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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2014 – Delia Emy Nívea Ybarra clocked out from her job at 5:05 PM on her 44th birthday. She was about to go hang out at a lesbian bar in her current city of residence, Omaha, Nebraska, but her heart wasn’t fully in it. She was long burned out on driving a fork lift at a loud and dirty factory, where she’d worked for the last 17 years. She stayed for the benefits and security, and planned to retire at the age of 50, but dreaded going through the next six years until then. And even more than that, she dreaded the thought of being alone for the rest of her life.

Six months earlier, she had lost the woman of her dreams, and Delia knew that she had no one but herself to blame, having cheated on her girlfriend, Karen, many times. That break up also cost Delia her virtual step-son, Jonathan, and his girlfriend, Sarah, both of whom Delia loved as her own. Since losing Karen, Delia had frequented lesbian bars, placed ads on every singles site she could find, especially those that specifically aimed at lesbians, but found no one with whom she connected strongly.

Delia was born in Brownsville, Texas. Her mother, Maria, who worked for a Mexican drug cartel, sneaked across the border when she was nine months pregnant and gave birth to Delia in Brownsville, so that she would be an American citizen. Maria hoped to quit the cartel when she had enough money saved up, and give her only child a good life in America, despite Delia’s father being absent. But it didn’t happen.

As Maria’s meth addiction grew, she became more and more neglectful as a mother, until Delia ran away at age 12, never to return. She spent the next two years living with friends while continuing to attend school. At the age of 14, shortly before running away, Delia realized that she was a lesbian and began looking for a girlfriend. She took a bus to Houston and hung around outside a lesbian bar, talking to women who walked in and out. She had recently grown to her full adult height of 5’8″ and was 140 lbs. with long black hair, and a tall face with unusually pointed cheekbones. Though her appearance was largely feminine, she had slight masculine mannerisms, and her smile looked naturally mischievous.

After a few hours, she attracted a 35 year old feminine woman named Deborah, a bisexual who after two divorces was just starting to become comfortable exploring her desires for women. Falsely claiming to be 18, Delia went home with Deborah that night, having sex for the first time, and never returning to Brownsville. Deborah quickly fell in love with Delia and they lived together for the next 12 years, though they kept their relationship discreet. Deborah was an accountant and told her two children – one from each marriage; Shannon, 16, and Nathan, 10 – that Delia was the new live in maid. And in their presence, Delia pretended to speak little English, though she was actually fluent in both English and Spanish.

Delia never returned to school after her first night with Deborah. Shortly after turning 18, Delia got her GED and began driving a forklift at a factory. She opened up about her real age just a few weeks after moving in, and Deborah accepted it. Though Deborah was deeply in love with Delia, those feelings were not mutual. Delia thought Deborah was an okay woman and a good lover, but was never in love with her. Delia stayed for the financial security and because it gave her regular access to sex and also to weed, which Delia had been smoking almost daily since the age of 10, though she avoided all other drugs, including alcohol, having seen what they did to her mother. Delia and Deborah smoked weed and had sex almost every day during their relationship.

But upon getting her driver’s license at 16, Delia began cheating regularly, and was never caught. And in 1997, when getting on the internet for the first time, Delia’s options became much greater. She immediately delved into the online lesbian community, and quickly built an intense romance with a woman named Karen in Omaha. Delia was then 26 and Karen 36. Karen had always been bisexual, but too afraid to pursue her girl-girl desires. But her husband having just left her for a 21-year old bimbo, and struggling to raise a 10-year old son, Jonathan, Karen was now ready to try girls.

After chatting heavily for two months, first online and then on phone, Delia drove up to Omaha to see what kind of connection they had. It was amazing; unlike anything she’d ever experienced. She drove home after two weeks, packed her items, unceremoniously told a shocked and saddened Deborah their relationship was over, and drove back to Omaha two days later. There she played husband to Karen and father to Jonathan, though Karen being in the closet, it was another discreet relationship. The secrecy with Deborah didn’t bother Delia, as that was merely a relationship of convenience, but in sharp contrast, she wanted to tell the whole world that she was in love with Karen and loved Jonathan as a son. Hiding her domestic situation was hard for güvenilir bahis Delia, but she was overjoyed to have found the woman of her dreams, and be part of a happy family for the first time.

