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April sucked on the nipple, her tongue tracing circles around the hard tip, her hand caressing, squeezing. She looked up into Mary France’s deep brown eyes. Mary France sighed. April took Mary France’s breast from her mouth, rubbed her thumb over the extended nipple, gazed at Mary France as she began rocking against April’s thigh.

Although her rocking started slowly, it soon quickened. Mary France leaned down, placed her hands on the sides of April’s head and abandoned herself to the ripples of pleasure coursing through her. Mary France moaned. April braced her thigh against Mary France as she pumped, encouraging, whispering, prodding her on. Mary France’s breasts bounced in rhythm as she pumped faster and faster, her vaginal hair brushing April’s, her clit seeking the hardness of April’s hipbone.

Finding the hardness, Mary France came with complete abandon, the orgasm shaking her to her core. She collapsed on top of April, gasping for breath, orgasmic waves pulsing, rushing through her.

Her hips still bucking, Mary France grunted as the waves of orgasm continued wracking her body. Again and again she forced herself against April, her body crying, begging for more.

At last, her need subsided and she breathed against April’s neck.

Mary France clutched April’s hair, tried again to catch her breath.

April cupped Mary France’s breasts, kneaded them, brushed her thumbs along the nipples.

“Lick me,” April whispered. “Lick my face.”

Mary France pulled her face away from April’s neck, gazed at April.

“You’re bleeding,” Mary France said. “I’ll get a wet towel….”

“Lick my blood….and your spit…and my cum,” April said.

“The blood is dried…I can just get a warm towel…” Mary France said.

“Lick it…you caused it…all of it…so lick it…”

Mary France looked down at April. Her face was covered with cum and spit, a trickle of blood had dried on her lips and chin.

Mary France lifted herself and moved her face above April’s, began licking….

She felt her stomach tighten as she licked April’s face. The taste of April’s cum and her own spit sent a rush to her abdomen…she grasped April’s hair with both hands as her hips sought April’s thigh again.

Several minutes later, Mary France’s cheek rested against April’s breast, her fingers tracing the edges…

“I can’t get enough of you…it’s not supposed to be this way,” Mary France took April’s earlobe into her mouth, bit it.

April stirred, loving the feel of Mary France’s tongue in her ear.

“You like it rough,” Mary France said.

” I never knew…,” April said. “I just felt this incredible rush of lust when you began twisting my nipples, then….when you slapped me, I got more turned on….and the more you slapped me, the hotter I got.”

“You came hard,” Mary France said.

“No harder than you did…I thought you were going to grind me down into the sheets, poker oyna never to return,” April laughed.

‘I guess,” Mary France said.

April, her hands resting on Mary France’s hips, said, “Once, when I was in high school…, I masturbated fantasizing about a girl slapping me…”

“Did you come?”

“My God, yes…”

“Was she cute?”

April’s eyes moved over Mary France, from her tousled hair, to her eyes, down her back to the magnificent globes of her rear. She closed her eyes, said,

“Of course she was cute. She wasn’t you though.”

“So your fantasy came true tonight.”

“You are more than anything I could have fantasized, Mary France.”

“Yeah?” Mary France said.

“Yes.” April’s fingers sought, found one of Mary France’s breasts.

“I love these,” April said.

“You say that to all the girls,”

“There have only been two…you and Lisa.” April said.

“And let me guess…you told Lisa you loved her breasts.”

“Yes! My God, have you seen them??”

“Everyday. And sometimes night.”

“So you’ve slept with her.”

“We didn’t do much sleeping.” Mary France said. She laughed.

“What exactly did you do?” Mary France lifted her head from April’s breast. Her eyes darkening, she gazed into April’s eyes, said,

“You jealous?” She caressed April’s nipple.

“Extremely,” April whispered.

This girl is worse off than I am, Mary France thought.

“Is sex all you ever think about?” Mary France said.

“Since yesterday…since I met you…and Lisa,” April said.

“Do you remember the first time you ever came?” Mary France said.

April pulled on Mary France’s hips and realized Mary France was still wet. She pulled again. Mary France began an excruciatingly slow rocking.

“Yes,” April said. “I was fourteen.”

“I bet you were beautiful even then,” Mary France said.

“I didn’t think that. I thought I was gangly, awkward.”

“Every teenage girl thinks that.”

“I guess…I used to look at myself in the mirror…when I saw hair start to grow down there, it scared me to death. I thought only boys were supposed to have hair…you know…there.” April turned her head aside, blushed.

“Look at you blushing…you and I just had incredible sex and you are blushing.” Mary France brushed a hair from April’s forehead.

Mary France was still rocking. April watched as Mary France closed her eyes, April’s eyes roaming to the stunning view of Mary France’s breast bouncing as she rocked against April.

“Go on,” Mary France said. “Tell me everything.”

April was frozen by the sight of Mary France and her breasts.

“What’d you say?”

I said, “Go on…with your story…go on” Mary France opened her eyes, a wanton gaze settled on April. April reached up but Mary France slapped her hands away.

“You get to touch them after you tell your story.”

“Touch yourself while you tell me,” Mary France said.

April canlı poker oyna didn’t know how long she would last if she followed that command, but she reached down into her wetness. God, I am so wet, she thought.

