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MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 47CHAPTER 47: KAYCEE AND HELENWe have strongly believed that proper training of dogs to mate comfortably and confidently with human females takes time and dedication. Yes, we know that many people approach it differently, but we feel strongly that the effort put into training, both for the dog and the woman, reflects in the ultimate relationship of the two. We have promoted the attitude of a mutual bonding and commitment to each other that takes into account the well-being and safety of each. It makes no sense to take pleasure from an a****l that hasn’t been properly acclimated to the process and in turn becomes negatively impacted through tension or fear of the unknown. It doesn’t reflect a judgment in our minds, but a general philosophy that has proven effective for both the dog and the woman. We don’t ask women to make the same kind of commitment to their dog that we have, never refusing them, but we do ask that their commitment to their dog in mating with them takes into account their comfort and safety as well as their own.It was with that philosophy in mind that might have seemed to drag out Helen and Kaycee’s steps in their training. Although Helen might have seemed a little frustrated at times with the progress, her acceptance of following the process we hold to with the other dogs, proved her readiness to do everything required to properly mate with her dog. That made Mom and me very comfortable about the pending events.Helen no longer asked when, she went back to the process timeline we use for the dogs we train and recognized our plan. She fell into line with it but was ready to ask if we were slow in moving to the next stage. And rightly so, because the two of them were ideal examples of attention and performance in each stage of the training. It was that knowledge that tempted us to move a little faster. Mom and I couldn’t help but be aware of the comfort that Kaycee had with Helen for any physical activity she might want to apply. They were routinely engaged in oral sex on each other and we found them occasionally in a 69 position. What surprised us today was when we happened upon them in the training room with Helen on top. The dogs don’t particularly like the defensive position of being on their back and their belly exposed but Kaycee seemed perfectly comfortable as he lapped away at the pussy presented to his snout while Helen was engulfing his cock.“Mom, we have to move them to fucking. Look at those two. They are doing that as much, maybe more, than we are fucking the boys.“I agree. And if we do believe that, do we stop them now and transition this into their first mating? She has essentially completed the portion of the mating activity we use to make sure the dog is properly erect. It would be appropriate if we want to interrupt.”“Somehow, I don’t think either of them would mind the change.” We moved into the training area and directly to them. Helen felt our presence, looked at my bare feet, and then noticed Mom’s. She smiled at us with that look of far off sexual haze in her eyes, “Hmmmmm, he has to be the best pussy licker that ever was.” She wiggled her ass playfully before looking at us, again. “But, I suppose you two might consider yours the same way.”I chuckled, “Count on it. We have experienced both dogs numerous times and we would both say each is wonderful.” I took Mom’s hand into mine, “But, we would also say that our own was better. And that is as it should be. The relationship has a part of the experience, too.”Helen’s mouth was once again around Kaycee’s cock and she was moaning softly. I touched her shoulder, “Honey, we want to interrupt your playtime, if we can.”She pulled just off the cock, “Just five more minutes. Then we can talk about whatever it is, it will wait that long.”Mom crouched down next her to touch her, also. “It wasn’t something to talk about. We were just thinking now might be a good time for your first mating with him.”She pulled completely off his cock and half way up, “REALLY?!?” She pulled her leg over the dog and he looked after the disappearing pussy with a look of something like confusion. He rolled to his side and watched what these humans were up to now.“Yes, really. Nevertheless, this is a bigger deal and we want to be sure you remember what is involved before it happens. You’ve seen this many times and even explained to clients so you know what to expect. Do you have any questions before you start?”She looked at Kaycee with a huge smile on her face. He must have sensed something was going to happen because he rose to his feet, came to her and licked her leg. She knelt down, rubbed his head between her hands, and kissed his snout that elicited his tongue coming out for licks being shared between them, tongue to tongue. “No, I don’t think I do have any questions. But, will you two stay here just in case?”