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It was a hot summer day in Arkansas, so when Bill invited me to his cabin on the lake, I said sure, why not. When we pulled up in his car, two of his friends were already there, splashing in the brown water trying to cool down. We took turns changing in the one room cabin before joining them. He introduced them as Herman and Bob.

I wore my skimpy bikini. I have a great body, so why not show it off. I’m a tall girl with long muscular legs and a well proportioned butt. I keep my brown hair short because of the southern heat. What boys like best about me are my big titties, and that’s where all three pairs of eyes focused. I was raised on a farm and didn’t know a lot about boys, so I returned the favor by gazing curiously at the lumpy bulges in their tight swim trunks.

As we cavorted in the water, the horseplay got more and more physical. At first the boys accidentally brushed against my halter top or my behind. But as we got better acquainted, they would occasionally cup my butt or titties in their hands as we splashed and dunked each other.

When we took a break from the horseplay, Bill whispered in my ear, asking me if I would like to go up to the cabin and meet a friend of his. I said okay and we walked hand in hand up to the cabin. I didn’t see anyone else inside, but Bill was kissing me before I could ask where his friend was. As he hugged me, he undid my top, freeing my titties. He started kissing them and sucking my nipples. I let him because I’m proud of them and boys seem to really like them. Besides, it felt good.

He kissed my neck and asked if I’d like to meet Willy. Before I could answer, he pulled down his trunks and stepped out of them. I’d seen the pigs, horses, and bulls on the farm, of course. Plus, I’d helped Momma by changing and bathing my little brothers. But I’d never seen a full grown boy before. He held his pecker between his thumb and finger, telling me this was Willy.

My little brothers’ peckers were just small wads of skin. Bill’s grown up pecker was fatter and longer. But hanging behind it I saw what separated the men from the boys. Bill had big nuts, hanging heavily and filling out his bag. I’d watched Daddy cut the nuts off the boars, but Bill’s were nowhere near that big.

He told me that Willy would like for me to give him a kiss. I was curious and wanted to get a closer look, so I got on my knees and lightly kissed the tip. Bill told me his Willy liked that, but that he would like it even more if I pulled him like I would a cow’s teat and took the end into my mouth and sucked and licked it. I gripped Willy like I would a teat and when I stroked upward toward his curly, black hair, the skin on the end peeled back revealing something I’d never seen on my baby brothers.

Hiding under the skin, Willy was capped with an acorn shaped, pink knob. I took the knob in my mouth as I milked him. He tasted slightly salty and smelled a little like pee, but mostly like the lake. Then another marvelous new thing surprised me. Willy began to grow in my mouth and fist. The more I sucked him the more he grew. When he finally stopped growing, he had become much thicker and longer than when Bill had introduced him. Willy had also become quite hard and stiffly pointed almost straight up, jerking regularly.

Bill told me that his Willy was feeling good and would like to meet my Kitty(my name by the way is Katherine). I thought I knew what he meant and he confirmed it by pulling down and removing the bottom of my bikini. The womanhood folded between my legs was what he called my Kitty. Momma had called it my womb when I’d had my first period. He knelt between my legs and started licking my Kitty. I already knew how good it felt when I touched myself down there when I took a bath. But Bill seemed to know how to lick exactly the right places, and after a few minutes, I felt a warm fullness that was more exciting than when I washed myself. My soapy hand was no match for his talented tongue.

He then stood up and kissed my mouth. His lips and mouth tasted and smelled like my Kitty. He then whispered that Willy wanted to slip inside Kitty and show her how deeply he loved her. Willy had become even harder and clear drool dripped from the little lips smiling in the center of his knob, which had darkened to a reddish, purple hue. I whispered back that I thought Willy had become too big to slip inside my little Kitty. He replied that he’d taught Willy to be a slow and patient guest, and promised me Kitty would enjoy his visit.

Bill lay me on my back on the cot and held my legs up and apart with his muscular arms. He lay on top of me and I felt Willy gently rub between my Kitty’s lips as he sucked on my nipples. I felt him press the end of his knob into my little hole. This made me tingle all over and before long, he’d stretched my opening until he had all of Willy’s knob inside. I lost track of time as he kept getting me more excited, but felt him moving his hips as he pushed Willy further into Kitty.

