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Overview: This is a fictional piece of a retired university financial aid / registrar who in her retirement learned she was a lesbian; and a former co-employee who moved away but also found joy and fulfillment as a lesbian. All people are fictitious.


Greetings again friends. I retired from being a financial aid expert in the registrar’s office at a well-known university three years ago. My husband died five years ago now and with both his retirement savings and mine, I’m fairly well set financially. I did downsize to a three-bedroom condo for my senior years.

But, I also found a whole new, exciting and happy side to my life when a female graduate student from the university, who rented a room from me, showed me a new and exciting and deeper love experience and changed my life for the better. At age 69, two years ago, I found deep love as a lesbian. (Can I shout that? I AM A LESBIAN – and very happy and very proud!!)

I am on Facebook and many old friends, people I worked with over the years and others are my friends. I got a note from Nancy Everson who had been a close friend in my office on Facebook. Nancy had moved with her husband to a prestigious private college in New York State about 12 years ago. We were friends on Facebook since then.

Nancy was going to be in town for a university registrar and financial aid conference at the conference center and sent me a Facebook message that she wanted to stay with me. When I saw her note, I immediately said “YES”. It would be great to have this special friend with me.

We exchanged emails and I picked her up at the airport.

I dressed up, got a pretty light blue skirt and a coral colored ruffled top. I even did some eye shadow, mascara on my lashes, and plucked and shaped my eyebrows. I also picked out a matching bra / pantie set. I went to my closet and picked an appropriate handbag to go with my outfit. And, as I was about to leave, I decided to wear some one-inch heels, and touched up my face with a little blush and make-up and a delicate lipstick. I WAS going to be a woman today. (Of course, I’m always a woman, but I was going to be a fully dressed and professional woman).

I waited in the airport cell phone lot until Nancy texted me that she was out of the curb.

Nancy looked great. I wasn’t sure after 12 years of not seeing each other that I would even recognize her. She could have added fifty pounds and turned dumpy. If anything, she had lost 10 pounds and must have worked out like crazy. And … her breasts were so nice above her petite waist. Her dress shimmered on her and accented those breasts and her hips and butt so firm and sensuous. And, yes, I’d admit, I gave a quick thought to snaking my hand up under her dress, but that wouldn’t be ladylike in the arrivals area at the airport. Her hair had golden highlights, her eyes were shining as I saw her waiting for me. She had gone with three-inch heels, which made her even more statuesque. Her long, curly black hair hung to her shoulder. She had a purple tinged lipstick that accented her lips without being too overt.

I gave a quick honk and jumped out to help her with her bag. We hugged for a long minute in a very deep hug that sent some shivers up my spine until the cop at the airport said “Move along please”.

Nancy looked at me and said “Karen, you look wonderful. Retirement must agree with you.”

I grinned back at her and said “Yes, retirement has been great”. But, I knew that it wasn’t just retirement that agreed with me, but a renewed and exciting intimate sex life as a lesbian invigorated me.

As we drove to lunch, Nancy talked about her work. This conference was going to have some speakers from the United States Department of Education about FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) about new federal mandates. There were panel discussions on variety of topics. Nancy was on one of those panels on minorities and diversity. There would be vendors showing their latest updates to Blackboard or Banner or Canvas learning management systems.

Nancy also mentioned that there were employment tables where campuses recruiting new assistant or even head registrars or new financial aid experts could interview. Nancy indicated they were interviewing for a new assistant registrar that could replace her in a few years when she retired.

She laughed and said “Are you ready to come out of retirement and work with me? We’d make a great team”.

I thought it would be great to work with Nancy again. I also was thinking about her dress and what was under it. Had that hug at the airport been something more than a greeting? After all, while I hadn’t put “Lesbian” on my profile on Facebook, the pictures of my partner Kathy and myself were common on my Facebook page.

We had agreed to stop for lunch at Chuy’s a well know Tex-Mex spot and one that didn’t have any franchises in New York yet.

We sat next to each casino siteleri other at a table set for four. Sometimes Chuy’s can be loud and this way we wouldn’t have to yell across the table. We ordered margaritas and talked after the server took our order.

