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We live in a small Utah town. We are Mormon’s. We were both born into the Church and have, over the years of adolescence and adulthood developed a firm belief. But you see, we are very sexual beings. Having a high and active libido is frowned upon in our Church.

A brief introduction. I am Nicholas. My wife of 18 years is Nancy. We had 4 kids. We owned a small business and I have job with a huge corporation. We’ve both “served” in high profile positions in our church.

Nancy was a wild slut in high school and college. She liked to give the guys in her neighborhood and at high school hand jobs after school. She made a name for herself that persists to this day as the girl who made boys into men. She liked jerking off the guys. She liked the power that it gave her as she watched the look on their faces when they would start squirting their spew all over. She liked to let them cum on her tits once in a while. She liked the warm ooze. She would let the boys feel her tits up in the deserted parts of the high school hall ways and empty class rooms.

When she went to college she joined the LDS Sorority Lamda Delta Sigma because she thought that would help her be a ‘good girl’. But she found more wild girls in the church sorority than there were in the regular sororities. In college, her hand jobs turned into blow jobs that had the guys in the Frat houses lining up for dates. On of Nancy’s favorite things to talk about when we are fucking these days is how one Frat guy named ‘Thick’ Mick taught her how to give a blow job without raking a cock with her teeth. They would meet everywhere for daytime blow jobs. The library was their favorite place, up on the 4th floor where no one goes and the lights are only on every other row of shelves. She loved the thrill of going to meet him and once in a while a friend of his. She loved the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth. She loved that ‘Thick Mick’ was uncut. She thinks that an uncircumcised cock looks animal. She loved the exhilaration of getting a guy off with her mouth. She loved

She also liked hooking up with her girlfriends. She liked being fingered until she would squirt everywhere. Nancy loved making out with other girls. She liked being touched by and touching the girls. She is still a closet bi-sexual to this day.

She lost her V-Card to her first husband, who turned out to have an un-natural aversion to sex. She said that her wedding night was less than memorable and over in 5 minutes. Hardly what she had wanted during all of those years jerking and sucking off guys. She thought that being married would mean a whole other lifestyle. But she found out that he was a pervert who was a Peeping Tom after he was arrested one night when he told her he was at work. (Her LDS Bishop told her that she should stay with him and make the best of it!) So she left the jerk! She says that it was the only move she could have made. She resumed her premarital quasi-sexuality of going out on a date, jerking off a guy in the car and getting fingered buy guys and girls.

She went to beauty school and soon found that most of the other students there were just as slutty as she was! One of Nancy’s favorite classes was when they were taught massage. You need to understand that Nancy cums when she is being felt up. When her classmates; mainly good looking girls started practicing on each other, Nancy went home with wet underwear and horny as hell! She would go on dates and over time the relationships would be either very platonic because of the effeminate types that are drawn to her, or the obsessive returned missionary type that thought just because a girl had touched his dick that they should be married! She was on a quest to find a sexually compatible, well hung guy who knew what he wanted in life and was out of college. She went back to church to find him.

I was a sexual animal in high school and college. I loved sex. I would jerk off 3 or 4 times a day. When ever I went out with the girls in our small southern Idaho high school, I would have a blast! My favorite girl friends were the blondes with the big tits and long legs. You can believe me when I say that in my hometown, the girls were divided up into two groups, the group who didn’t party but would make out with guys, jerk them off and let guys finger them. The other group was the partiers. These girls were wild and like to fuck. I lost my virginity to one of these.

Her name was Robin. She had left home at 16 and was living with her lesbian girlfriend. We used to get high on the down-low after school and ball practice. One afternoon we had smoked a doobie and were laying in her oversized Luv Sack (a huge bean bag chair), and had been making out for quite a few minutes as we listened to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. I had never felt her up before because she had the reputation of being a dyke. But she was sexy and did not protest my hands all over her clothed body. This is light petting in the Mormon world and it is a no-no.

