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“Mmf!” Kaitlyn struggled against the black rope that kept her arms above her head. There was some strange fabric in her mouth and the gag keeping her from spitting it out.

A door slammed shut. Kaitlyn heard clicks on the wood floor by the heels her good friend, Sidni, wore. Her large friend was in a black lace corset, attaching thigh highs, and of course the black heels. As Kaitlyn looked down at her own body, and realised that she was stark naked, except for a black collar with a bell around her neck.

“Oh my new pet is awake?”


Sidni chuckled.

“I guess in order to answer me you should have that thing off.”

The brunette sauntered over and removed the gag from the vulnerable girl, then daintily pulled out the fabric in her mouth, which turned out to be a pair of underwear.

“Did you enjoy choking on your own scent, my kitten?”

Kaitlyn panted. “Why- what are you doing, Sid?”

Sidni smiled and rubbed Kaitlyn’s cheek with the still damp panties in hand.

“You think I don’t notice how you look at me when we change in the same room? Or how you said you’d be comfortable showering with me?” While speaking, Sidni played with the bell on end on the collar.

Kaitlyn sputtered. “B-but I’m dating Will, a-and-” The collar was grabbed, causing Kaitlyn to be pulled upwards.

“Did I give you permission to speak?” Sidni snarled, then smiled with sickly sweetness, “Or do you want these back in?” She dangled the panties above her face.

“N-no. I’m sorry Sidni.” The collar was loosened slightly.

“From here on, it’s Miss,” she smiled, “and you can call for help if you want, but you’d be waisting your breath. No one would hear you, the walls are made of concrete.” She clipped a leash to the end of the collar. “My sweet little kitten. You are in need of some training.”

Kaitlyn gulped as Sidni undid the ropes that were restraining her ankles and wrists, then re-tied güvenilir bahis the ropes around her wrists so her arms would stay together. Sidni pulled on the leash, causing Kaitlyn to stand.

“Come with me, kitten.” Sidni lead her into another room filled with a table, a sex swing, and an assortment of toys.

“Bend over that table”

Kaitlyn complied, afraid of what was to come. “Sid, cmon, just let me go, you won’t gain anything from this-”

Sidni slapped hard against her bare rear. “You don’t speak unless I tell you to.”

Kaitlyn yelped, clamped her mouth shut and nodded as Sidni tied her ankles to the leg of the chair and her wrists to the opposite end of the table.

“Now, my pet,” Sidni cooed, “After every hit, you will count and say ‘Thank you, Miss.’”

Kaitlyn moved her head to the side, straining to see what Sidni was doing behind her. She heard a ‘swish’ and felt strands of leather slap against her left ass cheek.

Kaitlyn yelped and curled her toes. Sidni pulled on her blue hair roughly, pulling her head off the table.

“What did I fucking say?” Her face was slapped by Sidni’s hand.

“I’m s-sorry!” Kaitlyn winced as Sidni’s grip tighten on her hair. “What was that?”

I’m sorry, M-Miss!”

Sidni smiled and dragged her nails down her back. “Good girl. Let’s start over shall we?”

The whip slapped on her right ass cheek. Kaitlyn cried out.

“Ah! One, thank you, Miss!”

A hit on the left,

“Two! Thank you, Miss!”

A rougher slap on the right,

“Nng, three! T-Thank you, Miss!”

This continued for what seemed like hours, and Kaitlyn’s throat felt hoarse.

“Just one more, my sweet.” Sidni cracked the whip just between both cheeks.

“Twenty-five! Thank you, Miss!”

Sidni lovingly caressed Kaitlyn’s red and raw ass.

“Such a good girl,” she cooed. Sidni gazed at the vulnerable girl underneath her, and türkçe bahis moved her hair off her bare back.

“Shall we mark this perfect skin of yours?” Sidni leaned over and licked and nipped at the back of her neck, then bit harshly on her shoulder.

Kaitlyn cried out and pulled weekly on her wrists. Sidni chuckled.

“I have a gift for you, my pet.” Sidni left her on the table and rustled around behind her.

“Here it is!” Sidni shoved something small and rubber in Kaitlyn’s mouth, and something furry tickling her nose.

“Better get that nice and wet, this’ll be all the lube you’re getting.”

Kaitlyn did as she was told and sucked and licked generously on the rubber in her mouth.

Sidni popped the toy out of her mouth, and Kaitlyn could now see that it was a butt plug with a black and red tail. Kaitlyn gulped.

“I-is that..?”

Sidni smiled. “This is your new tail. Do you like it, my kitten?” The tail pushed its way into her tight ass. Kaitlyn screamed out at the intrusion.

“Oh? Have you not been fucked by your little boyfriend yet?”

Kaitlyn bit her lip and whined.

“You little slut.” She got a hard slap on the ass. “Have you no manners?”

Kaitlyn made a noise that sounded like a cry and a moan. “Th-Thank you, Miss!”

Sidni smirked and scratched down her back. “Do you like it?”

She moaned as Sidni started to bite harshly on her back and neck. She pulled back and left the poor girl to writhe on the table.

“Wag your tail for me, my kitten.”

Kaitlyn moaned and winced as she did her best to move her ass from side to side. Sidni chuckled and reattached the leash to her collar, and untied her from the table.

“Crawl on all fours.” Sidni commanded. Kaitlyn did as she was told and let Sidni lead her a red plush chair.

“Time for you to learn your place, my pet.”

Sidni let the leash fall to the floor and crossed her legs.

“Take güvenilir bahis siteleri off my panties.”

Kaitlyn got up on her knees, and slowly pulled the black lace panties down her new owner’s legs.

“Lick my foot like the slut you are, my pet.”

Kaitlyn got back on her hands and tentatively licked one of her heels.

“Don’t be shy. Clean it.”

Kaitlyn looked up, and Sidni raised an eyebrow in impatience.

Kaitlyn took in a breath and proceeded to clean her heel with her tongue. In between licks, Kaitlyn would look up and get a grin of approval from Sidni.

Soon, Sidni commanded her to stop, and sit on the chair and spread her legs. Her wrists were finally separated and tied to each armrest. The brunette put on a strap on dildo, then leaned over Kaitlyn.

“You want me to fuck you raw?”

Kaitlyn nodded.

“Say it.” Sidni snarled.

Kaitlyn gulped. “I-I want you to fuck me.”

Sidni’s eyebrows furrowed. “What was that?”

Kaitlyn cleared her throat. “I want you to fuck my pussy. Please, Miss.”

“Cunt. It’s not a pussy. It’s a cunt. But I like your manners,” Sidni smiled. “I almost forgot to show you something.”

“What is it, Miss?”

Sidni pulled out a remote with a switch, and flipped it. Kaitlyn’s ass tensed as the tail started to vibrate violently. She moaned and rolled her eyes into the back of her head as Sidni slowly inserted her rubber dick into her pet. Sidni leaned over and bit harshly on her neck, collarbone and breasts.

Kaitlyn’s moans became desperate. Sidni could tell she was close and started to aim for her g-spot, causing Kaitlyn to see stars.

The blue haired girl started to repeatedly say “Thank you, Miss”, as it was now drilled into her brain, and Sidni allowed her to cum.

When she came down from her high, Sidni slid out of her, and pet her hair.

“Such a good girl. You will be a great addition to my collection.”

With that, she lead her back to the bed, and hooked a long chain from the bed onto her leash, and left her to sleep.

Before Kaitlyn drifted off to sleep, she wondered what her long time friend meant by “collection”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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