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Note from the author: This story contains graphic sexual content. Please do no read if you are under 18 years old.

Also, it’s rather long. Most of the story is told as dialogue between the three characters.

* * * *

The road was going to hypnotize me. I had been driving in a snowstorm all day, and now it was dark, and I was getting tired. I was glad that I was getting close to Mindy’s house, it just felt scary driving in such snowy weather.

But this was a trip I was really excited about. I was on my way to see my two closest friends, Mindy and Leah. We all met at a church summer camp as little kids. We ended up going to the same camp year after year so would see each other each summer.

A few years ago, we spent our last summer together as actual camp councilors for the younger girls. There was a week at the end of the summer after all the kid’s left that we spent alone in a tent by a secluded lake. It was probably the happiest time in my life! Mindy and Leah can be so goofy, and that week was just plain fun. We all called it our “Magic” week.

But that was a few summers ago, and none of us have seen each other since, but we talk constantly on e-mail and by phone. We’re all 18 years old now, and I guess we are trying to fit into the adult world, but a big part of me just wants to relive that week alone by the lake. We had such fun together.

A little while back, during a flurry of phone calls, we all decided we needed to get together again, it was driving us all crazy that we hadn’t seen each other in so long. So, we figured out we should all meet while Mindy was at her home during a short break from college. Her parents were gone, and so was her brother, they were all on a trip to visit her grandmother, so we had the house to ourselves, and that’s exactly what we all wanted. Just to hang out and be with each other again.

It was late when I pulled into Mindy’s snowy driveway, and I could see a light was on downstairs. I took my duffle up to the porch and knocked on the door.

Seconds later, Mindy was standing there looking at me.

She shrieked, “Trish! I thought you would never make it!”

I said, “I’m here, thank God!”

She said, “Get in out of the cold!”

And when I stepped into the house, Mindy gave me a huge hug, and then she did something that surprised me, She kissed me, right on the mouth.

Then, I saw Leah standing right behind Mindy.

I hugged Leah too, and she kissed me on the forehead.

I gasped, “Oh my God, it’s SO good to see you two!”

We went to the kitchen, and they were both drinking wine.

Mindy held up her glass and asked, “You want some too?”

I said, “I think so, I’m sorta frazzled from all the driving in the snow.”

Leah said, “I’ll get it for you”, and she walked over to the other side of the kitchen to get a glass for me.

When Leah stood up, I suddenly realized she was a lot much taller than she was when we all together last. When she turned around, Mindy did this thing that made me laugh. She made sort of big boob shapes with her hands, and then pointed to Leah.

It took me a second to figure out what she meant, but I realized that Leah, who was flat as a board that Magic Week by the lake, now finally had breasts. I immediately laughed, and so did Mindy.

Leah came back with a glass and said, “Is Mindy making fun of my boobs again?”

I said, “Yes, but don’t worry. You look so great.”

Leah smiled and said, “Thank you, but will you please leave me alone about my recently acquired boobs.”

Mindy said, “I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I guess I’m jealous.”

Leah looked at me and said, “Okay Trish, I’m glad you are finally here. Now maybe you and I can gang up on Mindy! Should we make short jokes?”

Mindy giggled and said, “Hey, be nice! Maybe Trish and I feel bad because both of us still have boobs like 14 year olds!”

I rolled my eyes, and said, “I wish mine were that big, I still feel like my boobs are in third grade!”

And we all laughed.

We all raised our glasses and I said, “A toast to that Magic Week by the lake.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

“Me too!”

And we clinked our glasses and all took a big healthy gulp.

After the long drive I immediately felt the effects of the wine as a warm glow over my whole body, it felt wonderful.

I should tell you about Mindy and Leah.

Leah is tall and really pretty. She is outgoing and confident. I really envy her easygoing nature. If she weren’t such a tomboy, I think she could be a runway model. Looking at her now, she is tall and thin with a sort of funny gangly way she walks, sort of like she’s not used to being tall yet. Mindy and I had just made fun of her breasts, but they really aren’t that big.

I guess the reason it was so funny to us is because she was SO worried about her breasts during the Magic Week. And I think she is happy to have outgrown being so flat.

The thing is, we were all alone in this secluded campsite, so we spent a lot of time skinny-dipping together. casino siteleri During that week, it just became normal to be naked around each other.

