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I was twenty credits shy of graduating college when my parents cut me off financially. I had been spending too much time with my friends and boyfriend and my grades worsened. I dismissed the threats as idle as I continued to party and skip out on class. Winter mid-term grades were posted and my dad called to give me the ultimatum. I promised him an improvement and borrowed two thousand dollars in the process. My boyfriend broke up with me and I continued to drink heavily. A month later I was put on academic probation but it didn’t matter. My parents had put me on academic probation long before that and I didn’t improve. My only choice was to find a job and a place to live or move back home.

My childhood had been way too sheltered and repressive and there was no way I would move in with my parents after getting a liberated taste of living at college. I remained near the college with some friends in their rented house and began to passively look for work. Finding a job would prove difficult in my small college town and the money that I’d borrowed had dwindled to nothing. My credit cards quickly reached a maximum and bills were mounting. Soon my house mates were preparing to leave town for the summer and I needed a place to stay. I found a couple places but couldn’t afford the cost of moving and decided to squat for as long as I could. The landlords spent the first two weeks of summer maintaining the house and I would return at night to sleep. I slept in one morning and was greeted by the dismayed couple standing over me. They were unreasonably mad and demanded I leave or else the police would be notified.

The next two weeks was misery as I slept in my car behind the administration building. I made every attempt to find work and then came across a promising ad looking for a domestic assistant. The room was free and I was given a five hundred dollar weekly stipend. That was better than anything I’d hoped for and I called immediately.

“My name is Justine and I’m calling to find out if you still have a position open,” I said.

A woman with a low, almost whispered voice replied,

“Yes, we do. Can you be here in an hour?”

“I sure can,” I responded.

“212 Cedar Street.”

“I’ll be there in…” – click-

The phone hung up before I could finish.

That was strange.

I went to the athletic facility and showered before putting on a skirt and jacket; my only somewhat wrinkle-free clothes.

I drove past a driveway with a ‘212’ on the brick pillar. I parked a block from the driveway so no one would see my car stuffed with my worldly possessions. They would not have seen it anyway considering I had to walk through a gate up a driveway that winded up a grassy slope to a large home I’d never noticed before. I rang the bell and waited for a minute before ringing it again. I was about to look in a window to see what the inside was like when the door opened. A tall woman looked me over as she stepped back to welcome me inside.

“Come on in, Justine,” a woman in her mid-forties exclaimed.

I was surprised she remembered my name as I walked into the big entryway.

“I’m Sage. I’ll be your boss, so to speak.”

“Happy to meet you,” I said.

“My husband isn’t well and we need someone to be here around the clock to satisfy his needs. I’m not always here so if there’s an emergency or something you’ll be able to help. Does that sound okay?”

“Well, yes. I have some first aid training but I am not a nurse,” I said.

“That’s okay. If you’re good company and able to dial 9-1-1 then you’ve got the job,” she replied.

“Great!” was my only response.

“There will be a lot of down time so if you feel you would like to take on chores then please say so. We’ll compensate you well. I’ll give you a tour and let you decide,” she said.

We walked from room to room and then upstairs. The house was three stories with a basement and an old elevator.

“Where is your husband?” I asked.

“He should be here any time.”

I wondered where he was and how sick he’d become. It was a major surprise when a fit, seventy year old man walked in the front door wearing a golf outfit.

He said nothing to us as he stepped into the elevator and was whisked up to his room.

“Was that your husband?”

“That’s him,” she replied.

I breathed a sigh of relief knowing I would not be required to feed or bathe the man. He seemed self sufficient and I was already wondering how I could get more money out of this job.

“Do you mind wearing a uniform for this position? It is one thing we will require if you are to be an employee of this estate.”

“A uniform?” I asked. “That will be okay.”

“We will pay you cash on a weekly basis and there will not be any paperwork to fill out. If you are injured or have special needs, we will pay that out of pocket. Is that all right with you?” she asked.

“Great!” is all I could say.

“Follow me to my den,” she insisted.

We walked to her office on the second floor and she closed the door behind me. poker oyna She walked to her desk and pulled out a small leather binder and flipped it open. She wrote something down then looked up.

“Please undress, Justine.”

