you’re going to be seeing him anymore after this week.”Jade smiled a bit at her friend, who was trying so desperately to make her feel better. It reminded her of how close the two of them had been before she ever really started dating people… and by people, it was pretty much just Beck. There was something about the ambiance as well- the candles, the rain outside, the thunder- which made Jade feel so much better.Jade rested her head on Cat’s shoulder and Cat very lightly kissed Jade’s head. There was nothing romantic about it really, but when it happened, both girls couldn’t help but feel a real connection. Jade cuddled a bit closer to her friend, seeking some feeling of peace and comfort. Jade looked up at Cat’s face and smiled.Maybe it was the fact that she had been with some girls lately, but seeing Jade like this reminded her of how much she loved when they were intimate with each other. Cat looked into Jade’s eyes and then softly kissed Jade’s lips. Jade reeled back a bit, surprised by the kiss, but within seconds, she pressed her lips against Cat’s. The two continued one long kiss together as their bodies shifted for greater comfort, finally ending up laying side by side on Jade’s bed. Though this wasn’t their first time together, both girls had their own rhythm. Cat’s kisses were very soft and gentle and she was very easy with all of her movements, spending much of the kiss time touching Jade’s face. Jade was a bit more aggressive, adding nibbles in between her kisses, and her hands began to wander over the young redhead’s body.The two teens began kissing longer and deeper, which prompted Jade to grip Cat tighter, sliding her hands up and down her sides, rubbing from her abdomen to grabbing hold of Cat’s ass. The tighter Jade grabbed, the more Cat moaned into Jade’s mouth, her soft voice making high pitched noises as the girls’ tongues wrestled for control.No longer had content to be side by side, Jade got on top of Cat, sliding her hands along the petite redhead’s body, paying special attention to her breasts. Jade’s completely aggressive style made it easy for Cat to slip into her natural submissive style. Their hips began rubbing tightly against one another, trying to get their bodies as close as humanly possible.Jade moved her body back a little and straddled Cat. Looking down at the redhead’s big eyes staring up at her, Jade smiled back and bit her lip a bit. After running her fingertips over her own breasts, Jade reached the lower edge of her shirt and pulled it off. Now, Cat could see Jade’s generous chest, almost but not quite covered by her fallen hair, and swaying with her movements by candlelight. Her petite hands reached up and rubbed Jade’s breasts, running her thumbs over her exposed and hardened nipples. Finally Cat leaned her body upwards, kissing Jade’s breasts, and sucking on her nipples ever so softly.Since Cat’s body was already up a bit, Jade reached down and pulled Cat’s shirt off as well, revealing her perfect B cup orbs. Jade tweaked Cat’s nipples a bit and the two explored each other’s upper bodies for several more minutes.Jade leaned over for a second and grabbed one of the candles. The punk teen leaned back a little bit and raising the candle above her body, allowed the hot wax to fall to her skin and instantly cool. The feeling was one Jade had tried before but never in the presence of another person. Jade moved the candle over Cat’s body as the redhead looked up, nervously biting her bottom lip in expectation of pain. A few droplets of wax fell on the redhead’s breasts, and as much as Cat thought it would hurt, she was surprised by how good it felt. Jade moved the candle back to herself, letting the hot wax hit her nipples and her taught stomach.Jade and Cat kept up the wax play until the candle had almost gone out, each getting a substantial amount of hot wax on their upper bodies. Once they were done, they each began to play with and pull the wax off each other, until finally they were both clean of wax, and Jade laid back onto Cat, and flipped her, so that the shy redhead was now on top.Cat kissed Jade very softly and deeply, grinding her crotch into her best friend’s, moaning ever so softly when the sweet spot was hit. As they kissed, Jade’s hands roamed Cat’s body and finally reached into Cat’s pyjama pants. She was very surprised that Cat wasn’t wearing any underwear, and Jade teased her finger along Cat’s entrance. The petite redhead elicited several moans in anticipation, signalling that Jade was doing something very good. Jade slipped her own hand into her pants, and began to slide them off, leaving her in just her panties, while Cat followed Jade by taking her own pants off.Their naked legs intertwined and now Jade had greater access to Cat’s crotch, running her fingers around her lower lips. Jade looked deep into Cat’s eyes as she teased her, the look of utter torture and anticipation written all over Cat’s face. Jade leaned up and kissed Cat deeply, her tongue diving into the redhead’s waiting mouth, just as Jade’s teasing finger pushed inside Cat’s love hole.What were soft murmurs before, became deep moans, their lips pressed tight against one another. Cat got off of Jade and the two now lay side by side again. The naive redhead finally summoned the strength to use on her own hands and slide some fingers into Jade’s warm and moist panties. As soon as her fingers entered Jade,
the punk teen threw her head back in ecstasy, which prompted her to finger Cat more rapidly. Outside, the boom of thunder shook the cabin, surprising the girls but after they regained their composure, it was like it never happened.The two girls continued their mutual masturbation, kissing every so often, for several minutes before Jade winked and pulled away for a moment, then jumped and lay with her head even with Cat’s pussy. What came next wasn’t a big surprise to Cat, but that didn’t change the fact that the feeling was amazing- Jade’s nimble tongue hitting all Cat’s most sensitive spots. Cat was so moved by the event that it took her a second to think about reciprocating. Both girls gripped each other’s ass and thigh tightly, trying to get the best angle to pleasure the other with the same feeling they were getting.The two girls hungrily ate each other out, each with their own style- Cat lapping up Jade’s pussy juices, simply sliding her almost sandpapery tongue over such a sensitive area, and Jade using long strokes of her rather large tongue, and nibbling on Cat’s outer lips a bit.Before long, the oral assault came to a head as the two could feel orgasms building, and they knew each of them were ready from the contracting of their pussies. They pulled away for a moment and began to savagely finger each other, hard and fast until each of them came; for Cat, it was harder than she had in some time.Jade slid back up to face Cat, both girls still panting hard, and Jade licked her juice covered fingers. Cat did the same thing, then giggled and kissed Jade more, each of their juices flowing into their mouths, mixed with the saliva and tongue of their lover.It didn’t take Cat any time to fall asl*ep on Jade’s flawless naked body, and before long, Jade fell out while stroking Cat’s hair. A little while later Jade awoke and slid out from Cat and went to take a shower. Before she got into the shower, she looked outside at the falling rain and checked the time: 8:30pm. She still had to make through the whole night. As the hot water fell along her body she remembered her shower from this morning and how amazing it was. Before she even realized it, Jade began to cry again, her tears falling and joining the bitterly hot water circling the drain.To Be Continued

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