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This is the second part of a two part story

Abandoning herself to a Tameka special

Was that the time? Five in the morning? Beth shook her head to herself as she tiptoed down the soft stair carpet towards the kitchen. Luke was working so many long hours on the Smithson case that she didn’t want to wake him. He could use all the extra sleep he could get and besides, the alarm would rouse him inside half an hour. She’d have his breakfast ready.

That darn case was taking over their lives, but then defending a man who’d embezzled so much from his employers wasn’t small beer. From the confidential details Luke had mentioned to her, it would take a superhuman effort keep him out of jail. She’d lost count of the times he’d tossed and turned during the night, as his sleeping but still alert mind had tried to figure out one angle or another.

But then, albeit for different reasons, she knew all about sleepless nights…

Last night had been no different. After their lovemaking, she’d lain awake, recalling her encounter with Annabelle. When she licked her lips, as she did frequently, she could still taste the woman’s juices. The recollection never failed to light the fire between her thighs…

And now she was anticipating her afternoon session with Tameka. The Health Club had called her out of the blue to confirm her massage appointment and the feeling remained that she should have refused. After all, she hadn’t heard from either Annabelle or Emily in the two weeks since the fancy dress party.

The lunchtime drink with her work colleagues to celebrate Greavsie’s birthday would give her some alcoholic sustenance before the Health Club visit. But the more she’d lain awake and thought about it, the more she’d wondered if there was some sort of sub text to the massage.

She poured a bowl of granola cereal and added some strawberries and blueberries. The coffee was starting to bubble away nicely. She’d have a cup and then maybe take Luke his breakfast on a tray. She giggled. It would make a difference to her normal routine. Waking him with a blowjob was becoming a bit too much of a habit…

Even by her normal standards, she was like a bitch on heat. Her encounter with Annabelle stayed firmly in her mind, as did the sight of Emily and that Eleanor woman. If she wasn’t fucking Luke to get the images out of her mind, she was masturbating to them.

And inventing a few new fantasies of her own…

She’d worked it all out during her sleep-interrupted nights. First, Annabelle had planted the thoughts. Then there were the fancy dress costumes. Next was the provocative physical evidence of Emily’s conversion to lesbian activity, followed by the inflammatory sight of Annabelle masturbating next to her and the way she’d instantly responded.

Everything was designed to play tricks with her mind.

It was succeeding…

Was that what all this was about? The two week period of complete silence only added to the mind games, and that had been followed by an unexpected Health Club invitation. She knew what Annabelle was up to. But if so… why had she agreed to the massage? She hadn’t just acceded to it, her body was burning in anticipation. She had no idea what to expect…

“Hey, what’s up?”

Luke was standing in the doorway. With his fair hair tousled like that and dressed in just his black boxers, he looked sexy. The familiar tingling between her thighs was comforting. How could she be lesbian if the thought of his body turned her on like this?

He padded across the room and wrapped her in his strong arms. “Couldn’t sleep?” he asked, pecking her soft lips. “I thought you had a relaxing day planned? It’s not often you have the chance to pamper yourself. What time’s your massage?”

“Sometime this afternoon,” she vaguely answered, snuggling into his chest. She loved that manly smell of his.

“Why couldn’t you sleep?”

“Don’t know,” she lied, with a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders. “But once I was awake I thought I’d make you some breakfast.”

“Bacon and eggs?”

“Almost right,” she laughed, loving the sensation of his cock against her through the thin negligee. She playfully pressed herself against him, feeling him begin to grow.

“Don’t let me stop you,” he chuckled, turning away and picking up her cereal bowl “My favourite.”

“Have it,” she smiled, pulling the fridge door open as he climbed onto the kitchen stool. She handed him the milk carton and glanced at his lap. The head of his hardening cock was pushing through the gap in his boxers.

Luke’s eyes followed hers. “Ooops…” he laughed, reaching down to cover himself.

Beth’s hand on his stopped the movement. “That’s mine,” she said, soft and huskily. Putting one foot on the bar halfway up the stool, she crooked an arm around his neck and swung a leg across his lap. Settling back on his knees, she pulled his cock free of its constraints.

“Oh fuck…”

“You know, that’s just what I had in mind,” she giggled, slowly jerking him poker oyna in her palm. “What about you?”

He groaned. “I’m buying into the idea.”

