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It was a too hot summer day as Janet sat on the couch in her panties and tee, fanning herself lazily. Elsewhere in the apartment, she heard Susan shuffle around in her room, disturbing the silence that otherwise prevailed. Janet reached for her glass of ice water — or, had the ice all melted now? — and swallowed those last few cool drops. Presently, she felt a tingling in her groin and reluctantly pulled herself from the couch to take a pee. Stepping across the creaking floor, she heard more movement from Susan’s room and caught her roommate’s eye briefly before stepping into the bathroom.

She took a moment to examine herself in the mirror. Her bright, orange tee clung to her toned stomach in the heat and showed off the curves of her unbound breasts. Too hot for a bra today, she thought and her breasts were just the right size that she could get away with it. She hooked a thumb under the elastic of her underwear and, in one twirling motion, yanked them down around her ankles as she sat on the toilet seat.

To her surprise, Susan stood in the open doorway watching her, while wearing nothing but shorts and a bra. Janet clenched her groin, knowingly, to stop the flow as her roommate walked forward. Susan kneeled before her and pulled the panties off from around her ankles. She spread her girlfriend’s legs and began to kiss tenderly on her upper thigh. Janet, now deeply aroused, moaned at the blonde’s gentle touch and ran her fingers through her radiant hair, directing that probing tongue into her cunt.

At last, she felt Susan’s mouth on her pussy, zeroing in on her urethra. Unable to hold back a moment longer, Janet let go and the warm pee shot into Susan’s mouth and all over her face. Susan tried vainly to drink every last drop, but pee shot up next to her eye and trickled down her cheek into the toilet bowl. Janet’s heart pounded while Susan slipped a finger inside her to bring her over the edge. She reached down with her hand and caught the urine off Susan’s cheek, which she promptly massaged into that beautiful golden hair. The sight of her roommate so completely covered in her pee sent her over the edge and she shuddered with orgasm as her bladder spitted dry.

Susan pulled herself away and, taking Janet’s hand, helped the girl to her feet. She French kissed Janet roughly, smearing cum and urine onto her mouth. Janet playfully licked the juices from her girlfriend’s face and turned to the sink to wash up. Susan held her while she washed her hands and felt her breasts through the thin fabric of the shirt. She nibbled and kissed Janet’s neck, but Janet pried herself away reluctantly.

“It’s too hot for that,” she chided. “I’m going to go cool off for now. Are we out of ice?”


Nicole had for some time been suspicious of her best friends, Amy and Christie. They were all high school seniors who had been close since their mothers’ met in a prenatal class, and were widely considered to be the most attractive and eligible girls at the school. They were master flirts who could get a fresh boyfriend every poker oyna few weeks, but lately Amy and Christie had been giving Nicole the new boyfriend vibe although no men were apparent. They had been acting distant, secretive, and Nicole resolved to get to the bottom of it.

Making up some excuse, she ditched them after class only to follow them from a distance as they walked towards Amy’s house. Everything seemed normal — Nicole had no way of hearing their conversation — until Christie reached over and gave Amy a little swat on the ass. Amy feigned a great injury, but then grabbed her friend by the wrist and pulled her into a passionate kiss. The whole thing lasted only a moment before the girls were back at it as before, leaving Nicole to fear she had imagined the whole thing. Sensing an opportunity though, she cut down a side street and booted it to Amy’s determined to beat her friends to the house.

Once she arrived at the empty house, Nicole let herself in with the secret key and purposely left the door unlocked and slightly ajar. She ditched her bag in a back room where it wouldn’t be seen and went downstairs to the rec room. After a quick glance around, she pulled off her sneakers but not her socks, then took off her panties from under her mini-skirt. She took out her hair elastic so that her auburn locks fell gracefully to her shoulders and then peeled off her t-shirt to reveal her ample breasts. Unclasping her bra, she let them swing loose. Nicole tossed her clothes around so that the littered the room seductively, then sat down on the sofa to lightly frig herself until the girls arrived.

Shortly thereafter, she heard a gasp from upstairs as Amy and Christie discovered the open door. She heard them scamper around looking to see if anything was missing. Christie ran halfway down the stairs and nearly jumped through the wall at the sight of the mostly naked vixen on her girlfriend’s sofa. She smiled as she collected herself and called out to Amy that it was all right and to come downstairs.

Amy was equally relieved — and enticed! — by Nicole’s surprise. The truth came out as the three friends discussed the situation on the basement sofa, of course Amy and Christie were each other’s new lovers and they were sorry to have left Nicole out of the fun. Nicole played the wounded friend and demanded lustfully that they prove their sincerity.

Not needing another word, Amy grabbed Nicole’s leg and spun her around so she could get at her pussy. Nicole gasped as Amy skillfully tongued her clit before her own head had even fallen onto Christie’s lap. Christie leaned over and kissed Nicole on the lips as her silky black hair blanketed her friend. Nicole had never kissed an Asian before, but she was immediately aware of why Christie was so popular with the boys. Her tongue danced magically between her teeth and rubbed roughly against her own. Being kissed and eaten out at the same time; what a sensation it was for Nicole, and with two so talented partners to boot! She ran her hands through Amy’s blonde curls and lost herself canlı poker oyna to orgasm.

