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Mother and DaughterA Chance EncounterI walked out of the airport to the long term parking lot disappointed. Two weeks, two lousy weeks, wasted. I had wanted to see the Minister and all I got was the Under Secretary, blue eyed blond with big tits and no brain. With a bitter memory I now knew who she wanted to be under and it wasn’t me, not that I tried. If I didn’t change things now, the only way c***dren would see wolves in the future would be in zoo’s or even worse, pictures. It had to change.I didn’t even argue against hunting, the North American Timber Wolf was strong enough within their packs that hunting wouldn’t wipe them out, unless a hunter shot most of the pack. The hunters and even the farmers were willing to give it a try, keep them, the packs, away from farmed areas but leave them the wilds.That was were I came in, ten years of work, study and knowledge, backed up by Granddad and Dad. We had done it with the bears, just scare them back to the empty places, you don’t have to shoot them, just the sound of a shotgun, or even the barking of dogs worked. We could all live together, wolf and man, but now…, there was only me.I paid my dues and left, two hours of driving before I got home and what was waiting for me, emptiness. I thought about my life and tried not to drive into the big black hole in front of me, I had to get people interested before it was to late.The European Wolf was extinct as far as the E U was concerned, no space for them in this modern world, and we were going the same way. Didn’t the people remember that all dogs come from the wolf.I glanced at the fuel gauge and remembered that I had arrived at the airport nearly empty, I needed a fuel stop. Damn it, I needed a full pit stop. When were the airlines going to wake up to the fact their meals were worse than you get in the army.The bright lights told their story and I pulled in to a truck stop. Fuel, food and a good strong black coffee, enough to get me home and maybe clean the bad taste out of my mouth. Thinking about these and other things I had to take a second look as I saw her standing there, thumb up, looking for a ride. With a sign…, a sign that stood out. My home town was written in black ink.Two hours could pass better with company. I parked next to the pump and walked back to ask if she wanted a lift and if so, could she wait until I got some food.Heaven on earth, black, raven black hair and eyes so deep you could loose yourself in them. A full figure with a somewhere age, and a smile that took up her whole face, genuine and friendly.”Would you like a lift?”. Stupid, of course she wanted a lift, 32 years old and I was tongue tied. I was going to talk to government ministers, yet here I was falling over my own tongue over a pretty young girl.”It’s a bit out of the way, that’s why I had the sign, but yes, I need to get home”.”Actually it’s my home town as well so it’s not out of the way but I can’t remember ever seeing you before and I think I would have remembered you!”.Again the smile, “My uncle and I lived a few miles out east of town, towards the mountains, just a small log cabin. I have been in England with my Mother for the last ten years and just got back”.”Well, I need fuel and was going to get something to eat before I started home, are you hungry?”.The strangest thing happened, she looked at the sky. “Not at the moment but I can wait for you if you are going to give me a ride”.I’m sure my face reddened as I took, probably, the wrong meaning and went back to fill the tank. Ten minutes later, with an open sandwich for me and two coffee’s, we headed out. The black hole had closed. “I’m Jim by the way”.She introduced herself as Diane, no last name and was then quiet. I didn’t want to bring up old, bitter memories of the last two weeks or intrude so I just drove on into the night, just having someone in the car with me was enough. Silence was good.After an hour Diane settled her seat back and sort of folded up, one leg tucked up under the other, her hands resting on her knees with a lot of bare leg showing.”Do you like the wilds, the hills around town or are you a town person?”.How do you tell someone… ‘it’s my whole life’…., I thought carefully, simple, keep it simple.”I have just been to the Capital to try to get a program up and running to look after the local wolf pack and all the packs in our State. I am a ‘wilds’ person , I hope without the stupid ideas of the conversationalists. I have been trying to get ‘town’ and ‘wild’ together…. I’m sure it could happen”. I added.What happened next was right out of left field, Diane lifted up and pulled her panties off. “I need to pee, could you stop please”.Stop, jesus, if I didn’t stop we were going to have an accident. I was all over the road looking at my passenger getting undressed in my front seat. Or trying not to.While looking for a place to pull over Diane removed her top as well. That was it, she was sitting in my car with a small skirt around her waist and nothing else. What had happened to the quiet girl I had given a lift to. Nice tits, I thought.Again that strange thing, I was looking at a nearly nude female and she was looking at the sky. “I won’t hurt you”. And there went the skirt.I looked at her then checked the skyline. The moon was just showing over the tree line, nothing else but lots of stars, everything normal. I parked on the side of the road, I switched my gaze back to Diane. If she was willing to show, I was willing to look.I was willing to look but could my brain explain what eyes were seeing. My beautiful black haired hitchhiker was turning into a wolf. A shimmering, wavering Diane, then, a wolf. Shit, I need to get the door open. Her’s/it’s door, let her/it out, she said she needed to pee. She had said she wasn’t going to hurt me. What the hell was going on.I didn’t think it wise to reach over…., wolf teeth, so I got out and ran around and jerked the door open. Just like a well trained dog, she? hopped out and ran to the bush beside the road. Sure enough, after smelling a couple she found just the right one and squatted, dog, no, bitch style and went. Boy did she need to pee.I stood dumbfounded. Watching a wolf relive itself was part of my day, but I had just been talking to this particular wolf/girl when it struck me, like a brick between the eye’s. She didn’t smell like a wolf, I mean her pee. You could smell wolf pee from a fair distance, especially the Alpha male or female.Part’s of my training and part’s of my time with our pack came rushing back, I squatted down to be on the same level, what happened next would depend on what she did. My brain kicked up a gear, this was all happening to fast, I had to think.I figured she weighed in at about 100 lb’s and all muscle, so I kept my mouth shut, no teeth showing and waited. I didn’t look away, that was a human thing, but the wolf thing, should I go over and pee over her’s. Mark my place, mark her place in my pack, no….. Wait…., think…., full moon…, werewolf. She had changed in front of me, what else was going to happen tonight?.After all my time with ‘our’ pack, watching, studying, I had never thought about a werewolf, too silly, there were no such things. Wolves were beautiful, noble a****ls. Werewolves were somebody’s idea of a money making movie. But now. “Shit”.She turned and looked at me as I realized I had spoken out loud, still, be still, wait. I nearly fell back on my ass as she padded over and I got a wet tongue lick before she jumped back into the front seat, turned around twice and curled up. She still wanted a lift home.Rather dazed from the whole experience, I closed her door and went back to my door. Then the need hit me, I had to go, I needed to pee as well but where. In a normal pack the