I was sort of shocked by this and tilted my head to show my lack of comprehension.

“Please take off your clothes so I can measure you for the uniform,” she said calmly.

“Oh, okay. I…I could easily give you my measurements,” I stammered.

“This needs to be exact,” she said as she uncoiled a measuring tape.

I removed my jacket and set it over the chair and then unzipped my skirt. I dropped it to the floor but remembered to pick it up and set it over the chair. I stood there waiting in my nylon shirt and panties.

“Justine, don’t make me ask you again!” she said with arms crossed.

I was not wearing a bra and my skin tight shirt would not have added to my measurements in the least. She wanted me to stand there naked.

I began to lift my shirt and paused for her approval as the fabric was about to inch over my nipples. She nodded and I pulled the garment over my head. My boobs bounced as they were freed and I brought my forearm up to catch and cover them. Sage stood there with arms crossed and waiting.

I reached with my free hand and tugged my panties down on my left side and then my right. I still covered my boobs and managed to shimmy out of the panties before setting them on the chair.

Sage looked me up and down with wide eyes and moved in behind me to begin the measurement.

She measured my calves and thighs and then my hips. She pulled the tape around my waist and then stopped to pull my arms to the side. I waited as she wrote down the numbers.

Her warm hands surprised me as they reached from behind and cupped my boobs and released. She repeatedly cupped them and rubbed my nipples until they were hardened knobs. I gasped and became light headed as my mind raced. The tape stretched over the tips of my nipples as she pulled it tight around my back.

“Nice,” she whispered.

She measured my shoulders, arms and neck before pulling the tape around my forehead and measuring my head.

“Why…why are you getting my hat size?” I nervously chuckled.

I told you. You will be wearing a uniform. Your uniform includes a hat. Well, a hood, really.”

My knees began to shake slightly as I mustered the courage to ask another question.

“This uniform…It’s not a typical uniform, is it?” I quivered.

“You’re right, Justine. It is not your typical uniform but it is one that my husband requires and you will accommodate him, wont you?”

“I will,” I replied as the thought of sleeping in my car and being destitute clouded my decision making process.

“You will be rewarded handsomely,” added Sage. “We will also modify your behavior if you do not perform adequately. Don’t worry, you’ll be told when improvements are needed.”

I continued to stand there naked as Sage walked back to her desk. I wondered when she was going to let me dress but hadn’t the courage to take the initiative myself.

Sage spoke to herself as she wrote in her book.

“Five-four. Thirty four – twenty six – forty. What is your cup size?” she asked as she looked up.

“B-cup,” I responded as I once again covered my boobs.

“Did I say to cover your breasts?” she snapped. “Get your arms down!”

“Ma’am, may I put my clothes back on?”

“No. I don’t want to see you in those rags again. We’ll go get your uniform in just a second.”

I stood there for another minute or two as Sage closed her desk and led me to the door. It was one thing for me to stand there naked but she now expected me to walk through the house without clothes.

“Follow me this way,” she ordered.

I walked behind her as we descended the stairs and on to the main level. I was mortified to find two men sitting in the living room having a drink with the husband and I stopped before they could see us walk past. Just then Sage turned around and grabbed my arm. She forcefully pulled me past her and out in the open before striking my bottom hard with an open hand. I was so embarrassed as the men stopped and looked our direction. We kept walking to the kitchen and to a changing room where Sage opened a locked cabinet. There were numerous rubber-looking outfits and a drawer full of accessories that filled the cabinet. Without saying anything, Sage looked at her notes and pulled a variety of items out and gave them to me.

“Here is your skirt. Here is your top and hood; one piece. Here are your leggings and shoes.”

She handed me some more items I thought were extra leggings.

“Those are gauntlet gloves,” she reminded me.

In spite of the many items she gave me, there was not much in the way of coverage.

“You’ll need this can of powder. It makes dressing easier and absorbs sweat. I’ll help you dress just this once and then you’re on your own. If anything should tear it will come out of your pay. This stuff is not cheap and adds up canlı poker oyna quickly. Ruin more than one suit and you’ll be punished.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Things were getting weird and I wondered what else she had in store for me. She handed me the powder and I poured a little in my palm. I dabbed it on my side before she grabbed the can and began dumping it down the front of my body. Her hands rubbed and groped my legs and butt as my body began to turn a chalky white.

