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Morning light 6 FINALThe bright morning light rushed into the room as Jennifer lifted the window shade. She walked over the bed, a smile on her freckled face. “Wake up sleepyhead,” Jennifer said as she gently shook Shelly. It was ten o’clock and the young girl had barely stirred. Jimmy was outside mowing the lawn and getting things ready for the cookout with Robert and Rhonda. Shelly turned over and opened her eyes with that “deer in the headlights” look on her pretty face. It took her a minute to realize where she was. When she did, she smiled and held her arms open to Jennifer. “Thank you so much,” she whispered as she hugged her friend and lover. “That was the most incredible night of my life.””You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I brought you some breakfast,” Jennifer said pulling away then placing a tray of food over Shelly’s lap. “I know some breakfast I would rather have,” Shelly said with a smile.”Eat your real food,” Jennifer answered in gentle admonishment. “I have to get going or we won’t be ready for the cookout. Are you sure you can’t join us?””I’d love to but I promised my cousin that I would spend the day with her two little ones. They would be so disappointed if I didn’t make it.””Okay. However, sometime this week I want to sit down with you and talk about a proposition,” Jennifer said.”A proposition? What proposition?””Oh, just some things about college, you, Jimmy and I.”Shelly’s eyes opened wide. “Can’t we talk now?” She asked excitedly.”Sorry sweetie but I have to get going. Now eat and we’ll set something up for later in the week.”Shelly pouted her lips as Jennifer kissed her cheek and went into the bathroom.A few minutes later, Jennifer was standing in the bathroom at the vanity. She was dressed in short shorts and a tank top, putting on her makeup when Shelly came in. Shelly wrapped her arms around Jennifer’s waist and placed her cheek on her back. “Thank you again!” she said as she squeezed Jennifer.”You’re welcome again sweetie,” Jennifer answered, stopping what she was doing as Shelly slipped her hands under her top and squeezed her bare breasts. “Shelly,” she whispered. “I have to hurry.”Shelly ignored Jennifer’s weak protest and began to massage her soft breasts. “I love your breasts,” she said as she began to pinch and squeezed the already hard nipples. “I love all of you. I would eat you for breakfast every morning if you would let me.”Jennifer sighed, half in frustration since her time was short. God, she thought, these k**s are insatiable. Jimmy had practically attacked her this morning and she had fought him off. She grabbed Shelly’s hands as they slipped to the snap on her shorts. However, her efforts at trying to stop the young girl from opening her shorts were futile as the zipper was quickly pulled down. “Shelly,” she said again and shivered as she felt her begin to pull her shorts down her legs.Shelly knew that Jennifer wouldn’t stop her as soon as she let her pull her shorts to her thighs. Her heart began to beat with excitement. Then she slid to her knees behind the older woman, pushing her shorts to her ankles. A little gasp escaped Shelly’s lips as she knelt with her face just inches from Jennifer’s buttocks. She stared at the smooth skin of her ass, observing that there wasn’t a blemish or freckle anywhere on the soft white skin. That fact amazed her since Jennifer had so many freckles on her face. Like a magnet, Shelly’s lips were drawn to the warm skin. She placed little kisses over the surface of her buttocks, leaving wet marks from her lips. “Shelly, please,” Jennifer pleaded again but made no move to stop her. She trembled as she felt Shelly’s hands reach up and grasp her ass cheeks. “What are you doing?” she asked. Shelly knew very well what she was doing; she wanted to eat her wonderful lover’s ass. Her hands spread Jennifer’s buttocks wide. A little smile crossed her lips when she felt Jennifer lean forward slightly and push her buttock back at her. Now her face, and more importantly her lips, were just inches from Jennifer’s little rear hole. She sighed and stuck out her tongue, gently touching the puckered ring. Jennifer jumped in shock. Her hands grasped the vanity as she felt Shelly’s face press tight to her cheeks, her tongue fighting to penetrate the tight little opening.”Shelly, Shelly!” Jennifer gasped. Then Shelly moaned when the sphincter relaxed and let her tongue slip inside. Within seconds, Shelly was lost in her own world of sweet excitement. Her cheeks were being caressed by Jennifer’s soft ass flesh and her tongue was being squeezed inside her body. She barely heard Jennifer’s moans above her.Jennifer’s body began to tremble in excitement from the nasty assault. She could feel her juice beginning to drip down her thighs. As much as she wanted to stop the girl, she was powerless to do so. Her own excitement was betraying her will. With a groan, her thighs moved apart in surrender and she leaned further forward allowing Shelly full access to her sexual parts. Her vagina began to quiver with need. It was pulsing, dripping juice, and demanding a finger, a tongue, anything.Shelly wasn’t ready for that yet. She was so excited to have access to Jennifer’s special place that she almost forgot that there was another hole that needed attention. Her tongue worked relentlessly inside Jennifer’s dark little passage. The taste and the smell were intoxicating to the teen; the taste was sweet, the smell was all Jennifer. “God, Shelly, please,” Jennifer moaned impatiently.Shelly heard her this time and knew what she wanted. She brought the finger of her right hand between Jennifer’s thighs and began to gently rub her swollen lips. Her tongue didn’t stop its movement for one second. Now, Jennifer could no longer hold her hips still. She began to squirm and push her ass back and down on the invading tongue. Suddenly she screamed as two of Shelly’s fingers found her hole and pushed inside. Her legs began to shake and her lower body rocked back and forth, up and down, rapidly moving toward satisfaction. Juice began to stream down Shelly’s arm as her fingers began to plunge rapidly in and out of the contracting hole. She could feel her fingers on her tongue through the little sheath of skin separating her anus from her vagina. She moved her tongue and fingers in and out rapidly. “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Jennifer moaned, her head bowed, her body tense. Suddenly her entire body went stiff. Then a long wail escaped her lips as a climax began to rush through her. She pushed back and down, almost sitting on Shelly’s willing face, her cheeks almost smothering the poor girl. Jennifer was delirious with pleasure now as her body shook with a climax from deep inside her anal walls. Shelly moaned as she felt Jennifer’s contractions. Juice began to drip from her chin as the tiny anal sphincter squeezed her tongue like a vise. Gradually the pulsing slowed. After a few more licks, Shelly pulled away and stood up, smiling at Jennifer’s still trembling form. She was practically laying in the counter, her shorts around her ankles and her ass cheeks wet with saliva. “Well, you had better hurry or you’ll be late,” Shelly said smugly and walked out of the bathroom with a big smile on her face. “Brat,” Jennifer whispered but sighed contentedly, her little back hole still tingling from Shelly’s tongue.Chapter 2The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent preparing for Rhonda and Robert’s arrival. Jimmy had to vacuum the pool and the hot tub, set up the grill and finish up outside. Jennifer straightened up the house and prepared dinner. Robert and Rhonda arrived at 4 PM. Jennifer greeted them at the door and kissed Rhonda, giving her a
big hug. She turned to Robert and smiled, then kissed him briefly on the lips in a friendly manner. It was easy to tell that he was still nervous about the relationship between the two families. A few minutes later, Jennifer and Robert were sitting on the back deck. Rhonda and Jimmy had put on their swimsuits and were frolicking in the pool. From the deck, the entire pool area was visible. The two adults sat on the deck quietly. There was a subtle tension in the air.Finally, Jennifer broke the silence. “Robert, I know this is uncomfortable for you but I would really like to be your friend. I think we have a lot in common now.”Robert said silently, unsure of what to say. Jennifer took a deep breath and said, “Listen, Robert, I know that you and Rhonda have a special relationship and I also know that you saw Jimmy and me the other night.”Robert’s eyes grew wide at the direction the conversation was taking, but he still didn’t respond.Jennifer knew that she was shocking him but continued anyway. “I have been through all of the same emotions that you are going through now. I am certainly no expert but I feel like I can give you some advice. Just go for it! Life is too short to care what society thinks. The truth is that I have fallen madly in love with my own son. He is the love of my life and no one will ever replace him. I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore. I’ve talked to Rhonda and I know that the two of you feel the same way about each other. So we have a special bond you see.” Jennifer reached over and took Robert’s hand. She felt his body tense. When she looked at his face, there were tears in his eyes.”It… it’s been so hard… so hard after Rhonda’s mom died,” Robert said, staring out at nothing. “I feel like I have betrayed her,” he choked and wiped his eyes.”Who?””I guess everybody; Rhonda and her mom. What kind of man am I?” he said derisively. “You’re a good man according to Rhonda, a wonderful father and now a great lover. How can that be so wrong? Your wife is gone and nothing can ever bring her back. If I were she, and could see what is happening down here on earth, I would be happy that the two of you have found each other. That might sound crazy but it’s how I feel. Just go with your feelings. You are hurting no one and I know that you are making one young lady very happy.””I… I guess you’re right but I can’t help thinking that I’m talking advantage of her. She… she is so young.””I don’t think she is ‘that’ young. Rhonda is a mature and very intelligent young lady and I think she knows what she wants. Robert if you deny her your love, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Look at her, look at how happy she is,” Jennifer said, nodding toward the pool. Rhonda and Jimmy were roughhousing in the pool. He picked her up and threw her screaming into the water and dove in behind her.A smile finally appeared on Robert’s face as he watched Rhonda and Jimmy play. “These k**s have such energy, especially sexual energy,” Jennifer said almost wistfully. “I can’t deny that,” Robert answered with a little smile and then he sighed, shaking his head. “Sometimes I think my heart is going to give out,” he added with a nervous laugh.”Or your hard on,” Jennifer giggled then