Delia quickly got a forklift job, the one she still has, and supported Karen and Jonathan. Karen never had a job the entire relationship and played the role of a housewife. Delia and Karen also smoked weed and had sex almost every day, while Delia and Jonathan spent a lot of one on one time together also, especially father-son type activities. Jonathan always addressed her as “Mama Delia,” which she loved.

She was a tough disciplinarian who, feeling that he had been spoiled by his mother, spanked him hard and often – with a leather strap while he was nude. But she was also a loving mom, and the two had a very close relationship. In fact, after a couple of years, Delia began suspecting that Jonathan misbehaved on purpose because he enjoyed the spankings, especially as he never tried to talk his way out of them, and he often had a hard on when she gave them. She continued the spankings until he moved out of the house and got an apartment with his girlfriend – a dominant a semi-masculine bisexual named Sarah – when he was 23. Delia and Sarah also built a very close relationship, and Delia looked forward to being a grandmother to any children who Jonathan and Sarah had.

Delia also introduced Jonathan to weed shortly after moving in, and the three of them often smoked it together.

But Delia’s love for her new family didn’t take away her desire for other women. During her relationship with Deborah, Delia thought she would be faithful if she had a girlfriend who she loved. But she was wrong.

Delia cheated on Karen, early and often. And by the time Delia was in her early 30s, her desires switched primarily to younger women and especially those who were bisexual and feminine, but had never been with a woman before. At lesbian bars, lesbian parties, and online, Delia became a pro at seducing such women, making them worship her, and making them never want to be with a man again. She also got many of them to smoke weed for the first time. And in particular, Delia became fixated on black women.

Shortly after Delia moved in, Karen got “Delia” tattooed cursively immediately above her outer right ankle – still the only tattoo that she has. Over the years, while having no tattoos herself, Delia successfully got 17 other women to get an identical tattoo in the same place, which gave her a tremendous feeling of power. And unlike Deborah, Karen found out about some of the cheating, as she was able to trace a lot of Delia’s discreet activities on their desktop computer and on Delia’s phone.

Karen, who was very meek and submissive, and who was faithful throughout the relationship, was always devastated by the cheating, and finally broke up with Delia that Summer. Delia had been deeply depressed ever since, and feared that she would never be able to control herself enough to be faithful. Now she simply planned to work until her retirement at 50, then relocate back to southern Texas and/or Mexico.

On this night, after work, she went home and showered, then dressed in a black leather jacket, a black sweatshirt with a large marijuana leaf accompanied by the message “Smoke weed,” black jeans, and black steel toe boots. She often wore steel toe boots to socialize, because she thought it furthered the dominant image she was going for, as did her increased weight. At this time, she was a muscular 175 lbs. And she always wore her thin and silky jet black hair down when she socialized. It went to the middle of her back, and she felt stifled having to wear it up at work.

She went to a low level lesbian bar in a fairly poor section of town. She sat down at a table near the back corner and looked around for prospects, but few other women were there yet. After about 10 minutes, a beautiful Native American woman, about the same age, walked in. She was a first timer; Delia could tell just by her mannerisms. She walked in slowly and awkwardly, with her head down. Furthermore, Native American had long been the only race that Delia had never been with. And while Delia was primarily interested in younger women, she also enjoyed giving older women their first lesbian experience.

This beginner was 5’4″ and 180 lbs. with silky jet black hair that had mild curls and went all the way down to her waist. She was wearing an unbuttoned denim jacket with a plain white T shirt, blue jeans, and yellow flip flops, which Delia was very pleasantly surprised to see, as it was only 25 degrees outside, and Delia had a foot fetish and especially a sole fetish. This woman was smoking a tobacco cigarette, which Delia disliked, but that was much more than offset by all the woman’s qualities that Delia loved.

Like the extremely experienced predator that she’d been for over decade, Delia approached this woman like a pro – very smoothly and charmingly.

The woman was only about 10 feet türkçe bahis in the door when she heard a comforting and assuring voice from Delia – “Hi!” Though Delia’s voice was mildly masculine, she knew how to make it sound very inviting and unintimidating.

The woman looked up, grinning and blushing. “Hi!” she responded, seemingly amazed that she was actually going through with this, and then looked down again.

