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Shane hated Chloe. He hated all his patients on some level, but Chloe most of all. Maybe it was because she was too smart for her own good. Maybe it was her terrible self-righteousness. Her teenage narcissism. He couldn’t pin point it. All he knew was his hate was so arousing, and having her around always heightened the hatred so deliciously.

Chloe saw Shane once a week. There wasn’t anything wrong with her really, he knew that, but her mother was paying for the sessions so she was guaranteed income. The fact her mother practically soaked her panties every time she came to pick up Chloe was beside the point. Desperation was really off-putting, but she wrote the cheques. Mrs. Henderson, or Samantha, as she insisted he call her, always purposefully bent over his desk, and took her time paying.

He could make her take her time paying him in other ways, but he wouldn’t get half as much pleasure from it as he knew he would from Chloe.

On this particular afternoon, Chloe was by the door, tapping her foot in her usual impatient way. Samantha assumed the position yet again, and made pathetic small talk.

“Did daughter dearest behave herself?”

Sadly, yes, Shane thought.

“We’re definitely making headway, aren’t we, Chloe?”

Chloe just raised her eyebrow and scowled. All he could think of was putting his cock between her crimson lips.

Meanwhile, Samantha’s cleavage was bare and deep in front of him. She was pert enough, whether medically enhanced, or not, he didn’t particularly care. He could almost smell Samantha’s moistened crotch from behind his desk. He leaned back in his chair and smiled charmingly. The cheque floated across from him, pinched between her ridiculously manicured nails. They were sharp enough though. He liked sharp nails. He plucked the cheque from Samantha as she straightened up slowly. Chloe stormed out.

“See you next week,” Samantha cooed.

She shut the door behind herself. At the end of Samantha’s sessions, Shane always set aside a good half an hour break before his next patient. He leaned back in his chair and slowly undid his pants. Behind his eyes, Chloe’s mouth was smothering his ample cock. The hate began to pique.

Chloe and Samantha drove home bickering as usual. Chloe was sick of Shane. She wasn’t crazy, she didn’t need a shrink, but her mother was concerned about Chloe’s burgeoning interests in unhealthy sexual desires. Chloe didn’t think it was unhealthy. College was just the place for her to be finding out how healthy her feelings were.

Up in her room, she stripped off her clothes. She preened in front of her full-length mirror, admiring her milky supple thighs and her small pert breasts. It wasn’t that the boys didn’t want her. It was plain they did, but there were certain people at her school who just interested her a lot more.

Like Sara Eastern. Fine spun blonde hair, short skirts and tight little butt. Chloe couldn’t help but stare at Sara some days. Sara never said very much, but sometimes when they caught each other’s eye, Chloe felt more than a crackle of electricity between them.

These days she’d been contenting herself with wild daydreams mainly featuring the beautiful Sara. She lay on her quilt, naked and relaxed at last. All her pent up adolescent frustrations only seemed to get worse when she talked to Shane. She needed to unwind. She smoothed her hands over her skin and lightly pinched her nipples. This did more to arouse her than she expected, and she writhed like a cat, trying not to moan too loudly.

The heat around her pussy started to get too much, and she shut her eyes tight while her fingers slipped down between the nether lips. She tried to take her time, thinking about Sara and the way her little skirts rode up when she bent over to tie her laces. The mere thought of Sara’s soft little snatch made her gush onto her hands, but she was only just starting to have fun.

She rubbed her clit slowly and licked the air above her, imagining Sara’s lips over hers. They were alone in their lecture hall, undressing and touching each other softly while giggling. No matter how she tried, Chloe couldn’t help getting carried away in her head. All it took was the idea of slipping her tongue inside Sara and Chloe was coming. She had to grab a cushion to scream into. Her mother knocked on the door.

“Chloe, dinner’s ready.”

“OK!” she hollered, rolling her eyes and hating being taken out of her little dream world. She slipped on

some clothes and went downstairs.

Her mother put a plate of spaghetti in front of her and she started poking at it. She hated living at home but she couldn’t afford to live on campus and her mother insisted on having her there. Chloe knew it was more to do with the fact her mother was terrified she’d join a sorority and do nothing all day but bury her face in lovely little snatches.

“So how was your session with Dr. Michelson?”

She shrugged.

“I think it’s very healthy you’re seeing him. Lots of girls get stressed out in college. güvenilir bahis You can talk to him about anything you like.”

“Yeah, but that’s not why I’m seeing him, is it?”

