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Merriam Webster states the definition of Malicious: having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone: given to, marked by, or arising from malice.

Alice couldn’t remember ever feeling so deeply angry. In the months since her sister’s murder and subsequent investigation the police had determined some random man had strangled her sister in the act of sex. The fact that there were numerous calls to the Senator’s private cell phone had been ignored; in fact anything and everything regarding the Senator’s involvement had been swept under the rug. Not that Alice was surprised.

Alice had known that the police would do nothing about this case. Her sister had been classified as a cheap woman who had gotten in over her head and slept with a prominent married man. That she had been killed, possibly by that married man didn’t faze them. Senator Edwards was above the law. Alice had known that the minute she watched the video of her sister and the man having sex together. He was violent and got off on her hurting her. What angered her most was that he merrily went on his way sure that he was invincible. He had done this before she was certain, he would do it again. It would only be a matter of time.

In the months following the murder, no leads had come up of course and the murder remained unsolved. Alice had known immediately it was up to her to even the odds, to take care of it in a way only she knew how. The months since then, her enforced solitude, coping with her sister’s estate, had allowed her to think, to really think about the what and the how of taking care of this situation. Her anger stemmed from his arrogance. Sure, she could simply kill him and make it look like an accident to the point where no suspicion would ever fall on her shoulders, but she wanted him to suffer, she wanted him to have it in his head that he didn’t get away with anything, and that Constance had mattered. She wanted the Senator or rather the Senator’s to suffer and this required careful planning.

Constance had been a fluffy arm ornament to many men. She had married several times for their money alone and inherited all. It had been rumored that she was a black widow but it had never been proven. She deserved justice and Alice was going to see that she got it. No one involved in this fiasco was going to go unpunished.

The estate had settled in a relatively short time. The homes that Constance had owned were up for sale and one already in escrow. The government had held out its hand as expected and received their inheritance tax, now they were waiting for the sale of the houses for the rest of their share. This too angered Alice and she was pleased that she had the foresight to of removed any trace of the millions in her sister’s other accounts, she had the access, she had invested those funds for years. The government would never see a dime of that money; it was all carefully tucked away in investments and accounts overseas and the trails to it so convoluted that no one would ever suspect or find it.

Not once in all that time had the Senator’s contacted her and in a way she was grateful. It didn’t bother her conscience in the least about what she was planning. But then, she wasn’t sure she had a conscience.

She watched the disk for the thousandth time, noting the seduction in the bedroom and the various camera angles, someone else had to be involved as the disk had been edited to include the best shots of Ken Edwards as he screwed her sister. He painfully thrust into her to hear her scream and slowly choked off her life in a game of auto-erotic asphyxiation, but he had squeezed too hard as he came, howling and enjoying the sensations that she caused and aroused in him, he had snapped her neck and by the time he realized it had been too late, all of this was on the disk, a snuff film with her sister and Senator Ken Edwards as participants. She had watched it so many times she had it memorized.

The other disks contained lovemaking with various women, several of them prominent women in their own right and were recognized by Alice but only a few of Senator Cecilia Edwards with herself. poker oyna She had watched all of them. She hadn’t realized the determined faces she made as she made love to a woman. It gave her insight into her own sexual being and techniques. Not once had Cecilia ever let Alice cum first, instead it was always about Cecilia first and always, she was a totally selfish lover. Alice hadn’t minded, for her it had been a means to an end and she had enjoyed herself. Now she was going to enjoy herself first, before the Senator, and not in a manner in which Cecilia would consider.

One of the disks though provided her with a clue to the identity of another party involved in this. One of Senator Edwards’s bodyguards had participated in a three way. His burly arms and sculpted body were all that could be seen on disk but his long hair in a ponytail had been a dead giveaway. Alice could well imagine him disposing of her sister’s dead body in the manner in which she had been found. The number of women that the Senator had bopped in these disks made Alice realize it was all an ego trip for the Senator, another notch on his bedpost, one more wouldn’t matter and the accidental death of Constance was just an inconvenience that needed someone to make go away. This bodyguard had probably been willing to help in any way he could, maybe for more of the action, maybe for a tremendous paycheck, maybe he was blackmailing the Senators. She momentarily wondered if there had been others, some with even less to lose than her sister. Alice didn’t care, they would all pay eventually, but she wondered how many ‘unsolved’ crimes were implicated on the disks.

Alice had spent her time carefully building a detailed portfolio on both of the Senator’s as well as several of their closest staff. Some of her methods would be frowned on by anyone in law enforcement but then so would the results if they knew it was her. She had to be careful so that eventually when this all came out, and it would, that no one could accuse her of anything.