re was an area they all used, just go over there and do it. Just beside, not over, just beside, I had started when I heard her bark, I looked back at the car. She was standing on the seat and watching me.I had been far enough away and she was telling me it was okay, I was okay. I knew that bark. A mother ‘talking’ to her cubs.There is a complex ritual that takes place when two lone wolves meet, I had seen it once a lone time ago and I searched my memory, trying to picture again that one time meeting. Yes, they had started with the bitch urinating, then the dog, close but not too close, then…. Right, it came back with a thunderclap, a lot of sniffing and licking, private parts sniffing and licking. Shit….. This time I kept it to myself. Back to the car.How could I ask, I had talked to her back at the truck stop, if I talked to her now would she answer or just bark. The question didn’t need asking, as I sat she put her head on, no, in my lap and sniffed, her tail raised. All my training and time with the wolves threw human thought’s out the window and I rubbed her under her tail as the scent became obvious. She was looking for a mate….. She was looking at me.She was a beautiful looking female and I thought an even more beautiful wolf, sortof. Wolves mate for life, what would happen to us, we needed to talk so I started.It seemed strange, she still had her head in my lap and I still had my hand under her tail but…., no different from high school, trying for a quick feel. So…., talking to a wolf…., no big deal, I can do this.”Do you really want to be my mate?”. I asked, then realized I had jumped a step, just a small step. I had decided I wanted her as my mate. Human, wolf or werewolf, it didn’t matter, I wanted Diane in my life, forever. The scent was overpowering as she licked at my now stiff cock. She was wet. Now…, So were my pants.From an advocate for wolves to a wolf lover in under an hour, got to be a record here somewhere, because that was what I wanted, I wanted to make love to her. Diane the human, Diane the wolf, Diane, whoever she wanted to be, I wanted my cock in her and by the reaction of her body, she wanted me. Nature was talking…., loudly.I reached for the door handle again and noticed my hand shaking, I wanted…., I was going to have sex with a wolf, Diane didn’t wait for me to open her door, she jumped seats as soon as my door was open and rolled on her back. Yes, she wanted a mate and I was it and she wanted to mate right now. I looked up at the full moon, now hanging above us. All right, right here, right now, there had not been a car past us and the road was deserted and there was a nice spot next to where we had peed. It would be fitting.Diane trotted forward and sniffed as I waited. I had seen this a lot, the bitch decided where and when and I saw no reason to argue. When she found the right spot she would rest in a way that would tell me she was ready.I dropped my pants and waited, the sexual excitement mounted as Diane found her place and lifted her tail, it was now up to me. The bitch could find her spot but the dog had to agree. I circled Diane, watching and sniffing. It was a small hollow but you could see everything around, I was pleased and wondered about trying a bark to show her it was okay but decided to tell her instead, I was sure she understood.”It’s good. We will have to mark it as ours and come back often, even if the moon’s not full, it’s beautiful, as beautiful as you. It’s ours”. Diane gave a small whimper, tail wagging, a pure wolf thing, she was happy and I was ready.Down on hands and knees I pushed my nose under her tail, sure enough, she raised her tail further and I licked her opening, pussy, whatever and this time I got a bark. She was in a hurry. There was no problem for me, the scent and her wetness, I was as hard as ever and held my cock as she backed into me. I slid fully home, the whole length of my cock was in her and I’m not small. That was one surprise, the next shattered the night as Diane let loose in full voice. A howl of pleasure, happiness, of finding a mate and telling the world.I could not believe how good her pussy felt. I had forgotten her tail as I pumped my cock back and forward, she was wet, she was tight and seemed to want more as we moved together. The other thing about wolves mating, they were not long in coming but did it time and time again, I had to last longer, give Diane the pleasure she deserved the first time, I didn’t think I could get this hard again tonight.I reached forward to touch her breasts and was surprised to find rather hard breasts, not just nipples and squeezed them, how had I missed that fact when she was naked in the car. It didn’t matter as Diane let me know she liked it, another howl. I pumped harder, hunched over her like a male wolf, humping, my cock driving deeper as I felt both of us were going to climax.Diane had her front legs straight and was straining against me as I tried to get more cock in her. I wanted this to be special, not just good and as she gripped my cock with her muscles, I knew why some dogs got locked. God, she was tight, if I was a dog I would have been knotted, locked there. As it was I could still pull back and then gave a mighty thrust. This must have been what Diane the human wanted because Diane the wolf gave voice again and I knew she had reached her peak, she took me there as well.All the frustrations of the last few months seemed to be in my release, I don’t believe a man can cum buckets but I kept on discharging, time and time again, deep into Diane and I think there must have been some relief of frustrations on her part as well.Diane took it all but did not pull away. Her head was resting on her paws and she was panting but her tail had started wagging. I couldn’t help it, I laughed. “Was it good for you?”