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I didn’t think I’d write this story at all. Why, because I know no one would believe it for a start. So, why am I writing it now. I suppose I still get a thrill for thinking about it and I have read many stories on line about this same topic. Though some are very hard to believe. So I’ll leave it to you the reader to think for yourself how real this is.

Ok. So lets start at the beginning. I was working in a small NSW south west town. I’d been there for about 6 months when my wife up and left me. She’d taken our 2 children and gone back to Sydney. So, I was alone and I didn’t really have any friends to talk.

The town had 3 pubs and was close to Dubbo. There wasn’t much of a night life. Though, I did start to habit one of the pubs. Mainly to try and chat up the bar maid there. One evening I was at work, the last to close up, and I was outside smoking. There were no customers about and I was feeling bored. As I was watching the traffic, I saw these two young girls, I thought about 16 or 17 years old, coming up the street, just strolling along.

The first one was about 5 foot 6 inches tall, slim build, dark shoulder length hair and very cute. She had on a pair of denim shorts and a white see through top, which you could see a black bra. The second of the two was plump, a bit taller, red/auburn hair and fair skin. She had this little cream dress that dropped down just below groin and a black top on. What I notice more was the little one had small breasts, while the plump one had good sized ones. In fact she reminded me a bit of my first girlfriend, who was always good when you started fucking. Use to buck like a rodeo horse. I was horny straight away.

As I watched them get closer I thought, ‘Wow both cute, I’d love to fuck them.’ but I was 38 years old and they looked far too young for me. Also, I didn’t think I had a chance with them. Anyway I watched the two girls come closer to the store. When one, the plump girl, looked at me gave me a blushed smile and did that little wave thing with her hand.

I smiled back and, rather bold, said, “What are you two doing out aren’t you suppose to be home?”

Well the smaller of the two, looked mad at my suggestion, and said “phff, we’re 18 we can do what we like.”

I was surprised because these girls really looked 17 or younger, but I didn’t care.

I said, “Ok, sorry, I thought you were younger.”

The second girl, she was the one that blushed when she smiled. She said, “No. We’re 18.” and she blushed again.

I said, “Girls. I’m sorry but you’re both look young and rather cute and I didn’t want you two to get into trouble.”

the plumpish girl said, “that’s OK, we’re always getting mistaken for being under age.”

Now I though, ‘I’d really like to fuck you both.’

Anyway I started talking to these two girls, who were Halley and Samantha. We chatted for what seemed like ten minutes, but later I found out it was about 40 minutes, and 30 minutes past closing time with the shop.

I found out that Halley, the smaller of the two with dark hair had been kicked out of home by her mother. It seemed that her mother’s boyfriend was getting the hots for Halley. Her mother hated that so instead of kicking the boyfriend out, she kicked Halley out. Sam as she was liked to be known, smiled and told me she came with Halley for support. I asked why didn’t Sam’s mother let her stay at their place. Sam told me that there were 6 other kids, in a 4 bedroom house, with her mum and dad.

I was shocked why Halley’s mum hadn’t kicked the boyfriend out. But, today’s parents are different to when I was young. I asked them if they had enough money and both said they had gotten money from Social Security and was looking for a place to stay. I couldn’t think of any where except the pub and suggested to them they could stay there. They both smiled and said their good byes and left.

I looked at my watch saw that it was late and went about closing the store. Afterwards I walked home thinking I should’ve let them stay with me. When I arrived home I cooked and ate my dinner, read my mail and watched a little TV. My encounter had slipped my mind after that, because I got another letter from Child Support telling me to provide more money to my ex wife..

It was while I was watching TV that I got a call from my ex wife and that’s when the argument started for real. She was complaining about not selling off my house the one I had before I met her. I had one house left on the northern beaches that belonged to my parent and was given to me, their only son, after they died. I told her that I wouldn’t sell and that me and my cousin, a barrister, would fight her for it. Anyway after the fight I needed some air so I drove down to the pub to see my favourite barmaid, so I could feel good about myself.

I parked behind the pub and got out, and start for the rear entrance. When I saw my two young friends again. But this time all the horny young men were hovering over poker oyna them like flies. So I walked up to them and I said, “hey how are you.”