“You know we will. The first time is always the most difficult and we take that precaution with all clients. You are much more important to us than a client.” She smiled at us. “Thank you. I am so excited to get to this point in the lifestyle, finally. Listen to me, I would never have thought six months ago that I would be exclaiming how excited I was to finally being able to fuck my dog.”She turned her attention completely to Kaycee now, “Okay, boy, it’s you and me now; they are just going to watch over me. I think your basic instincts will take over but I’m not just a K9 bitch, I’ll do what I can to make it good for you and you’ll need to learn what makes it good for me. And you already do that with your tongue, it’s wonderful.” She kissed him, again, and gave him a big hug.She noticeably took a deep breath, stroked his side to his rear end, slipped her hand underneath and determined that he was still nearly completely out of the sheath. She turned on her hands and knees so her ass was pointing at him. Then, she looked over her shoulder, patted her ass, and called out to him to mount her. This was certainly new for him. It was only recently that he was allowed to lick at her pussy and ass without reprimand; now she was offering herself for mating. He approached her tentatively, gave a lick to her ass cheek, checked her and found no negative reaction. That led to another lick and another until he found her pussy between her legs, which she spread willingly for him as he licked. With each lick her action seemed to be more encouraging, she arched her back, which tilted her ass and exposed her pussy to him slightly better and he licked even more. And his licking was stimulating her as her pussy now flowed with her secretion, giving him more taste and moisture to lick each time.She moaned just from the licking but she wanted to move to the next step, she needed to. Her pussy was flowing, wet and ready, and each lick opened her lips, and the tip of his tongue occasionally found its way inside her hole, sending a shiver through her body. She moved her hand behind her and between the tongue and her ass. She patted herself again and repeated the command, “mount”. His cock was even further out than it had been when he started licking and he knew what he wanted to do now with his need and his human in this mating position. Was that really what she intended and was asking for? Is that what that word ‘mount’ meant for him to do? Everything else lately told him it was indeed what he should do. The past days have been much different with his human wanting and giving very satisfying pleasures while earlier his attempts to mimic what the other two dogs were doing with their humans had been rejected. He was sure that something had changed and his human now wanted to act like the other human females and he was excited about this change in her. Nevertheless, he was also cautious be
cause she was somehow very special to him, in ways he could never understand, but special enough that he didn’t want her to have to reprimand him or reject him because he did something that displeased her. Therefore, he was hesitant with this apparent invitation to do something he had never done before but his mind and body knew exactly what was required. He had never mated with a dog bitch and certainly never with a human.She patted her ass, again, and repeated the word. No, he was sure that was the intention. She wanted him to mount her and mate with him. She was willing and eager, maybe as much as he was. He was about to move on his own when he felt two hands from another human raise him by the front shoulders and move him over her ass with his front legs at her waist. He looked at me as I helped him up on top of Helen. Seemingly recognizing and accepting the action as further a indication of what was expected, he thrust forward a couple of time and hit her ass cheeks. He seemed to want to get off her as frustration was building when I said to Helen, “Remember you hand as a guide for him.” Her hand immediately shot between her legs, located his thrusting cock and formed a guide to her pussy. In the next several thrusts, he was inside her and Helen gasped out and loudly moaned in response.“Ohhhhhh, that feels so different.”Mom and I smiled at each other. She has had two men’s cocks in her life and the first dog cock already is noticeable as different in shape and texture inside her. I watched as Kaycee thrust into her a few more times and was getting deeply seated when he slowed, released his grip on her with his front legs, moved slightly forward on her back and grabbed her again as his thrusts became even more driving and urgent. Helen’s mouth dropped open and she let out a steady stream of soft “oooooooooo”, “aaaaaaah”, and “hmmmmmmmmm” as her dog continued his assault on her. Soon she let out an exclamation, “Oh, oh … yes … I can feel it! I can feel his cock growing inside me. Ohhhhh, yes, he’s reaching further and further inside me.” I thought, just wait k**, just wait until the knot goes in.I moved to one side and Mom remained on the other. I saw it first, and then Mom did as she pointed down at the dog’s rear end. The knot was forming and was about to bump into our girl’spussy. The next moment it must have indeed bumped into Helen’s pussy. “His knot. Is that his knot hitting me?”We didn’t even bother responding, it was rhetorical. She knew the knot was coming and that it would be felt first against the outside of her pussy before being pushed and worked into it. She had seen it happen to us and shown the process of the knot to clients in photos and video. She was now getting a firsthand experience herself, not academic, but real and personal. Despite her academic familiarity, however, the real experience of the knot forming and pushing at her still relatively innocent pussy was causing some tension and concern for her. What she knew about the knot passing into the pussy of women was on a different plane of reality than feeling it pressing on her now. I could see her bite her lip in response to the pressure and I knelt down next to her, sensing a need to reassure her. Mom responded in the same way on the other side of her, now stroking her back along the dog’s body and down to her hip.“Breath, Helen. It will be easier if you try to relax your body.”