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My life changed my final semester of high school. It had nothing to do with my impending graduation, although I was anxious for that happy event, nor turning 18, although I had just done so, the last of my friends to reach that milestone. No, my life change can be chalked up to boredom and online porn. Allow me to explain.

My name is Melanie Ross, Mel for short, and I’m one of the lucky few non-wealthy students at the Danville Academy for Young Ladies. Every year, they hand out full rides to about a dozen girls and provide some form of assistance to about twice that number so that the school’s directors can claim there is a diverse student body where all views and backgrounds are represented. It’s bullshit, of course; we scholarship girls adopt whatever views our counselors, teachers and richer, snootier classmates want us to and never discuss our backgrounds in public. But what the hell, I’m not risking my scholarship to lecture a bunch of spoiled upper-class bitches about income disparity or the debilitating effects of poverty. My mother would beat me bloody if I got kicked out for causing those kinds of problems. Besides, my ass was always on the line anyway; I don’t do well with authority and can’t keep my smart-ass mouth shut sometimes. That’s why I’ve always worked so hard for straight As; nobody wants to expel an honors student who regularly wins academic prizes.

I’m tall and keep myself in good shape. I’ve got long, straight, raven-black hair and green eyes. I won’t say I’m the best looking girl in school, but I’m no slouch and have never had any trouble finding guys to take me out, buy me dinner or shower me with gifts. Maybe that makes me shallow, but I grew up if not dirt-poor, than just a few notches above it, so I feel no remorse. My mom, who raised me by herself, works in the office of Danville’s junior institution, which caters to girls in the first through eighth grades. I attended that school on the employee tuition waiver, which helped land me the scholarship to high school. Still, her pay was hardly stupendous, so I knew I’d either need a scholarship or a lot of loans if I wanted to continue my education.

Despite that, by mid-March, I, like my friends, was suffering Senioritus, an affliction caused by increasing boredom that strikes all high school seniors in the months just prior to graduation. Its symptoms include increasing laziness, declining respect for school rules, and an enhanced willingness to take pointless risks for the sake of fun. The first step in my grand life change came about because I was having a particularly bad bout of it one Wednesday morning during third-period phys ed class.

Now, you’re probably wondering, why are senior girls still taking gym class? Good question. Loretta Danville, the founder and principal endower of our fine institution, provided the land and tens of millions of dollars for the establishment and upkeep of her eponymous school. Ms. Danville, oft described as a dour heiress who never married, was nevertheless a firm believer in the arts and exercise, and her will stipulated that all students would take such classes every year of attendance. So on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we all took gym and every Tuesday and Thursday, you took one of several arts-related options including art, chorale, band or drama. I did drama, mostly because if you could score a minor role, you could doze through much of the class. As you can imagine, with only two days of class, no one got particularly good at any of these activities, unless you joined the relevant after-school club, which I didn’t.

This particular day, though, I was fed up with gym. I’d played too much soccer, basketball and volleyball; run too many laps and wind sprints; and warmed-up, stretched and cooled down one time too many. So, as we were once again circling the track at a slow jog in preparation for god knows what, I accidently on purpose took a spill. As a kid, my mother had enrolled me in judo courses at the YWCA, so I knew how to fall without hurting myself. Mrs. Fletcher, our dog-faced gym teacher, didn’t know that, so when I went down, crying out in pain, she completely bought my story of an undetermined knee injury. This worked out great because it meant that not only was I getting out of class, but one of my two best friends in the world was also being cut loose so that she could help me back to the lockers and, if necessary, to the nurses office. It wasn’t going to be necessary.

Diane Howard, or Dee as her close friends called her, was about my height, with short, light brown hair. She has what I’ll call a sturdy body, not fat but not skinny or svelte either. She played catcher on the school softball team, if that gives you any idea of her shape. She was also, I suspected at the time, a lesbian and over the years, I’d grown increasingly certain that she had a crush on me. Sometimes I caught her looking at me and she could get very touchy-feeling, especially when we’d been sneaking booze from her parents’ liquor cabinet.

