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I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. Tonight, my friend – and the girl that I have been crushing on since I met her the first day of Business Management class – will be coming over to hang out around six o’clock tonight.

Just let me tell you a little bit about her.

Her name is Melanie. She is a year older than me at twenty-two years old. She had a beautiful – well of what I could tell from her clothes – body. Melanie had curves that were placed perfectly in the right spot. When she wears low cut shirts, her breasts look so creamy and plump. Her ass looks perfectly plump that I just wanted to bury my face between them. Her signature look is lipstick that makes her lips look so plump and welcoming. She can wear any shade of lipstick, and her lips look so inviting. I wanted to feel those lips sucking my pussy. I wanted her lips to make me see stars.

I was getting hornier and hornier the more I thought about her.

“I need to get up, clean my apartment, and run some errands,” I said to myself. I got out of bed and got dressed for the day. Once I was done with my errands and cleaning, it was time for me to get ready for when Melanie comes over. I got into the shower. I washed everything five times, and I made sure that everything was shaved. When I got out of the shower, I stared at my body in the mirror.

My twenty-one years old body looked good. Well, it looked good to me. I don’t know how it looked to everyone else. I had a pear shaped body, but I was at a healthy weight. My breasts were a size 38D, and I loved them. When I masturbated, I only pinched my nipples while fingering my pussy, and I wondered what they would feel like rubbed against Melanie’s pussy. My ass had some plump to it, but it doesn’t have as sexy as a plump that Melanie has. I don’t wear lipstick much, but when I do, I make sure that they make my lips look plump.

After I looked over my body in the mirror to make sure that everything was smooth and perfect, I brushed my teeth, put on deep red lipstick and lip liner, and put my hair up to keep my neck on display. I went into my room and got dressed. I put on a simple white tank summer dress that showed an impressive amount of cleavage, and I put on a white sheer thong.

There was a knock on my door. “Coming,” I called out. I hope that I will be screaming that out later tonight too.

I walked to the door and opened it up to reveal Melanie standing there looking very beautiful in a black summer dress. Just at the sight of her, my nipples hardened. I think that she could tell because when I looked back up at her, she was smirking at me. “Hi, Lucy.”

“Hi,” I said to her. “Come in.” I moved out of the way to let her in my humble abode. “You can make yourself comfortable on the couch. Would you like some wine? I have red wine and white wine.”

“I’ll have a seductive red,” she said with a sultry voice.

My nipples hardened even more than what they were when I first saw her. I poured two glasses of Pinot Noir. I carried them over to the couch with the chocolate covered strawberries that I made. “Here you go,” I said to her with lust very evident in my tone.

“Thank you,” she said and grabbed her glass and a strawberry. As I started to take a sip of my wine, Melanie took a bite out of strawberry. She let out a moan when she took the bite that it went straight to my pussy. “So, how do you think you did on the test?”

“I think I did well on it.” I grabbed a strawberry and took a bite in it. As soon as my teeth bit down, a bunch of juice fell off the strawberry and went between my breasts. The next thing poker oyna I know, I’m on my back with Melanie laying over me. “What?”

“I see the way that you look at me. I know that you look at my tits every time we see each other. I know that you look at my ass as I walk in front of you.” She moved her knee, so that it’s touching my pussy that is sopping wet. “Trust me, I do the same thing to you.”

I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her head down to mine to kiss her. I moaned into the kiss at the same time she did. We made out for a bit until she moved her head down to my neck. I moaned as she started to suck my neck at the right spot. “Fuck,” I whispered out.

She moved down to lick the strawberry juice that had dried on my chest. “Fuck. You taste delicious.” She grabbed the straps of my dress and pulled them down to reveal my breasts. Her face immediately found its way between them, and she licked up the juice that has dripped between them. “Do you want me to suck your tits?” I bit my lip and nodded. “I didn’t hear you.” She moved her knee that was pressed against my pussy.

“Yes. Please,” I moaned out. Her mouth immediately found my left nipple. I almost came, but I held on because I didn’t want to cum this early. I moaned out when I felt her teeth gently nip my nipple. “Fuck me,” I cried out.

“Oh, I intend to fuck you until you pass out,” she said with lust evident in her voice. She moved her mouth to my right nipple, and she did the same thing as she did with the right. She pulled away from my nipples and kneeled between my legs. “I want to fuck you so hard.” She put her hands on my nipples and pulled on them.