Their lips met as she stroked him. She loved the feel of his hard flesh in her hand, though not quite so much as inside her mouth. Right now however, she had a different home in mind. Pulling away from his mouth, she half stood on the bars either side of the kitchen stool and lowered herself onto his hardness. With a deft twist of her hand, she flicked each negligee strap from her shoulders and dragged his head to her hard nipples.

“That’s nice, baby,” she whimpered as his mouth sucked on each in turn. Her fingers ran through the back of his hair. “Keep doing that…”

“Like this?” he growled, taking a nipple between his teeth and biting gently.

“Oh, baby… just like that…”

She squeezed her internal muscles around him, making him groan. Pulling his mouth from her hard buds, he cupped her full breasts and kissed her again.

“Are you seeing Annabelle today?”

The question took her by surprise and she pulled back to guardedly look into his eyes. There was nothing unusual there. “Annabelle? No. Why?”

“I thought the massage was at her Health club?”

Her breathing eased. “It is.”

“Won’t she be there?”

Beth shook her head and spread her fingers across the hands cupping her breasts. She smiled into his eyes. “Don’t think so. Was it my tits that made you think about her?”

Luke laughed. “Well, to be fair, she does have—”

She tightened her sex around his hardness again. “Bastard…”

He laughed again, bending his head to flick his tongue around her nipples. “All I mean,” he teased, licking his way up to her neck. “Is that she was almost as sexy a Catwoman as you were a Wonder Woman.”

“Almost?” she queried as she began to ride him. The pang of jealousy as well as arousal was unexpected.

“Almost,” he repeated, growling as she rotated her hips. “But not quite…”

“Hmmm,” she murmured, feeling the sudden burst of adrenaline in her body at the way the conversation had turned. “Truthfully now, let’s assume I’m her. How does this make you feel? Being fucked by a superheroine? What if this was Annabelle Catwoman riding you?”

The shocked look on his face was priceless. “Beth!”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t imagined it,” she said, feeling him grow another couple of inches from the suggestion. “That’s what men do, isn’t it?”

Luke shrugged, reaching for her hips.

She slapped his hands away and reached for the back of his hair, pulling hard. “You bastard. You have, haven’t you?!?”

His eyes smiled tenderly into hers, despite the pain from the fingernails digging into his flesh. “Not once, baby. You’re the only woman for me.”

Her grip eased and she slid her lips to his. “Good answer. Want a treat?”

“I think you’re giving me one…”

“Not quite like the one you’re going to get,” she growled, feeling the surge of wickedness running through her. “Imagine this is Catwoman riding you, fucking you. Feel good?”

“Beth…” he grunted, his eyes widening in shock. But his throbbing cock confirmed her words were having an effect.

It was perfect. How could any thoughts of being with another woman confuse her mind if she was fucking her husband? And if she was role playing in her mind that Annabelle was, too?

She pushed back the strand of hair that fell across her eyes and smiled sexily down at him. How far could she take this, she wondered? Would he play along? Rising up so that his cock lost contact with her, she swung off his lap and lowered herself to the floor. Twisting away from him and leaning on the top of the kitchen counter, she glanced back over her shoulder.

Her dark eyes were suddenly serious as she shimmied the negligee to the floor. “Come on, Luke! Come and fuck Catwoman…”

He hesitated for a second, and then lunged forward. His ferocity surprised and delighted her. Why not, she asked herself? They often role-played to movie scenes. Why not this one? She rose up on her tiptoes as he entered her. She was so wet from the fantasy that he had no trouble sliding home. Within a few seconds, her body was shuddering with each hard slap of his skin on hers. One hand held her around the waist, while the other gripped her dark hair.

“Yes, Luke,” she grunted, loving the roughness as he jerked her head backwards.. “Fuck me, honey. Harder.”

Driven on by her words, he began to take her faster and faster. It was just what she needed. Whether it was the pretence she’d created, the pace of their fucking or just an early morning need, neither of them was going to last long. He pulled more violently on her hair and pumped faster, each thrust driving harder against her g-spot.

She loved this position and his roughness. So would Catwoman…

“Fuck yes,” she whined, teetering on the edge.

Her eyes and she allowed her imagination to run riot. She was thinking things she shouldn’t. His hand had found her hard nipples and twisted canlı poker oyna them just the way she liked. Bending almost flat over the counter, she cried out as her climax threatened to overwhelm her.