Alice had made one more trip two months after the murder to the mansion. Choosing a time when she knew the Senators were supposedly on vacation to Hawaii. It also meant that a few carefully chosen bodyguards would accompany the couple. Alice was pleased when she found out from a greased palm that the bodyguard in question, Damion Rivera would be one of those going along. The information she had accumulated on him would have raised eyebrows in anyone’s books. He had been raised in the projects and become a thug but had educated himself out of the hood and somehow come into contact with a young Ken Edwards. He had been with the Edwards ever since, through their meteoric rise in the Senate, their subsequent fairytale marriage, their continued political careers, he had been in the background, supposedly guarding them.

The trip into the mansion had assured Alice how active or as the case may be how inactive the Senator’s private room had been since the murder. She didn’t know if there were other places but she didn’t quite care at the moment and had followed Ken Edwards several times as well as Damion Rivera but with no luck. She installed in the computers a device that sent out a signal and transmitted the video footage to a computer she installed in her own office. It allowed her to see how little activity there really was lately. She had also installed several devices that should she wish would blow up this tiny room and whomever inside it when she was ready. Another camera had been installed, this one taking pictures of whomever was in the tiny video room to give her further evidence in her own case against the Senators. It showed not only the camera monitors but whoever was controlling the images and later doing the editing. Apparently her theft of the disks had been noted, the locks had all been changed but not their habits and as Alice had a unique set of skills it didn’t take long to get through their security measures and obtain the information she needed.

A large file now was accumulating about Cecelia Edwards, Ken Edwards, and a smaller one about Damion Rivera. She had small files about the victims that she could identify and she deliberately kept Constance’s equally small to show no favoritism or inside information. She had copies ready at the appropriate time of the documents, pictures, and video’s. She had left quite a few of the sex tapes intact, including the ones of her sister. They showed times and dates and a lot of damaging information, all of canlı poker oyna which would come out at the appropriate time.

After accumulating her evidence, Alice put plans in motion. She first began appearing at functions, society functions, political functions, parties that would ensure that her presence was noted, her appearance gossiped about in the right circles, and signaled that she must be coming out of mourning for her dearly departed sister. Gossip alone would travel through these circles. The political functions alone would get information back to the Senators and while she didn’t seek them out deliberately, it would pave the way for an ‘accidental’ meeting.

It was at the Young Republicans of Los Angeles County Garden Party that Alice ‘bumped’ into Senator Cecelia Edwards. Alice was introduced by her ‘friend’ Zee Lirank, a young activist who counted herself lucky to be with this attractive and older woman and hoped it would lead to more than a casual friendship. She also knew that Alice was extraordinarily rich and she hoped would help with generous donations to the Republican Party. Zee, an active member was thrilled at Alice’s incredible mind and obvious interest in bettering America from the ground up. She was excited that the Senator would be speaking at this particular event.

“Isn’t she fascinating” she gushed to Alice as she talked throughout the various speeches.

Alice was amused; her young friend was so enthusiastic and so easily manipulated. Alice hadn’t heard any of the speeches as Zee provided gossip and chatter throughout. She didn’t mind and occasionally something Zee contributed was useful. Zee had no idea that Alice barely paid attention to her as she looked through her with glazed eyes. Zee found her yellow eyes fascinating, intriguing, and was hoping she was sufficiently interested that perhaps, finally, after a few weeks of ‘seeing’ each other that they might take the next step in their relationship. Alice knew of her adoration and hopes and gave her no reason to believe otherwise. She turned back to the Senator’s boring and ineffective speech. God, didn’t anyone else write this dribble for her? She was positively boring!

After the speeches the general socialization was why the crowd actually came. A buffet table at the end would easily have fed an entire soup kitchen for a week as waiters and waitresses circled among the guests with drinks and additional offerings. Alice eyed the waste distastefully but kept her well-schooled face impassive as several people welcomed her to this function.

“Ah, Ms. Weaver, have you met our esteemed speaker Senator Edwards?” one of the women she had just met this afternoon introduced her.

Alice saw no reason to not acknowledge the Senator and smiled, to the world a genuine one, to the Senator, a predatory one “yes actually, we have met several times” she held out her hand to shake the Senators “how are you Senator Edwards?”

Cecelia felt her heart beating hard; it had been months since she had enjoyed another person as much as she had with Alice. She hadn’t found anyone as thorough, committed, or exciting and she missed her. She had even consented to having sex with Ken a few times to appease her constant itch but nothing, no one had tired her or so thoroughly exhausted her as Alice. She was thrilled to see her after all this time and her hand shook slightly as it squeezed meaningfully.

Alice took note of not only the shaking but the squeeze and met Cecelia’s eye squarely, knowingly. She returned the squeeze slightly before glancing back at their audience.