When güvenilir bahis I felt his sack against me, having all of his Willy in made me feel even fuller and warmer than when he licked me. He whispered in my ear, telling me how deeply Willy loved Kitty as he slowly pulled him almost out and then pushed him back in all the way. The longer he kept this up, the warmer I felt, feeling full like I needed to pee. I cupped his tight, muscular butt, urging Willy to keep coming into me. It surprised me when I felt my tummy muscles flex as fire consumed my Kitty, making me feel wonderful all over.

When my panting slowed down, he nuzzled my ear, asking me how my little girl had liked Willy’s visit. I smiled up at him and whispered that I thought Kitty had fallen in love with Willy. Then I asked him what Willy had to say about my hospitality. He said that Willy had had a great time, but wasn’t ready to leave. He told me Willy wanted to give Kitty a present for being so nice and friendly. I asked what kind of present. He told me Willy wanted to give Kitty a big drink of his love juice as a token of his affection.

Although I’d never been allowed in, I’d watched through a knot hole in the barn wall when Daddy bred horses. Although the barn was dark, as the stallion moved through a shaft of sunlight after dismounting from the mare, I remembered the thick, whitish cream dripping from his enormous horse pecker. I thought this might be like the love juice Bill wanted to give me. I suspected what he called love juice, had millions of baby seeds mixed in with the love.

I was due any minute to start my monthly bleeding, so I told him Kitty would accept Willy’s gift. The stallion had lost all control of his other senses as he thrust his seed into the mare. I was curious to see if a boy looked equally helpless as he tried to sow his seed in a barren field. I also wanted to see what it felt like when a boy squirted his seed into my womb.

With my consent, Bill lost little time getting his. He thrust all the way in, faster and faster, with such force that I wondered if it hurt his nuts to bounce them so fast and hard against me. His heart beat like he was running full speed as a sheen of sweat beaded on his heaving chest. Finally he groaned and shoved his pecker in all the way. Every muscle in his body tensed and I felt Willy throb as he squirted his hot love juice deep up my little Kitty.

After he was all done squirting, he pulled out and rolled over to lie beside me, gasping for breath. Whitish cream covered and dripped from his pecker; not all that different in appearance from what I seen on the stallion’s pecker. Willy was still swollen and very red, but he no longer stood up straight. Willy looked tired but happy.

We lay on our backs and cuddled as our breathing returned to normal. Bill asked me how I’d liked Willy. I told him I loved Willy and that he’d made me feel better than I’d ever felt before. I asked him if there was a name for that feeling. He told me that Willy had given me an orgasm, or made me climax, or ‘come’. I told him it felt wonderful and that Willy could visit as often as he liked. He smiled and kissed me, telling me that my Kitty had given Willy the same pleasure, and that he would like to visit as often as Kitty would let him. He put his trunks on and headed back to the lake to join his friends.

I took my suit with me into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I cupped my fingers under my little baby hole and caught Willy’s gift as it slowly dripped out of my womb. I wanted to see what a boy’s seed was like. It felt slick in my hand. It looked whitish as what I’d seen on the horse’s pecker.

The closest thing I could compare it to was snot, except Bill’s at least, was thicker. I brought my fingers to my lips and whiffed and tasted. It was almost odorless, but had a faint fragrance like nothing I’d smelled before. It felt like snot in my mouth, but not as salty, with a hint of sweetness mixed in. I peed, dressed, and headed down to join the others.


The boys were out in waist high water, smiling and talking quietly. When Bob and Herman saw me, their lips curled into small, knowing grins. So Bill had told them already. I didn’t know how I felt about that. I knew I was supposed to be angry, but I wasn’t. After all, boys will be boys. Also something in me wanted his buddies to know what we’d just enjoyed.

When I waded out to join them, Bill said he was going to make a beer run. I don’t drink and thought they must want beer pretty badly. The lake is in a dry county and it would take Bill over an hour to drive across the county line and back. After we’d listened to his Mustang blat down the road, we got out of the water and sat on the boat dock. We sat in the sun for a while, not saying much.

Then Herman broke the silence by asking me if I’d show him my tits. I wasn’t offended nor surprised really. I smiled at him and coyly asked what I’d get in return. He told me he’d show me his pecker türkçe bahis and nuts. Except he called them his ‘cock’ and ‘balls’. I should mention by way of explanation that he was visiting from New Jersey. I said okay, but since they’d both get to see my titties, I wanted to see Bob’s ‘cock’ and ‘balls’, too. We agreed that Herman would go first, then me, then Bob.