“Fuck,” I cried out. I reached my hand up and grabbed her tits. My goodness, they felt fucking fantastic. They squished in my hands, and I could feel her nipples through her dress. I grabbed the straps of her dress and pushed them off her arms. I yanked her dress down off of her to reveal her naked body. “No underwear. That’s hot,” I moaned out. I grabbed her arms and pulled her down, so that my lips were at lever with her beautiful tits. They were even better than what I imagined. They were fuller than what I thought they were, and they looked even creamier – if that was even possible.

I immediately wrapped my mouth around her right tit, and she cried out. “Fuck.” I sucked her tit like I was trying to get milk out of it. “Fuck, don’t stop doing that.” I let go of her right tit and moved her left one and did the same thing. “Please, don’t stop,” she cried out. I let go of her tit, and she immediately gasped. “Why the fuck did you stop?”

I moved my head in between her tits and sucked the sink that was right there. “Let’s take this to the bedroom.” She got off of me, and she stood up. I stood up and the rest of my dress fell down to reveal my white underwear. She bit her lip to hold back a moan. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my room. As soon as we were right next to my bed, I pushed her down on the bed.

I loved the sight of her naked and wet for me on my bed. “Fuck me,” she moaned out. I crawled on my hands and knees until I hovered over her. I leaned down and licked her lips. Her tongue came out to meet mine, and I sucked on it. I moved down and licked her from her neck down to her nipples. I swirled my tongue around each of her nipples before I licked down to her pussy. When I got to her pussy, I couldn’t help but moan. It was bare and glistening with her arousal. I could see her staring at me with a huge amount of lust in her eyes. I smirked at her and put my mouth on her pelvic bone and sucked. “Not there,” she cried out. canlı poker oyna

“Where do you want my mouth?” I asked her. “Do you want it here?” I sucked on her pelvic bone some more. She bit her lip and shook her head no. “Do you want it here?” I sucked her clit, but I quickly took it off before she could say yes. “Do you want it here?” I sucked her pussy hole, but I took it off before she could say yes. “Do you want it here?” I licked her puckered asshole.

“All three places,” she cried out. I smirked and moved my mouth to her clit. I almost came right there. The way that her clit tasted and felt in my mouth was euphoric. I felt her hand grab my hair and push my face into her pussy. I took that as a sign to suck harder, so that’s what I did. As I was sucking her clit, I put a finger in hole. “Fuck,” she screamed out. I fucked her pussy a little faster. “Don’t stop. Please. Don’t stop.” I took my mouth off and sat down with my legs spread open. I grabbed her legs and pulled her to me. “Eek.”

I giggled and moved her to have her legs on my shoulders and her pussy in my face. I leaned down and put my mouth on her asshole to give it some attention. It tasted better than what I could imagine. “You taste delicious.” I licked her hole a couple more times before I moved back to her pussy. I stuck my tongue in her pussy hole and fucked it. I took my tongue out and looked at Melanie. “Your pussy is so fucking wet. I could bottle it up and drink every fucking day. It’s so fucking delicious.” I looked back at her pussy and worshiped it with my eyes. Her beautiful pink pussy had her arousal leaking from her hole and to her ass. Her clit’s hood as pulled back because she was so aroused. I needed to taste it again, so I put my tongue straight into her hole.

“Fuck.” I looked down to see that Melanie’s eyes were closed, and she was pulling at her nipples. It was a beautiful fucking sight. I swirled my tongue around to find her g-spot, and I pressed my tongue to it. “Lucy, please,” she cried out. I took my tongue out of her pussy, and she opened her eyes and pouted. “Please, fuck me.” I took her clit in my mouth and started to suck. I put two fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck her. “Fuck. Right there. Don’t stop.”

I added a finger and fucked her faster. “Cum for me, baby. Come for me.”

“Fuck,” she screamed out. Her pussy clenched around my fingers, and her legs tightened around head to keep it from moving. “I’m cumming. Keep doing that.” I took my finger out and replaced with my tongue. “Fuck,” she cried out. We started at each other, and I put my fingers in her mouth. She grabbed my hand and sucked her juices off it. I swirled my tongue inside of her hole, and she clenched harder around it. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Her legs trembled, so I held them to me. I licked her cum up until I could taste it no more. She tried to move her legs, but I held them down. “I can’t,” she cried out. I smirked and put a small kiss on her clit.