“Cover your body with it and do it quickly!” she barked.

I started rubbing my arms and boobs when I felt her powdered hand rub my pussy and inner thighs. My legs automatically shut around her hand but released when she shot an angry look at my eyes.

Her hands kept working me over and she told me to hand her the leggings. I carefully picked out the two items and she guided my toes into the end.

She tugged and then rolled them up the length of my leg before repeating the process to my other leg. They felt like heavy duty pantyhose but felt cool and somewhat restrictive. The knee-length skirt was not so difficult as it slid up my thighs and gripped my waist. It was not unlike any of my skirts in length but the rubber was something to get used to.

“You’ve got a good ten or so pounds to lose,” commented Sage.

I stood there as she walked around behind me and pulled my hair into a tight ponytail. Her hands yanked my hair for a minute as I steadied my balance.

I was glad to hear a rubber band snap and hold my hair in place.

There was a pause and I turned to see her grabbing a set of shears and scissors.

“What are those for?” I asked.

“You can’t wear the hood and hair at the same time, darling. Your hair must go.”

I began to hyperventilate as I heard and felt the sickening crunch as my ponytail was removed from my head.

“Oh, no! All of it?” I begged.

“Yes! Now shut up and hold still!”

The uncut length of my hair fell to the side and my new bangs were quickly removed and on the floor in front of me. I sobbed to myself as the quick snips subsided and the electric shears took over. I couldn’t help but bring my hands to my scalp to find nothing but stubble in place of my soft brown locks.

“No one will see your head! You’ll have the uniform on while you’re here,” she said with a hint of consolation.

“This isn’t what I signed up for!” I shot back.

“Don’t argue with me you little bitch! That’s your final warning. Now raise your arms.”

I lifted my arms over my head as she stretched the top in place. There was a gaping hole above my boobs that left very little to the imagination. The support gave them the perfect amount of squeeze but I felt I was in constant danger of falling out.

“Here are your gloves. I’m done helping you,” she said.

I pulled them up and beyond my elbows.

“Try these on,” said Sage as she handed me a pair of medium heeled shoes. “If they don’t feel right I’ll get you another.”

The shoes were too big and she quickly handed me the right pair.

I stood and looked myself over and wondered what I’d gotten myself into.

The hood framed my face and made turning my head a challenge.

“Are you ready for duty, Justine?”

“I guess. Where do I start?” I asked.

“First, clean up this powder,” she said as she pointed to the floor.

“Go out and stand next to my husband. Address him as ‘sir’. You don’t need to know his name. He’ll tell you if he needs something. If he doesn’t need anything, that doesn’t mean you are dismissed. Remain standing there until he tells you specifically you’re dismissed. Otherwise consider that your post.”

“I’ll be standing all day?” I asked.

“No, there will be times when you’re not,” Sage said in a sarcastic way.

I wasn’t sure what that meant as she led me down the hall.

“My panties. I forgot them upstairs, Sage,”

“That’s not part of your uniform. I will lend you a thong when you need it.”

Lend? I’ve never borrowed anyone’s clothes let alone their underwear. I felt naked without my panties and, for the most part, was naked.

We walked into the living room.

“Gentlemen, this is Justine. She is here to serve.”

I walked over to the sitting husband and stood next to him. I could sense I was being visually undressed by the men as the conversation came to a halt.

“Sir, can I get you anything?” I asked

“Water,” was all that he said.

I walked away to get his water when I realized that was all that he was going to say.

When I returned the conversation stopped once again.

“Here’s your water, sir.”

The man took the glass of water from my hand and quickly tossed the water in my face. I jumped back as water streamed from my face and down my top between my boobs. I pulled on the bottom of my top to let the water escape when the man shouted, “Not on the carpet, you whore! Clean that up!”

I was almost in tears as I ran to get a towel and returned to find the men hadn’t moved internet casino an inch. One of them smirked as I’m sure he’d seen this before. I crouched over to blot the water when I felt a cold hand inching its way up the inside of my leg. I didn’t respond except to shift away and continue cleaning. I was on my hands and knees wiping up what seemed like a gallon of water when my boob fell out of the top. I stopped for a second to squeeze it back in and continue working when both boobs fell out. I gritted my teeth knowing it was futile and the top didn’t function in this position.