Leah was thin and athletic back then, and she seems to be a lot more curvy and womanly now. Her hair is long and straight and a really pretty reddish brown.

Now about Mindy. It’s funny but she actually looks exactly the same. She has short curly black hair, with amazing thick black eyelashes and these cute librarian glasses. She is kind of short, and just a tiny bit chubby, just like she was the last time I saw her. That may sound mean calling her “chubby” but she is just so cute, that it seems to fit her perfectly. During the Magic Week, whenever Mindy would swim naked, Leah and I would tell her how perfect her skin was. It’s true, Mindy has really pretty skin, it’s pale and so smooth. I remember she got all sunburned by the end of the week, and spending so much time naked, well – let’s just say she got REALLY sunburned.

Mindy is a lot like me. She is also really shy. Well, she is shy around boys, but not around Leah and me. And I guess that she’s not the kind of girl that boys find attractive because she is just so quiet. But that seems funny to me, because there is some quality to her that is just so cute.

One thing I always loved about Mindy was her squeaky little voice. She has this amazing mousy way she talks, it makes her sound like she could do the cartoon voices for little girls. It’s really cute.

And me? They always used to call me Trish the Dish. I’m not sure why. I guess I’m right between the two of them. I have short light brown hair, just like I did back then.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is my chest, my breasts are almost nonexistent. And, it’s always been a little bit embarrassing for me, and I’m insecure about it. But, not now, not with these two. I feel so close to them that nothing could make me feel bad.

We sat and drank wine for a while, and between the three of us, we finished off the bottle. I don’t think any of us were drunk, but we sure did laugh a lot.

I finally said, “I am so exhausted, I don’t know if I can handle much more of this giggling.”

Mindy said, “Let’s go up to my room.”

And we all walked up to the stairs to her bedroom.

There was a little bit of confusion, as Leah and I searched around in our duffle bags for our pajamas.

Leah and I went to the bathroom, one at a time and changed in to our nightclothes. Mindy had on a long yellow nightgown, and both Leah and me had sort of baggy boy-style pajamas.

When we all got done changing, Mindy said, “That was funny, all of us putting our pajamas on like that.”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, we used to spend so much time together naked, it just seems funny.”

Leah said, “When I was in the bathroom I brushed my teeth and peed.”

“Me too.”

“And I drank a big glass of water too.”

I climbed up on the bed. It’s funny, Mindy had a HUGE bed, and it had huge piles of pillows and stuffed animals all up at the headboard.

Then both Mindy and Leah climbed on the bed with me and we all kept on joking and giggling.

Then I said, “Hey, that’s us!”

Mindy reached over and grabbed the big framed photo by the bedside and put let Leah and I look at it. Sure enough, it was a picture of all our smiling faces pushed up close to the camera. It was a pretty summer day in the photo and we all had wet hair and you could see we had our arms around each other.

I said, “Oh my God, we look so cute!”

And then Leah said, “Hey! That was by the lake, during the Magic Week!”

I said, “You’re right!”

Leah asked, “Wait a minute, were we all naked when we took this?”

And then Mindy giggled and said, “If it was Magic Week, then I’m pretty sure we were naked!”

With that, we all laughed out loud.

I said, “Listen, I really need to tell both of you how awesome this is to be together again. I have missed you two SO much.”

Mindy said, “Oh Trish, I sure have missed you too.”

Leah said, “Same here, right now I am SO happy.”

I said, “Good for us, let’s make this a ‘Magic’ weekend, okay!”

“Good idea!”

“Yes, awesome!”

Then Mindy spoke up and said, “I know this is gunna sound funny, but you wanna know what I found in my brothers room?”


Her comment seemed to take us by surprise.

Mindy said, “I found some DVD’s of – well, of porno movies.”

I said, “You’re kidding! You did?”

“They were all labeled as ‘special back-up’ and I was curious what that meant.”

I asked, “Were you brave enough to watch them?”

Mindy said, “Well – I saw just a little bit of a two of them, but I was so freaked out that I just had to shut them off.

Then Leah asked, “Are they here, in the house, right now?”

Mindy said, “Yes, they are up in his room. A little stack of them.”

Leah asked, “Really?”

I immediately said, “Leah? What are you thinking?”