Halley said, ‘Oh, here’s our ride, see you.” with that Halley took one arm and when Sam caught on, She took my other arm and we started walking to the car park. I directed the girls over to my car, and after we got in, Halley started telling everything. That they got there at the pub and book a room with two beds. When they came down to eat they were told to eat in the beer garden as the main bar was full of work men. They had been just waiting for the meal when 7 men came out and started chatting them up. One kept trying ‘accidentally’ to touch her breast, while another kept whispering that he wanted to fuck Sam.

I couldn’t suggest to them another place as I didn’t know any other place to stay. That’s when Sam said, “can we stay with you?” I was dumb struck, but I stammered out a, ‘yes’ So I called the publican, on my mobile phone. He was a somewhat friend, I told him that the girls were going back to Dubbo tonight, as their mother would come by my place later. Also, I’d arranged to pick up their belongings tomorrow and any expenses. So, after I stopped got a pizza and some coke, I took the girls back to my place.

After we got there we had the pizza and coke, watched a little TV, when Sam said, “Can I have a shower.” I said, “yes.” So, I went and got her a towel. I came back to the living room and handed Sam the towel. When she said, ‘I’ve got nothing to change into.” I thought and remembered the under wear my wife had left, I bought it for her last birthday. So, I went got one of my old long white T shirts and the panties that where in the cupboard. I came back told Sam to try them on. Sam left me and Halley in the living room and went and had her shower.

Halley said nothing, keeping her eyes glued to the TV. I had a somewhat fantasy about both girls. But, when I contemplated on what was happening I didn’t think my luck would be that good. So I kept on watching TV. Sam came out a few minutes later and asked about the big shower and I said that I just liked a big showers, really it came with the house. So Sam sat down on the chair next to the sofa I sat on. I asked Halley if she wanted a shower and she turned her head towards me pondered a few minutes and said yes. I again went and got a towel, a long T shirt and panties and gave them to Halley.

After Halley left Sam asked why did I have those panties. I looked as serious as I could be and said I was a cross dresser. Sam had wide open eyes and a slack mouth. Then I said no and they were my ex wife’s who left some 3 months earlier and was now living with an ex boy friend. Sam showed her relief and we talked for a time about my ex wife. When Halley got back we became silent again until I got up and made myself a coffee. I sat back down and noticed that Halley was asleep on the other couch. Sam started talking to me again, and then got up walked over and sat next to me.

We kept chatting for a while, when I asked if she had a boyfriend. Sam she did but she was thinking of dropping him. I quizzed her why and she told me that he was to rough when kissing her and he kept pestering her to have sex. I shook my head and asked was he too inexperienced? Sam yes. I said haven’t you ever been tenderly kissed? She said No and shook her head. She asked how do you do that. I said like in the movies. She again shook her head.

I looked at Halley first then back to Sam, I said Can I show you? Sam pondered for a minute, she had a bit of a worried look on her face. I said, That’s OK we don’t have to do it, when She said, OK, show me. I leaned forwards a tenderly kissed her lips. The kiss lasted for a minutes but I could see Sam was surprised. I sat back again, when Sam said, Can we try that again. So, I leaned forward took her face in my hands and again kissed her. I opened my mouth just enough to touch and grab her lips. I let the kiss linger a little more and when I broke contact and sat up, I saw Sam mimicking my kissing movements, with her eyes closed.

Sam opened her eyes and said, “Wow I’ve never been kissed like that. But, I’ve only had one boyfriend and he can’t kiss like you.” I smiled and just looked at her. Sam swallowed and went on to say, Can we do it again, please.” So this time I wrapped my nearest arm around her shoulders, leaned in and started to lightly kiss her. Which then turned into both of us opening our mouth. When I thought the time was right I darted my tongue in, just enough, to touch hers. On touching her tongue I got something like a little electric shock, which I never experienced before. She must have felt it too as she started to dart her tongue in and touch mine. This kiss last for a short while and I was getting horny. My cock was hard and rigidly standing. But I tried to hide it.