. I was not prepared for the answer or for what happened next. The change started.My cock had not gone soft which startled me a bit, but the transition from wolf to human while I was still kaş escort embedded in her was even more stunning. Somebody had put my cock in a vice and they were turning it, the whole vice. Incredible, not only ‘not soft’, I was fully hard, ready to start again. I looked down as Diane, on hands and knees, who was once again the beautiful raven haired lady I had given a lift too, took the place of the wolf I had just made love to, no, had sex with. Now I wanted to make love to this new Diane.”Yes, it was good for me, even better, you are still here after all the surprises tonight. I was right when I first smelt you, my mate and…., you have just made me pregnant. You will marry me?, please, after you make love to me. Your cock seems right at home but I do like being on top”.I was tongue tied, again, not only that, I must have looked stupid as well. Kneeling behind a beautiful kneeling woman with my hard cock fully embedded and my jaw somewhere around my waist. What do you say, so many questions.”Yes, I will marry you, if you want me. Yes I will make love to you and yes you can get on top. I won’t ask how you know you are pregnant but I do think we need to talk about your other…., shape, please”.”Latter, just lie back and let me do all the work with this lovely big cock, it’s a bonus. I ‘know’ certain things, I knew you were right for me, I didn’t ‘know’, just how right. It’s going to fill me nicely, no more lonely girl’s nights from now on”.I pulled out and fell flat on my back, my legs were not going to support me anyway. Diane turned and smiled, she looked part sex hungry woman, part wolf as she climbed my body, breasts swaying, her smile growing as her head drew level with my cock. A long tongue licked my full length, then my cock disappeared into her mouth. I was thinking this was as good as her pussy when it reappeared, my disappointment faded when Diane wrapped her hand around it and squeezed.”My turn, I want to sit on you and feel your cock going in, all the way in. My tail won’t be in the way this time”. With that said she moved further up, held the head in place and plunged down
. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breath, the feeling was so intense. I had had intercourse before but never like this, perfect. My cock felt every inch of her sheath, the angle just right that I touched the back of her vagina, I even thought I could enter her womb.The moon light kissed Diane’s face as she sat there, better than perfect.I could have stayed like that for the rest of the night but Diane had other ideas and started to move. Now she looked more like a snake as she lifted and dropped back, a sinuous dance of muscles from her legs to her shoulders, lifting her breasts, pulling her belly flat and all highlighted by the full moon.”Do you like it, what more can I do. I’m your mate now, I want you to be happy and your cock is filling me like never before. I knew the time was right to come home, to find my mate. Is it good for you?”.All my feelings, all my emotions, all my love went into my answer. “YES”. I didn’t know when it had happened but I was in love. This beautiful, strange lady had entered my life and I would never be the same again, I never wanted to loose her.I wasn’t being unresponsive but I just lay there letting Diane move, this was her time, consolidating our joining, like a wolf but not quite and she was enjoying it, needed it.Her movements were getting faster and the muscles in her pussy were taking me along, exciting the nerves round my cockhead and I thought, she’s human, with a clit.I had never thought about a wolf having a clit, I supposed they did, but here was Diane and she was getting close, could I help. Moving my hands, one to caress her breast, the other her clit invoked a startled cry. I knew it was right and pinched a nipple as I put more pressure between her legs. Diane was trying to pound me into the ground one minute then held still, her whole body quivered as she climaxed.This time she was quiet as the pleasure rolled over her, she lifted again, so far I thought my cock would fall out, then she crashed down. Now the cry, now the spasm in her pussy that took me with her. I lifted as well, pushing hard as my cock delivered another spurt deep in her vagina. The wolf in her took over and she pissed on me.I know the Alpha male would pee on his new mate, marking her as his but I wasn’t a wolf, maybe her Alpha male and she really wasn’t a real wolf, so it could just be her way of showing me acceptance. It didn’t matter as the real Diane collapsed on my chest. I just wanted to hold her.Long minutes passed, I didn’t need to say anything, it was Diane who broke the silence. “Ohmy, Mother said it would special with my mate but, wow. I hope you don’t mind I’m not a virgin. Wow…, this is my first time now, the only one I’ll remember. Were you sure you wanted to marry me before, I know we have a lot of things to talk about but now I’m hungry and I can smell a rabbit. Would you mind if I changed again, it’s a lot easier when I’m in my other form.Secretly, I wanted to see Diane change, wanted to see without distractions, no clothes to get rid of. “No, go ahead, I don’t think I can move anyway and yes, I will remember this as my first time as well. It was fantastic”.The shimmering, wavering Diane again changed, even close and watching carefully I was sure I had missed something but this time I noticed her breasts, a bit smaller, tighter to her body and reached out to give them a touch. I was rewarded with a wet tongue across my face and a growl. Not threatening, just fun, I think……, hope….. She had disappeared into the bush before I could figure it out either way.I lay on my back and looked at the moon, my life had certainly changed.I no longer felt angry, no more black hole and I wanted to get home. Home with Diane, our home now, more than anything. Shit, Diane was going hunting…, in wolf form…, which meant she would bring the kill back for me. I got up, got dressed and was leaning against the car with my cold coffee when she returned. Raw rabbit was not my idea of a midnight snack so I told her to go ahead when she dropped it in front of me. She was very delicate in making the rabbit disappear then cleaning herself.I knelt down and hugged her, my way of saying ‘good’, and felt the change. I closed my eyes, seeing with my fingers as a furry wolf shape became a warm, naked female shape, a very nice, warm, naked female shape, she moved into me, just as I had seen the pack do on a cold day after a hunt. It was an incredible feeling and I hugged her tight.A wet tongue licking my ear woke me. We were lying together beside the car. When had I gone to sleep, how long had we been like this. I was clothed and Diane back in her wolf form, generating heat for both of us, damn, I could live like this forever but for now, we needed to get home. The moon was still high, about midnight and we had another hour of driving to get there. Our home. “Come