said, “whoops, sorry about that.””The truth hurts,” Robert said laughing at Jennifer’s directness. He began to relax now, deciding that he liked Jennifer. She seemed so open and so loving. She reminded him a lot of Rhonda’s mom. Jennifer wondered if it was time to take the next step. Then she thought that there wouldn’t be a better time. As they watched the k**s continue to play, Jennifer placed her hand on Robert’s bare thigh below his shorts. She thought she felt a little tremble but otherwise he didn’t react. “Rhonda tells me that you… uh… you have quite the equipment,” Jennifer said and held her breath.Robert felt his face flush with embarrassment and his heart begin to beat a little faster. He was shocked at the comment but even more shocked when he felt Jennifer’s hand begin to move gently up and down his thigh. He could feel excitement course through him and his penis began to swell. He tried to think of something clever to say but he was afraid that his voice wouldn’t work. Besides, he was losing blood rapidly from his brain. It was heading to his penis.Jennifer saw Robert’s eyes staring out at the pool. She looked at his crotch and saw movement. A smile came to her lips and she increased the pressure of her hand, moving it under his short leg. Robert began to squirm as his penis pulsed with life. He knew that if Jennifer were looking she would see the bulge in his shorts. Yet, he was afraid to look at her. Within seconds, his penis was straining his short leg, outlined plainly under the cotton material. Jennifer suppressed a gasp as she saw the large head outlined under the material of his shorts. It appeared to be pulsing. With a bold move, she slid her hand over the cloth-covered head. She heard Robert gasp as her hand squeezed the head gently. Her own breath left her lungs as she felt the incredible size of Robert’s equipment; her hand was filled by the swollen head alone. A little quiver ran through her vagina at the thought of his large head splitting her. Jennifer used her thumb to rub the slit in the head almost casually, forcing the cloth around it to become wet with his juice. She could feel the wet circle grow larger by the second as his sticky fluid poured out.Then Robert looked down at Jennifer’s pretty hand caressing him and watched her thumb moving across the wet surface. Finally, he looked up to see Jennifer staring into his eyes. Their eyes held each other for a long moment before Robert closed his and moaned. He felt Jennifer’s hand close around him and begin to move up and down his long shaft, as if she were testing its length. It was a gentle but firm motion. “Oh God!” Jennifer exclaimed when she saw his penis fully stretched under his shorts. “I’ve got to see it,” she whispered almost to herself. Robert just moaned as he felt Jennifer pushing his short leg up his thigh. Then he heard her gasp and felt the heat of the afternoon sun on his exposed head. He could feel her eyes burning into his hard flesh as she held his short leg high on his thigh. He was afraid to open his eyes for fear that he wouldn’t be able to control himself. “Oh my God! It’s huge!” Jennifer exclaimed. The head was covered by a sheath of skin, leaving just the tip and the slit exposed. Jennifer hadn’t been able to see much the other night but now here it was in the bright light of day. Her mouth practically drooled as her hand worked up and down the shaft, causing a steady stream of clear juice to pour from the slit. Then with her other hand, she reached over and pulled the skin from the head, exposing the purple crown. The silky foreskin fascinated her. She moved it easily over the head. A nervous giggle escaped her lips as she made the head appear and disappear. Unable to control herself any longer, Jennifer dropped her head, her tongue coming out like a snake after its prey.”God, Jennifer,” Robert exclaimed when he felt her tongue lathering the exposed tip. His hands gripped the chair until his knuckles turned white. He fought to keep his hips from pushing up into her flicking tongue. Then he groaned as she roughly pulled the skin from the head and began to lick the smooth surface. Robert almost screamed when he felt her open her mouth and try to take the head inside.Jennifer could barely get the head into her mouth. She stretched her jaw wide as her lips wrapped around the crown. It felt like she had a small apple in her mouth. Everything around her faded as pleasure overcame her senses. Her heart pounded in her chest and her vagina quivered, pouring juice into the crotch of her shorts. Robert opened his eyes just in time to see Jimmy and Rhonda get out of the pool and walk toward the deck. Fortunately, they were so engrossed in their conversation that they were not looking at the deck. Robert pushed Jennif
er’s head away from his pulsing penis. There was an audible pop, like a cork from a bottle, as the head slipped out of her sucking mouth. “Jennifer, stop! They’re coming!” Robert said in panic.Jennifer looked up in surprise. Her eyes were glazed over and she looked confused. Suddenly, she realized what Robert was saying and sat back in her chair. Her face was flushed and she was breathing hard as she tried to compose herself. She had totally lost it for a minute. Amazingly, she could still feel the large head in her mouth. Her lips were wet with his juice and she could still taste him. Robert hastily pulled his shorts over his still throbbing penis as the two teenagers started up the steps to the deck. “Everybody hungry,” Jimmy called as he reached the top of the deck with Rhonda close behind.”Uh… yea… uh sure,” Robert said as he watched his daughter walk over to him. His hand moved to his lap to cover the large wet spot on his shorts. He almost tried to stop Rhonda as she whirled around and sat on his lap. At least her wet suit would cover the spot on his shorts he thought.”Ohhhhh!” Rhonda said when she felt the hard shaft under her ass. She looked over at Jennifer and smiled, then winked secretly as she squirmed her soft ass cheeks into her embarrassed father’s groin. Jennifer rolled her eyes and made a face filled with conspiracy and amazement. Then she made a “wow” silently with her lips.Jimmy started the grill and Jennifer and Rhonda went into the house to get the food ready. As soon as the two women stepped into the house, they both broke out in giggles. “God, Rhonda, you didn’t lie about the size of your father’s cock. Lord, how did you get all of that into you?” Jennifer said in amazement.”It was hard. No pun intended,” she laughed. “However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Are you going to try it for yourself later?””I hope so. Did you see us?” Jennifer asked.”Yea, but not very well because of the deck railing. I could see enough to know that you were doing something with your mouth.””I could barely get it inside my mouth. But it sure did taste good,” she giggled. Then the two conspirators dreamed up a plan for Jennifer to seduce Robert.The four of them had a nice dinner, talking, laughing, and getting to know one another. Jennifer and Robert had quite a bit in common. They found out that they had the same birthday and were married in the same month. In fact, they may have had some distant cousins in common. They continued to talk as Jimmy and Rhonda went back to the pool. The sun had gone down and it was getting dark when Jennifer suggested that she and Robert get their swimsuits on and use the hot tub.The hot tub was on the deck in the corner and had a view of the pool below. It was a large tub, seating six people comfortably. Robert was already in the tub when Jennifer came back out. He saw that she had a blue silk robe on and was carrying a bottle of wine, two glasses, and several large fluffy towels. He smiled as he watched the sexy woman walked over.In the pool, Jimmy and Rhonda were at it again. They had turned the underwater lights on and were playing a game of roughhouse tag. “Such energy,” Robert said as he watched them run around and jump into the pool time after time, screaming and giggling. When he turned back to Jennifer, he had to gasp. She had taken off her robe to reveal the same tiny suit that she had worn at the lake with Jimmy. It was nothing but a couple of triangles across her nipples and over her crotch. Her puffy sex lips were barely covered.”You like?” Jennifer asked and turned around to reveal her all but naked buttocks. “Wow!” Robert exclaimed in admiration as he stared at her perfectly shaped derriere. “I guess that’s a yes,” she said as she climbed in the warm bubbling water and sat next to him. Jennifer poured them both a glass of wine and sat back, her body touching Robert’s under the swirling water. They sat and drank the wine, talking quietly, watching the teenagers play.The warm evening air was filled with the sweet smell of magnolias and a whiff of Jennifer’s perfume. The combination of the closeness of the two adults, the warm water and sweet wine brought a feeling of intimacy to them. It was almost as if they had been friends for years. Eventually the evening became very quiet with only the crickets breaking the silence. In the pool, Jimmy and Rhonda were standing close to one another, face to face, waist deep in water. The shimming lights under the water and the shadows give their forms a surrealistic shape. Jennifer snuggled closer to Robert, her hand snaking under the water to grasp his thigh. She smiled when he made no move to stop her hand from sliding up his strong thigh. She looked down at the pool and saw Jimmy and Rhonda in an embrace, their lips locked together. She turned to Robert, took his empty wineglass from his hand, and set it to the side. When she turned back, her eyes met his and their lips came together. Both of them moaned as their tongues worked together. In the pool, Jimmy untied Rhonda’s top and threw it out of the pool onto the cement before moving back into an embrace. His hands reached under the water and pulled her soft ass cheeks toward him, pressing his already hard penis to her groin. Jimmy moaned at the feeling of Rhonda’s hard nipples pressing to his chest and the softness of her pubic mound again his much harder form.”Untie me,” Jennifer said as she turned her back to Robert. She could feel his hands shaking as he clumsily untied the top, letting her pull it off and lay it on the side of the hot tub. Then she turned back to Robert, her firm white breasts thrust proudly toward him. She could feel his eyes burning her flesh, sending a shiver through her. Slowly she lifted one soft breast, reached her hand up to the back of his neck, and brought her swollen nipple to his mouth. She heard him moan as he sucked the nipple between his lips. Within seconds, the heat of the tub was nothing compared to what Jennifer was feeling. She held Robert’s head like a baby as he nursed on first one offered tit and then the other. She was lost in pleasure when she felt Robert’s hands leave her breasts as he worked under the water. Then she smiled when she saw his swim trunks in his hand. A gasp