After we stopped kissing, I left my arm around Sam’s shoulders and she muzzled into my shoulder. And we kept watching the TV. Every canlı poker oyna so often Sam would shift her head and I looked to her again and kissed her on the lips, opening our mouths and both of us would dart their tongue into the others mouth and play with it. After we broke for the third time, I lingered above her. I then went to her neck and started to kiss and nibble on her neck, and nip her ear lobe. Now I felt Sam’s hands running through my hair. So, I nibble more and then sucked on her neck, leaving a bit mark there. I came back to her mouth and again kissed her but this time there was an urgency from her, so I return the feeling.

I reached down cupped her breast, pinching her nipples which were hard now. Sam was now kissing my neck and leaving little bite marks. I was starting to get worried about Halley, so I went back to her ear and whispered, I think we should stop, we might wake Halley. Sam pulled back from me and mouthed NO. I said, well come into my bedroom and we can keep on kissing there. Sam looked at me for a minute and looked reluctant but nodded yes. So we both got up and with me leading I took Sam to my bedroom.

I laid Sam down took my shirt off and laid next to her and started kissing her, all over again. By now Sam was kissing back harder, but I tried to keep mine as tender as I could. As our lips were locked I reached to her other breast and started pinching her nipples which must have given her a boost or something as she would kiss harder every time I did that.

It was now or never so I said, Sam can I take the T shirt off you? She nodded her head again. As she raised her arms up I grabbed the bottom of the shirt and raised it over her head and off. She crossed her arms across her breast but I started kissing her again and instantly her arms wrapped around me. I broke free of our kiss and started to kiss down to her nearest breast. I ran my tongue around her aerola. I lathered her breast and then started to flick my tongue across her nipple. Then, I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. Then I bite down gently, all the time getting ohhhhhh and ahhhhhs from Sam.

I traversed across to Sam’s other breast and started the same, running my tongue around her arola, then flicking her nipple with my tongue, then sucking the nipple and finally biting down on her nipple. I could tell that Sam was really responding to my advances as she would run her hands through my hair then lean down and kiss my head. So I now ran my tongue to her navel which looked like a small vagina. I gently ran my tongue around the edge and every so often dip it inside her navel. She kept giving me these ohhhhhs and ahhhhhs, and raise and lower her pelvis.

I kissed my way up to her mouth and kissed her deeply. When I broke our kiss I saw Sam swallowing and her throat move downwards every so often. I said, Sam have you ever been kissed on your vagina? She shook her head. I said, Would you let me? She nodded her head. I lowered myself, kissing her body and nipping her nipples as I made my way to her Mons. I saw the frilly blue knickers I had given her. I opened her legs and laid between looking at the feast before me.

First I kissed the patch of material that stood between me and her vagina. I then licked my tongue from bottom to top. I turned my head and ran my tongue from her upper thigh to the start of the material and then the same on the other side. By now I had placed my arm under her legs and holding her legs open for me. I could smell her aroma, which smell of the fragrant bath gel and her own moist juices. It was a very heady experience and I knew I couldn’t get enough.

I took hold of the edge of the material and pulled it to one side, allowing part of her vagina to be exposed. I slip the tip of my tongue and lightly licked the outer cunt lips of my young darling. This sent a shiver through her body and something that was telling me not to stop. So again I licked her outer lips and got the same response. Now I twitched my tongue over her pubic and cuntal area and from the way she writhed and grabbing my head pushing it towards her vagina, I knew I was ready to remove her panties.

I sat up and took hold of the top edge of the material and pulled it down removing it off her feet. As I lowered her body down I laid down pushing my shorts off my body and kicking them to the floor.. Now we were both naked. I resumed my twitching of my tongue on her vagina, pushing the lips apart and then snaking my tongue up to her clitoris. Sam was moaning and writhing, and grabbing my head pushing it into her vagina, as if I could fit.

I took her clitoris between my teeth and sucked and sucked, pulling it with my teeth and lips. She was going nuts all the time I was doing this. I let my tongue sneak into her vaginal canal and found that she was a virgin. And I was more than ready, because my penis was extremely hard and uncomfortable where I was laying. So I got up and started to kiss my way to her mouth. internet casino I paused at her breast, to kiss and nipple and bite each one in turn. After I kept raising until I was level with her mouth. I laid my lips to hers and we both kissed hungrily.