Not that she ever güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri did anything more than that. She was deeply closeted, so much so that she’d been dating the same guy from the all-male school down the road for two years. He was a tight-end on their football team. I suspected Dee of being a lesbian, but I knew Jerry was gay. The previous fall, my Mom and I had driven to a town two hours away for an art festival -my Mom’s idea of a good time – and I happened to see him walking with some other guy. I’d almost called out to him, but just before I did, I saw him subtly give his companion’s ass a gentle squeeze. The guy had turned and blew Jerry a kiss. Thankfully, he never saw me and I never mentioned it to Dee. I figured they were just providing cover for each other; and I wondered if she had a girlfriend.

I was interested because more and more, I’d gotten curious about being with a woman. I’d been with a few guys, and yes, I’d gone all the way a few times. I’d been disappointed in sex so far but I figured it was because the boys I was doing it with were young and inexperienced. The porn I was watching sure made it look fun and once I figured out masturbation, it became a nightly occurrence. Lately, I’d been branching out in my on-line porn selection, watching a lot of girl-on-girl stuff. More and more, I had developed an itch to try sex with a girl and I figured Dee might be up for it

So that morning, as I was leaning against her while she helped me to the locker room – I hadn’t told her I wasn’t actually hurt – I decided to test the waters, so to speak. Her left arm was wrapped around me and her fingertips were just grazing the side of my breast.

“Hey Dee, are you trying to cop a feel?” I joked. She immediately shifted her hand down, and shot me a hurt look.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Mel,” she retorted with more force what was really required. Clearly I’d hit a nerve.

“Geez, I wasn’t complaining,” I replied smiling. “Take a chill pill.”

“Just move along, klutzy,” she said in a lighter tone. I deliberately stumbled just a little, to see what she’d do, and was pleased when she took the opportunity to lift her hand back up to my tit. I decided then that I was going for it.

Once we got back to the gym, we limped into the locker room and I eased myself down on a bench. “What do you want me to get you,” she asked. “You want a hot towel or anything? How’s it feeling?”

“Nah, I’m fine. I don’t think I need to go to the nurse or anything. But I’ll bet the bulldog (which is what we called Mrs. Fletcher behind her back) won’t mind if we head on up to study hall.”

At Danville, seniors are given an hour of study hall every day and Dee and I had ours together right after gym class and right before lunch. We could show up early and just explain that we’d been let out of gym early because of my knee. Study hall right before lunch was great because sometimes Mrs. Dippet, the senior class counselor who monitored it, would let us leave early and, as seniors, we could head off-campus for lunch. We suspected she did so because she was meeting a lover for a noon-time quickie, although no one had any proof whatsoever that such was actually the case.

“Sounds good to me. Want me to pack up your stuff?” she asked, looking down at me with concern.

I smiled up at her and thought to myself, well here goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I held up my arms to her.

“No, just pull me up, will you?” I said. She reached down and grabbed at my elbows, gently helping me up. I stood, leaned forward and pretended to fall into her, wrapping my arms around her waist while she seized my shoulders. I pulled her in close and rested my chin on her shoulder. I was thrilled by the feel of her breasts and mine squished together.

“Now who’s copping a feel,” she cracked. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m great,” I whispered in her ear. I pulled back just enough so I could look into her eyes, our faces just an inch or two apart. She gazed back at me and I could feel her body tense up. My heart was pounding so hard I’m certain she could feel it too.

I just stood there for a second, gauging her reaction and gathering up the last of my courage. I pushed my face closer until our noses were brushing. She said nothing, but didn’t pull away; I could feel her body begin to tremble. I let one of my hands drift up her back, my fingers lightly stroking her. In response, hers drifted onto my upper back, and, after drawing in a long, slow breath, I brushed my lips to hers and for the first time in my life, kissed a girl.

For a second, she did nothing and a slow chill of terror ran up my spine. Fuck, I thought, did I just destroy a friendship and mark myself as a lesbian at a school that even now was not LGBT friendly? Then I felt her respond with just the slightest touch, and I pressed my lips harder to hers and suddenly, we were kissing, really kissing, until she suddenly pulled back.

“Mel, what are we doing?” she asked, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sounding frightened.