on, lets go home”.Diane the wolf tried to snuggle closer as she began to change and I realized she would be cold and held her tight again. It really was strange to go from holding a wolf to holding a woman but it didn’t worry me now and once the change was complete I gave her a kiss, our first kiss. Kissing her and holding her naked body started generating the heat again. Diane pulled away slowly, she reached into the car for her clothes and started getting dressed as I went to the drivers side.Once again Diane was quiet, I was prepared to wait, let her tell me in her own time and way but nothing could prepare me for what came first. “Mother is going to love your cock. We are a close family, Uncle Willy is Mother’s father…, and mine, but is getting to old to father more c***dren. He’s over 500 years old”.Silence and a few more miles disappeared under the tyre’s. Okay, a woman becomes a wolf in front of me, we make love, in both forms. She wants to marry me and now I want to marry her. She’s says she is now pregnant, to me. Her uncle is her twice over father, I don’t think there is a name for that and he is very old. I don’t want to think about her Mother, it would probably be wrong. What else can happen to me today, tomorrow, no, a new today. My head was spinning…., don’t think, just drive.”We are shape shifters and live long lives, Uncle came over from Germany about 150 years ago, because we live so long we have to move every now and then. People get funny ideas when you don’t age the same as everybody else. Uncle decided to move for a while and we let the local hunters know there was a cabin if anyone was in trouble but I would be back after school in England”.”Mother knew I was near the time for a mate and suggested I come home first, move back into the cabin and then she would arrive. That way nobody would suspect anything, she hasn’t been there before, we would have years of safety and Uncle could visit. But, then I meet you. ‘Knew’ you were going to be my mate. I’ve got to tell Mother what’s happened, I think she wants another c***d and you would be perfect. We can’t tell everybody the truth, in fact we can’t tell anyone…, except our mate”.I still could not think of anything useful to say but needed to show Diane I was still with her. “You and your Mother can move in with me, I live alone and the folks around are used to me keeping strange hours, disappearing for weeks at a time. Your Mother coming to stay would be natural. You wouldn’t mind me being the father of, what would it be, your sister or brother”.”Oh no, it happens that way and it would be my sister. The line runs to female c***dren. I hope you don’t mind the next bit, it’s part of ‘knowing’ a mate…., I have to bite you…., when I am shifted, in my wolf form, the same as Uncle was. It’s not forever but…., you will live a long life…………, Mother never found a mate”.Oh Boy, be careful about you wish for, it might come true. I had wondered about what else could happen. I did want to live like this forever. The Mother thing was a bit strange, then again, it happened in the pack. The strongest male was the Alpha and the toughest female also Alpha, the gene’s of the best coming
to the forefront and often a daughter would replace the mother. The pack stayed together, we were not talking about human worries about i****t, we were talking survival of the pack. Her Mother would join our pack, it’s possible…., Op’s, the biting thing.”I have completed my Doctorate in genealogy and have studied every book I could find, there is no difference between us. Mother thinks we just split off the main line somewhere a long time ago but developed along side. Our c***dren are the same until puberty, at about the same age, then we start to slow down in growth as we begin to be able to change. Your aging will slow down as soon as I bite you, I’m not sure if you will be able to shift or even what you would shift to. We think it’s something in us, passed on with the bite. We don’t get sick either so no has checkedMother’s a wolf, Uncle Willy’s a wolf as well, I think she would like another wolf but would accept any c***d. Will you father her c***d?, please, it would make us, Mother and I, both happy, very happy and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind, she is pretty. Her breasts are bigger than mine and you seen to like mine”.”Don’t you think you should wait until we have met before playing Cupid for your Mother, I mean, what if she doesn’t like me, what if I’m not good enough and what about your being pregant, not a good start for a son-in-law. That’s another thing, do you want to get married….?, I mean before the baby comes”.”Mother will be on the first plane after I tell her the good news, we move fast, have to be able to at a moments notice. No, marriage, human marriage isn’t needed. I was thinking of a wolf marriage, you can pee on me. And Mother will like you when she smells you, the same way I did, she will definitely want you after I tell her about your big cock. Things like that don’t come along every day……, I…, don’t mind sharing”.I thought about this and everything else and decided to concentrate on driving or we would all be in trouble. Diane accepted my silence as we got closer to home, our home. It had a nice sound to it after a couple of years on my own, it was certainly going to be filled with love and a family again after what Diane had said. I thought back to my c***dhood, even though it was only Granddad and Dad, Mum had died in c***dbirth, there was always love and the sound of laughter. Then…First Granddad, old age, then Dad, in a stupid accident, now all that was left was a big empty house, not a home anymore. Now I had a family again, no, not a family as such, a pack and that was just as good.We were about a mile from my turnoff when Diane started, she hadn’t put her panties on so it was just the top and skirt, off they came and on came the shimmering, shifting change. I thought I knew what was happening but was not sure how she knew we were nearly there. She wanted to be able to smell, to check out her new home/den. I rolled to a stop short of the drive proper and opened her door then waited. If she wasn’t happy I thought we could go on to her place. The moon had set and it was hard to make her out, black fur against a black night, I saw a shadow move, had she gone right around the house. I had never brought the pack here but there was a lot of wilderness out back. I was busy looking one way when she snuck up from the other and barked, right in my ear.”SHIT…., don’t do that. You’ll give me a heart attack, I’ll be dead before your Mother gets here”. A wet tongue and that same low growl convinced me Diane was happy. I drove the rest of the way with her running in front. Yes, I was happy as well.By the time I had parked the car and escort kaş got our bags Diane was in her second natural state, naked, sitting on