“Ngh… yes, oh yes…”

Was it the thought of Luke fucking Catwoman that made her feel like this? Or was it the thought of Annabelle seducing and fucking them both? She imagined the three of them together and shook her head to erase the thoughts of what they might do. Even before he fired his creamy seed inside her, the images saw her detonate like a nuclear bomb…


“So, Beth,” Tommy Greaves said, plonking a second gin and tonic in front of her. He planted his bulky body on the heavy chair beside her. “We haven’t had the chance to chat yet. How come you’re looking so sexy?”

“Sexy?” The thought hadn’t occurred to her.

“Yeah, sexy,” he told her, planting a thick hand on her knee. “Did you dress up this way just for my birthday?”

She took his hand and disdainfully dropped it back in his lap.

After her sex with Luke, she’d gone for one of her long jogs and then returned home to a comforting bubble bath. She’d dressed as simply as possible with the forthcoming massage in mind. The dress was more of a pragmatic choice than any desire to look sexy. Wasn’t it?

The overweight man turned to the others with a huge grin. “Not often young Beth looks as sexy as this, is it guys. Think she’s out to impress the birthday boy?”

“My aim in life is to impress you,” she laughed, sipping at her drink. “I mean, to look as fit as you do at your age, well, it’s a minor miracle. How old is it now. Fifty? Fifty five?”

“Forty, as well you know,” he said, his eyes twinkling at the banter between them. That was the thing with Beth, she could take it as well as dish it out.

“Is that all? Your mother will be proud of you. So young, Greavsie, and yet you’ve already attained all your life goals…”

“Not quite,” he replied. “You know what I wanted to be when I was a kid?”

“Slim,” Buster Hummer quipped from the seat opposite. “What happened?”

The group fell into raucous laughter. “Very funny,” the overweight reporter smiled wryly. “What happened, indeed! I’ve just hit my forties and am spending my lunchtime with morons in a dump like this.”

“Dump?” Beth laughed, picking up the hand he’d returned to her knee and carefully placing it on the table top. “You know you adore this place.”

It wasn’t just Greavsie, of course—they all loved the olde worlde look of the pub. There weren’t too many inns in the locality like this one. Most had been re-furbished, whereas the barrels and farm implements dotted around the Black Ox, and seating created from old milk churns and beer barrels, was sufficiently quirky to attract a loyal following.

“He should do,” Tony Forest added, nodding to the other guys dotted around their table. “He spends enough time here.”

“Pot and kettle,” Greaves responded, raising his pint of Timothy Taylor’s into the air and swallowing half without pausing for breath. “Delicious,” he announced, burping loudly and then wiping his mouth on the sleeve of his creased shirt.

“No need to be on your best behaviour just because I’m here, Greavsie,” Beth dryly told him, rolling her eyebrows at the thin woman collecting the empty glasses that littered their table.

“Always the same,” Elsie’s Cockney accent rang out. As always, she wore too much lipstick. Although she had the body of a boy, there was something about her that attracted the guys. “Some men just ooze charm,” she snorted. “That’s why we restrict them to this corner of the lounge. We don’t want to scare off the other patrons.”

“Yeah, well,” Greavsie grinned. “Beth here adds a touch of class to the group. Going to have another, honey-bun?”

“Honey-bun?” she laughed, glancing at her watch. Nearly time to go. Was that why a shiver passed through her? “Is that why women always flock around you… your repartee?”

The heavy man reached down and cupped his crotch. “Among other things…”

A groan went up, followed by more laughter.

“Pull-ease,” she chimed, pulling a mock pained face. “I have to eat later…”

It had taken her a while to feel comfortable with the all male team at the paper, especially as she’d been the youngest by far. But they’d pretty quickly accepted her as one of their own and she’d enjoyed being the only woman there. Barry Evans, the editor, allowed the men to take advantage of her from time to time, but she didn’t mind that. Underneath all the male banter they were good guys, and had all helped her while she was learning her trade…

“Did you get me a double, Greavsie?” she suddenly asked, sipping of her G&T and then quizzically raising her glass. She stared suspiciously at the contents. Come to think of it, the first drink had been strong, too.

He gave his trademark mischievous grin. “You said you were only having a couple so I thought I’d make the second worthwhile.”

“Trying to get me drunk?”

“Now that internet casino would be a sight to see,” Buster Hummer quipped, suddenly interested in the conversation. “Our Beth, drunk…”

“Yeah,” Greavsie laughed, nudging her with his elbow. “What sort of drunk are you, Beth? Happy? Aggressive?”