came from her lips when she looked down and saw that Robert’s cock head was sticking güvenilir bahis above the foaming surface, the foreskin no longer able to contain the crown. It looked almost like a small red apple floating on the water. Except that this apple had a long slit in the top and was leaking juice. Jennifer pulled away from Robert and said, “Look!” “Oh God,” he said when he looked out at the pool. He saw that Jimmy was now lying on the side of the pool on his back with his legs still in the water. Rhonda was between his legs, his penis in her hand, and was licking it like an ice cream cone. Jennifer reached down and grabbed Robert’s penis, her fingers unable to touch around the circumference. The stretched skin on his shaft felt soft yet hard as it pulsed in her fingers. “Sit up here,” she said and tapped the side of the hot tub. Robert moved as if in a dream, his eyes still straining at the wanton display of sex by his daughter. He couldn’t believe that he was watching his daughter suck on a boy as he prepared to let the boy’s mother do the same to him. This evening was moving rapidly beyond his wildest imagination. “Watch them,” Jennifer said as she moved between his legs and bent her head. For the second time, she opened her lips wide and took the swollen head into her mouth. She moaned deep in her throat as the head filled her mouth to capacity. It was difficult, but eventually she had his penis head slick enough to move her lips around the head easily. One hand cupped his balls as the other move up and down the shaft. At first, his penis tasted of chlorine but soon there was only the sweet taste of him. Robert’s eyes strained toward the dim light of the pool as he watched his daughter perform oral sex on Jimmy. He would shift his eyes to Jen
nifer for a moment, watched her make love to his penis, and then would watch the two in the pool again. It was almost like he had both mouths on him. Like there were two women sucking his penis. That thought made him shiver in pleasure and a little moan escaped his lips. When Jennifer heard Robert moan, she doubled her effort, using her mouth like a vacuum to suck as hard as she could. Then her tongue would worry the drooling slit, flicking up and down the opening. She felt his hips begin to move up at her sucking mouth. In her hand, his sperm- filled testicles began to churn, to pull up toward his body. Jennifer knew that he was getting close. Suddenly, she heard a growl from deep in Robert’s throat and felt his hands grab for her head. Robert’s fingers twisted in her hair, forcing her mouth down on his swollen head. His penis grew even larger in her already stretched mouth. Suddenly, Jennifer’s rapidly moving tongue felt the slit open and then begin to spew an incredible load of his pent up semen into her mouth. She moaned and swallowed quickly, barely tasting his thick juice before a second, even larger, stream hit the back of her throat. Her mouth was already filled to capacity with the swollen head so there was no place for the cum to go. Jennifer had to wrench her head from Robert’s hands or risk choking. However, when she pulled her lips away, Robert was far from finished. His penis continued to pulse and squirt out streams of cum directly into her face. Jennifer giggled and held his cock like a garden hose that had gotten out of control. Each stream splattered on her face, across her nose, her cheek, and even her forehead. At the pool, Rhonda was groaning as well as she sucked and swallowed Jimmy’s cum. She held his hips to the cement as her mouth worked like a vacuum, sucking and swallowing everything he had to offer. It was a major challenge for her not to lose a drop as Jimmy came in great quantities, filling her mouth repeatedly with the contents of his large testicles. He may not have been as large as her father but he certainly equaled or surpassed him in the quantity of sperm she thought. When Robert’s eyes could focus again, he looked down at Jennifer and almost gasped. Then his face turned red as he saw what he had done. Almost every inch of her face was covered in his sticky discharge. “God I’m sorry,” he apologized. “There’s nothing to be sorry about,” Jennifer said with a smile as she reached up and smeared Robert’s copious sperm across her face. “It’s pretty obvious the contents of your balls equals the size of your cock,” she said in admiration as she continuing to cover her face in his sperm. “I hear sperm is very good for your skin.”Robert could only shake his head at the sexy, free- spirited woman between his legs. He felt his penis twitch with renewed excitement as he watched her hands smooth the cream across her face. Jennifer wiped her face with a towel and pulled herself out of the pool to sit next to Robert. She turned and saw him looking at her with an amazed look on his face. She thought about kissing him but hesitated because her mouth still tasted of his cum. However, she needn’t have worried as Robert grabbed her head and pulled her lips to his. She moaned deep in her throat as his tongue entered her mouth. Jennifer’s hand went directly back to Robert’s still formidable, but soft, penis. She began to caress him as their lips dueled. She almost swooned as she felt his strong hands caress her still sticky face, holding their lips together for a long, drawn out kiss. At the pool, Rhonda and Jimmy were laying on a towel whispering. “I thought I saw your mom sucking on my dad’s cock just before we got busy,” Rhonda said.”I know, I could see her head moving up and down,” Jimmy answered. “Do you think they are going to fuck?” he asked excitedly.”I would bet on it, knowing your mom,” Rhonda answered with a giggle. She neglected to tell him that she and Jennifer had planned for that to happen. “God, I’d love to see that,” Jimmy said.”Let’s sneak over. They look like they’re too occupied to notice us anyway,” Rhonda said.On the deck, Jennifer had placed the two beach towels on the wooden surface and was laying next to Robert kissing him, her hand working on his growing erection. Her swimsuit bottom had joined the discarded top. Robert’s body felt strong and comfortable next to her naked form. As she pressed her breasts to his chest, she heard the two teenagers giggle as they approached the deck. However, Robert seemed to be too occupied to notice. “Be still,” she said to Robert as she began to slide down his body. She placed her head on his stomach and again took his penis into her mouth. Since it was only half-hard, it slipped inside easily this time. As she began to suck, she saw Jimmy and Rhonda peep up from the side of the deck. She smiled as much as she could with a rapidly swelling penis in her mouth. Jennifer worked hard; putting on a show as the two voyeurs looked on. She made quite a show of sucking him then licking up and down the shaft, leaving a thick trail of her saliva.”Good God,” Jimmy said when he saw that his mom had Robert’s penis standing tall again. “How can she possibly get that thing inside her,” he said almost to himself. “Don’t worry, it all fits,” Rhonda said as she slipped in front of Jimmy and pressed her ass back on his swelling organ. “Besides, you came out of there, didn’t you?” Rhonda said rhetorically. When Jennifer had Robert’s penis throbbing stiffly again she rose up and whispered to him, “Stay where you are, I’ll do all the work.”Robert groaned as he lay flat on the deck. His eyes were closed in pleasure at the thought of Jennifer taking his penis into her body. Jennifer stood up, looked down at the smiling faces of the spying teenagers, and saw that their eyes were wide with excitement. She placed her finger to her lips for them to be quiet as she straddled Robert’s middle facing them. However, the sound of the motor to the hot tub would surely drown out any noise that the two giggling teenagers would make. Slowly she squatted until the bulbous head was touching her swollen and ready sex lips. She moved it back and forth, smearing her dripping juice across the head. When it was shiny with her own juice, she placed it at her pulsing hole. Her legs quivered in anticipation, her thighs taut with the strain. She hesitated, looking at her son, locking their eyes together. Then she waited.It took several long seconds but suddenly Jimmy knew that his mom was waiting for him to tell her it was okay. His heart was pounding in his chest; his mouth became suddenly dry with excitement. He knew what he was going to do. Still, he hesitated, wanting to prolong the excitement. The view from their position was incredible. They were but a few feet away and the light from inside the house shined brightly between his mother’s legs. He could see Robert’s erection standing like an oak tree between her legs and her juice beginning to run down the side in a silvery stream. The swollen inner lips caressed the head like fingers trying to pull it inside. “Wait, Jimmy,” Rhonda breathed as she reached between her legs and brought Jimmy’s swollen penis to her own pulsing hole. “Slide it in as your mom takes my daddy’s cock,” she whispered.Jimmy took a deep breath, sighed, and slowly nodded his head up and down in approval to his mother. As he watched his mother close her eyes and move downward, he began to slowly slip into Rhonda. Everyone moaned at the same time. However, Jennifer’s was by far the loudest. It felt like a small baseball bat was being shoved into her stretched hole. Yet, she continued to move downward until about half his long shaft was inside her. Her chest heaved up and down and her legs trembled, as she held steady.Jimmy too had stopped his forward progress, waiting for his mother to take the lead again. He was desperate to move forward. Rhonda wasn’t helping as she tried to push back into him and force his penis the rest of the way into her waiting hole.J
