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As I said when I loaded THE BOARD pt1, Roni asked that I relay this story to you, as she likes to take credit for it happening “from the great beyond”, as if she was written as a Dickens character, acting as the “Ghost of Pussy Past” or something (her bad pun, not mine). It did make for a good title/Description though.

This shouldn’t be as crazy as my adventures with Roni. Our relationship was the lightning that strikes 1 out of millions, once in a lifetime. It does however, bring a conclusion to an unfulfilled quest (conquest?) from our time together. Of course, with my rambling, you never know where I’ll end up.

Also, after my return from my unintended sabbatical, I had several DM’s. Several of them were the generally the same: How did I come to find out I “ticked” this way; How did I know I’d love watching Roni fuck other guys? The readers have spoken. I’ll get started on “My Time with Roni: The Prologue right away.” Keep the questions coming if you like, it makes deciding on what is next easier. LOL


Every time I talked to Roni during the first year after she left, before we she dropped to sporadic contact, she would ask me; “Have you fucked Jean yet?” I would always have to say “NO, sorry, not yet” or something to that effect.

When I met Roni while I was in Germany visiting Claudia and Mason, after my job interview in 2016, she fucked me like crazy the first chance she had. When finished, of all the things she could have said or asked, she looked me in the eyes lustfully and asked me; “Have you fucked HER yet?” LOL. All I could do was smile; she knew the answer immediately. She made me tell her every detail.

Well Roni, it was the day after Jean’s birthday in 2011, and, coincidentally, the day before the 2 year anniversary of our divorce…


Her name, as you’ve surmissed, was Jean. And even in Roni’s eyes, Jean was physically HOT!! Sizzling under the mid-day sun, in the middle of summer, on the Equator HOT!! She also had an infectious, outgoing, bubbly personality that was as big as the sun. Roni and I both wanted to fuck her within minutes of meeting her.

Jean should have been required to wear a warning label; Don’t look too long or fly too close… you will get burned… you have been warned. The reason she is perpetually single? She is self-destructive to her best interest and her relationships.

From the time I first saw her, I was enchanted by Jean. Stunningly beautiful, feisty; she could wrap an entire room full of people around her finger in minutes. The problem was, she knew it yet still had low self-esteem. That combination, as much as anything, kept her always flitting from one guy to the next. I doubt she ever decided if she wasn’t good enough, or if the guys weren’t. As I said, she was self-destructive.

She was the typical small-town USA hypocrite. Over the years she often made catty comments about sluts, whores and easy girls. Strange seeing that in the years she’d admittedly been sexually active, consensus around town is that she’d fucked 60 or as many as 70 guys. Word in the small city she lived in was that she was the best, tightest fuck nobody wanted to date.

Jean was just shy of 25 when I met her, a couple years younger than Roni.

At that time, I worked for a very large company. We called our office “Cubelandia. It was in a large, open floor-plan building. On the main floor there were over 1000 cubicles, always full.

Turnover there was always quite heavy, up to 20% or more in a given year. There were always training classes going on. Fortunately for me, the team I had been hired to lead had nearly no turnover, losing only 1 person in 5 years and added 2 people the year before I took over. Because of that, even though I had to attend every training class graduation as part of the leadership team, I could basically zone out for an hour.

That ended the minute Jean walked in. She was pick-your-jaw-up-off-the-floor beautiful. Every head turned. Roni once said even she couldn’t stop staring at her when they met.

It was summer and she was wearing a mostly yellow with shades of blue, print dress. Shorter than most would even attempt in a business setting. About mid-thigh length it seriously pushed the dress code. If it were not for her being only 5’1″, the bottom hem would not have been nearly close enough to her knees.

If I had to venture a guess, her measurements would be somewhere around 30-20-34/35 only because even though she was very petite, she had a plump, firm, round ass that jiggled as a complete unit when she walked… or perhaps what would be more correct if described as bounced along the floor. I would say her tits were way too small for her personality. LOL. She wasn’t flat chested, but not even close to a B-cup either… an A+, yeah…hehe… I would soon find out that was a perfect description for them. They too had the same firmness as her ass and jiggled in the same fashion.