“It feels so big, though. Are you sure it will fit inside me? It feels like it might be too big for me.” Her eyes closed and I saw that she was indeed trying to focus on relaxing and responding to the Kaycee’s pressure with her own rather than tightening and resisting. I went behind the dog and raised bursa escort his tail to check on the progress. “You are doing great, honey! You are stretching and the knot is working its way in. Help him with more pressure by you; help him get his knot inside to make you his bitch. That’s what you want, isn’t it? To be his bitch, to have him breed you like you really were his bitch, to be tied to him, you pussy and womb saturated by his seed?”“Oh, god … YES! Yes, that is what I want. Yesssssss, Kaycee, push your knot into me!” She hung her head with eyes closed as the two of them, one dog and one woman, pressed against each other in mutual determination to be mated and tied. Her head shot back up with her eyes open, open but not seeing anything in particular. “Ooooooooooo … myyyyyyyy … godddddd … I can feel it stretching me! I can feel my pussy stretching and opening wider. Yesssssss! Oh, it’s … almost … inside. Press hard Kaycee, do it to me … yesssssss … oooooooooo …” Then she screamed out as the knot finally passed through and nearly popped into her pussy. “Ohhhhh, I thought … it might actually … tear me in two. I can’t believe … how full … hmmmmmm … I feel.” She was braced firmly now as the dog drove into her with full force now. “I feel him inside, moving inside me, his knot moving back and forth but also growing, his cock getting bigger and wider, his knot getting bigger … hmmmmmmm … his cock is twitching … I feel … oooohhhhhhhh, I am going to … nnnnnnnnnn … he is twitching, I am … I am … I am cumming!! Ohhhhh, yesssssss … oh my god, I am cumming!” Her body was shaking with her orgasm. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth fell open, “He’s … OOOOHHHHHH … he’s cumming … he is … inside me … hmmmmmm … nnnnnnnnn … ohhhh how can he come so much. It’s spurt after spurt of cum! How does he have so much? I … can feel it leaking out of me … but he keeps cumming!”Her body was still shaking as she must have crested again when he came. Mom and I were both stroking her now. I slipped a hand underneath her and between her legs. She was right, of course, the insides of her thighs were slick with the escaping cum from her dog. Even the knot firmly in place couldn’t hold it all inside.She collapsed her front to the floor, her face, shoulders, and breasts pressed into the matt with her ass stuck up in the air. This, of course, has become a very familiar sight around our property. Her breathing was now much more even and regular and I encouraged Kaycee to remain on her back, to allow her to feel the fur of his belly against her bare back. Locked together for the first time, we had no idea how long this might last.She looked up to me without moving, turning her eyes as far as she could, “Oh, thank you, Michele. Mom, you, too.” She couldn’t see Mom on the other side without moving but Mom gave her a response by stroking her shoulder and side down to her hip. “That … was … magnificent! Now, I truly understand why you like it so much.”I smiled at her and lowered myself so she could look at me more comfortably. “And the knot? What do you think of the knot now that you have actually experienced it? Earlier, you seemed to think it was going to be too big.”“I know, I’m sorry for that. You have covered that issue with clients and with me recently and I still nearly panicked. It was wonderful. I have never been stretched like that and once it was inside it filled me so much.”She started to rock back and forth, suddenly remembering what I have mention before about the feel of the knot inside and how it can occasionally come into contact with the g-spot. She suddenly gasped and I smiled, it happened. She raised herself up onto her hands and looked at Mom and then me a little sheepishly, “Wow, I see what you mean about rocking on the knot. That was quite a jolt.”Kaycee kept her tied for about ten minutes during which time she gently rocked on his knot and generally just seemed to glow. Kaycee, of course, tested the tie frequently which elicited sighs or gasps from our girl. When his knot had shrunk sufficiently, his pulling became more insistent and he even pulled her back a few inches before they separated and her pussy released a flood of cum. She even reacted, “Ooooooooo, that is so weird. I have seen the flow of cum after the knot comes out but to actually feel it coming out and ru
nning down my leg … hmmmmmm … this is all so erotic.”We sat for a little while she recovered and we talked. Mom was curious, “Now, you have had two kinds of male cock, human and dog. Do you prefer one over the other?”“I’m not exactly a seasoned connoisseur of cock by any means, but … I wouldn’t want to have to choose one over the other. I want to have both of them. They are different, certainly, and are used differently, at least the limited exposure to men that I have. Kaycee was wonderful, powerful, dominant, and controlling. And his knot is … yes, you are right, the knot is wonderful when experienced. But, the two men I have been with both provided a special element when I experienced them. Both Tim and now Harry imparted love and caring and patient consideration to our lovemaking.” She was quiet for a moment and we waited. There was something she was working out in her answer; it was something that would qualify or define further what she was trying to express. “Maybe, if I was just fucked by a man, not love or as much consideration of love, it wouldn’t be the same. But, maybe that’s my luck. I am a part of a group where I am consistently given love and caring and I have loved the experience each time. And now I know I will with our dogs, too.”I stood up and put my hands out to Mom and Helen to help them. I took Helen in my arms, “I am proud of you. Okay, that might be weird. I am not proud of you fucking the dog, I am glad you enjoyed that. What I