She replied, “I don’t know. I’m curious, I’ve never seen slot oyna anything like that before – ever.”

I said, “Well, neither have I.”

And then Mindy said, “And I only saw just a few minutes the other day when I found them. And they were sort of intense.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that they are REALLY graphic!”

We were quiet for a moment, and then Leah said, “I’ve never seen an R rated movie before, I mean, my parents are SO strict with me.”

“So are mine.”

“Mine too.”

And Leah continued, “I mean, I guess I’m a little bit curious.”

Suddenly Mindy was off the bed and out of the room.

While Mindy was away in her brother’s room, it was just me and Leah sitting there on the big bed.

It was a funny feeling, and I said, “Leah, I feel kind of nervous about what Mindy is doing.”

She looked at me and said, “Oh God, Trish, so do I.”

In hardly any time at all, Mindy walked back into the room with a little envelope in one hand and her laptop computer in the other.

Mindy set her laptop up on the bed, and she looked at the paper envelope with the discs. Something about the whole idea of watching these was really scary and intimidating.

Finally, she slid one into the computer.

And then the screen was filled with images of a woman on a bed. She had on a lot of make up, and a sort of over done bunch of gaudy lingerie. And I think she had a boob job too. I mean – her breasts were just – like – unnaturally HUGE.

Then this big guy walks in the room, and he doesn’t say anything, and he just starts to undress. He’s covered with tattoos and suddenly, we can all see his penis.

Leah immediately squeals “Eewwww!”

Maybe that sounds childish, but the guy was just so creepy.

Then the woman does this ridiculous strip tease on the bed. And eventually she is all naked too.

I said, “This is sorta stupid.”

And suddenly, this dumb music started playing in the background, and the next thing that happens is the guy is on top of the woman, rubbing his dick all over her giant boobs.

Leah spoke up, “Oh this is really disturbing. I wanna turn it off.”

I said, “Yeah, it’s kinda gross.”

Mindy clicked a few things and suddenly the screen was blank and the disc popped out on the bed.

Leah asked, “Should we try another one?”

I said, “I don’t know, that was so creepy.”

But, Mindy slid another disc in, and then we all waited while it booted up.

Suddenly, the screen was filled with the image of a guy and a girl – and there was no intro or anything, it just showed them on a bed franticly fucking.

Leah gasped, “Oh Jesus!”

I mean, there was no build up, like it just started in the middle, and it was them on a bed, just thrusting and pumping.

The girl was on all fours, doggy style, and the guy was right behind her, violently thrusting against her. The soundtrack was just this fast groaning and grunting. Then it cut to a close up of her, between her legs, and the guys big dick was sliding in and out – really fast.

We watched for just a little while, and then Leah said, “I gotta shut this off.”

And she pushed a button, and the screen want blank.

Mindy said, “Those were the two I saw before, and I hated them. I shut it off because before too, because it just gave me the creeps.”

I chimed in, “I agree.”

And Leah said, “I mean – It was repulsive.”

Then, we looked at the last disc.

Leah asked, “Should we even bother with this one?”

Nobody said anything for a little while, and the silence was sort of uneasy. Then, Mindy spoke in her mousy voice, “Well, I’m a little bit curious.”

I said, “We can always just shut it off.”

Leah said, “I guess so, it couldn’t be any worse than those others.”

Then Mindy put the last disc in the computer, and the screen was filled with the image of a quiet country road. And the title came up and read: HOME ALONE AFTER SCHOOL.

Then, along came three young women, girls really, riding bikes down the road. There was a long series of shots of them just riding along, and they were pretty and laughing. And there was this gentle guitar music in the background.

Mindy said, “Well, this sure seems different.”


I couldn’t figure it out, the imagery in this movie was nice and peaceful, and it was really high quality compared to the grainy images we had just seen. It was nicely photographed so everything was crisp and clear on the small computer screen.

The three girls had on simple summer clothes, just t-shirts and shorts.

Mindy asked, “I’m confused, what is this?”

Leah answered, “It looks like – I don’t know, like a little kids movie or something.”

And we all watched a series of short picturesque scenes as the girls rode across a quaint little bridge, through some fields with lots of flowers and eventually up a driveway to a simple country house.

They all parked their bikes and went inside the house.