I asked “How is Mike?”

Nancy slowly answered “Well, Mike and I divorced six years ago. Mike discovered that he was gay and moved in with another gay faculty member”. She paused “It might have been the best thing for me. I discovered that I was gay too, that is I found out that I am a lesbian”.

Nancy said just loud enough for a few of the tables near us could hear her statement.

My heart jumped and I couldn’t answer quick enough “I am too”, and I blurted out and blushed.

Nancy continued “I thought maybe you were. On Facebook I’ve seen some pictures of you and Kathy Collins and you both seemed so happy in the pictures”.

I shared my story with Nancy about finding new life and new love. We were sitting next to each other at the table and Nancy’s hand settled on my right knee. I turned to Nancy who was looking at me and if like two magnets, we pulled together into a deep kiss. I blushed again, mostly in such a public display of affection in the restaurant.

We kissed again, and at the end, Nancy whispered “I want you”.

My response was immediate “And, I want you” I whispered back.

I noticed two ladies sitting at a neighboring table, also next to each other smiling like they knew our secret. Then I noticed they took indulged themselves in a deep and sensuous kiss. One caught my eye and winked at me!! I winked back at her. I didn’t know it was lesbian day at Chuy’s!!

[Lunch was very good (as it always is at Chuy’s). Make sure that you ask for the creamy jalapeno dip for the chips as it is outstanding.]

Nancy said “I have missed great Tex-Mex in New York. I’m glad we came here”.

We made small talk about our lives, about her campus, about changes in Austin in the past twelve years since she moved to New York.

My brain was spinning a little as we finished lunch, be it from the margarita, from the good food, or from what I anticipated was going to happen next back at my apartment. A few times, I let my hand just enter under her dress. She was enjoying that!

As we stood to leave, the couple from the next table caught our eye and the one who had winked at me, motioned for us to stop by.

She introduced herself “I’m Molly and this is my partner Kristin. Sorry to interrupt, but it looked like you two were having a good time, and maybe planning for a very special afternoon. Hugs and kisses”.

I was overwhelmed as Molly and Kristin stood up and gave us deep hugs as we left. I was also amazed at Nancy and myself as we were holding hands as we walked to my car. I opened the door for Nancy and we kissed again, this time with our tongues touching. Yes, it was going to be a great afternoon and few days together.

I drove to my condo and Nancy commented about how the city was both the same and different from twelve years ago. We pulled up in front of my condo and I popped the trunk and we grabbed Nancy’s suitcase before going inside.

While I am a lesbian and very late to that lifestyle, only becoming one until age 69 two years ago, I’ll admit to not having as much experience in loving females as others. I have found that the relationships are much deeper than relationships with men and I mean that in more than just sexual ways. Even just holding hands is an act of love; our body languages oozing out towards each other.

I fumbled with my keys to open the door, probably out of anticipation of what would happen when we got in the door. I was not disappointed as our bodies and lips slammed into each other when the door was closed and locked.

This was my good friend from before; a co-worker that I had appreciated, and now a hot babe in my arms in my home.

Nancy’s shimmering dress called out to me. Her breasts were accented by the fabric, and her nipples were erect and firm. As I slid my hands down her body, she moaned when I stopped on her breasts.

As we kissed, I shuddered as I reached my first orgasm and that with all my clothes on. That was a first for me – an orgasm coming from a kiss and from anticipation of the afternoon. I broke off the kiss and whispered “I just came” to Nancy.

Did I tell you how much I like being a woman and a lesbian where I can have multiple orgasms and that the timing is so much longer and meaningful that just the old boring sex with my husband. At times I got mad thinking of him – how it was always ‘him’ – he called the shots in sex, even when he tried to lick and bring me to orgasm with oral sex, it seemed like he reached his climax and his body shut down way before my body was ready. It was a selfish experience – always for the man. With women, foreplay was as important, touching, kissing, nibbling, and slot oyna hugging and it was such a joint moment of sharing intimacy.

Her dress didn’t have a zipper, so carefully, I pulled it up at the shoulders and over her head. She helped a little and soon it was off. I could see her firm, beautiful black body before me.