“You’re 18, Chloe. I want you to have the right start in life.”

The right start. She scoffed at her food. As long as it meant the right end, with her married to some guy with three kids and no social life. Chloe was ambitious enough. She was certainly smart enough. She would get through college no problem. If she got a little distracted on the way to her mother’s ridiculous dreams then so be it. Now that Daddy dearest was out of the picture, Mother had to make sure her daughter grew up respectable and well educated.

Later Chloe took a shower. Once again, she was burying her fingers deep in her pussy, imagining Sara pressed up against her; the water flicking off her hard nipples. Chloe saw herself sucking hard on Sara’s nipples, and feverishly rubbing her clit. And once again she was cumming hard. Her gasps echoed a little against the tiles. She smiled to herself and washed her hair.

Shane’s looked over his books. He had a new girl coming in. He saw quite a few younger girls, their issues and illnesses sometimes too much for their fragile minds. He liked a lot of them, and this one in particular was very distracting. Her tits were already bulging out of her blouse. The buttons seemed to instinctively want to rebel and pop from the material. He was imaging it now, as if she were in a cartoon character with comically large breasts. He had to wipe the sweat from his top lip before speaking.

“Now, Sara, why have you come to see me?”

Sara was shy, which was more of a turn on that Chloe’s regular defiant stance.

“I’m having trouble concentratin’ in my classes. I’m just worried about failing.”

“How are you fitting in at school?”

“It’s hard,” she said to the sun-dappled window. Dust floated around her radiant blonde hair. Shane crossed his legs instinctively. “No one really talks to me. The campus is so huge.”

“So, you’re having trouble making friends?”

“Well,” she started, “there is one girl I know. She’s hard to talk to. Kind of mean.”

Shane looked up from his notebook. “Really? Why would you want to talk to her?”

“She’s not mean to me. She smiles at me all the time. I kind of like her but I’m too scared to talk to her.”

“What’s her name?” Shane swallowed.

“Chloe, I think. She’s in my philosophy class.”

Shane coughed hard to cover his surprise. Somewhere in his mind the dam levy broke and he was instantly flooded with images of Chloe and Sara eating each other on the couch in front of him. He was going to have to take his lunch break after Sara left.

“Well, Sara, I think it would be a good idea if you started talking to Chloe a little more.”

“What if she doesn’t like me?”

He was replaying some of his conversations with Chloe now, all the things she said about how she was looking at girls more than guys, and how she wished her mother would butt out of her life and let her do what she wanted. Schemes were birthed within his darker areas.

“I’m sure if you gave her a chance, Chloe could turn out to be a better friend than you could hope for.”

Sara seemed a little more relaxed once he said this. They chatted a little more, and he tried to be as light and as conversational as possible. His dick was twitching in his pants.

When Sara got up to leave he showed her the door. Every now and then he made a very surreptitious move on a girl, to see if she would respond favourably. He leaned into Sara before he opened the door and she looked up at him.

“I look forward to seeing you again, Sara.”

She seemed a little hypnotised at first. He smiled gentlemanly in spite of the sordid imagery that was going on behind the scenes. Sara smiled awkwardly and he let her out.

Once his door was closed he went to the unused fireplace and leaned against the mantle. Quickly he undid his fly and grabbed his dick. He rubbed hard and fast, wanting relief quickly, but loving the new heights of passion he was achieving with thoughts of the lovely Sara. He spurted hard into the fireplace when he saw Chloe and Sara’s little mouths wrapped around either side of his dick.

He was going to have to make some phone calls. This was a chance for some group therapy.

Sara’s mouth was dry in philosophy class. The professor droned on. The heat in the room caused her to take off her little cardigan. When she peeled back the fabric she felt someone looking at her shoulder. She turned slightly to the back of the lecture hall where Chloe Henderson was sitting, peering back at her. Chloe smiled. Sara spun back, her mouth getting dryer still.

“Now, I think for this project, I’m going to need you to work in pairs,” The lecturer announced. “Find someone you think you’ll mesh well with. Some of you might want to consider pairing up with the more academically advanced students.”

Sara looked back at Chloe and recalled türkçe bahis Shane Michelson’s advise. Chloe was looking about the room for a partner. Logic made their eyes meet, but this resulted in another strange sensation in Sara’s chest. Chloe was good at inducing this lovely discomfort in her. She took a deep breath and got up then climbed the stairs to meet Chloe.