I slid my hands under her shirt and when I started rubbing her A-cup titties, she began poker oyna moaning so I lifted off her shirt and started licking her nipples. This made her hot and soon we were both naked. She told me to jerk off for her as she watched me. I was so stoned that I didn’t hesitate. As I was jerking my self off slowly, she moved down my body and soon started licking the pre-cum off of the tip of my dick. After a few minutes of this, I was sure that I was going to cum all over and I wanted to fuck so I told her to lay back down. She had a small hairy patch above her lips. She spread her legs and I moved up on her and began rubbing my cock on the outside of her pussy. She loved this and began moving her pelvis up and down and told me to stick my cock in. When I stuck my cock into her eager pussy, I could only pump it in and out for 30 seconds at the most before I came in her pussy. We laughed and I admitted that it was my first time. She told me that she knew and lit another joint and we fucked a few more times before her lesbian room mate came home and told me to leave. We hooked up a few more times before high school ended. I still jerk off to memories of that afternoon.

I went off to college and had a pretty active sex life. When I joined a Fraternity my second year the flood gates of debauchery opened and I joined a whole other world that I had only read about. The 5 years I stayed in college were without equal sexually. I eked out a final year just to stay in school for the sex. Every year my brethren and I looked forward to the “freshman buffet” at the parties and keggers. Girls who had just graduated High School and were eager to explore the sexual frenzy that the Greek system was on our college campus.

The older girls in the sororities were just as sexual as the guys. My first threesome was on the TV room floor at a neighboring sorority. After a night of drinking at the beer bar with a few friends, I had snuck in and passed out on the floor with a freshman girl named Debbie. I woke up with no pants on and Debbie rubbing my cock. I was still in that place between consciousness and dreams. It felt so good as she rubbed my balls and stroked my cock. Then I heard another voice saying “pull back the blanket so I can see it.” It was an older girl named Maggie. Maggie and I had known each other for a couple of years and had made out a few times.

Maggie told Debbie to suck the tip of my cock. When Debbie could only lick it because she didn’t know what to do, Maggie came down to our little group and took over. Soon Maggie was sucking my hard rod making slurping sounds. She told Debbie to sit on my face. By then I was fully awake! Soon Maggie and Debbie were taking turns sucking my cock. Maggie and Debbie then took turns riding my cock until I told them that I couldn’t stand it any longer and came all over Maggie’s tight pussy. Maggie was a small 5’3″ gymnast who wouldn’t look at a guy during the gymnastic season because she was serious about her scholarship. But once the season was over, her inner nympho came out. Debbie had experienced the freshman 15 pound weight gain, but she had larger than average boobs and her Italian olive skin and black hair were very different than the normal blondes and mousy brown haired Mormon girls that are native to Utah.

Mormon girls have reputation for being prudes sexually. They are taught to save all sexual activity for marriage. Even after marriage it is best to stay away from the wild stuff like oral and anal sex. The acceptable sexual position is missionary. There are still folks around in our small town church that say having sex should only be done to have children and that sexual pleasure is a sin that only the natural man enjoys.

When Nancy and I met, I was out of college working with my marketing degree. The company I was working for was a large manufacturer in the western US. My territory was the 11 western states. I had an expense account from which I was expected to wine and dine my clients. If I had not spent all of it by the end of the month, the Manager of my department would call me in for a pep talk. I developed a taste for crown royal whiskey and vodka. I had a $100 a day coke habit and knew the names and addresses of all the secretaries and buyers who liked to snort coke, and fuck. These were my clients more than the suits who signed the purchase orders and like to drink, play golf and fly fish. I had found the back door to success and I was rolling in it.

One weekend, I had been on a 3 week trip and almost lost my life to overdose and whiskey. I found my self alone in a Vegas hotel room sick as could be. I stayed there for 3 days before I came to and decided I wanted to live more than I wanted to die. I swore then and there that I would turn over a new leaf. I wanted to find a slut in the bedroom and an angel in the kitchen. I went back to church to find her.