the front step and smiling. “It’s beautiful, so big and so much space out back, is it all just for you?. Mother will love it, we can make this our home, leave Uncle’s log cabin for the hunters. The c***dren can play for hours out there completely safe. I know we will be happy, you don’t have to work, we have lots of money”.”I don’t have to work, I have lots of money as well but my ‘work’ is the work for the wolves, now come inside before you get cold” and unlocked the door.”We’ll get a few hours sleep before sun-up, I need to check the pack, I’ve been gone for 2 weeks”.I got a kiss on the cheek as Diane ran past me into the hallway, “The bedroom is up the stairs and on the right, it’s got it’s own toilet”, I called after her and headed up. It had been a long hard day, in more than one way, I was looking forward to my bed. I dumped the bags at the foot of the bed, I didn’t need anything but Diane would, and started leaving a trail of clothes on my way to the bathroom, a quick wash, brush my teeth and bed. I hadn’t pulled the covers back, just laid down, it was warm enough when a large furry wolf landed on top. I suppose it made sense, she was in wolf mode to get around the house and smell everything but she put on weight when she changed. I folded in the middle and wrapped my arms round her. “Latter”, and rolled, taking her with me until she was tucked up in my embrace. I shouldn’t have worried about the wash, Diane was doing it for me with her tongue.I awoke, not to the tongue but the smell of coffee and bacon. My, no, our bedroom faced east and in the summer the morning sun usually woke me an hour before I had to get out of bed. It was autumn and now the sun was playing on the far wall, time to get up. A clean pair of shorts and I followed my nose downstairs. To drink a cup of coffee before I made it was going to be a change, a change I could get used to. I wasn’t lazy, it’s just that I don’t really wake up until after the coffee and I never liked Mr Coffee coffee. It didn’t taste right coming from a machine set up the night before. My mouth was watering, bacon and unless I missed my guess, fried eggs and, I heard the toaster pop, yes, fresh toast. I stopped and took a big deep breath, our first morning together. I had to get this right, for both of us. The smells coming from the kitchen helped, making love last night helped but I really was feeling good, this part wouldn’t faked.”Good morning love, are you going to spoil me forever?”. The shoe was on the other foot as Diane gasped, turned and dropped the egg she was going to put on my plate. I didn’t laugh but I knew I had a silly grin on my face. She was naked…., again.”Shit…, don’t do that, I didn’t even hear you. Now look what you’ve done, half your breakfast is on the floor!!!”.”Don’t worry, we have more eggs…., I think, I’ll clean up while you get another”. As I got a paper towel I saw Diane had prepared two breakfasts, had them on a tray with my coffee mug and a cup for herself, ready to bring up to me. For me. She had been in my life for less than 12 hours, what had I done to deserve this and I could tell it wasn’t false, she really wanted to be my mate. I made my mind up there and then we were going to be equal partners and I was going to let her bite me, trust her as a wolf with my throat because I was sure that was what was going to happen. I had to let her bite my throat.A half an hour and a good breakfast later I was explaining where I thought the pack would be and how we would get there, maybe an hour in the pickup then a fair walk.I didn’t mind as this was what I wanted. Having the wolves in the wilderness meant you had to go to the wilderness.I had forgotten Diane was coming back to a log cabin, she had all the right gear. I didn’t recognize the name on some of her gear, English, but I did recognize good stuff and well used, we were ready except for one thing and I had to ask before we got there. “What about you, will the wolves smell you, react to your…, wolf”.”I don’t know for sure but dogs don’t react to me, I’m not a wolf, well, I don’t think so, I shift to a wolf shape and have better hearing, a better sense of smell but I don’t really know. I don’t know much about your pack but if we came from down wind at least they would know. You could pee on me if you th
ought that would help”.”We will play it by ear when we get there, see what’s been happening with the pack while I was gone, they have been stable through summer and are setting themselves up well for winter. Come on, lets go see some wolves”.The trip up there, the wolves themselves, only three were at the den and the trip back were uneventful apart from the fact Diane, my mate, was with me. We talked, we listened, we got to know each other better, all in all it was making our bond stronger.One of the wolves, an older bitch, came out to where I usually stopped and sniffed us but her tail told the story, not a problem. I thought it safe to take Diane back later when the whole pack was there. We had made love out in the wilds, just as humans, hearing the birds and enjoying the heat of the day. What a day to remember. We had been home about ten minutes and were making out a shopping list when the phone rang, I wasn’t expecting any calls and left it. “Don’t you answer the phone?”.Diane obviously hadn’t had any experience with telemarketers, it was that time of the day. Just as you were sitting down with your meal they would ring. “Can I answer it?”.”Sure, just don’t buy anything”, and carried on with my, our list, thinking I need to stop with the ‘mine’, it was going to be ‘ours’ from now on.”What have you planed for tomorrow?”Diane, with the phone tucked under her arm stood in the doorway. I looked blankly at her. Don’t yell, she doesn’t know how they work and anyway, don’t jump to conclusions. “Nothing”. She disappeared down the hall again.”Can we go for a drive tomorrow?”