As for outward appearance, 90% of her family heritage was Greek. poker oyna She had an even, dark complexion, even in winter. When late spring arrived, she would turn light chestnut brown in a matter of hours, head to toe. She said that she knew a “secret” place where she could run off to every few weeks, to lay nude in the sun for several hours for a coloration recharge.

Her oval shaped face had high cheekbones and thick full lips (the kind any man would love to see his cock disappearing in to). All of that was surrounded by long, soft, thick, wavy, deep brown hair. It fell nearly to her slender waist. In a bikini, you can clearly see she has lower bodyfat than most men; toned, fit and very firm. The only betrayal of her family’s Greek heritage are her small tits and ghostly grey eyes.

When the ceremony finally started, I swear she could barely sit still. At least sitting kept her in one stationary place. My neck hurt from following her around the room. I just couldn’t look away. It only took her a minute to notice. She busted me hard, multiple times. The ceremony couldn’t last, nor end, fast enough. When it did, I needed to go outside for a smoke… just like after sex. LOL

As luck would have it, one of the members of my team was out there so I chatted with her as we smoked. It took my mind off the eye fuck I just had. A few minutes later Stacy said “Hi Jean” how’s tricks?

Crap… From behind me I heard “that voice” as Jean bounced up behind me. She stood next to Stacy and me, her little hands clasped right in front of what my brain automatically assigned as a perfect, smooth, shaved, tight, wet pussy…

STOP IT BRAIN!!… have I mentioned I sometimes HATE my brain.

Anyway, because of her hand and arm position, her arms naturally pushed her little tits together, like a pushup bra, so they were as close as they could be, all the way down through the plunged neckline of her dress. Her tits moved gently side-to-side as she twisted gently, back-and-forth at the waist… argh…

…For the guys out there, have you ever tried to stop your “mind-of-its-own” dick from growing at the most inopportune time? Yeah, I didn’t have much luck either, it almost hurt.

After Jean bounced off, Stacy looked at me and said; “Run away, Run Away NOW!!” and laughed. I looked at Stacy with what must have been a confused look as she laughed and explained.

Stacy: Dale, Jean has been one of my best friends since grade school, she was two years behind me. She “likes” you. Don’t get me wrong… she’s sweet, but trouble.

Me: She seems nice from what little I know, she seems fun.

Stacy: Man, you’re not getting it. You’re her “TYPE” and that is trouble.

I assured her I was married and happily interested. She replied: “Yup, as I said, you’re her Type”


Weeks passed and I only saw Jean around the office from time to time, always getting and giving nice smiles and hellos. After three weeks, I’d forgotten about Stacy’s warning when I came in one morning and started finding little quotes, words or pictures written or drawn on my whiteboard every few days. I asked the people in the cubicles nearby if they had seen who was doing it. No-one had seen anyone there. Of course, when I asked Stacy, she told me it was Jean’s handiwork, rolling her eyes.

A few weekends later, Roni and I were out at a local club and guess who should appear. Yup, Jean. You guys are good!!

Roni was on the horny hunt for a cock since she’d been “out of commission” for a week and hadn’t had a strange cock in almost a month. As hot as Jean was, she didn’t WANT that kind of competition that night. Jean grew on her quickly however. Roni found Jean to be feisty and a lot of fun. She also realized quickly that Jean was a great “wing-slut” and extremely effective when it came to attracting male attention to our table.

Hours later, after Roni locked in on a receptive, good-looking college guy whose attention Jean had attracted to the table while returning from the bar. Roni got fucked hard and fast, albeit quietly, bent over the hood of the car in our dark corner of the parking lot before we left. (gotta love clubs in the boonies)

As we turned in our driveway, Roni asked me if I thought Jean would be 3some material. I explained the full lowdown I’d found about all the guys she’d fucked while calling other girls sluts, and her self-destructive tendencies and so on. Probably not a good idea. Roni then said damn, even I want to fuck her… she’s like a drug. LOL (Don’t I know it)

Roni, Jean and I did end up becoming good friends. Stacy told me once it was because Jean felt we didn’t judge her for her past and stuff. She, of course, wouldn’t say that to anyone other than Stacy.

One Friday, after I hadn’t seen Jean at work for a several days, she called Roni and said she didn’t like it there and had quit. She had found a new job as a bartender and that we should come visit her at work that evening.

