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My name is Mandy, I am a sporty girl of 23 years old, and I am 1.79 meters and weigh 63 kilos. I have a small b-cup and I know what I like in bed, I’ve however never done it with a woman but tonight that was about to change.

Completely ready for an evening at the gym I rang the doorbell of my friend Kathy. But when the door was opened the hopes of an evening of exercise were gone; a broken looking Kathy looked at me.

“I’m sorry, I’m not going to make it tonight, I worked in the garden yesterday and all my muscles are soar. If you want to we can however turn it into a movie night?”

“That is fine with me.”

I took off my coat and followed a limping Kathy to the living room. With a soft moan she sat down on the couch and I took a seat next to her. She turned on a movie and it didn’t take long before we were completely into the story.

“Shall we have a wine?” asked Kathy after 45 minutes of watching.

“Sounds good.”

Kathy limped to the kitchen to get a bottle and two glasses

“Are you alright?” I asked partially concerned, partially cynical.

“Well, it hurts an awful lot; I feel every muscle in my body.”

“Do you want me to give you a massage?” I suggested. Kathy’s eyes lit up by the thought alone

“That sounds really good; I think I even have some oil standing somewhere. Let me have a look.” Still limping Kathy went upstairs to search for the bottle of oil. She was back within no time.

“Here you are, where do you want me to lie down?” Kathy asked.

“Lay down on you back on the couch and bend your legs a bit.”

Katy laid down on the big ouch and I took a seat near her feet, I took her socks off and rolled her sweatpants up against her legs. I put some oil on my hands and rubbed them against each other to make them nice and warm. I placed my hands on her lower legs and rubbed downwards towards her ankles. I repeated this poker oyna motion for a couple of times before doing the same for her right leg.

“Do you like it? ” I asked. I got a soft confirming moan for a response. Kathy laid with her eyes closed enjoying the massage. I grabbed her right foot and used my thumb to massage the top part, after a few minutes I did the same for her left foot.

“Now it’s time for your neck.” I said after I was done with her feet.

“Come take a seat on the edge of the couch.” When Kathy was in place I sat down behind her, applied some new oil on my hands and started to massage her neck and shoulders. I listened carefully to her breathing and the moans of pleasure escaping from her mouth. I felt her muscles loosening up and saw her neck, just like her legs, shining from the oil.

“Shall I do you back now?”

“Oh yes, that is great.” Was Kathy’s response. Kathy laid down on her chest and stretched her legs. I was on my knees with a knee on either side of her body. I putted my hands underneath her sweater and top. I immediately noticed that this was not going to work, but to ask her to take her clothes off wasn’t appropriate as well, or was it? I mean; on the other hand I found it very exciting to have that much physical contact with a half naked woman. But what if she didn’t want it? Do I want her to take her clothes off? All these thought went through my mind, but while I was still thinking about it I heard myself say:

“Do you want to take you sweater and top of?”

“Yes sure.”

Kathy sat up and took both pieces of clothing off. She laid back down and I oiled up my hands once again. I was still a bit in shock about what just happened, it all went so easy and so natural. All of a sudden Kathy gave a short scream when a drop of cold oil fell on her back. This gave me an idea; while she screamed a whole lot more I placed an entire trail canlı poker oyna of oil on her back. I started massaging at her back and slowly worked my way down.

“Let me help you.” Kathy said when I reached her shoulder blades. With a swift move she unhooked her bra, pulled it from underneath her and threw it on the floor.

“Thank you.” I said while I caught myself peeking at the side of her breasts.

I slowly worked my way further down until I reached her bottom, there my hands slid back up. The tips of my fingers however accidently touched the side of her breasts.

“That is not a part of my back Mandy.” Said Kathy while she turned on her back underneath me.

“But if you want to you can oil them up.” I was in shock and I didn’t know what to do. I looked at Kathy and saw pure lust in her eyes. From that moment on I knew what I wanted; I wanted Kathy, I wanted to kiss her, to fuck her and to make her cum. I squirted a huge amount of oil on her chest and started to massage her breasts; I felt her hard nipples between my fingers and when I was done her whole upper body was shining in oil. To finish it off I dove whit my mouth towards Kathy’s but before our lips touched I felt her tongue penetrate my lips. We kissed passionately while I was still massaging her breasts. Kathy meanwhile had found my ass and started to massage it. Our tongues stopped their erotic dance and Kathy brought her mouth to my ear.

“Now it is time for me to take care of you.”

She took of my t-shirt and sports bra; this freed my breasts with my hard nipples. We turned around and I lay on my back on the couch now with Kathy on her knees over my legs. She stretched her shiny, oiled upper body and grabbed the bottle of oil. Kathy looked amazing, her breasts were firm and her eyes were filled with pure sex. She squirted a good amount of oil on my chest and stomach but instead of spreading it internet casino with her hands she used her breasts. I felt her nipples sliding over my skin and under the guidance of a million kisses our upper bodies got covered up in oil. I decided to make a bold move; I slid my hand down her pants and felt a pleasant, warm, moistly surprise. I pushed two fingers in her pussy and started to fuck her while the palm of my hand was stimulating her clit. Kathy moaned and fucked my fingers to get the maximum pleasure out of each movement. All of a sudden Kathy firmly pulled down my pants and thong and started to finger me with two fingers as well. She started to fuck me but didn’t come far. Kathy got overwhelmed by an orgasm; her juices flowed over my hand on my lower body. The arm she supported on collapsed and she fell on top of me. Here I laid, an orgasming woman on top of me who still had two fingers in my pussy while her juices flowed over my body. I also still had two fingers in her pussy and all of this had happened after we rubbed each other’s bodies in with oil. What a night!

My thoughts were interrupted because Kathy had regained control over her body and she started fingering me with passion. Her fingers fucked me nice and hard, I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment as much as possible. In the mean time she took my fingers from her pussy and putted them in her own mouth where she licked her own juices off of them. I felt Kathy’s breasts sliding from mine and all of a sudden I felt something on my pussy I had never felt. Surprised I opened my eyes and saw Kathy licking me. Her ardent tongue licked all over my pussy and all of a sudden I could feel the flames through my entire body. I moaned louder and louder as the feeling intensified. Soon I reached a fantastic orgasm, every muscle in my body tensed, I screamed and yelled Kathy’s name as the orgasm ripped through my body. After a few delightful minutes Kathy’s breasts slid back on mine and we kissed while sweat oil and juices mixed on our bodies.

I still see Kathy on a regular basis but not only for sports anymore. I didn’t hear a word about muscle pain that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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