Not giving her a moment to recover, Christie and Amy stood Nicole up and pulled off her mini-skirt. Nicole was now aware that she was completely naked except for her socks while her friends remained fully clothed, and this drove her wild. Christie kneeled before her and began to eat her out even more vigorously than Amy had. Then, to her surprise, Amy knelt down behind her and started to kiss around her anus before forcing her tongue up into Nicole’s butthole. Nicole nearly fell from the new sensation, having never been penetrated in her ass before nor even playing with it. But the pleasure was undeniable and she came again momentarily.

This time she could not help but collapse onto the sofa from the bliss of the lesbian loving. She glanced up to see Christie and Amy making out before her, and tingled at the thought that they were tasting her on each other. She found herself longing for Amy’s pussy, for Christie’s ass and for all that these two angels could do with her.

“I guess we’re going to have to show Nicole the toy box next,” Christie whispered cunningly and a sly grin came to Amy’s face.


Shannon peered into Diana’s sock drawer and let out a muffled cry of surprise. Amidst her sister’s personal items was an eight-inch long, flesh tone strap-on dildo. Her older sister had always seemed so sophisticated to the high school senior, what with her car and hip friends, but this was a side of her life she’d never suspected. Hypnotically, she dropped her shorts to the floor and climbed into her sister’s bed with the dildo.

Imagining Diana’s presence beside her, she stood the dildo on the bed where her sister’s crotch would be and began to suck on the plastic member. Shannon moaned at the thought of pleasuring her sister’s penis, of catching a huge load of Diana’s semen in her mouth then pulling her into an open-mouthed kiss where the hot cum flowed between them like water. Diana would then watch her expectantly as she exposed herself to a ravaging fuck. Shannon fingered her pussy as she continued to suck on the dildo. In a second, I’m going to ram this thing inside me and cum all over my sister’s sheets, she thought to herself.

“What’s going on in here?” cried a voice that rudely awoke Shannon from her fantasy. Was it Diana come to make her dreams come true? No! It was their mother and Shannon realized she was in big trouble. “Oh honey,” Pamela sternly spoke, “I’ve told you a thousand times not to play with your sister’s things!”

Shannon pulled the cock from her mouth and turned around confusedly. Bafflingly, her mother had taken off her shirt and was undoing her skirt. She reached over and grabbed the dildo from her daughter’s hand and began to affix it to herself. Shannon’s heart beat faster as she looked over her mom’s body, still so firm for a woman her age and those breasts engorged by two pregnancies. Shannon had been a baby the last time she sucked on those fat nipples, but soon she would get to again.

With internet casino her new cock in place, Pamela looked like some hybrid creature from a very sexy fairy tale. Shannon scooted over to the edge of the bed and played at sucking on the imaginary penis but her mother would not allow it. “You’ve already sucked on this hunk of plastic. Take off your shirt, I want to see your breasts.” Shannon was embarrassed to remove expose her breasts, since they were so much smaller than her mothers. But no sooner had she slipped off the flimsy fabric than Pamela descended and began to lick her petit tits. Shannon moaned as her mother’s hands worked over her pussy, he thumb penetrating into her cunt while her finger reached around to get at her anus. She grabbed her baby girl by the leg and forced her ass off the bed so she could get a finger inside. Pamela frigged both holes of her daughter while licking her breasts until Shannon cried out, “Oh mom! Oh mom! Give me a kiss!”

Continuing to finger her, Pamela pulled herself away from those teenage breasts and kissed her daughter with passion. Their tongues roamed around into each other’s mouths and Shannon thought she would cum right then if he mother did not abruptly remove her fingers. She kissed her daughter once more — and then gave her a little peck on the forehead like she’d done when she was a child! — before repositioning herself so that her dick was at the entrance to her daughter’s pussy. “Do you want this in your cunt or in your ass?” she questioned, and her little girl answered by flipping over onto her knees and sticking her butt into the air. She buried her face in her sister’s pillows and smelt Diana’s scent on the sheets.

Pamela reached over to the bedside table and produced a small vial of lube from the drawer. She squirted it onto her hand and worked it into Shannon’s ass as the girl moaned appreciatively. She jacked the excess onto her cock and began to penetrate deep into her daughter’s virgin ass, but slowly and carefully so that the poor girl would not be hurt. Shannon bit into her sister’s pillow to keep from yelping out, but as her mother deftly eased her way in she became more eager and was soon bucking against her mother’s hips in anticipation. Pleasantly surprised at her enthusiasm, Pamela began to fuck her daughter faster and deeper. She felt an orgasm building inside herself, seemingly an overflow from the potent sexual energy her youngest daughter now exhibited. She longed to swap places, to have this young thing overpower her and ravage the cunt she’d been born from. Shannon shuddered violently when she could no longer hold back the orgasm, and as if on cue her mother went over the edge also. They collapsed into each other’s arms and softly kissed each other as lovers in the afterglow.

Shannon eyed her mother’s breasts and licked her lips in anticipation. Then her thoughts drifted to Diana, only two years older but so much more mature physically already. She was like a halfway between herself and her mother, with her mother’s curves and her own youth. Thinking of Diana, Shannon knew she had to have her as she’d had her mother and she nervously confessed her plan to Pamela. “Silly girl,” cooed the mother of two stunning sex goddesses, “who do you think gave Diana her penis?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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