The “Bar” was actually a small building canlı poker oyna at a campground. We arrived around 8 and were the only people there. It had been hot that day, the beer was cold… and Jean was bartending in a very small bikini, so we sat and talked with her until midnight.

About 2 hours into our visit, Roni had to use the lady’s room. While she was gone Jean ran around and gave me a hug. As she backed away she said: “You like this, don’t you?” Raising her arms over her head and spinning slowly. I said yes… then the beer said, “Your firm little tits and Nerf-ball firm ass enjoy me liking it too, don’t they?”

Instantly I had hope that what I actually heard was my inside voice; Nope, no such luck. Jean took my hand, placed it on her ass and squeezed. “Yes, it’s really firm” and then walked back behind the bar just as Roni was returning.

I was still facing the window so I kept pretending to be looking at something as Roni walked by, and turned to follow her on my stool.

Jean was standing behind the bar in her clasped hand, in push up tits pose, gently swaying… Holy crap!! …she must have really liked squeezing her own ass with my hand, and nearly getting busted by Roni in the act. Roni has nice long, thick nipples, Jeans little tits had nipples that were both longer and thicker.

Jean, knew she had succeeded in drawing our attention to her nipples. She just smiled and said we both needed another beer and promptly walked off to the cooler.

Roni looked at me with big eyes: “DAMN, did you see her nipples?” The only response that my mouth would make was “How the fuck could you miss them” We were both laughing when Jean came back, nipples still hard from before and even more from the cooler.

I could tell Roni wanted to push Jean on to a table right then and there and finger-fuck her silly. But since she didn’t know when anyone might walk through the door, she settled for teasing Jean.

Wow, it must be REALLY cold in that cooler, looking down at Jean’s tits, smirking. Jean looked down and back up, smirking right back at her. Yes, it is, you should try it some time. They both laughed really loud. Anyone else would have thought they were smiles at a joke. I on the other hand, based on the smirks, and the lingering, unbroken eye contact, believed they both had numbers in mind, Roni 6 and Jean 9. I started getting hard just watching it. We did visit Jean at the bar several times before that job disappeared as well. One time, we had to park quite a distance away because of all the people at the campground and ended up getting invited to a campfire with some people as we were leaving. Roni fucked a guy in a tent right behind the bar. I’m surprised Jean never heard her.

Another time, after Roni had come to work on another team of the same company I worked for, we were going to go out for dinner and drinks on a Wednesday evening. That afternoon, Jean had called Roni and said a friend had set her up on a blind date and asked if they could meet us at the bar, just in case she didn’t like him. Roni thought that was a safe idea for her, agreed, and told her where we’d be and what time.

We got to the bar, our favorite out of the way place, around 7pm. It was also, coincidently, Roni’s favorite, fuck me over the hood of the car place. I thought Roni dressed in “notice me” mode that morning. A tight pale blue silk blouse, a short dark blue pencil skirt and modest 2.5″ heals.

When the air conditioning kicked on, I noticed she had taken off her bra and her firm tits, with nice hard nipples, were front and center. She smiled when I noticed and air kissed me. She knew exactly what I was thinking, her smirk confirmed it. What I didn’t know is that the outfit was Jean’s request. She arrived about 10 minutes later… in 2.5″ heals, a short, dark pencil shirt and a tight blue blouse, complete with hard nipples. Look, four of a kind!!

It was funny seeing Jean actually nervous. Jean got a text from Dave, her blind date, about 5 minutes after arriving and got even more nervous. She told him she was in a booth at the back righthand corner with friends. Jean grabbed Roni and ran off to the restroom just before he walked through the door.

Dave came walking up and asked if I was one of Jean’s friend and I told him I was and the she and Roni were in the restroom. I had my back to the wall so I could see Jean and Roni peering around the corner a few times, he couldn’t. My phone buzzed, I picked it up, it was Roni.

Roni text: Jean isn’t sure she likes him (pause)

Roni: Play along with us…

A few seconds later Jean was headed for the table. Instead of sitting next to Dave, she slid in next to me, looked at him and said: “Hi, I’m Roni, Jean will be right out”

30 seconds later, “Jean” came out and slid in next to Dave. We all chatted small talk for about an hour. I almost messed up a couple times but caught myself. Jean really didn’t like Dave for whatever reason and played “Roni” as best she could, holding my hand, internet casino snuggling close to me… rubbing my leg under the table… argh!! Roni and Jean went to the restroom a couple times so Roni knew Jean didn’t like him. Roni thought he was cute, but sort of boring. She did play her part and even told me she rubbed his cock under the table, saying it was nice and big. In the end, after 2.5 hours, he said he had to leave, early day tomorrow and all.

