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My first time was with a big girl, and I’ve been a chubby chaser ever since.

I remember the first time I had sex as if it was yesterday even though it was a long time ago.

My parents had a summer home on Otsego Lake in upstate New York . Which is the lake Cooperstown N.Y. is on. The baseball hall of fame is located in Cooperstown. Our summer home was about seven miles from town.

We frequently had guests for a week or two during the summer. This week we had a family . Anne and her parents. Anne was a short fat girl with nice big tits and a big ass. I am and was short and fat. They had arrived Friday night and we had a nice dinner and I showed Anne the boat house which was my room when we had guests. Since Anne and her parents took two bedrooms I had to stay in the boat house. That was OK with me because I had a TV and that was where I hid my copies of Playboy magazine.

Anne wanted to go swimming but our parents said it was to cool to swim. I had wanted to see Anne in a swim suit. They said that we could go swimming the next day when they went to play golf. I told everyone that I was going fishing early in the morning so I went to the boat house at about 8 P.M. I usually went fishing at about 5 A.M. No one wanted to go with me. I watched a bit of TV, all we got was a local station in the boat house all I had was rabbit ears on my TV. I took out a playboy with a dark haired lady in it and pretending I was looking at Anne I masturbated.

I went fishing the next morning and caught three large lake trout. I gutted and cleaned them and then wrapped them and put them in the freezer. It was 7 A.M. and I was the only one awake so I made some coffee. Anne came down in a bathrobe. She looked hot because she was showing some cleavage. I poured her poker oyna some coffee. She said thanks I thought you were going fishing. I opened the freezer and showed her the fish I had caught. Ugh she said and sat down on the porch and drank her coffee. I said I’m going to my room I have a model car I’m building. Maybe I’ll come down and visit after I have some more coffee and change. Don’t change on my account I said. She grinned and said I’ll get dressed before I come down. I got some fresh coffee and l went down to the boat house.

I sipped the coffee as I worked on the model car. I couldn’t get Anne out of my mind. I was getting a hard on just thinking of her big tits. I had to stop working on the model because I was thinking about Anne. I went down to the shale beach and sat in one of the chairs and started to read a book. I was just 18 and Anne was 18. I finished my coffee and went back up to the house and refilled my coffee mug. Anne was dressed in a tee shirt and short pants. I liked what I saw.

Anne’s parents were just getting up I could hear them and my parents were on the porch drinking coffee. I had to make a new pot of coffee. My mother asked if I had caught any fish. I told her about what I had and she said we can have them tomorrow for dinner you and Anne will be on your own tonight we are going to a party there are some steaks for you in the refrigerator. Ok I said and when the coffee was ready I poured more for myself and went back to the beach.

A while later I was called up to breakfast. Our parents said that they were going to play golf and then they were going to go to a party at the country club and would not be back until late that night probably after midnight . They chatted until 10 A.M. and then went to play golf.

Anne said canlı poker oyna lets go swimming I love to swim. I said good idea I’ll meet you on the beach. Cool she said. I went to the boat house to put on my trunks. I was very excited about seeing Anne in a swim suit. I had a hard on and was afraid of Anne seeing it so I decided to jerk off so it would go down. I was stroking my cock when Anne walked in . nice cock she said. I almost shit! Damn Anne you weren’t supposed to see this. That’s ok she said let me help you. She stroked my cock and I came almost as soon as she touched it. She giggled and said I didn’t mean to scare you. That’s OK I said . Anne took her suit off and said lets play before we go swimming. She had the biggest tits I had ever seen. I had never seen a completely naked woman before. In those days Playboy didn’t even show pubic hair let alone a cunt. Anne had a big belly and an awesome big ass.

We started to kiss and Anne put her tongue in my mouth and I was surprised. I responded by putting my tongue in her mouth. Then I licked her nipples and she moaned. Yes Rick suck hard on my nipples. I sucked hard and she told me to pinch the other nipple. I did and she moaned even louder. Then she said finger my cunt. I said how? She spread her legs and slipped my finger in her wet cunt. I slowly stroked my finger in and out. She held me tight and said faster. I stroked my finger faster and she shook squeezing me hard as she came. Damn that felt good she said.

Now I want you to eat me out. I had heard of that before but didn’t have a clue how to do it. Anne showed me what she wanted me to do. I was so excited that I would do anything she asked me. She had me lick on her clit and she came almost as soon as I touched it with my tongue. I kept on internet casino sucking on her clit and fingered he at the same time. She squeezed my head with her big thighs and said don’t stop! Please Don’t stop! I kept on going. she pulled my head deeper into her cunt and finally she came very hard. STOP! She screamed.

It took her a couple of minutes to settle down. That was the best I’ve ever cum she said. Thank you!

She said Oh a hard on! and she said now I’ll get you off! She licked the head of my cock and the sucked on it while she stroked it. Oh Shit! I said. I’m cumming! she didn’t say a thing she just sucked harder and stroked faster. When I came she swallowed all my cum. OH! WOW! I said that was great. Anne said if we had some rubbers we could fuck. I said we can go to town and get some. I can’t drive she said. That’s no problem I said we can take the boat. Cool she said. We went to town and she bought a dozen rubbers.

When we got back to the boat house we made out some more and I licked her cunt until she came again. I put the rubber on and lubed it with some Vaseline that I had taken from the first aid kit in the house. She bent over and told me to slowly push my cock in her cunt. She wasn’t a virgin and had said that she had been fucking for over three years. I slowly slipped my hard cock in her cunt and she pushed back hard and it felt great! Now as slowly as you can stroke in and out. I did and it felt so great. Faster she said and I stroked faster. Harder she said I pushed as hard and as fast as I could. Oh! Fuck! Yes she said. I was pushing as hard as I could and stroking as fast as I could Anne was pushing back with her big ass as hard as she could. She came and so did I a couple of strokes later. my cock was still hard so I kept on stroking my cock in her cunt. She came again and my cock went soft I pulled it out. We were both sweating and panting. That was wonderful I said. It was the best I’ve ever had!

Anne said. Lets get dress and go swimming. We did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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