“Well, I’m kissing you and I’m pretty sure that you like it because you’re kissing me back. And I’m positive I like that,” I said, and then kissed her again. This time, there was no hesitation as she locked her lips onto mine, I felt her tongue slide out, gently pushing against and into my mouth. I slid mine forward to meet it and they danced together, first in my mouth and then in hers. I moved a hand to her ass and began to squeeze and then felt her gently fold her fingers onto my right breast. We made out with increasing passion for several minutes

Breathless, I pulled back and checked the clock. We had roughly thirty minutes before study hall. “Come on,” I said. I shoved my school uniform into my gym bag and snatched up my purse while she did the same. Grabbing her wrist, I pulled her out of the locker room and down the hall to a metal door.

“Hey, slow down, your knee is hurt,” she protested.

“No it’s not. I faked it to get out of class. Now come on.”

I reached into my purse and extracted a set of keys. The Keys, as we always referred to them, usually in hushed voices that reflected the appropriate amount of awe and respect they deserved. They were a set of school keys that, over the months, I’d discovered could open almost any door in the place. Only me, Dee and Vanessa Petrault, our other best friend, knew I had them and we’d vowed to keep it that way for safety’s sake.

I didn’t exactly steal the keys, and no, I didn’t seduce the school janitor or anything either. One day Mr. Weathers, the head of school maintenance, was going down some outside stairs ahead of me and as he often did, was tossing his key ring up and down with his right hand. He lost is concentration, slipped, and tumbled down a few stairs, hitting his head. There was a lot of blood and he was moaning really loud. I was carrying my dirty gym clothes and rushed down to him, putting my gym shirt to his head to try to stop the bleeding while screaming bloody murder for help. It was pandemonium; teachers came running then Mrs. Hudgens, the vice principal showed up and someone called the fire department, which came and wheeled Mr. Weathers away. In all that confusion, I noticed his key ring had been knocked down into some bushes growing beneath the stairwell, so I picked them up. That night, I took them to a hardware store and had copies made. They were all labeled, too, which was really helpful. The next morning, I got to school early and casually dropped the keys back into the bushes. I guess eventually they were found and thankfully, no one ever suspected they’d been copied.

So now, standing in front of the athletic department’s storage room door, horny as fucking hell, I fished out the appropriate key, fitted it into the lock, and let Dee and I into the room where they stored athletic equipment. This included a big stack of tumbling mats, several of which we pulled down onto an empty space in the floor.

We exchanged quick smiles and then began tearing off our gym clothes, which of course didn’t amount to much. Still, I had never gotten undressed so quickly in my life, and still lost that race because by the time I pulled off my panties, Dee was naked and lying on the mats, gazing up at me with pure lust in her eyes. I threw myself down and crawled into her arms and we embraced, pulling our bodies tightly against each other. As I said, I’d never been with another girl, but it seemed pretty obvious what to do. To me, sex with someone of the same gender is like following the golden rule; do unto them as you would have them do unto you. So I squeezed her breasts, pinched her stiff nipples, which are amazing long and thin, rolled them between my thumb and forefinger, and sucked them into my mouth, nibbling on them with gentle bites. I shoved first one finger than another into her wet cunny, sometimes lightly brushing, sometimes pushing hard, against her clit while her body squirmed in response. Of course, whenever she could, she’d do these same things to me and I was likewise writhing in pleasure. We were both trying to be quiet, since you never knew who might be wandering down the hall, but when we reached the point where we were both finger fucking each other while exchanging deep, passionate French kisses, we could no longer completely control our moaning, especially when the best orgasm so far of my young life ripped through me. Just as I was able to collect myself, I realized that Dee must have climaxed as well, because she was lying back, breathing heavily, with a deeply contented look on her face. I leaned into her and we began exchanging soft, lingering kisses while allowing our fingers to lightly brush along each other’s naked bodies.

“What time is it,” she whispered after a while.

“Shit,” I said after checking my watch. “We better go.”

“Mel,” she said, grabbing my wrist before I would rise, “was this just a onetime thing. I mean, I güvenilir bahis şirketleri don’t know how it affects us. You’re one of my closest friends, I don’t want this to stop, but I don’t want to lose you either.”