am proud of was that your performed it very well. You remembered the lessons we have provided to clients and as we had reviewed for your first time. Now, when a client has a question, concern, or fear, you can respond with much more authority and confidence from your experience. You know now what the knot feels like the first time, you know that you will get through it and enjoy it. And you’ll be much more reassuring to others as a result.”Mom couldn’t let it end with a serious point about the kennel, “What do you mean you know you’ll love the experience with our dogs, too? One dog isn’t going to be enough for you now?”Helen looked briefly taken aback but then recognized Mom’s playfulness and we went back to the house hand in hand in hand.A half hour later Helen came back out in her running shoes, running shorts (these had to be the sexiest things I have seen being no longer than volleyball shorts but looser cut and slits on the thighs), and a loose tank top with no sports bra underneath. I looked at her, “Going somewhere?”“Thought I would take Kaycee for a run. We might be gone for a little while.”“Going to see Miss Stella?”“Yes, if she is home. Juli, too, if she is home.”“You’re trying to act so calm right now, but you’re just busting to tell them, aren’t you?”“Is that awful? Seriously, is that awful to want to share this with them?”“No, it is not. They will both be very excited for you. I know Juli will be and from what I have seen of your relationship with Miss Stella, she will be, too. Go, enjoy yourself. But be home for dinner. There will a man who will be VERY interested in your news and you should tell him. And, that tank top is too big on you. If you lean forward too far, from the front or the side you will be showing your pretty, pert breasts.”“I know.” That reply came with a seductive grin.“My, that Fantasy Fest adventure really emboldened you didn’t it.”“And I love the feeling. Exhibitionism is a turn-on.”“Go! Before I m***** you myself.”She threw herself into me, “Thank you, I love you, sis. I love you so much.” She kissed me and as she started off, she called back to me, “Give mom a kiss for me, too.”A hand was just then on my bare shoulder, “What was that all about?”“She’s off to spread the word. She can’t control herself. So she’s headed to Juli and Miss Stella.”“Running? Damn, that girl has energy.”I turned and took her into my arms and kissed her passionately, my hand roving over her body and ending on a breast. “She said, ‘Give mom a kiss’, so I did. And that felt very good; do you have anything that just can’t wait for the next 30 minutes or so?” I took her hand and led her back into the house and the bedroom. Apparently, she didn’t …As she turned the corner of the house towards the trail through the woods to Juli’s, I heard Helen whistle once for Kaycee and he gave one bark from the back of the property to signal his coming. Cody and Jackson followed for a while before being sent back. This had occurred enough since she started running off the property. Juli’s wasn’t that far away and Helen came running out of the woods just as a pickup truck was leaving and Juli could be seen about to take a step up to the porch. Kaycee, of course, spotted Juli immediately and looked up to Helen as he inched ahead of her. “Okay, go. Don’t bother waiting for me.” He took off ahead of her and directly to Juli who stepped back to the ground and crouched down to accept the arrival of the excited dog. Helen commented on arriving, “The dogs sure do like you, Juli!”She was ruffing his head and puckered up her lips for his tongue kisses. “I am lucky to have some attentive males around.”Helen hadn’t quite worked out how she was going to break the news she was desperate to share but this seemed to work. “Well, here’s another one.”At first, the comment just hung there with no reaction. Then, Juli stopped paying attention to just the dog, looked up at Helen, and stood up in front of her, then looking back to Kaycee. “Helen! Did you do it?”“YES!”She took the girl into her arms and nearly crushed her. Then, she took her hand, led her up to the porch, and placed her in a chair. “You wait right there, young lady. I am going to get us some lemonade and you are going to give me all the details.” And that’s exactly what happened. Helen gave as much of the detail as she could remember and Juli gasped, sighed, and exclaimed her joy at all right moments. “Oh, Helen, I am so happy for you and that it was so good for you. For both of you. Helen, I still remember my first time. It was with Nikki, she and her Joe lived in your house before Michele and Tim bought it. It was a wonderful experience for me and I am so glad it was for you, too.”“I know what you mean. It just happened but I just know that it will be with me for a long time. Like my first time with a man, I was so fortunate to have Tim. I will never forget that night. I knew I would like K9 sex but it is still good to have it done and to know for absolute sure and to know that I will always want to have K9 sex as part of my life.”Helen stood up and bent over Juli to give her a kiss before leaving. “Thank you, Juli, I love you.”“Thank you, dear, but what did I do?”“You’re you. You listened to me and were excited for me. That’s why I said you and Harry are like my family.”“Well, dear, your ‘aunt’ is very happy for you. And I know you ‘uncle’ will be, too, when I tell him.”The run to Stella’s was considerably further and the day had warmed up so Helen was a little more than glistening with sweat when she turned into the driveway of Stella Parson. As they did, Kaycee was running right alongside her and gave a single bark as they proceeded up the dirt drive escort bursa into the yard between the barn and house. Where did this dog learn to give an alerting bark to announce their arrival? As Helen slowed to a jog approaching the house, the front door opened and Stella came out onto the porch wiping her hands with a towel and a joyful smile on her face.“I heard that bark and looked at the clock on the stove and thought this was an odd time for Helen to come by. I don’t know anyone else whose arrival is announced by a single bark from her dog.” Kaycee went right up to the porch and sat, wagging his tail, waiting for love from this other friend. “How are you Kaycee? Thirsty? Let me get some water for you and your mistress.” She stood up as Helen reached the top and took her into her arms. “I am always so happy to see you, Helen.