. She was back, I had my head in the pantry checking, I turned.Such a smile, how could I refuse. Easy, but I needed to find out what she was up to. I couldn’t think of a marketing scam that you had to drive to. “Where to?”, I thought about her Uncles place so the answer had my jaw around my waist line again.”The airport, we’re picking Mother up at two o’clock…., if you don’t mind”.Shit, she got me again. Her Mother, two o’clock. When did she ring her?. Oh well, I did say she could come, why not now. “Okay, now we really need to do some shopping, the cupboards were bare before I left, we certainly don’t have enough food for three”. I was going to find something to cook for supper, I must have something in the freezer but a meal in town after the shopping would do, probably better. I can cook for me but I’m not a chef. I finished the list and we headed for the car. The supermarket was fun, Diane had forgotten a lot of things the same as I had forgotten a lot of thing we would need. The meal, well it was more a local dinner than a restaurant, good hot food and excellent coffee. Diane added a bit more accent, evidence she had just arrived from England, for the waitress but I didn’t see anyone I really knew.I wanted to talk to Diane on the way home, her Mother, the biting, but she was silent, distant. I could wait, I needed to learn her ways and talking wasn’t listening.We had unpacked and put away everything before the bombshell landed.”I can’t bite you until Mother gets here, she wants me to wait in case anything goes wrong. I’m sorry….., I didn’t know there was a risk for you but Mother or Uncle Willy should be here and we don’t know were Uncle went. Can you wait, please, I didn’t want to frighten you but I knew you wanted it”.Her shoulders were hunched over and there were tears in her eyes as I put my arms around her. A big hug was needed, nothing else. The one thing about watching wolves in the wilderness was patience, they were not always where I was. You had to wait.When those big lustrous eyes looked at me again I knew the time was right.”A hot shower and an early night. We have had two very full days and need a good nights sleep, we have another big day tomorrow. We need to get supper ready before we go, I don’t want your Mother thinking we eat out all the time, that I can’t provide for you”.What a difference a day makes, my last trip to the airport had been filled with dire thoughts, now, the same road flew by. Waking up with a warm bedmate lead to another early morning treat. We had touched and played, experienced new feelings and learned more about each others bodies before making love. The slow gentle type.Dinner was going to be ready when we got home, all I had to do was meet Diane’s Mother, it couldn’t be that hard.We were standing at the gate when I thought I saw Diane walk off the plane. How the hell had she left my side and entered the plane. A sharp noise beside me made me look, there was Diane, I looked back…., they could have been twins. “Shit”.”You really are going to have to stop that, people will stare. That’s my Mother, you can tell, she has bigger breasts, your favourite parts. Well, two of them”. Diane was right, her breasts were fuller but the rest, the same black hair, the same figure and as she got closer I could see, the same big open smile. I tried to remember the name of every wolf in the pack and their colouring, I had to get my mind busy with something else or Mother would be meet with a tent. My cock was showing he would have no trouble with fathering a c***d on her.”Shit, you are getting hard for my Mother, how about you go and collect her bags and calm down a bit”, came the whisper from Diane but with a smile. “I’ll go meet her”.I didn’t know what she had in the way of bags but turned and left quickly before I embarrassed Diane, she could explain better than me anyway and walked into a wall.I’m sure it wasn’t there before and did the usual, looking around to see if anybody had noticed. No, good, off to the baggage area. It did help me focus…, on something else.I did the other usual thing at an airport, standing there looking for a bag when there were no bags. Diane appeared beside me, arm in arm with her Mother. I turned and smiled about to put my hand out and introduce myself when she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a European style kiss on both checks with a heavy intake of my ‘smell’ on the off side. Because my hand was already out, it just seemed natural to give her a hug, so I did. The results were… stunning. Her whole body pressed in.”We need to get on the road, Diane has a spot ready and I need your cock, your sperm, now. I’m ready. Your smell, it’s, my body is telling me I’m ready to mate and you are ‘right’. Your cock is already wet, I can smell that as well”. All that in my ear.I had seen bitches in heat and in a hurry, but…, damn…., thank you, a distraction, the bags started to arrive and Mother turned, I didn’t even know her name. It proved to be a small distraction, Diane in my other ear, “Mother needs you to fuck her, she’s ready to conceive, today. We’ll do it on the way home, at our spot. It will be fun, two women pregnant in two days in the same place by the same male. Mother will need to be up front with you, the smell helps get us ready. I hope you don’t mind, it was the same for me, a sexy male beside me, the smell, it’s…., and your big cock. I haven’t told her yet, I wanted it to be a surprise. Oh, Mothers name is Diane as well but she likes Mother. It’s something to do with Uncle, not father and daughter, it was Uncle and a Mother”.Mother returned with her bag, I decided Mother and Diane, two Diane’s would be too much, then thought, how can a female change countries with one bag…., later.Mother had gone through customs at JFK and we walked out into the sunshine without further problems. Yes, what a difference a day makes, a mate and a pack, and I was going to be busy servicing my pack. We got in the car, Mother beside me and Diane in the back, chatting away as if they hadn’t seen each other in years let alone days.The car seemed to fly to ‘our spot’, I had heard about the weather in England and…”It’s there, over there, Mother it’s perfect, you can see for miles. The moon was up and Jim was the perfect ‘mate’, he watched me change and didn’t even blink. His cock, oh god his perfect cock went right in, y
ou’ll love it and we mated. You were right, it was a first for both of us”.I had parked at the same spot as before and thought about my words then, we will mark it and come back. I hadn’t thought then I would come back with her Mother and looked. The same shimmering change, Mother had removed her clothes as I was parking and I had a wolf shaped female sitting next to me.”You have to fuck her as a wolf, just like me, we only conceive when shifted”. This time I reached over and opened the door, Mother jumped down as I got out, she went to exactly the same place Diane had picked out. I dropped my pants as I had the first time and waited. Mother was sniffing the ground and picked the same spot as her daughter had, all I needed was the moon to confirm it. She got into position tail high and barked. This time there was no hesitation on my part. I wanted Diane as my mate and would do anything to make sure of it, I was going to show Mother who was boss here, who was Alpha.I went over and pushed her aside, just far enough to let her know this was the Alpha females spot, Diane’s place. Thank the gods for all my patience with the wolves, Mother was trying it on, but I softened the blow to her position by rubbing her hard between her legs and I knew I would do more than just lick her pussy. I was going to make it special for her but in a different way. kaş escort bayan Sure enough, Mother found her own spot and lifted her tail.I looked at Diane, the smile was there, “I’m going to suck your Mother before I fuck her, she needs