I brushed a strand of hair back from her forehead and gently kissed her. “Don’t be silly, Dee. You, me and Vanessa are always going to be best friends. Now, we’re just going to be best friends with benefits. I can’t wait to be with you again.”

“Do you think we should tell Vanessa? I hate to keep secrets from her, but I don’t know if she’d be as open to this as we are. She’s kind of conservative in some ways.”

“No, you’re right, she wouldn’t be. I mean, I know she’s cool with gay people and all, but I don’t think she’d handle us fucking all that well, at least not right now.”

Dee nodded and released my wrist. We got up and quickly pulled on our school uniforms, then put the mats back where they belonged. I carefully cracked open the door, checking to see if anyone was around, and then we swiftly slipped out, hurried back down the hall and emerged through twin glass doors into the bright late-morning sun. On the way back to the main building, I faked a slight limp, just in case the Bulldog spied us.

I didn’t have any more classes with Dee after study hall, which we spent casting lustful smiles at each other while working on homework for other classes. After lunch, which we spent with Vanessa and a couple of other girls, eating tacos and gossiping about rumored liaisons between various teachers and students, none of which were likely true, we split up. Vanessa and I headed to our afternoon social studies class while Dee had English.

I had just exited my afternoon English class and was headed to physics, my final class of the day, when I got a text from Dee. It turns out her parents were going to be out late and she wanted me to drop by. I quickly texted back that I’d be there at six and headed to class with a mind filled with erotic images of Dee and a very wet pussy.

After school, I had to preside over the meeting of the school’s science club and meet with Mrs. Dippet, who wanted to talk about college scholarships. I’d applied for several but she found a few others she wanted me to put in applications for, even though it was getting late in the year for that. I got home a little after five, quickly changed into a cute mini-skirt and sleeveless pullover sweater, eschewing panties or a bra, since I planned on being naked most of the night anyway. I grabbed a quick snack and told my Mom I was heading to Dee’s to work on a class project. My beat-up, decade-old sedan was parked just down the block from her house at five till six while I waited for her parents to leave. When I saw them come out and drive away, I pulled up to Dee’s house, a large, Victorian-style home with manicured lawn, and practically raced up to the door. I was still five feet away when it flew open and I skipped inside, happy as a clam.

Dee was standing behind the door, just out of sight, and when she closed it I saw why. In the seconds she’d had between her parents’ departure and my arrival, she’d somehow contrived to pull on a sexy black-lace teddy and thigh-high silk stockings. I almost creamed myself she looked so fucking hot.

I didn’t say anything, just wrapped her in my arms and began kissing her. We awkwardly moved to their living room couch, neither wanting to release the other; we had to stop several times to satisfy our need to keep kissing. When we finally sank into their expensive leather couch, Dee ran her hand up under my skirt and smiled when she found my naked pussy, into which she slipped a finger. I drew in a deep breath and moaned, rocking my hips forward to drive her deeper still.

“Mel, I have to tell you something,” she whispered in my ear. “I’ve had a crush on you since our freshman year. I’ve had so many fantasies about you.”

“I thought maybe you did,” I confessed. “I’m sorry I haven’t been ready to do anything until now. I guess I just hadn’t, I don’t know, realized I was attracted to both boys and girls.”

She kissed me hard, running her thumb along my clit as she curled her finger up into my cunt. “It’s okay. I’m just so happy that you’re with me now.”

I whimpered in pleasure, and then pulled away from her long enough to remove my sweater. She instantly lowered her mouth to one of my nipples and began sucking on it, sending additional waves of pleasure through me. I’d been in her house less than five minutes, I guessed, and was already on the edge of my first orgasm, the first of many, I hoped. When she gently bit down on my nipple at the same time she pushed her thumb onto my clit, my body jerked and I threw back my head, releasing a loud gasp as I climaxed.

“God Dee, you’re so good at this,” I panted. “Have you ever been with another girl?”

She was silent for a second, letting her fingers running gently along my pussy lips while resting her head on my shoulder.

“Yes,” she said softly. “There’s a girl down the street, she’s a few years older than me. Actually, she’s in college. Anyway, last summer, I got to talking to her one day and she invited me over to watch TV and she ended up going down on me. We hooked up a lot over the summer and then again a few times over her Christmas break.”

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