Jean got a text a few minutes later from the friend who set them up saying Dave had felt “over matched” and didn’t think he would be comfortable with Jean. She was too… something… Jean said Dave told her friend that he couldn’t describe it exactly. Just imagine if he had told her friend he didn’t like the way she jumped right to grabbing his cock under the table, in a public place. A close call.

We stayed at the bar with Jean until just after midnight and then we all left. Jean never did let Roni sit next to me. They were both quite tipsy by then. I had quit drinking a while before to be OK to drive.

Once outside, Jean said she parked right next to our car. She had called a cab to be safe and just needed to get her purse. As we left the bar, Roni was on my right and I put my arm around her waist and Jean immediately put her arm around me from the left.

The parking lot is L-shaped so we walked out the door, turned right, walked to the end of the front lot, then right again down the last row and away from the road. Our two cars were in the last two spots on the far end on the outside edge, only a few feet from the tree line. 45 yards from the building and more than 100 yards from the street. The only weak light came from the 1 street light by the lot entrance, the front or the inside of the building. It was basically dark and secluded. Jean asked why we park here, so far back in the dark.

Roni, beer bold, in her drunk voice said:

It’s usually starting to get crowded when we arrive, always dark when we leave, and one never knows when you’ll find yourself in need of a dark place so you can fuck while bent over the hood of the car, during or after your visit. As a matter of fact, I almost told Dale bring you out here to fuck you so I could fuck Dave… There was a short pregnant pause before Roni snorted and giggled, joined by Jean. “Roni, you are a silly little slut”, Jean said and they laughed louder.

Roni replied: “If you only knew, you sweet little cunt”, and the two of them roared even louder.

As Jean opened her car door to grab her purse, she looked at me through the passenger window and smiled. I gave her a quick wink and flicked up my tongue at her. She didn’t wink back or laugh. She licked her lips. Then she closed the door and walked to the front of the lot, got in her cab and went home.

When we got home, still tipsy Roni fucked my brains out, all the while telling me what she wanted to do to Dave’s nice hard cock… and to Jean.

Jean had never been to that particular bar, but enjoyed its small-town atmosphere. She suggested to Roni a few days later on the phone that we go there for her birthday in a couple weeks. Roni likes it for other reasons… the pool table, the parking lot, but I digress…


Two weeks later, we met Jean, Stacy and a bunch of others there for Jean’s birthday. Roni almost spit beer everywhere when three of Jeans friends arrived together up. No of them knew, but she’d fucked all three of them at different times.

The bar was quite crowded that night and several of Roni’s other “play toys” were there, milling around with other friends and flirting with her. She texted each of them to tone it down… but just a bit. ;o) She didn’t want her “vanilla flavored” friends getting suspicious. She promised to make it up to each of them. By midnight, there were no less than 11 guys she’d fucked over the years in the bar at one time.

As Jean got starting getting buzzed, she noticed different guys flirting in our direction and told Roni. She played it off as “The guys here are always like that. But alas, all game and no action”; they both laughed their asses off.

Roni was half right, they are always like that, but she made sure a lot of them had each enjoyed a LOT of action.

The more Roni and Jean danced, the more they drank, the more they drank, the more they danced. At one point they took turns grinding on each other. The guys standing around loved it.

Roni is a quiet, happy drunk. Jean tends to get a little belligerent if people are not making her the center of attention… especially since it was HER birthday and about 1AM I noticed Jean was by the bar, bitching at Stacy who flashed a blaa-blaa-blaa eyeroll in my direction over Jean’s shoulder. Roni took that chance to grab her purse and make a short run to the restroom. Weird, it’s not her “week”, why take the purse?

A few seconds later, while still watching Jean bitch at Stacy, I knew why Roni ran off. The Bartender and two of his friends picked up their phones in unison, a few feet in front of Jean, then set them down smiling at each other, then nodding at me. Ah, that’s my horny slut, setting up her own BD party for later. In this case BD stood for big dick, not birthday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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