And, you’re sweaty. It is warming up, isn’t it? I’ll be right back, you sit down here.”When Stella returned with the glass of ice water for Helen and the bowl of water for Kaycee, she sat down in the chair right next to Helen so she could hold her hand as they talked. Stella was big on holding Helen or at least touching her if convenient. “You know I am always pleased to see you, c***d. But, is there a reason for this particular visit? You seem like you have something you want to get out.”Helen chuckled, “How can you see into me so easily in such a short time of knowing each other?”“Dear, it is easy to read someone who is so open and honest in her reactions. I suspect you would be a terrible liar, also. So, what is it? It must be good or you could just have called me.”“Stella, it’s about Kaycee and me.”Stella looked at her hard and then at Kaycee. Another weird moment. Kaycee felt (?) something and looked up at the old woman. He then was up, walked over, and sat down in front of her. Stella leaned forward, her hands holding his head so she could look right into his eyes. Then she leaned a little further until they were nearly nose-to-nose and she got a quick lick as she got within range. Stella looked at Helen and smiled at her, then returned to Kaycee, “Did you do your mistress, boy? Did you and she make each other feel really good, today?” She then looked at Helen. She had her mouth open.“How do you do that?”“I’m a mother, dear. We do those scary things.”“It must be that. Barb can sometimes do that same thing.” Then she refocused to her news, “But, YES, that is it. This wonderful guy gave me a thoroughly wonderful orgasm and fucking.”“And the knot, did it hurt or was it good, too?”“Both. Really, it was both. It did hurt some going in but it was so, so , so good, too.” And they talked. Helen once again tried to give a good accounting of the event and her feelings and emotions. Stella asked questions and a lot of the questions seemed to be centered around the knot, how big it was, how much it hurt, how it felt inside, and how it felt coming out. “Stella, you seem pretty interested in this.”“I am pretty interested in sex these days, my dear. You’re the one that recommended living in the moment. Not to wait for someday or to worry about the someday coming too late.”“My fault, huh?”“No, not fault. A wonderful recommendation for life. And speaking of moments to live in … how are you on time?”“Not a problem, it’s still early but I need to be back for dinner. What … ohhhhh …” Stella was watching and her thoughts had her blushing. “Well … maybe I should have a bath, first. Would you …?”“Yes, I would.”“This is a little scary, Stella.”“That I want to be with you intimately?”“Oh, no, not that; that I am well past thinking is different. No, what’s a little scary is that we don’t seem to need to finish our sentences.” Both women chuckled but were already standing and moving into the house and up the stairs for the bathroom.Stella immediately went into the bathroom and started filling the tub, checking the water temperature and then letting it run. She then went to the hall closet, took out two large towels and handed them to Helen. She smiled. Not one towel for her but two for both of them. Helen kind of followed Stella as she moved next to the bedroom. This was the first time she had seen it much less been in it. The bed was a large four-poster of old dark wood, which matched the heavy wood furniture of dressers, armoire, and bedside tables. The room was jammed with all the furniture, probably required due to a lack of reasonable closet space in this old farm style house.Helen watched as Stella moved to the bed, raised the pillow and pulled the cover and top sheet down to the foot of the bed, then moved to the other side and repeated the same thing on that side. The older woman then walked up to Helen standing just inside the door and looked into her eyes. Stella’s face was very peaceful and completely at ease and comfortable. She then moved in to kiss the girl on the lips, “Dear, I have been thinking about this possibility since you made the comment the last time we shared a bath. You said you would show me how two women could truly make love and I haven’t been able to get that out of my mind.”Almost as if she was reinforcing that statement, Stella took hold of the bottom of Helen’s tank top and starting raising it. Helen dropped the towels onto a nearby chair and raised her arms above her head. Stella then put her thumbs and index fingers into the waistband of the running shorts and pushed them down and over Helen’s hips for them to fall to the floor where they covered the shoes still on her feet. Stella starts moving down to finish undressing her young lover, but was stopped. Instead, Helen raised one foot and untied the shoelace, then the other. She then put both hands to Stella blouse front and unbuttoned the button while she pried her shoes and socks off just using her feet.This time Helen leaned into Stella and kissed her on the lips, then looked her in the eyes, “Are you okay with me undressing you? Because I want