My heart pounded as I thought of what I could do to correct the situation. There wasn’t much to do once I heard the buckle of the man’s belt. I stopped scrubbing and strained in my rubber to turn and look.

“Lift your skirt!”

“What? Why?” I pleaded.


His strident voice startled me as I struggled to grab the hem. The rubber tended to roll on itself and soon my skirt was around my waist.

My bare bottom and boobs were exposed as I found myself bracing for the lash of this old man’s belt. He took his time pulling the belt from the loops and wrapped the end around his clenched knuckles.

“SAGE!” he screamed.


I could hear her hastily walking towards us and soon was in the room.


The man had wound up and laid his belt across my butt as hard as he’d swing a driver. He was ruthless and mean as he flogged me a dozen or more times with the belt.

“You little whore!” How dare you turn a blind eye to my guest’s needs.”


I was sobbing and reached to block the blows with my hand. The sting of the leather over my hand was unbearable as I curled my arms under my breasts. My bottom was raised even higher with my arms against my body and then the whipping stopped.

“Stand her up,” he said.

I was pulled to my feet and dragged and bent over a large credenza. There was the sound of zippers and buttons as the men and woman prepared for my ordeal. Sage was at her husband’s side in front of me and pulling his cock from his slacks. His cock was rock hard as he guided it to my face and to my lips. I clenched my teeth but relented when I felt a blow to the side of my head. Sage held my arms taut as a gentleman behind me began to slide his cock in and out of my pussy. The other gentleman stood next to Sage and watched. Soon both cocks were banging away both ends in cadence. Sage had even hiked up her skirt and was fingering her snatch when her husband’s friend began to bang away at her. The cock sliding in and out of my mouth grew especially rigid as the man began to come down my throat and decided to pull out and blow the rest of his semen in my face. The man’s friend pulled out of Sage and slid his member in my mouth seconds before he, too, came with a vengeance.

I was humiliated and exhausted as the stranger behind me finished himself off and pulled out. I had no idea who these people were that had just violated me. The embarrassment was the worse thing as I stood up with the dress around my waist and my boobs hanging out. My shaking hands tucked my boobs back into the top and I pulled my skirt back into place.

“Now, let’s try again,” the man said.

Everyone was returning to their seats as Sage left the room. I stood waiting.

“Can I get anything for you, sir?” I said as I trembled.

The man looked straight ahead. I couldn’t believe his friend had just banged his wife and he was just sitting here thinking about what he wanted to drink.


“Okay,” I replied. “Would you gentlemen care for anything?

“Scotch, please,” said one. “Me, too,” said the other.

I walked out of the room as a bead of semen dripped down the inside of my legging and also down my chin. My heart pounded as I made my way into the kitchen and into the pantry. The silence was in contrast to the orgy of only minutes before. I crouched down to grab a box of liquor and could hear the rubber of my uniform stretch and creek. The sound was arousing as was the way the rubber flexed and grabbed at my skin with every move. This was an unforeseen and defining moment as I noticed my hard nipple peeking out of my dress as the other one stretched the rubber. With a minor tug at my dress, my other nipple surfaced. As I selected a bottle and put the box away my boobs fell out of my dress completely. I grew frustrated and extremely horny at the same time and then I heard someone behind me. I froze before tucking my boobs in and turned around. Sage was standing in the kitchen watching me but didn’t say a word.

I nervously filled the glasses and put them on a tray.

“Hurry up,” she said as I was leaving the kitchen.

I brought the drinks in to the men and they accepted gracefully.

I was relieved especially when the old man said I was dismissed. I returned to the kitchen and put the empty tray next to the sink. I pulled a glass out of the cupboard and proceeded to pour myself a glass of water. I washed my mouth out and then quenched my thirst with a second glass of water.

Suddenly I felt Sage press her body against my back. Her hands were bold as one cupped my left boob and the other smoothed the fabric around my hips. I froze and tried to breathe slowly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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