“It has been a while Ms. Weaver, how are you doing?” Cecelia asked in a concerned voice that only Alice and she knew was false.

“I’m doing well, I get a long” Alice answered truthfully with only a hint of sadness.

To their audience it was two acquaintances making idle chit chat at one of these political meetings, but to the both of them they knew it was a dance that had started. For Cecelia it meant the possibility of going to bed with this beautiful, sexy, and exciting woman again. For Alice, it meant she might exact revenge for the death of her sister, for the death of the cop turned investigator who had been this woman’s lover and whose son now had the vision of his dead body in his psyche and burned forever in his brain. There were more, there were others that Alice could lay at this woman’s feet and her husband’s. This dance was one that Alice alone would lead in and come out the victor.

Idle internet casino chit chat brought the others into their group, there were many people who wanted to meet the Senator, shake her hand, and get to know her. It would provide gossip for weeks and to say they had actually ‘met’ the Senator was a coup that many needed for their social status quo.

The call came in later in the week after the garden party. Alice had been expecting it and certainly wasn’t surprised to see Cecelia Edwards personal cell come up on her caller I.D.

“Hello” her sensually sexy voice answered the phone.

Cecelia’s gut clenched, something about this woman did things for her, deliciously naughty and dirty things. “Hello Alice, I’m so glad we ran into each other the other day, I’ve missed you” she said with the proper amount of ‘let’s be friends’ tone. All carefully controlled, all carefully calculated they both knew “I was hoping we could get together for dinner sometime this week?”

Alice knew the game they were both playing but Cecelia didn’t realize her ‘mark’ was very well aware of the manipulations that were being laid, she could almost hear the desire in Cecelia’s voice after the many months’ hiatus they had between them. The woman was in heat and Alice knew she had to carefully play with this woman. “I was pleased to see you too Cecelia, it had been a while.”

Cecelia could feel the caress of Alice’s voice; she couldn’t wait to see her, to be with her.

“I’d like dinner too, where would you like to meet?” Alice continued.

They agreed to meet at a restaurant in Los Angeles that would insure the Senator’s and Alice’s privacy. They both arrived and time and Alice returned the smile that Cecelia gave her as well as the fake kiss on her cheek. To anyone that might be watching it was two women meeting for lunch, the kiss kiss to the cheek a normal routine thing in LA.

“How have you been?” Cecelia asked with almost genuine concern.

Alice felt like asking ‘why don’t you cut the bull, you just want to screw me’ but instead answered “I’m fine, really, I’m fine” and managed to make it sound almost as genuine as Cecelia’s concern.

They ate a delightful lunch with all the usual fake conversations that women will often play at. Cecelia had no idea though that Alice was better at this game than she, that she would be playing the hold out card for the final and ultimate game. Alice wasn’t surprised when Cecelia surreptitiously handed her a hotel key card and murmured “I’ve missed you” meaningfully.

Alice was surprised at how quickly Cecelia had moved but at the same time, all her cards were in play, she had was ready, or was she? She thought rapidly and didn’t want to seem too eager. “When?” she breathed throatily as her leg ‘accidentally’ brushed against the Senator’s. Alice was pleased to see Cecelia jump slightly at the sensation. This was going to be easier than she thought, the woman was in heat and Alice was certain she could scent her.

“Tonight?” Cecelia asked anxiously, all her senses were alert, she had been thinking about this woman constantly since she had seen her at the garden party.

Alice smiled as she took a drink of her water and shook her head slightly, it didn’t pay to be too anxious with this particular woman. She glanced around as though she didn’t care in the least that Cecelia was anxious.

“When?” Cecelia breathed back impatiently.

Alice shrugged as though she didn’t care; she knew that Cecelia would be begging for it in a moment if she wanted her to.

“Alice” Cecelia said almost desperately, painfully.

Alice took pity on her or as much as she was willing to give her. It didn’t really matter did it? She looked at the woman who while attractive, was also self-righteous, opinionated, and self-serving, what right did she have to manipulate lives for her own self-gratification. For a moment her yellow eyes flashed and Cecelia saw the danger lurking in them, it excited her more if that were possible. “Tomorrow night?” Alice muttered.

She saw out of the corner of her eye the waiter returning and Cecelia’s nod as she said brightly “we will have to do that soon” in a false voice.

“Yes, that would be lovely” Alice said just as falsely as the waiter asked if they wanted to see a desert menu. Neither did and he left carrying a couple of their used dishes with him.

“About 7?” Cecelia muttered as she took a drink.

Alice nodded with a grin as her yellow eyes squinted slightly in appraisal of the Senator.

More of Malicious Malice is available elsewhere if you’d like to write me for the rest…

Book is coming soon…Masterful Malice

~ K’Anne ;-P

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