to. I want to uncover you like a special present to be unveiled slowly, to enjoy discovering each part that is exposed, knowing that each new discovery will be explored in detail soon. Please say, yes.”Stella was all smile and some blush, “My dear, dear, girl. You make me feel so wanted and desired. An old, old … old woman desired by a young girl? Preposterous, but that’s how you make me feel.” She searched Helen’s eyes and Helen didn’t change her soft, loving, and caring expression. “And even more preposterous is that I think it is real. I think you really do want and desire me. So, yes, please, remove my coverings and discover what you will. I am yours, sweet c***d, for whatever you want from me. But … for the first time I actually feel nervous, uncertain about myself and what is happening. Not this, not you, not that I don’t want to do this. Rather it is the emotion involved, the power of the emotion I am now feeling.”Helen smiled and proceeded to remove the blouse, then loosen the snap and zipper on the skirt and removed it. She kissed each shoulder on the woman as she moved the bra strap off the shoulder, then kissed her chest as she reached around her for the hook in back. An impressive bra compared to hers that only had one or two hooks, Stella’s had five. Removing the bra, she planted kisses on each breast and raised each in turn for kisses and sucking of each nipple, watching as the nipples hardened. She moved down, kissing her between the breasts, to her stomach, to her belly button and the top of her substantial panties. She hooked her fingers into the top and slowly pulled them down, kissing each new inch or so of exposed flesh and pubic hair until the panties were over the hips and fell to the floor. Helen looked up to see Stella watching her with mouth open as a kiss and then a tongue were placed onto her pussy. Helen placed her hands on Stella’s thighs and stroked them up her sides, cupping her breasts as she completely stood and once again kissed the woman on the lips. Helen took her hand in her own, kissed it, and led her into the bathroom where she turned off the water and was about to step in first but was stopped.“No, this time I want you leaning on me. I want my hands on your body this time.” Helen looked at her friend, naked in front of her. Yes, she was very old but Helen could see just how strong her body still was. Her skin was loose and wrinkled for sure, but she still had muscle and substance under that skin. She was not skin and bones as one might expect for a relatively slender 90 years old. Working hard all her life undoubtedly trained her body to be strong and resilient. She saw the grey thatch of hair over the woman’s pussy, the long silver grey hair now released and hanging over her shoulders. It seemed many older women didn’t like their grey hair long or loosely hanging if it was. Helen thought that was silly, the look was beautiful on
Stella and Helen made a note to reinforce that point when the comment wouldn’t be mistaken for a part of lovemaking. Helen stepped forward the one step that separated them and cupped the breasts. She lifted them in her hands, looked up into Stella’s eyes, her expression not changing as she refocused on the breasts. They were loose and hung but still had substance to them. She squeezed and fondled them and felt the soft mass that was her aged breast. She also noticed the nipples hardening, again. Scanning the entire body, she liked what she saw and what she saw was a naked, proud woman who had experienced so much in life and wore that experience in her body, hands, and face. But it was a body of character and life and beauty. Perhaps not cover girl beauty that people think of in the physical, but a spirit, an essence beauty that seems to shine brighter if it is found and recognized. Helen knew that is what she saw in the woman, but she also felt a powerful draw to her. A draw that to her seemed inevitable, like an asteroid being drawn by the gravitational pull of a large planet, being pulled even before understanding what it was that was attracting her. She felt the pull early on when she began this relationship. Now, she was happy that she was drawn to this woman’s powerful being.And it was then, standing directly in front of her, both of them naked, she holding the other woman’s breast that it hit her in a physical response to the psychological and emotional reactions that had been coursing through her. She shivered. Despite the warmness of the day and the humidity from the hot water in the close bathroom, her body and muscles shivered, and she moved the remaining small distance between them, releasing the breasts and taking hold of the woman. How odd she thought at that moment, that she could feel overwhelmed by this woman, that a young, vibrant woman would be leaning on an old woman for support.And Stella knew this was different from the many hugs she received from this girl. “What is it, c***d? Did a thought scare you?”Helen clung to the woman even harder as another shiver went through her, this one Stella felt. “Oh, Stella …”“Please, Helen, what is it?”“It’s nothing. No, it’s very much something; you have become very important to me.”She took the arm of the older woman and helped her into the tub nearly full of hot water. She was concerned about the slipperiness of the tub and didn’t relax her controlling hold of the woman until she was settled on the bottom. She watched with interest as the woman shifted and spread her legs and raised her knees for Helen to join her. Helen was equally görükle escort careful getting in, only this time her concern wasn’t just slipping but also falling on Stella.Once they were both settled in the water, Helen between Stella’s legs and leaning against her front, Helen found her breasts immediately cupped. “Now, then, tell me what happened just now.”Helen put her head back against Stella’s shoulder and felt it resting on the woman’s collarbone. She took both hands from her breasts and kissed them before putting them back and pressing them into her young breasts. “You happened, Stella. You did. I feel overwhelmed by you sometimes. More than someone who might be a new lover, but as a person, a confidant, someone who has become part of my life.”