“I was lying in bed…I had always…always had these stirrings down there…you know…when you are about eight or nine, you start realizing it feels really good when you touch yourself.” April could feel Mary France quicken her pace. Still slow…but more intense. Mary France’s thigh pushed against April’s hand and her fingers slipped inside.

“Uh,” April moaned.

“Yes…” Mary France sighed. “So you are lying in bed…”

“There was a new girl in school. She was a year ahead of me, I think. Yeah, a Sophomore. She was beautiful.” April whispered. “And she had curves like…like forever.

“I was lying there and all I could think about was her. I felt wetness…and when I put my fingers…oh, God, this is so embarrassing.”

“It’s hot is what it is,” Mary France said. “Keep going.”

“I had never been wet before, just a feeling, you know? But now I was so wet…so wet…when I put my fingers in my hair there, it was so wet they slipped inside. It felt so good…Jesus…so good. As soon as I moved my fingers, I came. My eyes were closed and I saw stars. The feeling was so new, so wonderful, so intense, I kept up the movement of my fingers and came again…right away.”

Mary France’s thigh had pinned April’s hand and the rocking had brought the incredible aching to an apex. She knew she was going to orgasm, and soon.

“God, faster, Mary France, faster!” April wailed. She pulled on Mary France and matched her movements. Mary France raised up and grabbed April’s leg, clung to it as she positioned herself against April’s pussy lips and began grinding.

Mary France kissed April’s calf and foot, holding her leg closer and closer, like a lover. Faster and faster, her hips flew. Images of April masturbating filled her mind and she came in torrents.

April watched as Mary France lifted her leg. She glanced down and saw the sheets soaked with wetness, both of their pussies dripping. Mary France started moving wildly and April closed her eyes and came. Her scream unfettered now, she pulled harder on Mary France’s leg, trying to come again. Then she felt Mary France’s juices flow and she was overwhelmed with orgasm.

Mary France fell on her, obscenities flowing like wine. April grabbed Mary France’s neck and pulled her close.

“My God, Mary France,”

“Fuck…” Mary France buried her lips against April’s neck, sucked.

“Oh…” April didn’t want a hickey, but this was delicious.

April’s hips moved involuntarily. Mary France grunted into April’s neck.

“Oh, shit,” April moaned. Her hips picked up their pace. She couldn’t stop it. She pushed and pushed against Mary France and Mary France answered, pushing back harder, her lips still plastered to April’s neck.

April grabbed Mary France’s internet casino neck and pulled her even closer. The orgasm subsided, but the aching did not. April continued pushing.

A minute later, April came again. Mary France never let go. When she did, she was sweating.

“What is it with us?” April said.

“Give a girl an orgasm…” Mary France laughed.

“But I can’t help myself,” April said. “I am starting to feel like…”

“A slut?” Mary France said.

“No…yes!….Oh, God, I can’t believe it…”

“You are not a slut, April.”

“Then what am I?”

“Highly sexed,” Mary France said. “A beautiful, curvy, highly sexed woman.”

“Who likes women,” April said.

“Oh, yes,” Mary France said, “oh, yes..”

April sought Mary France’s lips, kissed her, ran her tongue around her lips and pulled her into a passionate embrace, tongues seeking each other’s throats.

Mary France broke away, said,

“Are you going to finish telling me about that new girl in school?”

“Are you going to tell me what you did with Lisa?”

“Want me to show you?” Mary France said.


Sitting up, Mary France placed the heel of her palm against April’s sex, pressed and moved her palm in circles.

April gasped with the suddenness of it, lifted her hips to join the rhythm.

Mary France pressed harder. Amazed at April’s continued wetness, she entered April with her fingers, pressed her thumb against April’s clit.

April spasmed, rocked harder against Mary France, begged,

“Oh, please, please….”

The spasms sent April into oblivion, her cries echoing through the apartment.

“Fuck…” April cried “Fuck…” April looked up to see Mary France gently smiling.

“She came three times before I ever took my clothes off.” Mary France said.

“Then what?”

“She came all night.”

“She came all night with me too,” April said.

“Oh, I don’t doubt it.” Mary France leaned down, brought her lips to April’s and kissed her fervently.

April could not get enough of her kisses. She hung on tight, her senses reeling again.

A minute later, April said,

“Change places with me,”

Mary France pushed up, took April’s hands and pinned them against the sheets. Her breasts poised above April’s lips, she said,

“You sure you don’t want to suck on these some more….”

April didn’t need to think, said,

“Put your breast in my mouth.”.

“Which one..”

“I don’t care…please…” April said.

Mary France moved a breast to April’s mouth, watched her as she sucked. Mary France closed her eyes, the aching sending chills up her body.

April’s tongue moved around the nipple as she sucked. Looking up at Mary France as she sucked, she saw Mary France shudder and knew Mary France couldn’t last long. April moaned into her breast, saw her Mary France’s breath grow ragged.

April sucked harder, moaned louder. She felt Mary France come on her leg. Mary France fell down onto April’s body. April wrapped her arms around Mary France, ran her hands over her back.

“Switch places with me,” April said.

“Tell me about the new girl first.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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