I met Nancy at her business and instead of playing the “let’s go out and party” card, I approached her as generically as possible. She had big hair, big tits and a sexy round ass. She saw right canlı poker oyna through me and when we went on our first date. She recognized the smooth lines and unrehearsed ‘what the hell’ attitude I had. On our second date the next week, we began making out passionately. Still not going beyond the light petting stage, we were still within the chaste boundaries that the church sets. When we decided to marry, that all changed. We began wondering about the sexual side of our relationship and neither of us wanted to make a mistake in selecting a spouse. We decided to get naked. At first it was just to check each other out. A Mormon boy’s wet dream! But I could not contain my erection when she took off her garments. She could not help reaching out and touching my cock and soon we were on her living room couch rubbing each other. She sucked my cock and I licked her pussy as we played the 69 position.

We repented and were married sooner than later in the Salt Lake City Temple. We did not wait for the honeymoon to fuck. As soon as we were alone in our car driving back to our town, she started jerking my cock and was sucking my dick. I fingered her to a wet orgasm. When we arrived at the reception hall, we found a small room and fuck doggy style before our families and friends arrived. Our honey moon was a week full of sex.

Over the years, we have told each other about our pasts and our sexual exploits. We have lived out a few fantasies and continue to find new and exciting ways to spice up our sex life. We are not stagnant.

I brought Nancy home her first vibrator while I was on a business trip to New York City. It was a vibrator disguised as a hair brush. When she figured out what it was really for she went wild. (She likes riding her vibrators to this day) She showed it to one of the girls at the salon who told her all about these vibrator parties where women could go and learn about sex toys and try them out too. Now this is a bombshell in a highly religious community. When Nancy got up the courage to finally go she came back with a rabbit and pearl vibrator, a vibrating cock ring and some tasty sex lube. She told me how the girls at the party tried out the vibrators…on their necks and over their pants!

Soon enough Nancy had found like minded friends who also loved sex and were not afraid to enjoy it in spite of what the Church said. She found a friend in our Ward named Annie who was from Colorado. Annie was a certified Masseuse. Annie is a bit younger than Nancy and was a newly wed when the two had met at church. They would trade hair-doos and hair colors for massages and pedicures.

Nancy loved these bi-monthly visits. She told me once while we were fucking about the time when she and Annie were talking about ‘Happy Endings’ and how that used to turn Annie on when a male client would get aroused. Annie told Nancy that she had only given one client a happy ending and that was her husband. Nancy asked if Annie knew that she had given more happy endings than that. Nancy told Annie that she had made her orgasm several times since they had started trading services. Annie told Nancy that she too had felt really horny after Nancy would give her a pedicure and carefully rub Annie’s feet. From then on Nancy is massaged while naked. No more over the garments stuff. The first time that Annie rubbed my wife’s pubic area, Nancy squirted all over the massage table and sheet. The two are very close and enjoy their one on one time every couple of weeks. Nancy has taught Annie about orgasm and masturbating with Nancy’s Hitachi collection. Annie came for the first time when Nancy sucked on her toes while Annie used Nancy’s vibrator on her clit.

Nancy’s other like minded friend is Tami. Tami is a frustrated mother of two who looks like that actress from legally blonde. When they met at church, they learned that they had similar views on life, love, and parenting. As their friendship developed, they became more and more comfortable with each other. Tami and Nancy started working out together. They have seen terrific results.

One day, Nancy told me that she was really horny because Tami and she had taken photos of each other in order to track their exercise progress and that she is really attracted to Tami’s hot bod. I told Nancy that I wanted to see the photos. When Nancy gave me her iphone I was amazed! Not only were there basic physical photos, but the two took some action photos too. Yoga poses that are x rated. Tami’s trimmed pussy hairs, her sexy ass and quarter sized nipples on c cup tits made me so horny that we fucked while looking at the photos.

Tami has moved from our town to another state because of her husband’s job. But Nancy and Tami still send each other photos of themselves in the buff. When Tami and her husband came back for a vacation last fall, they stayed at our house one night. As I spoke to Tami’s husband John, who had become one of my good friends over the few years that they lived in our Ward, I learned that he had seen the photos of my wife and that had made him as horny as I was internet casino seeing his wife. That night we all sat around the fire in our yard. Nancy and I were feeling each other up under the blanket. When I whispered to her that John told me that he had seen her naked photos and that they tow of them fucked like we had when I saw Tami’s photos, Nancy began cumming all over my hands. When I looked over at John and Tami, I could see that Tami was jerking off her husband under their blanket. John came with a loud grunt and was embarrassed when he realized what had happened. Nancy just laughed and said “Next time I’d like to see him cum!”