ennifer caught her breath and began to move her hips from side to side in an effort to sink further onto Robert’s shaft. Robert was groaning in pleasure now, his eyes shut tight afraid to look up and see his penis moving into Jennifer’s body. The inside of Jennifer’s vagina felt like a velvet vise, massaging him in her slick warmth. He could no longer tell how far he was inside her but still he wanted to grab her hips and pull her down on him. Jennifer’s face showed a grimace of pleasure as she slowly allowed her weight to force her body downward. Suddenly, she screamed when it felt like something snapped inside her and her hole opened allowing Robert’s penis entrance into the deepest part of her vagina. “Oh God, oh Jesus, ohhhhh,” she moaned when she realized that she was sitting on his stomach and that every inch of his penis was inside her body. She couldn’t believe that she had taken all of him. His penis felt like it was in her stomach.At the same moment, Jimmy pushed his penis deep into Rhonda, bringing a scream from her lips as well. His eyes strained to focus as he stared directly at the point where Robert’s penis and his mother’s vagina met. The lips looked stretched beyond endurance. There was not a fraction of Robert’s penis visible now. Jimmy even thought that he could see his mother’s lower stomach bulge out with Robert’s thickness. Rhonda fought to keep her eyes focused as she watched the two lovers on the deck. Even she was amazed that Jennifer had taken her dad’s entire penis into her body so quickly. She knew exactly what that felt like. It was an incredible feeling to be stretched so wide and penetrated so deep. Yet, she still enjoyed Jimmy’s smaller equipment. It fit snuggly without any pain. Being stretched was wonderful but it was nice to feel a normal sized penis inside her again she thought as she began to move her hips back and forth.Robert was beyond excitement now. He needed some movement or he feared he would lose his mind. He reached down and lifted Jennifer up, bringing his penis almost all the way out of her body. Then he allowed her to drop down again and take his penis back into her body. He vaguely heard her scream, as well as what sounded like cries of pleasure from somewhere else. However, he was too engrossed to realize that the cries came from his daughter just a few feet away. “Oh God, fuck me,” Jimmy hissed as he began to pull Rhonda’s hips into his body. Soon his thighs were making a loud slapping and his penis was forcing juice to spatter from Rhonda’s wet hole. They were both grunting in pleasure now. On the deck, Jennifer’s tentative moves had changed. Her hips were moving up and down freely now, taking Robert’s shaft deep into her body with every thrust. She began to moan incoherently as her entire body was consumed with pleasure from the shock waves emanating from her stretched vagina. “Oh yes, fuck me Jimmy,” Rhonda cried as she neared her peak. She no longer cared if her father heard her cries of pleasure as she moaned and moved her hips rapidly back and forth. Then she felt Jimmy force himself deep into her and stop as if frozen. She held her breath until he moaned and his penis pulsed, unleashing a torrent of juice deep into her. Suddenly her own body reacted and she began to climax with him. “Oh yes, oh yes, ohhhhhh!” she moaned as her knees began to buckle and her body convulsed. When Jennifer saw what was happening in front of her, her own body reacted. It felt like a small earthquake in her lower region as tremors moved up her body. She tried to scream but when she opened her mouth, nothing came out. Ever morsel of her energy was centered in her vagina. There was nothing left for her vocal cords. If felt like she was having a seizure as her vagina contracted around the giant shaft. She barely heard Robert moaning that he was going to cum. However, she felt it. It was as if the head of his penis had exploded inside her. She had never felt cum hitting the inside of her vagina like this before. It couldn’t be her imagination. She could actually feel Robert’s spewing cum hit the entrance to her womb, spattering and coating the walls of her contracting hole. A strange thought of relief that she was on birth control pills crossed her mind.A little while later, Jimmy and his mother were lying on the towels snuggling. Robert and Rhonda had said their good-byes and left for home. Jennifer sighed contentedly she lay in her son’s arm as they looked up at the clear night sky. “That was incredible, Mom,” Jimmy said quietly.Jennifer turned her eyes to Jimmy and said timidly, “You’re not mad that I enjoyed it so much, are you?” “Of course not, Mom. God, I’m not sure I have ever cum so hard as I did watching you take that incredible cock into your pussy.” “It did stretch me pretty good,” she answered dreamily. “However, the truth is that I much prefer your normal penis.””Really?” Jimmy said as if he didn’t believe her.”Absolutely. Big is nice, but I think your cock is just perfect for me,” Jennifer said and reached down and grasped his soft penis. “Do you think it could get hard one more time for me?””What do you think,” Jimmy replied as they both looked down and watched his penis grow hard in her hand. Jimmy rolled over and moved between his mother’s thighs. He moaned as his penis slid into her open and very sloppy hole.In the car, Rhonda sat close to her father. They were quiet for a long time before Rhonda broke the silence. “Are you okay, Daddy?” she asked.”I’m fine, Rhonda,” he said almost tersely. I… I guess… I’m just sorry that I got carried away,” he added more softly.”Daddy, it wasn’t all your fault. I guess I should tell you that… that… Jennifer and I planned what happened.”Robert looked at Rhonda with shock on his face. “You planned it… all of it?” he asked incredulously. “Now you’re mad,” Rhonda said with a pout.Robert was silent for a long time. Finally, he said, “I’m not mad, Rhonda. I guess I’m just a little shocked.””Sorry, Daddy. It was wrong but a seduction was the only way we could figure out how to get you involved.””But why did you want me involved?””Well, the truth is that Jennifer, Jimmy and I have had sex several times,” Rhonda admitted. However, she left out the part about Shelly because she felt it might be a little too much for him. He was after all her father and grew up in a generation where sex wasn’t talked about. At least that is what Rhonda and most teenagers thought about their parents.Again, Robert was shocked by Rhonda’s frank admission. “I… I… don’t know what to say.””Just say that you love me,” Rhonda pleaded with tears in her eyes. “Of course I love you,” Robert said as he pulled into the driveway of their house. He took his daughter into his arms and kissed her tenderly. When he pulled away, he wiped the tears from her eyes. “Rhonda, I love you more than I ever thought I could love again. You are everything to me.”Rhonda smiled through her tears and whispered, “Make love to me, Daddy.”Robert moaned and kissed his daughter again. Then he felt her hand begin to caress his swelling penis through his shorts. “Let’s go inside,” he said softly.”Hurry, Daddy,” Rhonda pleaded, her voice thick with desire again.Robert rushed around to the passenger side of the car, opened the door, and picked his daughter up in his arms. He walked her quickly up the steps and to the door, fumbling with his keys to get the door open. As soon as they stepped into the foyer, Rhonda’s lips were on his again. Robert pulled away and stood his daughter up, quickly stripping his clothes off. Rhonda did the same, pulling her top and shorts off, throwing them across the room in haste and leaving her naked in front of her father. She pulled him to the carpet and lay on her back letting him crawl between her legs. She grunted as his swollen penis sliced through her welcoming sex lips.As Robert’s penis slid into his daughter’s body, one big question was answered. He had wondered if she and Jimmy
had been having intercourse while he and Jennifer were making love on the deck. The answer was very clear to him as his large shaft slid easily into her body, coating his penis in Jimmy’s thick cream.Chapter 3Shelly had an exhausting day with her cousin and her two k**s. They were three and five and full of energy. She had planned to stay the night but by the end of the day, she wanted to go home and relax. Her cousin was disappointed but understood.When Shelly pulled up to her house, there were two cars in the driveway. She recognized one as belonging to Ralph Jenkins, a biology teacher at school. He had been over on a number of occasions to visit with her mom and dad. However, Shelly wasn’t sure she liked Ralph. He seemed so bossy around her parents. He also scared her a little. He was big, black and very muscular, with a smoothly shaven head. She would have normally thought he was handsome but he looked at her like he wanted to devour her. Still, there was there was a little thrill when she was near him, almost like an a****l magnetism. The other car in the driveway belonged to her uncle. Shelly wasn’t naturally suspicious by nature but after the video that she had seen a few weeks ago, she knew that something was going on. Ralph had been over quite often lately. Sometimes he stayed in the spare bedroom or at least she thought that he stayed there. Just the other day she had seen him there when she arrived home after her date with Jimmy. Instead of going in the front door, Shelly sneaked around back. She started to go to the kitchen door but stopped when she saw movement between the curtains on the basement window. Her eyes opened wide as she peeked into the clubroom. She saw her mother standing in the center of the room with her head down. Sitting meekly in chairs were her father and uncle. Suddenly, as if someone had given them an order, both her father and uncle jumped up and went quickly over to her mom. She gasped when she saw them begin to take her clothes off. With wide eyes she watched them strip her mother until she was entirely naked. Next, they took a rope and tied her hands behind her back. The two men made Shelly’s mom kneel on the floor. Then they returned to their chairs. However, they didn’t sit down but instead began to strip. Within seconds, everyone Shelly could see through the narrow window was naked. For the second time, Shelly saw her father and uncle naked. Both had erections as they took their seats again. It sounded to Shelly like someone other than the three people she could see was talking. She wondered where Ralph was. She didn’t have to wonder long. Another gasp escaped Shelly’s mouth when she saw him walk into view. He was shirtless, his dark skin shining, muscles rippling. He stood directly in front of Shelly’s mother, her eyes staring at his crotch. His pants were tented, showing his own excitement.Ralph reached for his belt and then unzipped his pants. Soon he stood in his jockey underwear, his erection obvious to everyone. Slowly he pulled his shorts down, letting his long black penis spring free. His throbbing penis bounced up and down with excitement, just inches from Shelly’s mother’s face. Shelly watched as Ralph reached down and grabbed her mother’s nipples. He pulled them hard, stretching her breasts from her body. Shelly could see her mother’s mouth open in a cry of pleasure or pain, or maybe both. In spite of her shock, Shelly felt her own vagina begin to quiver. Her own submissive nature began to control her emotions. She wanted to run away but her legs wouldn’t move. Instead, she continued to watch as her father and uncle came back over and knelt next to her mother. She was totally shocked to see her father reach up, take the long black penis in his hand, and hold it to her mother’s lips. Her uncle pushed her mother’s head forward until she took it into her mouth. Then he forced her head back and forth, her drooling mouth coating the black stick with her saliva.Shelly’s hand found it’s way inside her shorts and began to rub her swollen vagina as she watched her father and uncle began to suck on her mother’s breasts. Ralph continued to push his penis in and out of her mouth, holding her head in his hands. After a few minutes, Ralph pulled away from the sucking mouth türkçe bahis and walked over to the pool