Aside, as a registrar at a major university, I worked with all kinds of students. I guess I had become ‘color-blind’ to race, gender and related topics. That Nancy was black was not important to me; but that she was a lesbian, that was knock-down beautiful and we were going to make love was of supreme importance.

I’m not sure I could give you a blow-by-blow account of how we undressed and got into my bed. I do remember Nancy taking off my Soma panties (I had picked out a pink pair with tan polka dots), and how she sniffed them when she slid them off my body. They were soaking from my previous orgasm and from the natural lubrication of my vagina. Not to be outdone, I pulled Nancy’s Victoria Secret lacy panties off of her and also sniffed them. The smell was like an aphrodisiac – feeling my nostrils and my brain with lust. (Just another great thing about being a lesbian – the wonderful aroma of ‘pussy’ on panties).

It does seem like who goes first ‘just happens’. Nancy took the lead this time. She directed me to sit on the edge of the bed. She spread my legs and looked with lust at my pussy.

When I was married, my husband really didn’t care how my pussy looked, just how he could penetrate my vagina and fuck me. But, after my first lesbian encounter, I had taken to trimming my ‘bush’. That way there were no long hairs to get in the way of tongues, a more managed look. Some other women took to totally shaving their pubic hairs.

Nancy cooed “I love looking at your vulva. You know all vulvas are different, different colors, wrinkled or smooth, longer and shorter. Your left lips are longer than the right and maybe more deeply wrinkled. Just like people you know”. She paused “And I so want to just jump in and lick you to orgasm, but I want to build your climaxes and love the rest of your body first”.

With me sitting on the edge of the bed, Nancy nibbled on my earlobe and then knelt to the floor and started rubbing and nibbling on my toes. I had no idea that my toes might be so sensitive, and soon she was building another volcano in my vagina, although this one didn’t erupt (yet). She nibbled and nudged up the inside of my thighs and calves, until almost at my sweet spot, she slid up to my lips and we kissed deeply again. Then she moved to my elbows, maybe not as sensitive as my toes, and to my armpits. I’m sure they were wet and smelly, but that didn’t seem to bother Nancy. And … from my armpits to my upper chest. I arched my back and turned more to Nancy. I wanted her to discover my breasts, but no, she moved past them to my stomach.

She kissed and nibbled on my stomach and then eased upward. I held my breath in anticipation and was not let down when she planted a kiss on the outside of my left breast. My heart was racing as she nibbled around my areolas and then kissed my erect nipples. And, when she opened her mouth to suck on my nipples that volcano that had been building, erupted again.

Nancy stopped long enough to say “I think you just reached another climax. I could feel it though your nipple”.

I smiled and said “Yes I did”.

Her tongue was like a paintbrush, and it was working on a masterpiece like Rembrandt or Van Gogh. It painted my nipple with layer after layer of love and excitement.

I think I could have just sat there all day while she did her brush strokes with her tongue on my breasts. Eventually, she slid down my body again to my upper legs.

OH, how I wanted her to spread my outer vulva lips to find my deepest and most special secret place.

She nibbled upward to my pussy, my vulva, my vagina – what sweet names for this part of my body. (Much better names than ‘cock’, ‘dick’, ‘skin flute’ or ‘wiener’ I thought).

She wet her right index finger on my luscious flowing juices and started a very light clockwise circling of my labia majora or outer lips. Just her touch was helping build my excitement again. Inserting her finger inside those outer lips, with a gentle touch she circled my inner labia lips. Then she put her mouth to my outer lips and started a gentle licking of the outer lips.

Oh, for joy, the volcano erupted again and Nancy got to taste my juices.

But she was not to be distracted for long. Edging inside the labia majora with her tongue she circled her labia minora, and eventually touched my clitoral hood with her tongue. I’ve read that the clitoris has thousands of nerve endings and a lover can excite – or hurt – the clitoris by too much stimulation or too hard of pressure. But, Nancy was experienced. Just the slightest lick near the clitoris and I shuddered with my fourth climax canlı casino siteleri of the afternoon. My brain was so full of pleasure, but one small corner of the brain was thinking, I need to excite this beautiful woman in a few minutes. But, I was pretty sure that Nancy was also getting very excited personally as she enjoyed my vagina. She plunged two fingers into my vagina just like a penis would penetrate the vagina in male-female sex. She fucked me with those fingers while waves of ecstasy flowed over me.

