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**this is my first go at this kind of stuff. not sure if anyone will even like this but if you do, let me know. even if you don’t, let me know. constructive criticism is welcome. happy reading.


It was cold. Every time she inhaled her menthol cigarette, it felt like she was inhaling millions of tiny little needles, even more so than usual. She really had to quit those things, and she knew it. She knew there were a lot of things she should quit doing, but there was one that she just couldn’t get enough of. It was walking toward her now, head bent against the frigid wind, long brown curls bouncing with every step.


“Hey, baby. How was class?”

“It was alright,” she replies, looking dejected.

“What happened, love? That bad?”

“Well, he graded the tests early. My grade was not what I was expecting at all.”

“You mean the one you’ve been stressing about for weeks now? Baby you studied your ass off and I know you did the best you could so whatever grade you made is ok! Quit trippin, ok? “

“Ugh. Gimme your lighter, I’ve lost mine. Again.”

“Baby you’re worrying me, how bad is it?”

“Well….. I ACED IT! I made a hundred on it, baby! The only one in any of his classes to do that this semester! I swear, I thought I was going to fail. I’m usually pretty good at tests but I had a bad feeling about that one for some reason. I think I gave myself an ulcer worrying, but I’m so glad I worried for nothing! Baby before you say anything, I just wanna thank you for giving me the opportunity to go back to school. I’ve got such a sense of self respect and self pride again, and I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far if it hadn’t been for you. I cant believe I have only one semester left! I owe all this to you baby, one day I hope I can show you just how much. I don’t know how I could ever repay you, you have no idea what you’ve done for me.”

Seeing the look on her lovers face, she finished with a sheepish, “Am I rambling, again?”

“Yes, but its okay. I love your rambling. Most of the time. You are so damn cute, ya know that? C’mere so I can kiss those gorgeous lips that I’ve been thinking about all day.”

Pulling her close, nuzzling her nose just under that cute little ear, she takes a deep breath. Morgan’s scent gets her every time. The smell of her skin mixed with that of her shampoo and even the little hint of cigarette smoke lights a fire in Whitney’s soul. The deeper she breathes, the bigger that fire gets until her mouth is watering to feel Morgan’s lips on hers. Moving to her mouth she takes those lips with passion, showing Morgan poker oyna just how much she missed her, how proud she is of her and just how much she loves her.

“Damn, baby! I love you too!” Morgan says when the kiss ends. She cant do much more except shake her head and smile, loving the fact that five years into their relationship a kiss from her beloved can still curl her toes. She knows the odds were against them, knows they still are , but she also knows that their love can stand up to just about anything. It already has.

“So, where do you want to have the celebratory dinner?” Whitney asks.

“How’d you know I was hungry?”

“You’re always hungry, silly!”

“Yea, you’re right,” Morgan chuckles. “How about red lobster?”

“How’d I know you’d pick that one?” She teases her, already driving in that direction before Morgan even answered.

Morgan smiles and scoots closer to suck Whitney’s ear lobe into her mouth, running her tongue over the smooth skin, all up the side and back down the front, knowing without a doubt that her assault is giving her girlfriend chills all over. Sliding her hand between Whit’s legs, she rubs her pussy through her jeans, feeling the heat intensify and her mouth start to water. She loves the way her girlfriend tastes.

“Shit, babe! Ya gotta chill while I’m driving, please! You know what happened last time, I cant afford to pay any more speeding tickets right now!”

Sighing, Morgan stops. She loves giving Whitney chills, in any way that she can. But, she knew she was right. This close to Christmas the police were out everywhere with their radar guns just ready to screw up someone’s night. And yeah, two speeding tickets in as many weeks was kinda bad. Oh well, she thinks, I’ve got something for her ass when we get home. She could see the purple bag she hid in her shoe closet, knowing Whitney will love what’s in it. She’s been trying her best to make herself wait to show it to her. Hell, she’s had it for four whole days and she just couldn’t wait any longer.

It was like Whitney could hear the wheels turning in Morgan’s head, and when she looked over and noticed the shit-eating grin on her face, she couldn’t help but smile, too.

“What are you thinking, beautiful?”

“You’ll see, baby. You’ll see.”

“I love it when you think dirty! Gets me all hot and bothered, wondering what you’ve got under your sleeve.”

Smiling, Morgan says, “This I know!”

Putting the car in park, Whitney steals one more kiss before they go inside.

“Jesus! I think it dropped ten more degrees on the ride home!” Whitney says as canlı poker oyna they rush inside their recently renovated home. She loved this place, loved that they made it what it was together.