table. He climbed up on the table and lay down on his back. Shelly felt her sex lips quiver as she looked at his long black pole sticking up from his prone body. Then she watched as her father and uncle picked her mother up and carried her to the pool table. A gasp escaped Shelly’s lips as she saw them lift her up and hold her just above the throbbing organ. Then as if on queue they sat her down, the black penis disappearing into her body. The fingers that had been working on Shelly’s swollen lips plunged into her body as she watched her mother take Ralph’s penis into her. She stared in amazement as the two men worked her mother up and down on his shaft. Within a few minutes, she could see that her mother was climaxing repeatedly, her juice slick on the black skin of Ralph’s penis. Then she heard a bellow and knew that Ralph was climaxing as well. Soon his thick juice was running out of her mother and coating his penis and balls. Shelly closed her eyes and whimpered as a strong climax rushed through her. When she had recovered and opened her eyes, she saw her father on his knees with his mouth buried between her mother’s legs. Shelly staggered back to her car. She didn’t know where to go. She couldn’t go back to her cousin’s house so she decided to go to Jennifer’s for the night. When she arrived and Jennifer answered the door she could see that she had been in bed. Still she welcomed her into the house and they sat on the sofa. With excitement in her voice, Shelly explained what she had seen at home. Jennifer was amazed but not entirely surprised. She offered Shelly her hospitality for the night, which she readily accepted. Since Shelly was going to be there for the night, Jennifer figured this was as good a time as any to tell her about her proposition. “Shelly, have you decided on a college yet?” Jennifer asked.”No, not really… Why?””Well, I told you I had a proposition to make to you if you are interested.””Sure! What is it?” Shelly asked, immediately excited.”Well, I have a job offer in California. Jimmy and I have decided to move out there.”Shelly’s face turned somber and she looked like she might cry.”Before you get too upset, let me tell you the proposition. Jimmy is going to find a college there. We were talking and were wondering if you might be interested in joining us?””Wow, are you k**ding? Absolutely!” she said, a big smile returning to her face. “Now wait a minute,” Jennifer said with a smile. “Let me finish. You could live with us while you go to school. Your mom and dad would still have to pay your tuition but I could cover everything else. I take it that you would be interested?””Oh God, Jennifer, I can’t believe it. When would we be leaving? Soon, I hope?””Jimmy and I are going out there in two weeks to find housing and check out colleges. He has a lot of information on colleges in the area. There are several large universities within driving distance. If you want to join us, I’ll get you a ticket.””Oh God,” Shelly screamed and jumped up to hug her, forcing them both back onto the couch. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Shelly said, kissing Jennifer’s face repeatedly. All the screaming woke Jimmy up. He came walking down the stairs; his eyes puffy from sleep and his hair messed up. “What’s going on?” he said with a yawn. “Shelly is going to join us in California,” Jennifer said excitedly. “Oh, great,” Jimmy said sleepily. His brain was too sleep fogged to understand. “See you guys later.” Jimmy turned and walked back up the stairs.”Do you think he was even awake,” Jennifer laughed.”No. What did you do to him? He looked exhausted.””Rhonda and I kind of worked him over,” Jennifer answered, her eyes twinkling naughtily. “D
o you have anything left for me?” Shelly asked.”I always have plenty left for you,” Jennifer answered and spread her legs, forcing her nightgown up her thighs. Shelly was on her knees in a flash with her head buried between Jennifer’s warm and inviting thighs. She could immediately smell the sexual activity that had transpired just hours before. Jennifer’s vagina was still swollen and stretched, her hole still dripping with remains from her two lovers. Shelly almost growled as her mouth covered the hole and she began to suck, pulling the remaining sperm into her hungry mouth.Jennifer’s legs wrapped around the young girl’s head as she felt her mouth sucking on her like a vacuum cleaner. Within minute’s, the talented mouth and tongue brought on her crisis. However, when she came down from her first climax, the insatiable minx continued to work on her and even pushed a naughty finger into her rear hole. Jennifer lost count of the number of times she climaxed.An hour later, Jennifer had to push Shelly’s head from between her legs. She thought she would expire if she had one more climax. Besides, her vagina was now raw and sensitive from all of the activity in the last few hours. “Come on upstairs and I’ll take care of you for a while,” Jennifer whispered as she kissed the young girl’s wet and sticky lips. Jennifer led Shelly to her bedroom. Unfortunately for Jimmy, he was wiped out from his previous encounters with his mom and Rhonda and barely moved when the two women climbed into bed. However, Jennifer had no such limitations. Jimmy barely heard the moans and groans from Shelly as Jennifer pleasured her long into the night.Chapter 4The following day, Jennifer told Shelly about the new relationship with Rhonda and Robert. Shelly was a bit jealous at first until Jennifer told her that she could join them if she wanted too. She was more than a little excited about that. As always, she wanted to know when. Jennifer said she would set up something for the following weekend. She told her that she would arrange a special little party for her. A “coming out” party so to speak.———————————————————————————————————–It would have been a bizarre set up to most people. Yet, the unusual had become natural for Jennifer and her extended family now. The four of them were sitting in the family room drinking wine and talking quietly. They all had on silk bathrobes but were naked underneath. Jennifer sat in an armless chair away from the others. Everyone thought that was strange but knew it had something to do with the evening’s activities. Jennifer had prepared Shelly for the party. She hadn’t told anyone what was going to happen tonight or that Shelly was even there. Robert had met Shelly but still didn’t know that she participated in their sexual activities. Therefore, it was quite a shock to him when she walked into the room.Jennifer had dressed Shelly in her favorite little girl’s outfit. She had pulled her hair back into to ponytails with little blue ribbons and had her put on a little girls blouse and short, short skirt. She even had her carry a big sucker in her hand. Robert let out a gasp of surprise.”Robert, you remember Shelly, don’t you?” Jennifer said casually. “Uh… uh… uh… yes I… uh guess,” he stuttered, his eyes wide in amazement. Robert pulled his robe tight to him, a little embarrassed that an “outsider” was there. He felt disappointed that someone was going to get in the way of their activities. He had quickly come to love their little get together’s. “Shelly is going to participate with us in our fun and games tonight,” Jennifer said, motioning Shelly over to her. “You see, Shelly’s been a bad girl today and needs a little correction. She gets like that sometimes, so I need to take her in hand. I thought all of you might like to watch.”Robert felt his heart begin to pound in his chest. What was going on here? he wondered.Shelly stood shyly in front of Jennifer who looked at her sternly. “I think a little spanking should teach you a lesson,” Jennifer said as she pulled the young girl roughly over her lap.Shelly yelped but didn’t resist as she practically fell over Jennifer’s legs. Her head almost touched the floor and her buttocks were in the air. Everyone’s mouth dropped open as they watched Jennifer lift Shelly’s short skirt to her waist. She had on a pair of little girl panties with balloons printed all over them.”She has such a nice little ass,” Jennifer said to no one in particular as she ran her hand across the tight panties. “I’ll bet her sweet cheeks will shine when I’m done.” Jimmy and Rhonda began to snicker. Robert’s eyes were as big as saucers as he watched Jennifer pull Shelly’s panties down her thighs. “I think ten smacks from me will be a good start,” Jennifer said as she raised her hand and brought it down on Shelly’s smooth buttocks. There was a loud crack in the room. Robert jumped at the sound and his mouth opened in surprise.The smack wasn’t terribly hard but hard enough to leave a hand print. Shelly and Jennifer had discussed the little show they were going to put on. In fact, it had been Shelly’s idea. At first Jennifer had balked at the thought of spanking her but Shelly had pleaded. Finally, Jennifer had relented but agreed that there would only be ten smacks. While Shelly wanted more, she took what she could get.Robert couldn’t believe what he was watching. He had never seen anything like it in his life. Yet, his amazement turned to excitement as he watched Jennifer redden the young girl’s ass. The smacks rang out in the room as Jennifer landed one after the other. Although Jennifer wanted to go easy on Shelly, she found that with each smack the blows got a little harder. By the sixth one, her breathing was heavy and her heart was beating wildly in her chest. She could feel her vagina throbbing between her legs. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, she had begun to enjoy this little game. She could feel the heat grow under her hand with each smack. By the time she got to ten smacks, she had lost count. Her head was spinning with excitement. Somewhere around the fifteenth blow, she realized that she had gone too far and stopped her hand in mid-swing. Shelly was squirming and moaning on her lap.”Stand up, young lady,” Jennifer said, trying to sound stern, but shivering in excitement. Jennifer’s own face was red and her breathing was labored. Shelly stood in from of Jennifer, her head down and a submissive look on her face. “Turn around and show me your ass,” Jennifer ordered.Everyone watched, as Shelly turned around, her panties still at mid-thigh. She slowly lifted her skirt in back. It was Jennifer’s turn to gasp and squirm in her chair. Shelly’s normal white ass was bright red and looked hot to the touch. She felt a moment of regret, chastising herself for going too far. Then she looked between Shelly’s legs and saw her juice literally running down her thighs. She almost sighed in relief. “Now go around and show everyone what a bad girl gets,” Jennifer said, her voice quivering.Shelly’s face was as red as her ass as she turned to walk over to Rhonda. While she hadn’t expected to be displayed like this, her submissive nature sent shivers up and down her spine. Her panties were still stretched across her thighs, making it difficult to walk. She stopped in front of Rhonda, turned around, and bent slightly forward. Her swollen buttocks were throbbing sweetly under her skirt now.Rhonda lifted the skirt. “Oh my, you did a wonderful job, Jennifer,” Rhonda said as she reached out to touch her hot buttocks. “Wow, that’s hot,” she exclaimed in mock severity. “And I bet this is hot as well,” she added as she slid her hand between Shelly’s legs.”Ohhhhh!” Shelly moaned as Rhonda’s fingers rubbed her swollen lips.On impulse, Rhonda took Shelly’s wet lips between her fingers and squeezed rather harshly, pulling them away from her body.”Oh Goddddd!” Shelly moaned and her legs shook with pleasu