She smiled at him as she swallowed the last of her drink. “The last thing you guys will ever see is me drunk,” she said, grabbing her lightweight jacket and pushing up to her feet. “That’s a real shame, because when I have too much to drink I get very horny.”

The group suddenly paused in conversation, glancing at her. Beth sexily smoothed the dress in place, enjoying the sudden attention. Men could be such boys! Patting the birthday boy on his head, she put an extra wiggle in her walk as she sauntered towards the door. Halfway there, she glanced back over her shoulder.

“Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, guys…”


The treatment room was warm, cosy and much plusher than Beth had expected—the entire Health Club was. Whatever membership cost, the brunette knew it was well out of her own league. Not that money would be a problem for Annabelle…

She glanced at the Japanese girl. Even with her dark, ponytailed hair pulled back so severely, she was an attractive young woman. The first three buttons on the front of her white uniform were casually undone, allowing Beth the intoxicating glimpse of her olive skinned breasts each time she leaned forward. If she didn’t know better, she’d think the Oriental girl was braless. Fortunately, she’d been too busy registering details to notice Beth’s interest.

“Welcome Miss Beth,” the young masseuse had said, crossing her hands and bowing when Beth had arrived. The girl’s deference was quite appealing. At first, Beth had felt self conscious lying there naked except for the white towel over her buttocks. But as she gradually felt more at home, she chastised herself and decided to simply enjoy what was in store.

“What you like, specifically?” the girl eventually asked, once all the formalities were completed. The exhilarating scent of sandalwood soon filled the air as she lit each of the candles circling the padded leather table.

Beth took a few moments to consider the question. Truth was, the gin and tonic’s was gradually diffusing the tension and she was beginning to look forward to the masseuse’s hands on her body. If Tameka was half as good as Annabelle and Emily had suggested she was in for a treat. She looked so innocent, too. There couldn’t be anything untoward here…

“I’ll leave that to you, Tameka,” she ended up saying, chickening out. Propping her head up on an elbow, she took care not to expose her breasts. “Whatever you think…”

The Japanese girl smiled knowingly. “You want Tameka special?”

Darn, that was right. That’s what both Em and Annabelle had referred to. She’d forgotten. She shuffled slightly on the padded leather surface and nodded at the girl. “If you like…”

Tameka smiled as she collected two bottles of oil from the shelves in front of Beth and the brunette had to fight back the urge to look at the young masseuse’s breasts again. That gap left nothing to the imagination when the young masseuse leant forward.

She noted that each of the girl’s movements was graceful, even removing the cork from the square glass bottle. Did that bode well for the massage? Tameka held the bottle high, flamboyantly allowing lashings of oil to pour down onto the back of Beth’s legs. Within seconds, the tiny hands had gone to work. The Japanese’s silky smooth touch surprised her.

“That feels good…”

“You very tense, Miss Beth,” the young masseuse responded, digging her experienced fingers into the back of the brunette’s calves. “Relax. Let Tameka make you feel better.”

Beth nodded, resting her head on her hands and closing her eyes. It allowed her to better savour the stimulating touch. The practiced way the girl took her time in working each leg was heavenly. Every single inch received her full attention.

“Miss Beth like?” she asked after a while.

“Mmm… yes… that’s good, Tameka. I can see why it’s described as special.”

The tiny Japanese girl gave a delicious giggle. “Not special yet, Miss Beth. We just start…”

The brunette’s shoulders were the next to receive attention, eventually followed by her spine and sides. Tameka’s therapeutic touch applied just the right amount of pressure at each juncture, constantly lathering more oil across her tanned flesh until her skin was glistening with the aromatic lubrication. The digging fingers initially provided some discomfort but quickly turning the ache into a vibrant feeling of wellbeing. Beth felt like purring….

“Is good?”

“Very…” If this continued much longer she’d fall into a delicious sleep. It didn’t. The hands on her buttocks brought her instantly back to life.

Casually dropping the white towel to the floor, Tameka’s experienced fingers covered Beth’s perfect ass with oil, sweeping in circles across her wonderfully round globes. A glowing heat centred on her sex. The girl’s palms were firmly holding her toned flesh while her thumbs went to work and Beth couldn’t help spreading her thighs wider as she shifted on the table.

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