to remember her place. You are Alpha in this pack, you need to know and she needs to learn”.I don’t know if Mother understood my meaning but she seemed submissive now and I felt like a heel, I could make it up to her. I really wanted equals in this pack, as Diane had said, she was not sure she was a wolf, just wolf shaped.I got down on my knees behind her, I think she was ready for me to put my cock in her and fuck. She was in for a surprise. With her tail held high I could see her opening, another thing to talk about, what to call it. Cunt, pussy, vagina, anyway I was going to suck it. Mother jumped as I put my mouth against her vagina, my tongue entering her secret hole, Diane had said she had not found a mate so…., was the only experience she had had with Uncle Willy, her father/lover.Mother was right, she was ovulating, but still I kept sucking, licking that sweet hole, pushing my tongue in and out. Mother didn’t know what to do. I’m sure she wanted my cock but liked what I was doing, she pushed back into me but I kept going.This was my place, the Alpha male and I could do whatever I wanted and I wanted Mother to come before I had entered her. Her tail, which had been hitting my ears suddenly stopped, it stood straight up, her whole body stiffened and I welcomed a blood curling howl, a climax. Now, time for sex. My cock was so hard it hurt, there was only one place to go, her pussy. I went from bent over to kneeling and found a hand wrapped around my cock. Diane was going to help, she held me as I moved forward and my cock entered Mother as it had entered Diane, all the way home.There was a moment of quiet then the howl. I thought Diane had a good voice but her Mother had her beat hands down, it was so deep I could feel it in my chest. This wasn’t the howl of finding a mate, this was a bitch becoming a mother again, adding to the pack. I couldn’t believe it, there was an answer from the distance. Our pack, I was sure it was our pack had joined voice and were answering Mother, she was that strong and the nature of it sent me plunging into her. Pumping, again and again, releasing my seed into her womb. “Shit”, it was a warm tongue in my ear, Diane had changed and was telling me I had done good. Damn surprises and it wasn’t over yet, mother was changing. My cock got another turn in the vice and again I was still hard, I tried to catch my breath and noted that Mother’s breasts were larger. Just for the hell of it I held one and squeezed. The nip on the ear was not expected and I let go with a yelp. Diane had had me again.I was thinking I had a lot of work in front of me with ‘my pack’ when Mother broke in, “Ohmygod, such a cock, such a big cock, Oh my, how are we going to keep you at home when we are heavy with c***d.Dumbfounded, my jaw found it’s usual place, around my waist. My witty reply stopped Mother in her tracks, even Diane sat back, “You’ll have to find me another mate. With only two females in my pack I could wear you out”. I don’t know where that came from but I thought it was good until the pain brought tears to my eyes. I still had my cock in Mother and I don’t think she thought it was funny, it hurt.”I’ll forgive you this one time if you use that big cock to give me another climax, although that was the first time with a tongue and thank you, it was nice, and…. different, I think I would like it again but your big cock, I can’t get enough. Diane said you had a nice cock, she understated that bit. You do want to fuck me again, your cock is still stiff… and wet”.”Mother…., I would like to make love to you, that was our pack that answered your call, I’m sure of it, I think…., no, I know, the feelings are just as important as the act. I have studied wolves for ten years and our pack have survived because they are a pack, one, not a group of individuals together. I thought the same about Diane and now you.I wanted this to be special for you, not just getting pregnant but being a part of something unique. I want Diane to feel special as well, really special, it’s her first time with a mate, her mate. So, I don’t want to fuck you, I want to make love to you”.Diane was lying beside her Mother, watching and gave a little bark, the yes bark. Mother tousled her fur around her neck as I pulled back to give her space to roll over, I wanted to be on top this time. I wanted to control the speed and give Mother ‘enough’ cock to satisfy her. I sat back on my heels and watched as Mother sort of flowed from kneeling to lying on her back, legs open and inviting and the smile. I thought it must be the shifting thing, no wasted moves and smooth, nothing to distract me from wanting to enter her again so I did.I paused at her opening then slowly, oh so slowly slid home, Mother was like Diane in more than one way, her sheath gripped my cock with satin like fingers as my cock disappeared and I could feel the head touch the opening of her womb, she lifted her legs and I pushed harder. The head entered Mother’s womb. I knew, Mother knew and I think Diane knew because nobody moved, nobody spoke, there was even silence in the woods beside the road. It was right here two day’s ago that I thought I could stay like this forever with Diane, now Mother was invoking the same thoughts. I looked down at Mother then glanced at Diane and knew that this was right and could go on forever, I started moving.Slowly at first then speeding up only to slow down again, trying to give Mother as much of my cock as possible, for as long as possible. Mother was breathing heavily which did wonders with her breasts and Diane was growling, more like…, if she had a cat shape, I would think she was purring. I reached down to touch Mother’s clit and her pussy gripped my cock. Again I had the thought of being locked and once again a gave a mighty shove, the head entered her womb again and she cried out as she reached her climax but this time was different, I wasn’t there yet so kept rocking into Mothers pussy. This was more a human thing. I thought I could take her to an orgasm and she wanted more, her legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me back after every out stroke, her heels digging into my bum, driving me on as I felt the urge. Mother must have been close as well as her muscles gripped my cock again. I kissed her.I knew it was time and pushed deep and erupted. Mother cried out again, a deeper, louder cry. She had her orgasm and Diane howled for her.Once again I didn’t want to move, this time I couldn’t move, Mother had me in a bear hug, arms and legs holding me tig