“First time?!” Delia asked.

“Yeah!” the woman responded.

“It’s okay, we all go through it!”


“I’m Delia!”


“Would you like to sit down and join me?!”

“I’d love to!”

Delia then took Gina by the hand and walked her over to the table. Delia felt a vein in Gina’s hand, and her pulse was very rapid. As they were walking to Delia’s table, Delia commented “Flip flops, when it’s 25 fucking degrees outside?!”

“Yeah,” Gina said, “I only live a block away and I was too fucking lazy to put my socks and shoes on, so I just said ‘What the fuck!’”

“So do you like being barefooted?”

“Oh yeah, I am most of the time!”

Delia was glad to hear that answer, and at that time, she and Gina arrived at the table and sat across from each other. Delia then reached under the table, removed Gina’s flip flops, set her feet on Delia’s lap, and thoroughly massaged them.

Gina’s face lit up in amazement and almost ecstasy.

“You like that?!” Delia asked.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Gina said with great enthusiasm, as she lit another cigarette. Her gravelly voice suggested that she’d been a heavy smoker for a few decades, which turned off Delia, but she was still very interested in moving in on her prey.

“You look like you’ve never had a foot massage before!” Delia said.

“I haven’t!” Gina said. “I never had any idea it would feel so amazing! It’s awesome as fuck!” Though she showed no reaction to that comment, Delia wickedly grinned inside. She had given dozens of women their first foot massage, all of them went crazy over it, and she ended up having sex with every one of them.

Delia initiated small talk, and after a few minutes, Gina seemed fairly comfortable, extremely turned on from the foot massage, and started giving longer answers. She gradually revealed that she was 43, originally from the Yankton Sioux reservation in South Dakota, had worked the last eight years as a janitor, had never been married, and had a 24 year old daughter.

“So, are you bisexual?” Delia asked.

“Yeah!” Gina said.

“Have you always been?”

“Yeah, ever since I was 12.”

“So why haven’t you been with a woman before?”


“So why now?”

“I guess it’s a combination of things. I’ve never had a good relationship with a guy, I’m going crazy to try a girl, and I think a girl could understand my emotional needs a lot better.”

“Trust me; we girls understand all of each other’s needs a lot better!”

“You’re probably right! And the guys I was with were so fucking selfish. I went down on them all the time, but they never went down on me.” Delia grinned on that, hoping to be the person to give Gina oral sex for the first time.

Then, after pausing for a few seconds, she added “Plus, I already have a child, so I don’t need a guy for that anymore. At this point in my life, I just want to be happy.”

“Me too.” Delia then tried to lighten up the conversation. “So would getting one of these foot massages every day make you happy?!”

“Yeah, a foot massage and some of that shit you have on your shirt!”

“Oh yeah?! You like to smoke weed!?!”

“I love it! I just wish I had some at home right now!”

Delia then flashed a wicked grin – one that had earned her the nickname “Devious Delia” – reached into her inner jacket pocket, pulled out a joint, and discreetly showed it to Gina, who grinned. “Wanna share?!” Delia asked.

“Here?!” Gina said, shocked but excited.

Delia then stood up and said “Meet me in the restroom in about 30 seconds.”

Delia entered the restroom, which contained three stalls, and was glad to see that no one else was there. When Gina entered a few seconds later, Delia took her by the hand and whispered “Come on,” while giving her a tug. Delia walked Gina to the stall that was furthest from the door, and through a vein in Gina’s hand could tell that her pulse was even faster now. Delia grabbed the stall door, opened it, led Gina inside, closed and locked the door, and in one motion, pulled out the joint and a lighter.

Delia put the joint between her lips, lit it, and inhaled. She held it for about five seconds, then exhaled, felt the THC start to work, and then handed the joint to Gina, who followed suit, but was a lot more dramatic about it. Delia had smoked weed nearly every day for 34 years, but even though Gina had been doing it almost as long, she had gotten access to weed far less often, so this was a bigger deal to hear, especially combined with her nervousness about exploring güvenilir bahis siteleri her lesbianism for the first time.