Chloe was beaming when Sara put out her hand in her usual Southern, polite kind of way.

“M-my name’s Sara. You wanna be partners?”

“Sure thing,” Chloe smiled mischievously.

Sara took the seat next to Chloe and finally let herself really examine her. Back home, a lot of girls seemed pretty to Sara, but Chloe was exotic and dark compared to them. Her hair was dyed matte black, and she wore boots and short tartan skirts with ripped fishnets. Sara felt embarrassed in her little pastel cheesecloth dresses and cardigans.

“Do you want to meet me after class?” Chloe suggested. “We need to get started on this, I have way too much shit to do.”

“OK,” Sara smiled, and her face hurt a little.

Sara paced around the entrance of the campus waiting for Chloe later on. She got anxious again and sat on the steps, hugging her books and chewing her nails. She was playing with her soft spun hair when Chloe sat beside her and made her jump a little.

“You ok?” Chloe asked.

“Hmmhmm,” Sara replied. “Where did you want to go?”

“I don’t know. My house is around the corner but my mother’s always home. She’ll just bug us constantly.”

“Oh, ok.” Sara stared off then back at Chloe.

“You wanna come over? I’m living with my cousin, Belle, but she’s hardly ever home.”

“Sound perfect to me,” Chloe smiled again. She looked eager and happy, which put Sara at ease at last.

Chloe asked her lots of questions on the walk home. Occasionally she playfully bumped Sara, making her feel uneasy but in that nice kind of way like when the boys at home flirted with her. The boys at home, however, didn’t interest Sara much at all.

Inside Belle’s little apartment, Sara fixed Chloe a snack and a drink. Chloe sat at the kitchen table watching Sara the whole time.

“It’s nice here,” Chloe commented.

“It is,” Sara sighed. “But Belle’s out all the time working or partying. I get a little lonely.”

“Maybe I could drop by more,” Chloe suggested.

“That’d be nice,” Sara said into the fridge while she put away the jug of freshly squeezed juice Belle made that morning. She heard the chair scrape across the linoleum but didn’t have time to turn before she felt Chloe against her back. Chloe’s small hands ran up Sara’s front and lightly cupped her breasts. Astonished, Sara spun around in Chloe’s arms.

“What are you doin’?” Sara stammered.

Chloe stepped back a little. “I’m sorry. It’s just,” Chloe’s fingers slipped back Sara’s hair. “You’re just so pretty, Sara.”

Sara blushed. Her heart seized up inside her chest. Against her wishes, she felt the stirring between her legs, which got harder and more feverish when Chloe suddenly kissed her. The fridge door slammed shut and Chloe pressed Sara against the cold metal, causing the magnets to drop to the floor. Some pretty clumsy guys had kissed Sara, and she hadn’t liked it at all, but Chloe’s kiss made her respond instantly with the same heady tenacity. Her tongue was slipping in and out of Chloe’s lips while Chloe gently squeezed her breast.

Chloe then hitched up Sara’s skirt and moved her hands down to Sara’s panties. Sara couldn’t stop Chloe’s fingers sliding into her. She felt herself drip all over Chloe’s fingertips while Chloe kissed the outside of her dress that covered her hard nipples. She breathed hard and fast with Chloe’s rubbing, feeling heady and wonderful like nothing could bother her anymore. She kissed Chloe some more and was growing to like the feel of a girl’s fingers between legs. Her body began shaking and she was breathing harder. Suddenly she cried out and her knees gave way underneath her. All her muscles were quaking. Chloe propped her up against the fridge again and smiled.

“You ok, Sara?” she breathed.

Sara blinked a few times while Chloe gently pulled her fingers out from between her legs. She nodded dumbly.

“I- I think so,” she murmured. Chloe kissed her tenderly. A phone with a funny ringer began buzzing in Chloe’s backpack.

“Shit,” Chloe mumbled as she pulled it out to answer it. “What! Jesus, not now! … I don’t care I have homework to do… I’m working on it now! God! … Fine. I’m coming home.”

Sara blushed as Chloe packed up her things.

“I have to go home. What’s your number, I’ll call you about the project.”

“Ah… ok… um… I don’t know the number here. Belle didn’t tell me.”

Chloe looked annoyed. “Uh, ok… I’ll see you in class then.”

“I’m sorry,” Sara started. She didn’t want Chloe to go. Chloe kissed Sara once more.

“No, I’m sorry. I’ll see you again.”