Sam wrapped her arms around me and I placed my arms under, holding onto her shoulders. My penis was nestle between her vagina, and I could feel the lips wet with anticipation. I started to seesaw my cock between her lips, adding further pleasure to her. When all of a sudden she raised her legs and allowed the head of my cock slip into position.

I looked at Sam and she smiled and kissed me. So I slow pushed forwards into her vagina. At first there was a little difficulty with her canal. So I reached down pushed the head of cock into a snug fit. Now I started to seesaw my cock so slowly into her waiting crevice. I kept pushing until I felt the barrier between this girl and her womanhood. I started to kiss her neck again and bit down on her neck, when I forced my penis through her hymen into the waiting inner chamber of the vagina. Sam cried out and I held my self still until she was ready. I kept nibbling her neck and biting her ear, when her grip relax a bit. So, I started my seesawing action again with my penis.

I would withdraw my penis until I felt that it was nearly out. Then I would push it back taking my time, slowly, until finally our groins were meeting and I could feel the tip of my cock touching something inside her. For only a brief moment I knew that my cock was pushing against her cervix and if I tried real hard that I could push into the canal of her cervix when needed.

I was seesawing my cock in and out of her. Sam had her legs encircled around my back and squeezing. I knew she must be near her own climax, when I was caught in vice like grip between her legs. Sam was panting and sort of moaning with little, ‘yea, yea, yea’ sounds and then said the strangest thing, ‘Oh daddy.’.

Then it was over and I felt her body relax around me. So now I started to push into her with a frenzy. My cock was harder, especially when she murmured ‘daddy’. Her vagina was tight but not constricting and I was fucking her hard. I could hear the squishing sounds made by the entrance and exit of my cock, until I felt that feeling from the base of my balls to the very tip of my cock. So I slammed into her, with everything I had. I felt the tip of my cock become constricted and I knew I was in her cervix, and I shot my load.

I felt that I was emptying everything into her. There were two, then three, and four powerful shots, being sent into her womb. And then smaller shots which stopped as my cock withered limp. I laid there kissing Sam’s mouth and neck. She was whispering thank you, thank you I never felt anything like that. At last we broken and I laid next to her. Sam rolled into my arms and I held onto her. I didn’t want to spoil the moment with what protection had she usde, if any, So we both just laid there and finally fell asleep.

Sometime during the night, I woke again and had this raging hard on. I thought it was my wife who was next to me, until I realised who it was. I reached down and found her vagina again, so I started rubbing her clit again, until I felt her cunt become wet. I rolled over on top of her and pushed my cock into her waiting canal.

This time it was easier than before, though Sam was asleep. I started to seesaw my cock into her, and lick and nibble on her nipples, when I felt her arms and legs warp around me. I looked and saw Sam appeared as if she was still asleep. Though, momentarily after, she came awake and said Oh fuck me again, so I did. I nibble on her nipples and neck. Seesawing my cock into her when finally she came again gripping my cock so hard.. I came too and as before forced my way into her cervix. Afterwards we fell asleep in each others arms.

We woke some time around 7am and laying holding each other and kissing, when I heard, ‘What the fuck.’ We both looked to the door, which we left open, and there stood Halley. We both started to apologise to Halley, I don’t know why. But Halley just shook her head and walk out to the living room. Sam kissed me jumped off the bed, threw on the t shirt I had given her and walk out following Halley.

I decided to stay in my room and wait. A short time later Sam and Halley came in. Sam ditched her T shirt, which looked better on her got back into bed, under the covers, with me. Halley sat at the end of the bed and looked miserable. Sam then whispered to me ‘Jim, I think Halley likes you. Can you cheer her Up”

So, I reached across and pattered her head. I said, Halley can I kiss you please? But she shook her head. I got up and sat next to her, still naked. I reached around her but not touching her. I said Halley, and she looked at me. I then lowered my lips to hers and kissed her.

At first she didn’t respond but after the third kiss she did. She flung her arms around me and I took hold of her. Both of us fell back against the bed. Halley was urgent but I calmed her down until she started to kiss tenderly. I reached up and started playing with her breast, then pulling off her t shirt she still wore.

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