Gina’s tolerance being far less great, she was fucked up almost the instant she first inhaled. Delia also got fucked up, but it look her several inhalations. Normally, Gina grinned a lot while smoking weed, but this time she was too nervous to smile. The two held hands, and passed the joint back and forth with their free hands.

After about 10 minutes, the joint was done, so Delia dropped the butt on the floor and stomped it out. By this time, Gina was in a deep haze. Delia looked across at her prey and decided to make her move. “Look at me,” she said in a soft but stern voice. Gina did so, and after about 10 seconds of extremely intense eye contact, Delia suddenly jerked Gina forward, timing it perfectly so that their lips connected.

Delia then tightly wrapped her arms around Gina, who immediately reciprocated. Their eyes closed, their mouths opened, and they violently rolled their tongues together. Gina instantly became lost in her first lesbian kiss. This was something she waited 31 years for.

Over the years, she had sporadically gotten sex with guys, and some of it was good, but she’d never experienced anything like this. First the amazing foot massage, then the joint, and now the best kiss of her life – by far. Even as much as Gina had craved women, the feeling of a woman’s lips and tongue turned out to be even much more fantastic than she would’ve guessed – both the physical sensation and the amazing closeness. And she could only imagine how much hotter it was going to get.

After a few seconds, Delia backed Gina against the wall. Delia then wrapped her left arm around Gina’s waist while Delia’s right hand grabbed Gina’s left knocker, and her left thigh grinded Gina’s cunt. That all got Gina even more excited, and she reciprocated the grinding.

“Fuck, how big are those knockers?” Delia grunted.

“40 DD,” Gina softly replied.

“Shit, they’re awesome,” Delia grunted, as she reached up Gina’s shirt, noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra, and aggressively fondled both of her knockers, treasuring their great size and softness.

That line gave Gina a little confidence for the first time, and the make out session continued for about three minutes, until someone walked in. Gina became very nervous, but Delia remained calm and whispered to Gina “Stand back in that corner and don’t make a fucking sound,” while guiding Gina toward the corner to the right of the toilet. Delia then dropped her pants and underpants to her ankles and stood immediately in front of the toilet, to create the appearance that she was sitting on the toilet. During that time, Gina stared at Delia’s ass and thighs, and loved what she saw. Whoever had just entered the restroom used the stall closest to the door and left after about three minutes, apparently unsuspicious.

As soon as Delia heard the door close, she whispered to Gina “Hey, you said you just live a block from here?”

“Yeah,” Gina said.

“Is it okay if we go back there? I have some more shit that we can smoke.”

“Yeah, let’s go!”

“Okay, great. I’d invite you to my house, but I’m too fucked up to drive.”

“You’re not half as fucked up as I am, though!” Gina said, smiling for the first time since entering the bathroom, now feeling fairly comfortable and relaxed, but still extremely excited.

“Come on, let’s go!” Delia said lightheartedly.

“Okay!” Gina said. At that, they had a quick kiss on the lips, and walked from there all the way to Gina’s apartment, holding hands with their fingers interlocked. Gina had never come out of the closet, but upon exiting the bar, she realized that she liked showing lesbian affection in public.

Gina led Delia to a semi-run down 15 story apartment building and took a very old fashioned elevator up to the sixth floor. They walked in, and as Gina turned on the lights, Delia was instantly turned off by the heavy smell of cigarette smoke, but was still anxious to introduce Gina to girl-girl sex.

Other than the smell, the apartment wasn’t much, but it was passable.

There was a decent sized living room connected to a small kitchen, with a bathroom on the right side of the hall, and a bedroom at the end of the hall.

There was a couch, TV, and DVD player in the living room, and no table, just two bar stools at the bar that divided the living room and kitchen. There was nothing hanging on the walls, and the floor was wooden. Delia would’ve rather they been at her apartment, which was much nicer, but that didn’t reduce her intense attraction to Gina.

As Gina slipped off her flip flops and took off her jacket, Delia pulled out another joint. Gina walked Delia over to the couch where they sat down and smoked three more joints together while cuddling. By the time they were done, they were both massively fucked up, especially Gina.

Now convinced that she now owned Gina, at least for the rest of the night, Delia realized she no longer needed to be smooth and charming. She suddenly jerked Gina up and walked her back to the bedroom.

When they walked through the doorway

into the dark room, Delia shoved Gina

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