“Oh, Helen, c***d. You can’t possibly know how much hearing that means to me. It is how I feel about you. In these late years you’ve given me a new purpose, invigorated my reason for facing each new day, and given me a focus for each day and a new way to look at tomorrow and beyond.” She was fondling Helen’s breasts more energetically, tweaking her nipples and stroking down her stomach as far as she could reach. Helen meanwhile was stroking Stella’s thighs and arms that would envelop her. Stella put her mouth next to Helen’s ear and whispered, despite being the only ones in the house and likely alone for miles around, “Dear c***d, you promised me before that you would take me to bed and show me what you and your sister and mother do for each other. I need to feel your lips on me and to return it to you. Please?”Helen twisted her body, leaning her shoulder to the side of Stella so she didn’t apply too much pressure on the older woman. She took hold of the now available breast and kissed her chest, “I want that, too. I want to show you the full extent of my love. More than loyalty, caring and respect as a friend. Even more than a new lover, a part of my life, if you’ll have me.”“Oh my Dear God, Helen! I know how you feel about religion, but to me you have to be a miracle sent to me by God. We can respect each other’s views on that and allow me to feel that way?”“Yes, dear Stella, we certainly can. I am just a girl who has learned to love. And I have learned that relationships, if allowed to be open and develop freely, don’t have to be conventional and be confined by societal norms. That’s what I want for us.”“I feel the same way now that I understand the option. That old saying, ‘We shall be led by c***dren’ was never so true. Now, please, help me out of this tub and show me how two women in love can ravish each other.” Helen stood carefully, holding to the side of the tub and stepped out, standing on the thick mat, grabbing a large towel to wrap around Stella. “Helen, wait … are all you women bald there?” She was pointing at her bare pussy.“Yes. But you saw all of us naked. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, but … please don’t tell that I said this … but even Juli has followed our practice cleaning the hair away. We initially shaved but now use a special cream that is gentle to the delicate skin there but also effective.”“Yes, now I remember. Maybe I was so entranced by you three just being naked I didn’t remember that. Can you do that for me, first? I want to be clean for you, for our first time.”Helen smiled and was directed to the shaving equipment. She let most of the water out of the tub, had the older woman scoot down, and raised her feet up onto the wall above the faucet. “This is going to be very exposing for you Stella, I will need to open you and touch you and apply my attention to shaving in your most private, personal places.”“Good. You are going to be using your fingers there anyway, soon, right?”“Not only my fingers, dear Stella, but also my lips and tongue. I will be exploring you in the most intimate way possible.”“And me to you, as well?”“That will be entirely up to you and what you are up to trying.”“Oh, c***d, my very being feels like it is fluttering already. Please do it, I will need some of that cream. I am so anxious for you to instruct me. Then, someday, maybe you will let me show you something … something I haven’t thought about since a very long time ago. But, now I want you.”Helen did the task as requested. She unceremoniously laid her down in the tub and crouch down next to her. She spread her legs and snipped off the hair with a pair of short scissors. The time in the bath had been perfect to prepare for this. She spread the shaving cream over the pussy, looked down at the woman and smiled at her. And in the momentary pause, three thought flashed through her consciousness: one, she had never done this for anyone before; two, it somehow felt like some kind of right–of-passage or something that Stella wanted to have performed in their expanding relationship; and, three, this was the pussy she was going to soon be loving with the best of her ability. The thought that never came to her was a comparison of a 90-year-old pussy with those she was most familiar. This was simply the pussy of her new lover and the very thought of being able to love it soon, because it was this woman, made her feel tingly and moist in her own pussy.She finished her task, cleanly shaving the pussy and the asshole of all hair. In the next days, she would be sure that Stella received a tube of the cream that was used at home. But right now, she was washing off the pussy and asshole areas of any shaving cream, but she w
