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As I awoke the next day I woke to the sight of Nikki smiling at me. I didn’t know what to say my first thought was oh my god did I really have sex with Crystal little sister Nikki. As I gathered my thoughts Nikki kissed me and without even thinking about it I kissed her back. As we broke our kiss Nikki traced her fingers across my pussy making me twitch as she got up out of bed and walked out of the room. As I started to get out of bed I heard the front door open and close. Crystals voice rang out loud and clear Nikki I’m home. When I heard crystal I tried to grab all of my cloths and ran into the bathroom. Once I was in the bathroom I calmed myself down and started getting dressed. As I started getting dressed I heard crystal walking up the stairs and calling my name. I called out I’m in the bathroom. Hearing crystal stopping out side of the bathroom. Lisa may I talk to you when you get out? My heart nearly stopped as I answered with a stammered sure. She walked away saying see you after your shower.

As I turned on the shower a million things went through my mind. Did Nikki tell her sister or was it evident some other way? I kept asking myself as I got in the shower. My mind totally rapped around this I didn’t even hear the bathroom door open and close. I was facing the showerhead with my eyes closed in such a trance that I did not even hear Nikki undressing her self and hoping in the shower behind me. As I let the water flow over my face and down my breasts I felt Nikki press against me and her hands cup my breasts squeezing them and kissing the back of my neck. I gasped what are you doing as I felt her. Nikki continued kissing the back of my neck and squeezing my breasts again her finger tips finding there way to my nipples saying what do you think I’m doing. Nikki then started kissing her way down my neck and back dragging her breasts the whole way. Once she reached my ass she bended me over and widened my stance. Nikki started licking me from clit to ass sinking her tongue in both my pussy and ass.

The more Nikki licked the louder I moaned with in moment I started climaxing as soon as I started to Nikki drove her tongue deep with in me trying to lick up all my sweet juices. Once I had calmed down Nikki stood up and slapped my ass saying my turn. I stood güvenilir bahis up and turned around my eyes fell upon Nikki in the same potion that I was just in. I moved down to my knees and started licking Nikki the same way she was licking me with one exception I wiggled my tongue deep with in each of her holes which made her moan louder then I was. Nikki started to climax fast I drove my tongue deep with in her licking up all her sweet juices. Once Nikki calmed down she stood up as I did, we kissed and then I told her, you better hope Crystal didn’t hear that or we are in big trouble. Nikki just giggled hoped out of the shower and got dressed. I watched as she dressed and snuck out the door. I stood there and stared at the door almost expecting Crystal to burst in.

Nothing happened so I finished my shower and got out. I dried myself off, grabbed my bra, and put it on first as always then my top. I then picked up my jean to get my panties but found they were not there. I then looked on the floor and they were not there either. I became even more worried at that as I put my jeans on. As I walked out of the bathroom I noticed how sensitive the rough material rubbing against my clit was. Feeling my body react right away as walked into Nikki room to take a quick look for my panties, which were not there. So I walked down stairs to find Crystal sitting at the kitchen table I sat down across from her Nikki was to my left. As soon as I was in the chair, I felt Nikki foot press against my crotch. Crystal looked at me and said guess what I got the job. As I was about to say, congratulation Nikki rubbed against my crotch harder and I cumed in my jeans. I went right flush as I said congrates to Crystal shooting Nikki a look, which she just smiled brightly at me. Crystal said are you all right you look flush.

I said yes I am just so happy and excited for you as shoot Nikki another look, which I got another bright smile. Crystal seemed to accept that and I sighed a breath of relief to myself. I then looked at Crystal and said I am very sorry I have to go now I have some things to do. As I got up Nikki said could you drop me off at the mall. Knowing that Crystal would think some thing is up if, I said no and to be honest I really did not mind. As we walked to the door, türkçe bahis I knew that the mall was an excuse for Nikki to come with me which as I said I did not mind at all. As we got our shoes on Crystal talked to us and said bye. I opened the door and walked to the car with Nikki we got in and I drove away. As we drove I noticed Nikki skirt rise and her perfectly shaved pussy come into view I looked down every couple of minutes then said you keep that up. I will crash the car and then she started rubbing her clit dipping two fingers into her pussy then she pushing them in deep then she slowly pulled them out seeing the glisten Nikki put them to my lips.

Which I opened my mouth and tasted her sweet juices the car started to drift as my eyes started to close I quickly righted the car and said you have to stop or we are going to crash this time Nikki listened and pulled down her skirt but didn’t stop squirming. As we arrived at my place and I pulled in the drive the car, was barley in park and Nikki was out of the car and at my front door right away. I calmly got out of the car and walked to the door and unlocked it the moment we were inside and the door was closed Nikki stripped her cloths away and ran right to my bedroom. I walked behind her not in as much of a hurry taking my cloths off along the way. As I appeared in the door, way my eyes fell upon Nikki with two fingers deep in her pussy. I toke the sight in loving every moment I slowly started walking in the room as I got to the bed I laid down beside Nikki and started kissing her passionately placing my hand over hers feeling her fingers pump her pussy. With in moments she climaxed pressing tightly against me.

As Nikki calmed I broke our kiss and moved between her legs. Nikki removed her fingers then I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and started licking and curling my tongue deep with in her driving Nikki wild. With in moments she was climaxing on my tongue hearing her moan loudly only encouraged me more and as I kept licking and curling my tongue deep with in her as she climaxed drinking her sweet juices. As I licked her pussy, more and more I started to feel her shake and quiver again. I tried to push my tongue even deeper as Nikki climaxed again on my tongue drinking all her sweet pussy juices güvenilir bahis siteleri down. As I licked the last of them up I let her calm down this time, moved up, and kissed Nikki passionately letting her taste her self on my lips our kiss deepened. Nikki pressed her self tightly against me as she was still quivering a little against me. I loved every moment of feeling this.

As we broke our kiss Nikki quickly moved between my legs and drove her tongue deep into my pussy. I moaned loudly feeling her tongue lick and twist in my pussy pushing down hard on her tongue moaning louder. Starting to climax which only encouraged her more feeling her lap up my pussy juices driving her tongue deep with in my pussy moaning louder totally take by Nikki. Her tongue pumping in and out in and out in to my pussy I start to climax again eave after wave of pleasure pulsing through me feeling Nikki tongue taking all my sweet pussy juices in her mouth. As I calmed she moved up and tightly pressed her body to mine kissing me passionately as I kissed her just as passionately back. Tasting me on her lips feeling more then satisfied almost exhausted by Nikki but feeling so good at the same time feeling her against me as we kiss ever so passionately.

As we broke our kiss, we laid there cuddling with each other enjoying the moment. Feeling complete in each other arms Nikki smiled at me and said why did we not do this year ago and I replied you were to young with a laugh. Nikki just smirked at me and cuddled in even deeper which felt very nice. As we lay there, I looked at the clock noticing the time wonder where the day went being it was not five thirty at night. As I wondered the phone suddenly rang, I did not feel much like answering it but after the fifth ring I looked at Nikki and said I probably should. So I sighed and answered the phone to my Surprise it was Crystal. Hi, I said. Crystal replied hi. I am surprised to hear from you so soon I said right after. Well I would not have called but I found your panties in the couch and I was wondering why? I suddenly felt worried again, as I whispered to Nikki, that Crystal found my panties in her couch. Nikki whispered back quickly tell her there mine. Therefore, I did and Crystal seemed to accept that and once again, I sighed a breath of relief as I said bye and hung up the phone. I looked down at Nikki and said we are very lucky she accepted that Nikki just Smiles brightly and said come here and cuddle with me so I gladly moved closer and cuddled with her.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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