Chloe then rushed out the door. Sara went to the bathroom and stripped güvenilir bahis siteleri off her clothes. Her breasts still felt hard and she rubbed them lightly, finally allowing herself to enjoy her own skin. She was hoping Chloe would visit again soon.

Chloe went home daydreaming about Sara. God, her pussy felt so much softer than I’d imagined! she thought to herself. She was almost desperate to make it happen again. Now she knew how soft if felt it would feel even better against her tongue.

Her mother was in the kitchen making dinner. Sweat was beading off her brow and chest. She looked extra tawdry today.

“Shane called!” she hollered from the kitchen.

Chloe scowled. “I thought I was supposed to call him!” she shouted back.

Her mother came out into the living room. “He wants to start a group session for girls at the local college. Like a discussion group. To help you all deal with the pressures of school.”

“We have support groups at school. Free ones.”

“Still. I think you should go. Might be good for you.” She preened herself in the hallway mirror. “I’ll drive you over.”

Chloe rolled her eyes. But the idea of a group session with other girls from the school was more than titillating. While what she’d had with Sara was more than perfect, she suspected Sara on the other hand to back off. Disappointing as it was, Chloe would need to find someone to move on to. What better way than through a group session with some other lonely freshmen?

“It’s at four tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

“I won’t,” Chloe said in a little singsong voice.

Upstairs, she took a bath and played with the spout, thinking about Sara and how wet her cunt had gotten all over her hands. She still smelled Sara on her fingers, which she sniffed hard while she rubbed her clit again. Just taking control of Sara had been enough to almost make her orgasm. She was only finishing herself off now to relieve the tension. She grabbed her breasts hard and pinched her nipples to make the orgasm come quicker. Then she soaked in the soapy water, nearly falling asleep with the scent of Sara still lingering on her fingertips.

If concentrating in class was an issue for Sara before she met Chloe, now it was a full-blown problem. They were sitting next to each other and Sara was constantly distracted by the perfume Chloe wore. The night before, strangely enough, Shane Michelson had called her asking her to attend a group session for girls struggling with college commitments.

“Well, I guess so,” Sara had said listlessly, drained from her encounter with Chloe. He’d made her feel so uncomfortable before she left, but she didn’t want to say no.

She planned to go to Shane’s office after class. She was too embarrassed to tell Chloe where she was going. Chloe seemed too level headed for a councillor.

After class, she tried talking to Chloe.

“We still need to finish our assignment,” Sara said, hoping her voice wasn’t dripping with desperation. Even if she and Chloe never kissed again, the company would have been enough.

“We will,” Chloe smiled. “I have a … doctor’s appointment right now though. How about I drop by after and we’ll do it then?”

Sara brightened. “OK.”

Chloe’s mother was out the front in the parking lot. Chloe blushed with embarrassment and frustration.

Then she smiled darkly.

“Come with me,” Chloe grabbed Sara’s and dragged her to her mother and was grinning like the Cheshire cat when she introduced Sara. Her mother became fidgety.

“Well… it’s … nice to meet you, Sara.”

“Thank you,” Sara said quietly.

Chloe waved emphatically to Sara as she drove off with her mother. Sara wandered off to see Shane, already feeling lost and uptight.

It took her too long to walk to Shane’s office and she was ten minutes late. The prissy receptionist buzzed her in. Shane came to the waiting room and smiled again, trying to be warm but looking far too eager. She went to him tentatively, and audibly gasped when she walked into his office.

Chloe was sitting on his couch, looking annoyed. Her features changed to match Sara’s when they saw each other at last. Shane shut the door and smiled.

“Well it looks like everyone’s here,” he said chirpily, rubbing his hands. He was far more joyful than usual. He ushered Sara to take a seat.

“I thought it might benefit both of you to come to the session. Since you’re both having problems at school.”

“I’m not having problems!” Chloe snapped. “What’s going on here?”

Shane stood up suddenly, looking flustered. “I’ve forgotten something. I’m sorry. You two have a chat and get to know each other and I’ll be right back.”

He dashed out of the room. Chloe got up and yelled after him.


Sara grabbed the hem of her dress and stared at the floor.

“So he told you there was a group session too?” she said, stupidly.

“I don’t know what he’s playing at.” She marched to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. She banged on it. Sara stood and went to her side.

“Oh Christ,” she whispered. “He’s gonna do something awful to us, isn’t he?”

“He’s an asshole. Lets just say that. If he does anything bad, don’t worry, I’ll call the cops on his worthless butt.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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