re.Jimmy smiled as he looked at Robert for his reaction. Robert was in total shock. The entire scene was like a dream, a wild sex dream. He couldn’t believe that his daughter was actually playing with another girl. Sure he knew that she, Jimmy, and Rhonda had been together sexually, but he didn’t expect the girls to be doing anything. Boy, was he wrong.After Rhonda pulled her wet fingers from Shelly’s crotch, she pushed her over to Jimmy to let him see. Jimmy flipped the skirt up, chuckled, and palmed one buttock in his hand. The feeling of her warm ass cheek made his penis throb. Then he quickly pushed two fingers into Shelly’s sloppy hole. He smiled when Shelly groaned as his fingers slid easily inside, making a squishing sound. “Why the little slut is positively dripping,” Jimmy said, pulling out his wet fingers and holding them up for everyone to see. Shelly didn’t see Jimmy lick his fingers clean behind her back. Finally, Shelly walked tentatively over to Robert. Her vagina felt as swollen as her buttocks now. Her legs were shaking as she neared this stranger. She stopped and turned around, lifting her skirt hesitantly. Her red ass was inches from Robert’s face. His face was flushed with excitement and embarrassment. Shelly stood silently, feeling his eyes on her. When nothing happened, she looked over her shoulder at him and said shyly, “You can touch me, if you want.”Robert’s hand moved as if in slow motion. He cupped one hot buttock in his hand, holding it like it was delicate china. He squeezed gently and Shelly moaned. His hand was shaking as he moved it to the other buttock. He squeezed it a little harder and lifted the firm cheek as if testing the weight. His hand was shaking when it moved between her spread thighs. When his fingers touched her wet lips, he felt her move down slightly, almost like she wanted his finger inside her. Slowly he pressed his middle finger between the lips and into her hole. It was Robert’s turn to moan as her tight hole grasped his finger and juice poured out as if he had punctured a water balloon.Shelly began to move back and forth, forcing the finger to saw in and out of her vagina. Her eyes were closed and little whimpers were coming from her lips. When Robert pulled his finger out she turned to him, looking at his large hands, and said in a half whisper, “You can give me some for being a bad girl, if you want.”Jennifer’s eyes brows rose in surprise. This definitely wasn’t part of the plan. “Uh… uh… I… uh,” Robert stuttered, unsure he understood what she wanted. His eyes were wide when Shelly bent over his thighs. He looked around the room for some support. What he saw was the other three looking at him expectantly.”Go ahead,” Jennifer said breathlessly, her voice sounding strange in the otherwise quiet room. Robert’s hand was shaking as he lifted the young girl’s skirt. He sucked in his breath at the exposure of her now quivering ass cheeks. It was several long minutes of silence before he finally raised his hand into the air. Everyone in the room jumped as his much larger and rougher hand met Shelly’s already red ass. A whine escaped Shelly’s lips as her hips rose off Robert’s lap toward his again raised hand. Another smack rang out. Everyone in the room was gasping for breath now. They watched as Robert delivered three, four, then five harsh blows. It was much harder than she had ever been spanked before. Shelly’s vagina quivered at the stinging blows to her tender ass. She felt the blood rushing to her head as she tried to control her excitement. Another couple of harsh smacks was all it took. Suddenly, Shelly’s legs went out straight behind her. Her face scrunched up in pleasure as her flaming ass sent a climax rippling through her. Shelly’s convulsing body almost fell off Robert’s legs. She quivered as if she were having a fit. It was hard to tell who was more surprised, Shelly or everyone else in the room.Robert sat staring at the writhing body on his lap. He saw that her poor ass was far redder than before. Even his hand was red and tingling. Jennifer cleared her throat to get their attention. Robert looked up in surprise and then self-consciously pushed Shelly to her feet.”Shelly, thank the nice man for being so kind to you,” Jennifer ordered.Shelly knelt at Robert’s feet and placed her hands on his knees.Robert looked over at Jennifer almost in fear. Then he looked down and watched the young girl with the ponytails open his thighs and push his robe apart.”Oh my God,” Shelly exclaimed as she gazed on the biggest penis she had ever seen in her young life. She reached her hand out and touched it like it might break. Then she smiled and pulled it to her mouth. Like Jennifer, she had never seen an uncircumcised penis. She pulled the skin down, exposing the swollen crown. Shelly moaned and brought the knob to her lips. She kissed and sucked the head as her hand began to move up and down. Robert watched the young girl suck his penis with amazement. He felt like a “dirty old man” sitting there and letting her lick him. He was about ready to grab the girl’s head when he heard Jennifer’s voice.”Shelly, come back over here and get the second part of your punishment,” Jennifer said, her own throbbing sex needing attention. Jennifer pulled her bathrobe apart at the knees and spread her legs. Everyone in the room could see her swollen and wet sex lips between her thighs.Shelly walked over, her thighs squishing together, her legs barely able to hold her up. Her panties fell to her feet and she stepped out of them without looking down. She went to her knees between Jennifer’s legs as if in a trance. She could smell her lover’s excitement even before she bent her head. Her shaking hands touched Jennifer’s thighs and she pushed them further apart.Everyone in the room knew that this wasn’t punishment for Shelly.Robert thought he was going to cum without being touched as he watched the young girl bend her head and begin to kiss Jennifer’s thighs. He had seen this in movies and thought it was fake, because women didn’t really like doing that kind of thing. However, he heard Jennifer moan and then watched her lean back as Shelly buried her face between her open legs. He suddenly concluded that he had lived a very sheltered life. Robert wasn’t the only one who thought he was going to cum spontaneously. Jimmy was desperately trying to control his own excitement. His erection was throbbing between his legs. Finally, unable to control himself any longer, he pulled his robe apart and took his penis in his hand. He no longer cared that Rhonda and Robert could see him. Rhonda got up from her chair and sat next to her father. She giggled when he jumped as her warm hand touched his thigh. Quickly her hand snaked inside his robe and found his swollen penis. Then she untied his robe and opened it so that she could have free access to his dripping pole. For a long time, the room was silent except for the sounds of whimpers and moans. Jimmy pumped his hand up and down as he watched and Rhonda squeezed and massaged her father’s shaft lovingly. All eyes were on Jennifer and Shelly.Robert shook with pleasure as his daughter caressed his swollen penis. He barely noticed anything else until Rhonda stood up, straddled his thighs, leaning back on his chest. He continued to watch Jennifer and Shelly over Rhonda’s shoulder as she slipped her tight vagina over his penis. A moan escaped his lips as her hole stretched to accommodate his large organ. Jimmy needed to get in on the action or risk cumming on his stomach. He got up on shaky legs and walked over to the Shelly’s kneeling form. His eyes stared down at her still red ass and watched it moving back and forth as she continued to eat Jennifer. He saw that his mother’s eyes were tightly shut in pleasure. With a sigh, he knelt behind Shelly and wet his finger. Then he heard her groan as he slipped the wet digit into her tight rear hole and buried it to the last knuckle. When she didn’t pull away, he pulled his finger out and brought his swollen penis head to the little
rose.Jennifer’s eyes opened in surprised at Shelly’s scream. Then a smile crossed her lips as she watched her son slide his penis into her ass.It didn’t take long after that for everyone to lose control. Rhonda was bouncing up and down on her father’s giant penis like she was riding a rocking horse. Jimmy was pounding into Shelly’s ass, forcing her mouth to press even harder into Jennifer’s vagina. Jennifer screamed first as her body convulsed in pleasure, her eyes locked on her son and lover.Jimmy and Shelly weren’t far behind. As soon as Shelly felt Jimmy began to pour his sperm deep into her bowels, her body shivered in pleasure. Now, her mouth was filled with Jennifer’s wet flesh and her ass was filled with Jimmy’s squirting penis. She could still feel her red and swollen ass tingle. Shelly felt incredibly loved and wanted. She hadn’t had this feeling since her lover left her. She was in heaven and she was home. Rhonda squeezed her legs tight as she felt her dad begin to pour his juice into her welcoming hole. There was so much juice that it squished out, splattered on Robert’s thighs, and dripped from his testicles.Within minutes, the room was filled with five satisfied and exhausted lovers. Later that evening, Shelly had the thrill of having the largest penis she had ever seen stretch her little vagina. Robert’s hands mauled her still tingling ass as he pounded his flesh into her almost virgin hole. She screamed repeatedly until she passed out in pleasure. She wasn’t even conscious when her lover poured his copious sperm into her body. Chapter 5Rhonda was surprised when she picked up the ringing telephone and found Jimmy on the line. She thought something was wrong since he rarely called her. “Hi, Rhonda,” Jimmy said.”Hi, Jimmy. Is everything okay?””Everything is wonderful. Listen, Rhonda, I wanted to ask you to do me a big favor.” “Sure, Jimmy. What is it?””Well, I want you to help me find an engagement ring for my mom,” Jimmy said almost breathlessly.”An engagement ring?” Rhonda asked in surprise.”Yes. I know we can’t really be married but I want to give her something special.””Jimmy, that’s so sweet. But where are you getting the money?””I have güvenilir bahis siteleri five thousand dollars saved up for a car I wanted to buy.””God, Jimmy, you are a one -of- a- kind guy.””Will you help me?””Absolutely! Why don’t we invite Shelly along?””I was thinking about that but I know how she feels about my mom and wasn’t sure how she would feel about that.””Are you k**ding?” she will love it. She can’t marry your mom either, you know,” Rhonda laughed.”Sometimes I wonder,” Jimmy said with a chuckle. “Will you call her then?””Sure.””I was thinking about tomorrow afternoon. I’ll pick you guys up at one o’clock then.”The next day, Rhonda and Shelly dragged Jimmy to just about every jewelry store in town. Finally, they found a great deal on a beautiful two-caret diamond. On the way home, Rhonda suggested that she host an intimate engagement party for the five of them at her house on Saturday night. Jimmy agreed but he was so excited that he couldn’t wait until Saturday to give her the diamond. He invited his mom to dinner the next evening. He took the remaining money in his savings account and got a reservation at the best restaurant in town.Jennifer was delighted with the special invitation to dinner but didn’t understand what it was all about. She had no idea what Jimmy had planned. Jimmy dressed in a suit and had his mom put on his favorite dress. It was short, black, and very low cut. He treated her like gold the entire evening, bringing her flowers and opening doors like a perfect gentleman. No one at the restaurant seemed to notice that there was such an age difference between the two. It appeared that they were just two young people out for a special dinner.When the dinner was over, Jennifer noticed that Jimmy had become very nervous, almost solemn. “Are you okay, sweetie?””I’m fine, Mom,” Jimmy said as he looked around the room nervously. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a musician appeared with a violin and started to play.Jennifer’s face showed her total surprise. “Jimmy, what…” she started to say but stopped when she saw him pull a black box from his jacket.Jimmy’s hands were shaking as he fumbled with the box before opening it. He turned the box around and held it out to his mother.Jennifer saw the large diamond gleaming brightly in the dim light of the restaurant. Now Jennifer’s hands were shaking as she reached out to take the box.”Jimmy, what is this?””Mom, I know we can’t ever really be married,” Jimmy whispered, his voice shaking, “but… but… I want to be with you forever. I can’t ever see anyone else in my life. Will… will you marry me?””Oh my God, Jimmy,” Jennifer said looking at the diamond then at Jimmy. “I… oh God, I don’t know what to say.” Tears began to stream down her cheeks.Jimmy had tears in his eyes as well. It was partly happiness, but also a little worry that he had gone too far, since she hadn’t said yes. Jennifer was so shocked that she just stared at the diamond, not realizing that Jimmy was waiting for an answer. Suddenly she realized that he was waiting. “Oh God, Jimmy, yes! There is no one else in the world that I want more than you. I love you with all my heart.”Jimmy’s face lit up like a Christmas tree and he let out a big sigh of relief.”Jimmy, where in the world did you get the money for this?” Jennifer said acting like the mother suddenly.”I had a little saved up for something special,” he answered, his chest swelling with pride. “Rhonda and Shelly helped me pick it out. They want to have a special party for us on Saturday night.””And I talked to Rhonda just last night and she didn’t say a word,” Jennifer said, squinting her eyes and making a face like she was mad. “Wait until I get hold of her.”Jennifer took the ring out of the box and put it on her finger. It was a perfect fit. Suddenly, the music stopped and the musician began to clap his hands together. Jennifer’s face turned red as she looked around the restaurant and saw that everyone was looking at her and Jimmy. Then the entire room broke out in applause when they realized that there was something special going on.”Let’s get out of here, sweetie. I have something special for you at home,” she smiled sexily.The two lovers were in an embrace as the valet brought their car up to the curb. The young man got out of the car and stood waiting as they continued to kiss. Jimmy took the keys and tipped the driver without taking his eyes off his mom. They kissed again before they pulled away. “Someone is going to have some fun tonight,” the young valet said to his friend with a big smile.By the time the two lovers arrived home, both were so excited that they could barely wait to get into the house. They kissed again in the car and then on the steps, unconcerned that the neighbors might see. Before they rushed up the stairs, Jennifer stopped Jimmy and took him into her arms again. “Jimmy, I want you to fuck my ass tonight. I know you will never get my virginity but my ass is yours, whenever you want it,” Jennifer said, a blush on her face. “I will never give that to anyone else. It will be our special place.””Oh God, Mom,” Jimmy said as he practically pushed his mother up the stairs.Jimmy was half-undressed as he entered the bedroom. He pulled his mother’s shoulder straps down and let her dress fall to the floor. Jennifer was naked underneath except for her nylons and heels. She started to reach for her nylons and Jimmy grabbed her hands. “Leave them on,” he said, his voice rich with excitement.Jennifer smiled and began to take the rest of Jimmy’s clothes off. She knelt at his feet and pulled his shoes off, then pulled his pants and shorts down. She giggled when his hard penis flopped out and slapped her face. Then she reached her hand up and wrapped her fingers around the shaft. Both of them smiled when the new diamond on he
r hand sparkled brightly as she moved it back and forth. Jennifer’s heart was bursting with love as she took her son into her mouth.”Mom… Mom…” Jimmy called out in panic.Jennifer looked up and realized that she had almost forgotten what she wanted to do with his penis. She realized that he was about to cum in her mouth. “Sorry,” she said. Jennifer got up and pulled her son by his throbbing penis to the bed. “On your back. I want to do it this time.”Jimmy quickly complied as she got in the middle of the bed on his back. His penis was pointing toward the ceiling, throbbing, and drooling a steady stream of juice. He watched his mom take her high heels off and climb onto the bed. Then she straddled him, her back toward his head. As Jennifer squatted, she looked over her shoulder. “Watch it, Jimmy. Watch that sweet cock go into my tight asshole. It’s a special place for you, Jimmy. No one else will ever be there.” Jennifer reached between her legs and wrapped her hand around Jimmy’s penis. She placed the swollen head on her little rose. She pressed down with her anal muscles and made the little hole open.Wow! Jimmy thought as he saw her hole open by itself. Then he shivered as he watched it wrap around the head and almost suck it inside. Slowly the head disappeared and her tight anal ring snapped around the crown. He saw his mother looking back at him again, smiling, holding herself motionless, and working her muscles. It felt like she had stretched a rubber band around the head. Jimmy fought off the incredible urge to cum right there. “Mom!” he cried.Jennifer relaxed her tight muscles and slowly let her weight take the shaft into her body. “Ohhhhh!” she moaned along with Jimmy as the shaft slowly slid all of the way into her anal canal. She stopped when she was sitting on his stomach, her breath ragged and uneven. Her own body was about to betray her efforts to hold off a climax. “Fuck me, Mom,” Jimmy cried.Jennifer quickly pulled herself up until just the head was inside, then she slammed back down. She grabbed Jimmy’s legs for support as her ass worked up and down, moving the throbbing shaft in and out rapidly. “Oh God, Jimmy, I’m going to cum,” she moaned. “Cum with me, God, cum in my asssssss!!!” Jennifer’s ass began to contract around the buried penis as a strong climax shook her body. “Oh yes, oh Goddddddddd!!!” Jimmy screamed as his penis lurched inside his mother’s tight ass and began to pour his sperm deep into their special place.Later Jennifer was lying in Jimmy’s arm, her hand on his chest. Both of them stared at the shiny diamond on her finger. Jimmy smiled and squeezed her tight as he felt her tears drip to his chest and heard her sob. He knew that they were sobs of joy.Chapter 7Jimmy and Jennifer arrived at Rhonda’s house at eight8. Shelly was already there. The two of them had decorated the living room with balloons and a big “Congratulations” banner. The evening was filled with toasts and tears, hugs and kisses. Later, the lights were turned down and soft music was put on the CD. Jennifer, Rhonda, and Shelly danced with Robert and Jimmy. Shelly even danced with Rhonda and Jennifer. Eventually, Rhonda and Shelly took Jennifer to the bedroom. They told the guys to wait while they got the guest of honor ready. In truth, it was just an excuse for the two horny teenagers to get some time alone with Jennifer.They practically dragged Jennifer into the room, all of them giggling from a little too much spirits. They rapidly stripped Jennifer as she stood swaying in the middle of the bedroom. Then Rhonda took the front and Shelly took the rear as they kissed down her warm, soft body. Both of their mouths worked her over. Jennifer was near collapse as a tongue penetrated her anus and another worked into her dripping vagina. She held Rhonda’s shoulders and pushed her hips forward then backward unsure which felt the best. Shelly had a special way to suck her ass. It was apparent that she had done this many times before. However, Rhonda’s somewhat inexperienced tongue also felt wonderful on her swollen clit. Suddenly as Jennifer moved rapidly toward a climax, both girls pulled away. Jennifer was gasping for breath as she stood on unsteady legs. “Let me get the boys,” Rhonda said as Shelly led Jennifer to the bed.Robert and Jimmy were already naked when they entered the bedroom behind Rhonda. She had a grasp on both of their penis and a broad smile on her face. Jimmy pulled away and crawled onto the bed with his squirming mother. “Mom, this is a special evening for us,” he whispered. “I want to make it one that you will never forget. I want you to sit your sweet ass on my cock,” Jimmy said and turned over and lay on his back. Jennifer moved rapidly to comply. She centered her little hole over Jimmy’s penis, took him into her body with relative ease, and lay back with her back on his chest. As she began to move her hips, she watched Rhonda and Shelly kneel and work on Robert’s large organ. Then she was surprised when the girls pulled away from Robert and led him to the bed. She watched with wide eyes as crawled onto the bed and between her and Jimmy’s legs. When Jimmy felt his mother tense, he wrapped his arms around her and whispered, “Just relax. I thought you might enjoy that big cock of Robert’s as I fuck your ass.””Oh my God Jimmy,” Jennifer said, half in panic. She watched as Robert moved over her. Jimmy’s hands played with her breasts as his penis continued to saw in and out of her ass. Robert brought his