as doing more feeling than washing. And Stella quickly caught onto that difference, “Okay, young lady, enough of feeling me up. I want to do the same to you.” They both laughed and giggled all the way through drying each other, a process that included as much towel rubbing as bare hand touching to bare body parts. Helen took Stella’s hands in hers as they stood in the bathroom with the towels at their feet. Both being naked, they stepped into an embrace and this time it was Stella who shivered. Helen put both hands to the woman’s face and slowly moved together for a kiss on the lips. The first one was short and they both watched each other. The second was a little longer but the third had both of them with eyes closed and mouths opened for tongues to come into play. Hands roamed over their backs and when they broke the kiss and clung to each other, breasts pressed together, both women groaned into the shoulder of the other.Helen took one of Stella’s hands, led her out of the bathroom naked, into the hallway, and down to the bedroom. She led her to the bed, “Get into the center to give us room to move.”“What do I do?”“Don’t think about it. Relax, enjoy, and follow my lead if you want, but try to remember something mom told me about sex, ‘Good sex is about putting your focus on giving your partner enjoyment and satisfaction. If both are doing that, the rest takes care of itself.’ That has helped me to love them even though they are much more experienced.”“She’s a wise woman.”“She said she learned that from Tim. You would really like Tim.”“You mean me and … Tim … having …”“In its time, but … yes.”Then the talking stopped. Helen spread the legs in front of her and kissed her way to the V, the just cleanly shaven V, the pussy she had touched but was now about to devour. The first kiss on the lips drew a sigh, the first time she pushed her tongue between the lips drew a gasp, and the first time the lips spread and that same tongue flicked the sensitive clit drew a heavy moan. Soon Helen felt a hand on her head, “Dear God, Helen that is one of the most amazing feelings I have had. But, please, let me try that on you.”“My pleasure, lover. But I have an idea and you can experiment all you want.”“Oh, yes. But, Helen, what did you call me?”“Lover? Lover. You are that aren’t you?”“Oh, Helen, you are so good for me. You make me feel so young, alive, wanted and needed again. I almost feel 70 again!”Helen looked up and saw the joke in the woman’s eyes. They both laughed but only for a moment because Helen was changing positions and swinging her leg over Stella so her ass was positioned over the nervous woman’s head. “What are you doing? I thought I was going to try the same thing on you?”“You are, don’t worry. I’ve heard how sharp your tongue is from some people, I’m interested to find out how that feels on my pussy.” She looked below her at the woman underneath. She received a slap on her ass.“Sass. That’s what I get from you is sass?” But she couldn’t hold back the smile.“That and my pussy. I’m going to lower my pussy to you. While I enjoy yours, you can explore mine with your fingers, lips, and tongue. Just experiment to see what I react to and you can try to duplicate what I do that feels good to you.”There was no more talking for a while, both put their mouths to the pussies in front of them. Helen heard Stella moaning and giving deep sighs from the stimulation she was giving to the woman, but she was impressed by her determination to reciprocate in some kind. Stella was clumsy in her approach and was hesitant and unsure many times, but Helen was still overwhelmed by this woman with her effort and attention to providing her with enjoyment and satisfaction. It truly was true, the realization that this woman was having her first real woman-on-woman experience at the age of 90 and was deeply involved in it. Perhaps fighting off some social morals in the process, but she was expressing herself in her effort. Helen felt the woman’s mouth completely encase her pussy, the tongue push inside just as she had done, her clit flicked by the same tongue. Later, after Helen took the Stella’s clit between her teeth, the same was done to her only a little harder, causing her to flinch. Stella pulled away at that action but Helen pulled from the pussy she was enjoying only a micro inch, “Don’t you dare stop now. I love what you are doing.” She chuckled, “Just watch the teeth.”“I’ll keep that in mind from now on.”“I love that response, too. From now on … you’re already planning on more of this. Stella, I don’t mean … I don’t want to scare you … but, I hope you don’t mind if … well …” she kissed the pussy at her mouth, “… I love you.”“Oooohhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssss, ooooooooooo … Helen! … I’m … nnnnnnnnnnn … yesssssssssssss … cummmmmminnnngggggggg!!”Helen found her clothes but insisted on Stella remaining naked as she walked her to the door. To her surprise, Stella came out onto the porch with her. Kaycee rose up from his slumber on the rug laid out on the floor. He came to Helen for a pet and licked her leg in greeting. He then looked at the naked Stella. He looked between the two, neither said or did anything. Helen knew what he was thinking, she wasn’t sure that Stella did. Kaycee walked to the older woman, licked her thigh, the other one, then her stomach. Stella reacted at the licks and took a step to stabilize herself. The effect, though, was to partially separate her legs. Kaycee saw what he wanted and went straight for it. His tongue came out and his tongue slipped between her legs and licked the full length of the pussy, ending with prolonged contact with her clit. Stella flinched but moaned and gasped her real response.Helen giggled, “Naughty boy, but I can’t blame you. I tasted that, also. It is good, isn’t it? I’m sorry, Stella. But, when he and I have played, I have been naked.”“Oh … dear … that’s alright. He just surprised me. His tongue is amazing, though, isn’t it?”“Hee hee, yes, it is.”As she started her run down the long dirt drive to the gravel road, Helen looked back to the house. Stella was still standing on the edge of the porch, naked, waving at her as she turned and disappeared behind the trees.* * * CHAPTER 48: HELEN’S TRAINING FINALS will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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