Not wanting to overdo it, she eased out after cleaning me up, licking my outer labia lips.

She slid up to kiss me and whispered to me, “You are so beautiful Karen”. We hugged deeply for a minute. I knew it was to be my turn.

“Let’s trade places”. I suggested and Nancy sat on the edge of the bed while I stood beside her.

As I started, I slid my hand to her pussy area and found that it was lubricated and very wet. That was going to be helpful to me to help get her off.

I got down on my knees and nibbled on the inside of her thighs, making a mental note to ask her later about toes as an erogenous zone. I didn’t want to nibble on her toes and turn her off by not doing it well.

I too danced around her breasts and she also responded to my actions; and soon I found myself enjoying the lofting fragrance of her womanhood. I asked her to lay down on the bed and soon I was kneeling straddling her legs. She also had trimmed, but not shaved her pubic hairs. I wanted to excite her. I hoped my inexperience would not be a problem. She was only the fourth woman I had been with.

Her pussy was pink and purple with lots of tucks and folds with the trimmed pubic hairs. Her ass was firm and beautiful. I touched her outer labia lips and she squirmed with excitement. I slid a finger gently into her anus and received a positive ‘ah’ from her. She was ready for me.

“Eat me”. She moaned.

While I didn’t literally ‘eat’ her, I started gentle licks on the outer lips and then parted them to the inner lips. When my tongue found her clitoral hood I wanted to be gentle. She was panting and thrusting around as I licked around her clitoris and stuck a finger into her vagina.

“Ohhhhh”. She cried out as the orgasmic flood squirted out. I had heard of squirting and this was luscious. I hungrily licked her up and stayed on the target for several minutes. When I finished by coming up to her lips and sharing her juices with her. Our bodies nestled together, our breasts touching each other, and our energy spent in making love flowed into a dreamland.

It was ecstasy being with Nancy. We sit together in the darkness, talking about the joy in female sex. Even in the relative dark of my bedroom, we looked at each other with such a deep respect and honor for each other.

The next three days were exciting for both of us. Yes, I drove Nancy to the conference each morning and picked her up at night. We did make love on two of those nights. And … on the last morning, Nancy invited me to shower with her. I didn’t know that soaping up a lover’s body and caressing wet breasts in the shower could turn me on so much. I had two orgasms without genital to mouth interaction in the shower.

On the other night that we didn’t have sex, my partner Kathy Collins joined us for dinner at Stiles Switch BBQ about four miles from my condo. That was a fun night as the three of us talked about being lesbians and our first female to female encounters. I blushed when Kathy talked about how I had tricked and seduced her and forced her to be my sex slave (none of which was true, but we all got good laughs from her story). Nancy shared her first lesbian experience and how she had multiple orgasms. She had a friend Diana Liu from the faculty that was her regular partner, although both were pretty open to experience other women.

That night Kathy stayed over at my apartment and while Kathy is not a jealous person, we had great sex that night as I think she wanted to show ‘her’ partner (that is, me) that she could be great in bed too. (and she was!!)

I even went to see Nancy’s panel presentation and sat next to her while she did some job interviews. It was fun to be ‘back in action’ on the professional front as well as ‘back in action’ on the love making front. I even thought of coming out of retirement to work as her assistant registrar.

On Thursday morning, I took Nancy back to the airport and hugged her as she popped out of my Nissan Altima and grabbed her luggage. She didn’t have a bra on and her nipples stood out of her camel colored sweater. I was sure she could have a gun in her hand, but the TSA security people would be looking at her breasts and miss the gun. In a fitting goodbye, she rubbed my breasts until my nipples stuck up, and then kissed me so deeply, that I was well wet and lubricated. I smiled at knowing that Nancy would be on the plane with damp panties and thinking of our time together. Hopefully she would be next to a female with a great sense of smell.

It has been a memorable few days and a very moving few days. We WOULD BE IN TOUCH, maybe I would need to go to New York State to visit.

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