lips to Jennifer’s and their mouths pressed together. Jimmy could hear his mom kissing Robert and felt his weight pressing her into him. Jennifer could hear the girls giggling as they crawled on the bed for a better look. She held her breath as Robert brought his large penis to the entrance to her vagina. It will never fit! she thought.Robert moaned as the swollen head of his penis pressed into Jennifer’s dripping hole. He heard her moan and stopped as soon as the head slipped inside. Just a few short weeks ago he would have never believed that he would be doing something like this. Hell, he didn’t even know people could do what he was about to do. He was a little embarrassed when he felt Jimmy’s thighs touch him and his testicles rub against the young boys. Still he pushed hard, forcing his wide penis inside the incredibly tight hole. Now he could feel Jimmy’s penis against his, separated only by that tiny bit of skin. Jennifer couldn’t believe what was happening. Her head was spinning in excitement as she felt her body being filled like never before. Robert’s penis by itself would fill her, let alone the added pressure of Jimmy’s penis in her ass. Yet, any pain was overcome by the tremendous thrill of having two men inside her at the same time.Jimmy couldn’t believe how exciting it was to feel Robert’s large penis against his own. Soon the two men had established a rhythm. When Jimmy would pull out, Robert would push in. They were concentrating so much that they barely realized that Jennifer was ready to climax until her vagina and ass started to contract around them. That was more than either man could take. They both bellowed at the same time and forced their shafts as deep into Jennifer as they would go.Robert could feel Jimmy’s cock pulsing. Jimmy could feel the same thing on the other side as each spasm forced the other man to spasm harder. Both men were truly amazed at how long they climaxed and how much sperm was pumped into Jennifer. By the time the two men pulled out of Jennifer, she was a limp mass of flesh. Her two holes were stretched and sperm was running out like a river. She curled up on the bed moaning.However, it wasn’t over yet. Rhonda and Shelly pushed the two men off the bed and got on either side of the exhausted woman. “Did you like that?” Rhonda whispered.”Oh God,” she moaned in answer.”Shelly and I are going to soothe your sore parts,” Rhonda said with a naughty smile. Then she began to slide down the front of Jennifer’s body as Shelly kissed down her back. When she Jen
nifer realized what they were going to do, she started to shake all over. Soon the two teenagers were lying on their sides; their heads inches from Jennifer’s thoroughly used sexual parts. Rhonda lifted Jennifer’s leg in the air and gasped. The two men’s sperm was running from both holes, streaming down her thighs. Rhonda felt a little shiver run through her. She had never done anything like this. She hesitated.However, Shelly didn’t hesitated at all. Her tongue and mouth dove for Jennifer’s stretched and dripping back hole. She moaned deep in her throat as her tongue penetrated her stretched anus.Rhonda watched in amazement as Shelly devoured Jimmy’s sticky juice. Rhonda closed her eyes and moaned as her lips touched Jennifer’s wet vagina. Chapter 8 Three months later…The summer became a blur for Jimmy and Jennifer. They had found housing in California and Jimmy had registered for college. Shelly found a good art school and had been accepted. She had already moved in with Jimmy and Jennifer and was helping them get ready for the big move. During the summer, Jennifer and Jimmy had grown even closer to Robert and Rhonda. They got together at least weekly, if not for sexual activity, then just to socialize. Rhonda was already planning to go to California for college but was sad that her friends and lovers were moving. However, she knew that Jimmy and Jennifer would be located only a two-hour drive from her school so she could visit often. She was trying to talk her dad into relocating. He hadn’t agreed yet but he was softening on the issue. He didn’t want to lose contact with Jennifer either. It was a week away from the big move when Jimmy came home after running some errands that his mom had sent him on. He was looking forward to this evening, as his mother had not let him have sex with her all week. She claimed that it was “that time” of the month and that she didn’t feel well. However, she seemed to be acting okay and in fact, seemed almost jubilant. It was strange that she had taken ever opportunity to tease him, almost giving him a case of “blue balls.” It had also been strange that over the past month, she had let him have her ass, and sucked him off but was reluctant to let him come inside her vagina. The house was strangely quiet when he walked into the living room. He started to call out to his mother when he saw a note on the coffee table. There was some kind of device lying on the note. He picked it up and looked at it. It almost looked like a thermostat and had a little window that had a red plus sign. He shrugged his shoulders and opened the note.”Hi lover. I’m sorry that I teased you so much this week but I wanted you to be ready for our big night. I think it’s time that we took the next step in our relationship. Go to your bathroom and shower then join me in our bedroom. I’ll be waiting. I love you with all my heart. Jennifer.”Jimmy picked the device up again and looked at the little plus sign. Suddenly it dawned on him. “Oh my God,” he said to himself. Jimmy practically ran to the bathroom, ripping his clothes off as he went. The next thing he remembered was tapping on the door to their bedroom. When he heard a soft “come in,” he pushed the door open. Excitement coursed through him as he stepped into the room.The room was filed with scented candles, flicking and making shadows dance on the wall. Jennifer was laying on the bed in a white teddy with white garters and nylons. There was a white, gauzy canopy hanging from the posts of the bed. It almost looked like a harem. A CD of soft love songs was playing.Jimmy walked over to the bed as if he were in a dream. He looked down at his smiling mother and his heart felt like it was going to explode. He could never remember her looking more beautiful. “Are you sure about this?” he whispered, tears filling his eyes.”As sure as anything ever in my life,” Jennifer answered; her own tears running down her cheeks, her arms opened wide to him. Jimmy dropped his robe, his penis pulsing in front of him. It had been erect since the second he realized what the note meant. He crawled next to his mother and took her into his arms. Their bodies pressed together as their lips met. The kiss lingered on and on as excitement grew and loved flowed between them. If Jennifer could have gotten pregnant from a kiss, this one would have done it. When their lips pulled apart, they were both gasping for breath. “God I love you, Mom,” Jimmy whispered.”I love you, Jimmy,” Jennifer responded as her hand wrapped around his penis. It felt huge tonight, bigger than ever. She moaned when she felt his balls. They were swollen, almost bursting with baby- making sperm. Jimmy’s hand went between his mother’s legs and rubbed her wet vagina. It too was incredibly swollen. Jimmy bent his head and took one hard nipple into his mouth as his fingers gently played with his mother’s sex lips. However, he avoided penetration, wanting his penis and sperm to be the first and only thing in her tonight.Jennifer’s hips squirmed on the bed, wanting something inside her. “God Jimmy, fuck me. Fuck your mother,” she pleaded. Still, Jimmy delayed; wanting to tease her like she had teased him all week. Jennifer decided to change her tactics. She knew how to get to him. She began to whisper into his ear. “God Jimmy, I need that cock. I want all of your baby- making sperm in me tonight. I want you to fuck me over and over until my pussy is filled with your potent juice. My pussy is so wet and swollen. It’s been like that ever since I stopped taking birth control pills last month. I know I’m ready. I can feel it; I’m ovulating!””Oh God, Mom,” Jimmy moaned as he moved quickly between her legs. “That’s it sweetie, put it in me,” Jennifer said as she spread her legs and opened herself. “Ohhhhhhh!!!” she moaned as Jimmy slid his penis deep into her in one thrust. “Yes, yes, fuck me. Make me pregnant, lover! Make my belly swell! God, I want your baby,” she breathed through her groans of pleasure. Jimmy began to move rapidly in and out of his mother’s fertile tunnel. It felt wetter and tighter than he ever remembered. “Oh God, Mom, I can’t hold out long,” Jimmy moaned in desperation. He wanted it to last but that was impossible. The thought that he would probably make his own mother pregnant was more than he could take. “Oh yes! It’s okay sweetie. Cum in me. Fill me. Oh God I’m cumminnnnnnnggggg!!!” Jennifer’s body tensed and her hips lifted up, forcing Jimmy’s penis to the deepest recesses of her vagina. “Ohhhhhhh Jesus,” Jimmy moaned as he pushed deep into his mother and froze. His balls pulled tight to his groin and began churn inside their sack. Suddenly, it felt like his penis had split apart as a spasm of pleasure forced an incredible volume of sperm through the narrow canal. A billion sperm left his penis and rushed into his mother’s welcoming womb. Deep inside Jennifer’s body there was one egg waiting; waiting for the strongest and best sperm to make the dangerous trek up her canal. EpilogFour years later…”Jimmy, we have to hurry,” Jennifer said as she saw her son come walking down the stairs. He looked so handsome in his black cap and gown.”I am hurrying.” Jimmy answered, straightening his tie under the robe. “Have you heard from Rhonda and Robert?””Yes, they’re on the way now. They should be at the auditorium long before the graduation ceremony starts. Rhonda had an OB/GYN appointment today so she was running a little behind.” “Is everything okay with the baby?” Jimmy asked with a worried look.”Everything’s fine. It should be coming along any day now. I just hope it doesn’t come during the graduation,” Jennifer laughed.”I’m surprised that she and her dad don’t want to know the sex of the baby. I would have gone crazy with our two if I didn’t know.””To each their own.”Suddenly two screaming k**s came running into the room with Shelly trying to catch up. Three-year-old Jimmy was the ringleader. He led his two-year-old sister, Shelly, through the room at lighten
ing speed. “Shelly, I’m so sorry the baby sitter cancelled at the last minute. I owe you big time,” Jennifer apologized. “I know you wanted to go to Jimmy’s graduation ceremony.””It’s all right, I love watching the little rug rats,” Shelly smiled. “I love k**s. I can’t wait to have my own,” she said and looked at Jimmy with a meaningful smile. “Gotta go,” she said and hurried after the c***dren.Jimmy took his mother, lover and wife into his arms and kissed her tenderly.

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