When they were inside, one girl went to the fridge and canlı casino siteleri got out a big bowl of grapes. None of the three girls spoke, they just smiled and giggled. They all picked at the grapes and ate at the kitchen table.

I asked, “This is weird, I don’t get it.”

But nobody said anything, it was like they didn’t hear me.

Then the girls all went up some stairs and into a bedroom, obviously a little girl’s room filled with stuffed animals and big windows, so everything was bright and cheery.

They all climbed up onto the big bed, and began to play with the stuffed animals. They all seemed so content and happy.

Then one of the girls (with short curly brown hair) got out a comb, and began to comb another girls long straight red hair. The girl getting her hair combed was sitting Indian style on the bed, with her one friend behind her, slowly combing in long gentle motions. It was really pleasant to watch, there was something so sweet about it.

Then, the third girl (with short blond hair) kind of curled up with her head in the lap of the red haired girl, and she seemed to fall asleep.

So, all three girls were on the bed together, with almost nothing happening, except for the gentle combing. And it went on like this for a few minutes.

I looked at Mindy and Leah, and they were both transfixed by the images on the little computer screen.

Little by little, the pretty red haired girl was bending her head back as her friend combed, she was looking up and showing her neck. She had her eyes closed and she seemed to be in a place of deep contentment, and it was really enchanting to watch.

And the camera moved down to the tiny blond girl, and her friend who looked like she was falling asleep with her head gently resting in the red haired girls lap. The one girl was delicately caressing the other girls pretty blond hair. It was the way you would stroke a sleeping kitten, and it was so loving and captivating to watch on the little computer screen.

The red haired girl was beginning to react to the gentle combing. She was arching her back a little and responding to each long stroke for the comb.

The sound was so quiet on the film, but then the red haired girl let out a deep sigh. It was sort of surprising, because it had such a deep feeling of yearning.

I kind of flinched at the intensity, and I looked at my two friends, both curled up on the bed on either side of me, and they were utterly entranced by the images on the screen.

This slow passionate combing went on for a few more minutes, and the red haired girl was beginning to quietly moan with each long stroke of the comb.

Then, the dark haired girl set the comb down, and leaned in from behind, and cautiously kissed the red haired girl on her neck.

Suddenly, my heart began to quicken.

The camera moved in to a tight close up of the lips against the pale skin of the girl’s neck, one kiss after another. The kisses on her neck seemed to make the red haired girl breath a little deeper. And little by little, the kissing moved up the girl’s neck, to the side of her face.

And then very slowly, the two girls were kissing – right on each other’s mouths.

Mindy let out a nervous, “Oh my God…”

For the next few minutes, it was just a loving close up as these two girls kissed.

And then the camera moved down to the red haired girls lap, and the sleeping little blond girl slowly wrapped her arms around her friends lap, the way you would hug a pillow.

And then the little blond girl opened her sleepy eyes, and began push her head into the girls lap, and she started to kiss the smooth skin of her sitting friends thigh, right near her shorts.

I heard Leah whisper, “Oh no…”

And – things began to slowly build in their intensity and passion.

The red haired girl let her friend slowly lift her t-shirt off over her head, and she was so pretty, I mean, her breasts were delicate and small, and her nipples seemed so pale and hard.

There was something beautiful about this, but at the same time I was scared. I thought to myself that we should shut this off, that we shouldn’t watch any more. But I stayed quiet.

We all watched intently as they continued to kiss, with mouths open and using their tongues.

Then the little blond girl, was shown kissing the red haired girls legs, kind of squirmed on the bed and then she reached up and grabbed onto her friend’s nylon shorts. And in one smooth motion, she pulled her shorts off, and suddenly the red haired girl was entirely naked.

Mindy gasped, “Oh my God!”

We could see her smooth shaven vagina, and the little blond girl began to kiss it.

Leah began to squirm on the bed, and she reached forward and made the video pause. The image on the screen was of the naked red haired girl and the two other girls kissing her, one on the mouth, the other on her shaved vagina.

Leah said, “I’m sorry, I just had to turn that off.”

Mindy said, “Wow, I didn’t expect this kind of thing.”

Leah sounded serious as she asked, “I’m weirded-out. Was it too much for either of you?”

Mindy said, “It was kind of intense.”

I said, “Well, I’m not sure. I was surprised by how – well, by how NICE it all seemed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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