ht as she ‘panted’ in one ear while Diane licked the other. I was in heaven. I remembered seeing the Alpha male collapse after servicing two bitches once and thought, ‘I know how you felt’, but nature was calling a different tune now. I had to piss. Would this be a good time to ‘marry’ Diane, wolf style.I didn’t think there is an elegant way to dismount a female after sex so I lifted, just a bit and Mother showed elegance. Again, sort of flowing from one position to the next and ended up sitting cross legged as I struggled to stand without stepping on anyone or falling flat on my ass. I knew where Diane had got comfortable about being naked from, Mother sat there with nothing but a smile, what a smile and it got bigger as Diane sniffed between her legs then lapped her Mother’s pussy, she was the Alpha female after all, her right.We both start to talk at the same time, we both stopped at the same time. The wolf way, I would go first, the human way, I would let Mother speak first, so I told her to carry on. I needed to know about things before I asked stupid questions, maybe Mother would fill in some of the gap’s. My jaw was heading south when she said.”You are my mate as well, I have never heard Willy talk about it and I don’t know if it has ever happened before but when I ‘smelt’ you at the airport and when we made love while I was shifted, I ‘knew’ my mate, I know it’s true…. I’m pregnant as well!Then, what followed…, I’m over 100 years old, I have never had an orgasm before, never had such exquisite feelings before, only a mate can do that, bring me that high”.I needed to piss was all I could say, I needed hours, days to take it all in. First Diane then Mother, I had no experience with a pack with two Alpha females, equal Alpha females and suddenly Diane was between my legs licking my cock. Op’s, the biting.If I was the Alpha male in a wolf pack I could do what ever I wanted, but this. I wanted equals in our relationship and Diane didn’t help by staying shifted.”Can Diane bite me? Now?, is it safe?”, I looked down at Diane and damn near broke down in tears. Her wolf eye’s pleading. “She needs to know”. The need to piss, latter.”Oh God, I forgot”, Mother reached over to scratch Diane between her ears. “I told her to wait. It would be better if we were closer to town, just in case…., I don’t know. You are different, to be the ‘mate’ to two females, I just don’t know. You could be the link between us. You could be what we have been waiting for. I think it would be okay, what the hell, are you prepared?”.I got down on my knees, no, I thought, on my back and held my head back, neck open. Diane looked at me, then her Mother and moved to stand over me.”Now, do it now, I love you and want you as my mate. I love you”.This time the tears did flow as Diane licked my face then opened her jaw and closed on my throat. I felt her canines break the skin then nothing, I had closed my eyes. Another earth shattering howl brought my eyes open again, Diane was standing over me with blood on her muzzle, not only, another wolf form beside her, Mother was going to do the same. Could I, would I, hell yes. I pulled Mother’s head down.”Do it, do it now. Join our pack as equals, it’s right”, and I felt another set of teeth break the skin of my neck. The howl this time shook my back teeth, reverberated in my body, no, my soul. Diane and Mother had found their mate. They let the world know.I awoke to two tongues licking me, one on my cock, one on my balls, wolf tongues.I really had better stop going to sleep like this and we still had to get home. “Okay, I’m still in the land of the living, but if we don’t make track’s our supper will be burnt before we get home”. I had my sense of humour back and grabbed a breast floating in front of me. They could bite but I could squeeze. A yelp told me I had grabbed Mother and a wet tongue told me Diane was happy as I got up. A nip on my cock told me they hadn’t finished with me yet. I was floating as we neared our turn off, happy, not a care in the world, nothing could have prepared me for this high, well, nothing in this world as I knew it. It was Mother, suddenly serious. “Stop, pull over, stop right now…, Jim!!!!”.I was on cloud number nine as the words broke through a fuzzy smoke screen. Thank you, I had been driving on auto and pulled over without thinking as Mother told Diane to drive us home. I was trying to figure what was wrong with my driving as Mother opened her legs and pushed my head into her sex.”Relax, relax and breath deep, we’ll be home shortly. You have done your duty”.I was thinking ‘who’s shortly’ as I drifted off again, back on cloud nine.The sun was in the same place when I awoke, time to get up and get ready for Diane’s Mother’s arrival. “Shit”, that happened yesterday. The smell of coffee and bacon again tickled my nose, really got in my nose but Diane and Mother entered the bedroom before I could get out of bed. Suddenly I didn’t want to get out of bed. They were both naked, beautifully naked. I could feel my erection growing.”You gave us quiet a scare when you collapsed”, Mother. “We didn’t know what to do”, Diane. “But you do look better today”, Mother. “What the fuck happened, one minute I was driving, the next… I , what happened? I tried to say.Mother put down the tray she was holding, not on the bed as I expected, but on the table and took the mirror from the dresser. “Hold your breath”, and pointed it at me.My jaw got to that oh so familiar place. I looked at the mirror and a cat looked back. A big black panther to be precise, one look at my hand and another look at the mirror confirmed it. I was a cat. I had shifted. “Shit”. A cat. With wolves. “SHIT”.Mother very calmly put the mirror down and reached between Diane’s legs, she rubbed her finger between her lips and then offered me her finger. “Remember Diane, don’t panic, we’ll help you back. Please, think of Diane, think of putting your cock in her, making love to her, don’t strain but just think of your cock going into her pussy, think of your human form fucking her. Concentrate on your cock and then your body, see it in your mind and then think of yourself in your human state, it’s not hard.Your cock is starting to react already, you want to fuck us, as a human.I had seen that shimmering, wavering, shifting of both Diane and her Mother and now I experienced it myself. An exotic, even erotic feeling as I changed back, my senses dulled but my body parts, my cock, was harder than ever, I wanted to do it again, and again, I don’t think I have felt more alive than at that moment. Now I needed to fuck someone, anyone and I think Mother knew. She pushed her finger under my nose again and pushed Diane forward. Telling her that I needed her, needed sex to re-enforce the ability to change and anyway, she was going to sit on my face. Mother likes oral sex. She wanted me to suck her pussy again.I wanted to be human and make love to Diane, I even wanted to be human and suck Mother’s pussy again, but, Boy oh Boy did I want to fuck them both when I was shifted, as a panther, while they were human shapes, my mind took off with these new fantasies. If my cock was big as a human….., I hadn’t seen…., well.

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