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“Then you bend over like this and whisper in his ear. It hints at something sexual, but it makes him think he’s just being dirty minded rather than you actually initiating something.” I said. My best friend Helena had asked for some help on ways to spice up her sex life with her boyfriend and I was helping her out. My boyfriend, Caleb suddenly walked through the door and I shot straight up.

“Um are you trying to seduce her?” he asked awkwardly, as if he was unsure of how to respond to the situation.

“No I was trying out a new message technique on her.” Helena got the hint and stood up.

“Yeah and it feels great, it really helped my sore muscles thank you, I have to go though, see you some other time.” She said, before walking out of the room.

“I could use a massage.” Caleb said smiling. I grinned and nodded toward the chair.

“Then come sit down.” I purred. He smiled eagerly sitting down in the chair, wearing the suit he had to wear for his business meeting today. I began by gently rubbing his neck and shoulders.

“Oh Ranielle baby, that feels nice.” I smiled, but didn’t say a word as I continued to massage him. I pulled one of his hands through the bars of the chair and another around the back and latched his hands on my legs.

“Hold my legs, it stretches out the muscles and makes them feel more relaxed.” güvenilir bahis

“Oh wow it does.” He said. I smirked, it wasn’t really true, I didn’t know anything about massages, but he didn’t know that. I slowly began to massage the muscles in his arms, traveling up and down his arms a few times, once I reached the bottom, I slowly pulled the handcuffs from my back pocket.

“Are you done?” He asked, sounding slightly disappointed.

“No, just grabbing some relaxation lotion.” I said innocently, before clamping the handcuffs on his wrists.

“Whoa, what the f-?”

“Shit baby, just relax.” He was hesitant, but he relaxed against the chair and I picked up the blindfold off the bed and slid it over his face, then I bent over, wrapping my arms loosely around his neck and lining my lips up to his ear. “Are you relaxed yet?” I whispered suggestively. He smiled, finally catching on.

“You know it.”

“Good.” I cooed. I stood up and walked around him, brushing my hand along his shoulders as I went, then straddling his waist. His smirk returned and I pressed my lips to his it a slow, short, loving kiss. Then I pulled my shirt and bra down, just far enough to release my boobs and push them into his face gently. I could feel his smile grow and even noticed try to move his hands After a few seconds, I shifted, making it easier türkçe bahis and only letting him have one boob. It didn’t take long for his tongue to find my nipple and swirl around it. I let him play for a little bit, while I played with his hair, then switched boobs. Next I tilted his head back and captured his lips with mine, in a hot, sweet, tongue kiss, while grinding my pelvis into his. Then I sat back on his lap, closer to his knees and removed his tie, then began to unbutton his shirt. I kissed his neck, even left him a nice hickey for the morning, while running my hands up and down his bare chest. While still kissing his neck, I began to undo his belt buckle and unzip his pants. He sighed when I grabbed his large, throbbing cock and began to stroke it, while continuing to assault his lips with my own. He moaned and his cock throbbed once more as a large drop of precum form. I bent down and licked it. He groaned.

“Uh your fucking tease.” I giggled.

“That’s me babe.” I slid off his lap and dropped to my knees in front of him, then grabbed a hold of him once again and returned to my stroking rhythm. I slowly licked the tip, then swirled my tongue around the outer edge of it while continuing to stroke it. I slipped the tip of it in my mouth and ran my tongue along it in all different directions, then began to bob my head up and down. güvenilir bahis siteleri I sucked and slurped until he uttered that he was ready to cum. I removed my mouth from his shaft and his blindfold. I kissed him on the lips sweetly then stepped back and slowly, very slowly removed my clothes from my body then went and laid on the bed, spread my legs, and he watched as I stroked myself into an orgasm. At this point he was fighting to be released from his bindings, so I decided to let him free, Licking my fingers I got up from the bed and unlocked his handcuffs, he immediately attacked me, pushing me down on the bed, straddling my waist and holding my hands above my head.

“Your turn.” he said quickly, before starting a trail of hickeys and kisses all down my body. I arched my back as his tongue found my target zone and worked its way to my climax. By the time I got there, he had me gripping the bed sheets and screaming his name.

“Caleb, oh Caleb!” Without missing a beat, he pushed up and assaulted my lips with his own, while placing his cock at my entrance. Without warning, he suddenly pushed his rock hard cock completely into me and I called out in pleasure and shock. Our breathing, bodies, and moans melded to one as we both pumped our way to a shared climax. He shot his hot cum in my core before collapsing on top of me. We laid there, catching our breath for a few moments.

“I have to pee.” I said, then got up to go to the bathroom, not bothering with my clothes. I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror and grinned at the hickeys littering my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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