Wrapping her arms around Whitney from behind, Morgan licks at that ear she loves so much and whispers “Don’t worry honey, I’ll have you warmed up in no time.”

Releasing her, Morgan runs down the hall and into their master bathroom and turns on the faucet in their tub that would comfortably fit four. When they were shopping for it, Whitney thought Morgan had lost her mind. “Why do we need a tub that damn big, baby? You plan on having extras?” laughing, Morgan told her to chill, that she would come to love it one day. She proved her point the first night they stayed in the house.

Shaking her head at the memory, Morgan gets back to the task at hand. She pours in a few drops of the scented bath oil her best friend had sent as part of a house warming gift. The bottle claimed that the scent was an aphrodisiac, and knowing Bree, it was the best aphrodisiac slash bath oil that money could buy. That girl was forever finding new things for them to try. Lucky for Whit and Morgan, Bree was as much of a freak as they were so they never minded trying the things she sent them. And man did she send some freaky shit! Morgan really missed Bree, her best friend since freshman year in high school. But, she knew she was happy and that’s all that mattered, even though she was four states away.

As the tub fills, she steps into their bedroom to find Whitney tugging off her clothes.

“Can this day get any better?” Morgan asks her “Lemme help ya, darlin’. You can help me, too.”

Smiling at each other, they start removing clothes, all the while never letting their lips part unless they absolutely have to.

Morgan can feel herself getting wet already as she cups Whitney’s pussy.

“Ah! Now there’s the lips that I’VE been thinking about all day! Damn baby, you turn me on so much just by standing there! “

“You turn me on, too, Morgan. I love you so much. Have I told you that today?”

“Yes you have, but I don’t mind hearing it again. Now get your sexy, naked ass in that tub!”

“Mmmm baby, I love it when you give me orders!” Whitney says around a positively wicked grin.

As they lower themselves into the steaming water, Whitney reaches out and pulls Morgan onto her lap. Instantly, her mouth latches on to one of Morgan’s nipples, sucking and nibbling, and her hand dips into the water, finding Morgan’s hot, always-wet pussy. Still sucking, she eases her finger inside those plump internet casino lips, finding that hard little nub and making a few quick circles around it, just hard enough so that Morgan is pressing her hips downward, grinding and breathing heavy, obviously wanting more. Giving in to the unspoken request, Whitney presses harder and circles faster until she can tell that Morgan is on the verge of cumming in her hand. After being with her for so long, she knows exactly what it takes, and she loves it. Wanting to make her wait, she slides her finger farther back and pushes it into Morgan’s tight hole. She’s so hot and slick, and knowing her baby cant get off without clitoral stimulation, but also knowing she loves having her pussy fucked, Whitney moves her finger in and out, slow and deep, adding another finger, then another and getting faster and harder with her strokes. In and out, in and out, water sloshing over the edge of the tub, moans echoing off the walls. God, she loves the sounds coming from Morgan’s mouth, loves to hear her beg for more, beg for Whitney to make her cum. Still stroking Morgan’s pussy, Whitney slides her thumb up to Morgan’s clit and starts applying pressure.

Instantly Morgan starts begging Whitney, “Please baby! Please Whit, make me cum! Oooh God, don’t stop baby! Harder, pleeeeeeeease fuck me harder!”

Whitney gives it all she’s got, ignoring the burning in her muscles, wanting nothing more than to make her girl scream her name. The louder Morgan gets, the closer Whitney is to cumming, herself. Knowing this, Morgan deftly slips her hand between them and finds Whitney’s clit. Its all Morgan can do to concentrate on a steady rhythm, but she does anyway, desperately trying to hold on until they can cum together. The women continue to work each other’s pussys, whimpering and panting, knowing just what the other one needs to get that release. Hair pulling and circular motions and quick, hard, in and out movements and in less than a minute, both are screaming, bucking wildly in each others arms.

Breathlessly, Morgan says “damn baby! I didn’t know how bad I needed that! I wanted to wait, wanted to make you wait, but I just couldn’t help myself. Obviously you couldn’t either. Mmmm, that was nice baby.”

Untangling herself from Morgan’s arms, Whit moves her till she’s settled between her legs and can wrap her arms around her. Whitney loves to hold Morgan after she cums, likes to hear how her breaths finally slow and her heart rate returns to normal.

“Why did you want to make us wait, doll?” Whitney asks.

“Oh nothing, honey. You’ll see in a little while, and I think you’ll agree that its worth the wait… now just hold me tight for a little bit, I like to feel your arms around me.”

So, they sat there in the still-warm water, floating back down to earth loving every minute of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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