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Miranda Kalinsky and Lauren Baltauss’s secret lesbian relationship is exposed when they are caught having sex in a school restroom. The former’s family is furious after hearing this from the president and have a huge argument with her in her room that night. She says it is her life and her choice to be gay while her parents want to send her to gay conversion therapy. Infuriated, she bolts of the house, wrecking it along the way. She walks through her Bay Ridge neighborhood in despair, ignoring people calling to her, before reaching a highway overpass. Unwilling to live the life her family disapproves, she tries to jump off, but Lauren, walking by, spots this and stops her just in the nick of time. Knowing her reason for this she comforts her, then takes her to her home.

At Lauren’s room the ladies sit on her bed looking upset when she asks, “Why didn’t you tell your family that you are gay?”

Miranda replies, “I already told you it is against our religion.”

“You cannot keep it a secret for life. What did they say about today’s incident at school?” Lauren asks.

Miranda says, güvenilir bahis “They went insane, saying homosexuality was a disease and that they were going to bring me to a lady they knew who claimed to be able to cure people of being gay.”

“How did you respond to that?” Lauren asks.

“I said being gay is not a disease, it is who I am and decide to be. They refused to believe me and I ran out of the house after telling them they were dead to me,” Miranda replies.

“Why did you try to jump off that bridge then?” Lauren asks.

Miranda says, “I love my parents despite their beliefs and got no one else to go to. If they can’t accept me for who I am I don’t want to live,” sobbing.

Lauren puts her head to her shoulder and says, “I am here for you. It will be fine. I will always love you and nothing will separate us.”

Miranda says, “I love you too.”

The women stare at each other briefly, then kiss hard and put their hands on each other’s faces. They take off each other’s tops and rub each other’s breasts still kissing. They lie on the bed with Miranda on türkçe bahis top and pull off each other’s shorts and panties. Miranda is on all fours as Lauren moves down and kisses her neck, chest, and, stomach. She puts her head between her legs with her feet on the floor to masturbate, give her oral, and feel her butt cheeks.

“Oh yes, that’s it!” Miranda says as Lauren sits behind her to kiss and spank her buttocks and finger her holes, then licks between her cheeks and gives her a rim job.

She orgasms, yelling, “You are making me feel so great!!”

She sits up facing Lauren to kiss her neck and breasts as she holds her head. She slowly stands up to let Miranda kiss down her torso and sits on her shoulders to let her give her oral as Miranda masturbates.

Lauren holds her head saying, “Yeah, right there, you got it!”

She stands on the bed and bends over so her buttocks is at Miranda’s face. She kisses her cheeks and fingers her holes, then licks between them, gives her a rim job and grabs her butt.

Lauren orgasms, holds her chest and yells, “Keep doing it, keep güvenilir bahis siteleri doing it,” which Miranda does.

Lauren later lies on the bed while Miranda lies facedown on top of her.

As she gets stroked from hair to buttocks Miranda says, “Thanks for making me feel better.”

“Glad to finish what we started.” Lauren says,

“Me too,” Miranda says.

Lauren says, “Hey, why don’t we look for a place to live on our own? We can have sex whenever we want and you will get the freedom you need.”

Miranda replies, “I like that idea, but how will we do that without full-time jobs or family support?”

“My parents just got promoted at work, so their salaries rose. They support my right to be gay, have you as my partner and didn’t even punish me for what occurred today at school, just told me to control my hormones next time,” Lauren says.

Miranda replies, “Oh wow, lucky you.”

Lauren says, “I know they’ll help get you out of your problems. We’ll look for a house first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Thanks, can I stay with you for the duration? I don’t think I can go home if my family won’t accept me.” Miranda asks.

Lauren says, “Yes I’ll always support you,”

Miranda smiles and falls asleep on Lauren’s breasts while she fondles and kisses her head before sleeping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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