When we visited them at their house in Washington a year later, we asked how they kept the spark in their relationship. They told us that they watched “instructional videos” and asked if we wanted to see one. We watched the movie in their TV room. The movie was an x rated movie. It was hot. It was a Lisa Ann movie entitled “My Friends Hot Mom 15”. Soon John and Tami were rubbing each other all over and Nancy and I were getting hot too. When Nancy started dry humping me, Tami suggested that we fuck in front of each other but what we saw and did had to stay in that room. Nancy and I said “OK” without hesitation. Tami looks hot in her garments. John couldn’t keep his eyes off of my wife as she stripped from her clothes to her garments to her naked hot body.

Soon we were all doing everything that the actors were doing. We did not fuck or sexually touch anyone but our spouses. Nancy and Tami sucked their husband’s cocks. John and I fucked like machines. The room smelled like sex and we stopped when Tami’s phone rang and her babysitter said that their young son was sick and needed to come home. We’ve partied with John and Tami a few times whenever we can. Man these are sexy times.

Nancy and I have a mutual friend from our younger years. Lilly was a friend of Nancy’s in high school and college. I knew Lilly in college. (I never knew Nancy until after I graduated). Nancy and Lilly would go out with guys in high school and would always end up at a parking lot or other type of lover’s lane. They like to talk about how they used to have jerk off contests. They like to see who could make the guy cum the fastest just by jerking them off. Lilly was one of those girls in college that was fun to talk to but she wasn’t that good looking back then. She and I would find each other at parties and talk to each other about life and our hopes and dreams and then leave each other with a long wet kiss. Nothing more ever happened.

When Nancy and I were engaged, she told me that she wanted to introduce me to her friend Lilly who had gone to Grad school in Texas and then moved to London England to pursuer her career with some software startup and was in town for a visit with her fiancé Eric. When Lilly came through the door and we recognized each other, we all laughed. Eric was a convert to the LDS church and did not know about his fiancé’s wild past.

They come back to the US regularly and now we all have kids. Ours are a little older than theirs but we enjoy our time together. Once while Nancy and I went to England to visit. We discussed the history of polygamy in the church and how that was an issue for Lilly she said that would not be acceptable to her. Nancy said that if polygamy ever came back to the church, she would want it to go both ways so that a woman could have more than one husband too. We all laughed. We drank a little while we were on that visit. Neither Nancy nor I had drunk since before our marriage 10 years earlier. When we got to the buzzed stage, we all began talking about our sexual pasts and how the Church frowned on that lifestyle.

Eric described his sexual past that he still emailed and spoke to past lovers. Lilly explained that she was fine with it and that she felt more comfortable cultivating a friendship with Eric’s past girlfriends rather than a potential sneaky relationship that could lead to adultery.

Lilly then said “Hey Nancy! Remember that night that we fingered each other before graduation? Well earlier that night I made out with Nick! What a coincidence huh?” She said that she often fantasizes about fingering a girl and that she would like to try it again soon. We all laughed and went on with our night of dinner and dancing at a London 80’s club.

At the club, Nancy and Eric danced and Lilly and I danced. Since Lilly has had babies, she has been a health fanatic and has a very toned body for a 40 year old. She is very sexy and dresses that way. She has had a boob job and likes to show them off. As we were dancing, Lilly’s tits were rubbing against my chest and she whispered in my ear “I want to kiss you again. I liked kissing you. I never told you but I wanted to fuck you back in school and we never did.” She licked my ear and neck. My cock was hard as a rock and Lilly rubbed my cock with her hand. Just then, Nancy came over and told us that Eric was feeling sick and we needed to leave. Nancy noticed that I had an erection and winked at me and told me that she wanted the details later. Later that night, when I told her what had happened we fucked like rabbits and talked dirty about how we would like to fuck Lilly and Eric. Of course we were only talking dirty and knew that would never happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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