“You taste fucking delicious,” I said as I put her legs down.

“Your turn,” she said and smirked. She pushed me to lay on my back. She hovered over me and gave me a kiss. “I can taste myself on you.” She licked around my lips to clean herself off of my mouth. Then, she licked me from my mouth to my nipples.

I threw my head back on my pillows and moaned. “Fuck.” She took as much of my tits in her mouth as she could, and she sucked like she was wanting milk to come out of them. I had to close my eyes and throw my head back again. What seemed like a couple seconds, she licked down from my tits to my pussy. “Fuck,” I whispered out.

“Time internet casino to get rid of these,” she said as she grabbed my thong. She didn’t even bother taking my thong off by going down my legs. She tore if off of me, literally. She just attacked my pussy. “Fuck you taste so fucking delicious.” She said against my clit.

I put my hand in her hair and pressed her face to my clit. “Fuck me,” I cried out. Once her tongue touched my clit, I immediately saw stars. “Fuck.” The way that her tongue swirled around my clit felt amazing.

“Where do you want me to do?” Melanie asked me with the intent to tease me in her tone.

“Fuck my pussy. Make me see stars,” I demanded her. I felt her tongue move to my asshole. She swirled her tongue around the outside, and she poked it into my puckered hole. “Oh, God,” I moaned out.

“God’s not here right now, baby. It’s just me,” Melanie said. She put a finger in my asshole, and it felt good. “Do you like the way that my finger feels in your pretty ass?” I moaned as her finger went faster. “You feel so good around my finger.”

“Make me fucking cum,” I said with clenched teeth. Her finger felt so fucking good. If she had three fingers in my pussy, I would have cum all over them right then and there. She took her finger out of my ass, and she put it in her mouth. “Don’t stop.” I grabbed my nipples and started to pull at them. She looked at me and lowered her mouth to my pussy. It was a beautiful sight. Her head was between my legs. Her hands held my legs down to keep them from moving. Her tongue out of her mouth and lying flat. Suddenly, she pressed flattened tongue to my asshole, and she licked from there to my clit.

“You look so fucking beautiful. Your pussy is so fucking wet.” She put some fingers in my pussy. “Your pussy is taking my fingers so well.” I threw my head back, and I pinched my nipples. “Are you my slut?” I just bit my lip and nodded. I felt her other hand smack my clit. I fucking loved the sting that the slap left behind. I looked at her, and I saw that she smacked my clit. “Tell me. Are you my little slut?”

“I’m your slut. I’m your fucking slut,” I cried out. Her mouth found my clit again, and she added another finger. “Fuck,” I cried out. “Fuck my ass too.”

I felt two fingers enter my ass. “Such a good little slut.” She moved the fingers in and out of my holes quickly, and she sucked my clit as fast as she can.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” I screamed out with my voice getting higher and higher at each world. A couple seconds went by, when I had the most amazing feeling. “Right there. Don’t stop. Right there.” She didn’t stop what she was doing, but she went faster. I felt the build-up in my stomach. “Fuck. I’m almost there.” She somehow spend up her fingers. My legs started to shake, and the build-up in my stomach got more prominent. “I’m cumming,” I cried out. I came all over Melanie’s face, and all I saw were stars. Melanie let go of my legs and hovered over me. “Fuck.”

“We should do that again,” she whispered and gave me a small kiss. “I really fucking liked fucking you.”

“Will you stay?” I asked Melanie in hopes that she would sleep in my bed with me tonight. She nodded and got under the covers. “Good. I’m going to go lock the door. I’ll be back.” I got off my bed with wobbly legs and walked to the living room. I turned my television off, locked the doors, and put the strawberries back into the fridge.

“Come here,” Melanie said. I walked over to my bed and laid down under the covers next to her. “Good night, my slut.”

“Good night, my bitch,” I said to her. I laid my head on her right tit.

“Suck my tit as you go to sleep,” she demanded of me. I wrapped my mouth around her nipple, and I sucked it as I fell asleep as she said.

It was an amazing way to fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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