Herman stood and stepped out of his trunks. His pecker looked twice Bill’s, and the skin was already peeled back, revealing his acorn knob. He asked me if I liked to suck cock. I didn’t tell him that Bill’s was my first. Instead, I answered by putting his knob in my mouth and milking his pecker in my fist.

His knob didn’t feel as soft as Bill’s. I felt his Hermie grow and harden in my hand and mouth. When I had him fully hard and pointing almost straight up, I slipped him from my lips to have a good look at him in the bright sunshine. He had full grown ‘balls’ like Bill. Except for his reddish knob, his skin was a light brown, darker than Bill’s. I felt his big, firm nuts as I milked his pecker. Hard as I tried I couldn’t get his skin to slip back and cover his knob.

I looked up and asked him why, and he replied that he was ‘circumcised’, and went on to explain that his parents had had his skin cut off when he was a baby. I wondered why they had done something so barbaric to their baby boy. There was another difference between him and Bill. Hermie was bigger than Willy. Full sized and ready to mate, he was half again as big around and a couple inches longer. So, all boys weren’t the same. I wondered what Bobby would look like.

But Herman reminded me that now it was my turn. I reached behind and unhooked my top and pulled it off over my head. Both boy’s stared wide eyed at my beautiful titties. Herman’s pecker got harder and stood up taller. They took one each and kissed them all over, working their way to my nipples, sucking and gently chewing on them until they were hard and full like Herman’s pecker.

My titties were feeling mighty good, but I reminded them that it was my turn to meet Bobby. Bob stepped back and pulled off his trunks. He had a little trouble getting waist band down, and when he finally succeeded in freeing himself, his fully erect pecker bounced up and down like a teeter totter. Like Bill, he still had all his skin, which was pulled back halfway as clear juice leaked freely from his small purple lips. I felt his man sized nuts while I uncovered the rest of his knob.

And that’s where his similarity to Bill ended. His Bobby was even bigger than Hermie. He was twice as thick as Willy and even longer than Hermie. I mentally compared all three erect peckers. When I’d first seen Bill’s I’d thought it was big, but these two made it look like their little brother. I thought Willy was probably five to six inches long, and Hermie stretched to between six and seven, and Bob’s mighty tool looked to measure eight to nine inches long.

Herman boldly asked if I’d let him ‘fuck’ me. I declined, telling him my little hole was reserved for Bill. Instead, I suggested that he might like to lick the lips and little button on my Kitty. I hoped he would say yes. I thought it might feel good if he knew what he was doing, like Bill. He said he would if I would suck him off in return. I agreed. I was curious about the taste of his juice and what it would feel like to have his ‘cock’ pump against my tongue.

I was also a little pissed at him for using the word ‘fuck’. I knew that Bill had told them I’d let him come inside me. To get his, I wanted him to have to lick me after my boyfriend had just ‘fucked’ me, forced to taste the remaining drops of his seed to remind him that my Kitty belonged to Bill. Since the lake water had probably washed most of it out, it was really just a head game.

We used a thick, twin bed sized air mattress on the boat dock. Herman explained what he called ’69’, and asked if he could be on top. I’d never done this before, and so agreed and lay on my back. He got on top of me, supporting his weight on his elbows and knees. His pecker loomed over my mouth, twitching quickly as a string of his clear juice leaked onto my lips. I felt him start to lick my Kitty, but waited for him to lick my hole before returning the favor. When he did, I gripped his pecker like a handle and slipped his knob into my mouth.

His skin felt harder and tougher than my boyfriend’s. Also he was being quicker and rougher on my Kitty, not taking as much time and not as skillful as Bill. Without warning he used his weight to push his pecker in all the way until his knob was in my throat gagging me, as his nuts draped over my nose, one on each eye. Mixed with earthy odor of the lake, I could smell the potent seed in his mature nuts and count the curly hairs sprouting from his brown bag.

Before I actually did gag, he pulled out until just his knob remained in my mouth. He started to thrust as Bill had done in my womb. I decided he didn’t know how to lick güvenilir bahis siteleri a girl, so I gripped his pecker firmly to control the depth of his thrusts and sucked on his knob to get it over as fast as possible. It didn’t take long. He was just as selfish taking his pleasure as in trying to give it to me. I felt him harden in my fist and saw his sack pull his nuts up tight. He tried to get back in my throat, but I controlled him. He tensed and groaned and I felt his pecker throb as he pumped his juice into my mouth.

His sex juice tasted saltier than Bill’s and slightly bitter. When he was done, we stood and he told me I had a nice ‘pussy’. I hadn’t swallowed his juice and kissed him, opening his lips with my tongue and spitting his seed into his mouth. He pulled back and spat repeatedly on the boards of the dock, calling me a bitch. I laughed at him and told him he got what he deserved for not knowing how to lick a girl’s ‘pussy’.

I’d learned a lesson and sat on the edge of a lawn chair, parting my legs to let Bob taste my little Kitty. He knelt in the grass and began to make love to me. He was so gentle I barely felt him at first. He took his time kissing along my hairy ridges, then gave my inner lips the same loving care. Slowly he licked between my lips, working the tip of his tongue around my pee hole.

Next I felt him slowly work his tongue into my baby hole. He withdrew it and moved up to where my lips met. Ever so gently he licked all around the skin stretched over my love button, making it harden like a little pecker. I felt very close to the hot release Bill had given me. Bob was a skilled lover, however, and seemed to sense this. I felt first one, then a second finger slowly snake up toward my womb. He continued licking my button while rubbing inside me just behind my button.

I knew I didn’t need to, but felt the urge to pee. I came even harder than I had with Bill. As I panted and convulsed, it felt like I was actually peeing. After I’d wound down, Bob came up for air. His faced shined and I thought he’d be angry about me peeing on him, but he wore a big smile. He pulled me up from the chair kissed me. Whatever had gushed out of me didn’t smell like pee and had a slightly sweet taste. Maybe my boyfriend would know the answer to this new puzzle.

It was Bob’s turn and we switched places. His pecker was swollen but not standing up. My Kitty must have tasted good, because clear juice flowed from the tip and there was even a small puddle of it in the grass where I knelt. I licked the juice from his knob and as I milked him, more oozed onto my tongue.

It felt slick and didn’t taste as salty as my boyfriend’s seed. I felt his hard, rubbery nuts and imagined them teeming with enough seed to populate the planet. My sucking and milking quickly brought him to a full, hard erection, jerking rapidly from his excitement. He asked if I’d let his Bobby make love to my tits. I like to have my titties admired and played with, so I said, sure.

He had me lie on my back on the air mattress. He straddled my head and asked if I would lick his ‘balls’. I rolled them around in his sack and carefully licked and sucked them. In spite of the earthy lake odor, I could smell his seed. He shifted down my body and rubbed the cleft on the bottom of his pecker knob on and around my nipples.

It felt nice and he soon had them swollen and covered with yet more of his clear juice. After rubbing his knob between my titties until he’d soaked the whole area with his juice, he lowered himself until his balls rolled on my stomach. He put his pecker in my cleavage and squeezed my titties together, snuggling himself between them. Bob let out a sigh and a faint groan as he moved his pecker back and forth in my titties.

He kept this up for a while and finally said he was about to come, asking me where I’d like him to shoot. I told him to stay where he was. I wanted to see a boy squirt. Raising my head up to watch, I saw his knob popping out of the top of my titties as he moved faster and faster. It kind of reminded me of a turtle’s head slipping in and out of its turtleneck.

Finally he tensed and white juice squirted out of his pecker, splatting hard on my forehead. I quickly grabbed him and aimed him at my mouth. He kept groaning and squirting. I caught most of it in my mouth, except for the first shot and the last dribbles that pooled on my neck. He scooted up so I could milk and suck him. His juice was more plentiful than the other boys’. It was also thicker and tasted even sweeter than Bill’s. Herman was watching and I looked him in the eye as I swallowed Bob’s seed.


I knew Bill would be getting back with the beer very soon, so I left the boys on the dock and returned to the cabin. I found some mint mouthwash in the bathroom and rinsed and gargled thoroughly. I had a sneaking suspicion that he actually wanted his friends to do me, maybe so I’d appreciate him even more, but I masked Bob’s seed in case I was wrong and he wanted to kiss me.

If my intuition was right, he’d only guessed half right. Herman was selfish and clumsy compared to Bill. But Bob was a more complicated comparison. He was a more skilled with his tongue than Bill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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