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Note: For better understanding of this story please read TRANSSEXUAL SISTERS Part 4 and 5 and LONG LIVE THE KINKY Chapter 5 page 7.


It was like a class reunion as old friends gathered for the weekend at Dawn and Gwen’s spacious home. Michelle and Nicole flew in from New York where they were featured entertainers at a transgender conference. They were key whiteness for the prosecution in the trail of Randy, Kurt and Derrick accused in a string of assaults and killings in Southern California, New Mexico and Nevada. The three skinheads are prime suspects in the brutal assault that almost killed Dawn a little over year ago.

Kurt and Derrick spent five years in prison for assaulting Michelle and Nicole. Cassie had arranged a three pair date, asking her sometimes lover Randy to find two gay men for Michelle and Nicole. She neglected to tell Randy that her friends were transsexuals. Michelle and Nicole came on to the two thinking they were in for a good time with two gay men. Kurt and Derrick eagerly accepted the advances until they found hard cocks instead of juicy pussies.

Angry beyond reason they hit and kicked Michelle and Nicole. They tossed then poker oyna into the surf where they would have drowned if Cassie and Randy not come to their rescue.

It let to an intense argument between Randy and Cassie. The hard feelings did not end. The entire staff at the hospital leaned Randy’s side of the story and turned against Cassie forcing her resignation. It just added to the weight of guilt she had carried for years. When she learned that Randy, Derrick and Kurt were involved in the assault of Dawn, the weight became unbearable.

All the consoling by Jackie, Dawn, Michelle and Nicole did little to ease her pain. She could never forgive herself for starting the entire ugly situation. She blamed herself the beatings of Michelle and Nicole and the terrible assault on Dawn.

Marilyn and Maria, waitresses at the women’s night club Loving Angels were visiting Dawn and Gwen and were partying at Club Sappho the night Dawn was assaulted. They were also prosecution whiteness.

Matt and Brad learned about Dawn from their good friends Michelle and Nicole, and came to lend moral support.

Cassie and her partner Jackie had renewed a previous romance. Cassie worked at the local hospital Jackie worked for the fire department canlı poker oyna as a paramedic. They both planned to testify for the prosecution if he LA incident came up in the course of the trial. Cassie was a friend and lover of Michelle and Nicole and a nurse where they were treated. She still harbored guilt for arranging the date that had gone so horribly wrong and even more so when she learned that the same men attacked Dawn. “What have I set in motion?” she lamented. Although she helped sent Kurt and Derrick to jail for 5 years, she still had nightmares and was thankful to have Jackie as a trusted caring lover. She was a very troubled young woman.

Friday was a grueling day. The District Attorney Richard Scott and 50 or so handsome man with a touch of gray on black hair and his just out of law school assistant Gloria Stafford reviewed the case and made sure how each would testify in the trial beginning on Monday. While both were strictly straight and harbored a deep, believe in the US Constitutionally guaranteed rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. They believed that Civil Rights applied to all regardless of race, religion or sexual preference. This underlying principal made both formidably attorneys and had no doubt that internet casino the three defendants would get what they denied their victims, a fair trial and a conviction on all counts.

They first explained the security precautions in place. US Marshal Snipers with night vision headgear staffed rooftops. Local police parked on all side streets. No were not allowed near the house. Guests received free parking in a lot near the police station and drove in police vans to Dawn and Gwen’s house.

“These animals have killed whiteness before and may try again in this case. We will not let then this time.” Richard vowed.

He then explained that the case was mostly circumstantial.

The defense is going to try to make this about your life style.” Richard warned. “If the judge overrules my objections, just answer truthfully with conviction. Look at the jury at all times when responding to Gloria, the defense or me. Do not get angry even if provoked. To not’ look at the defendants. Dawn you will have the toughest cross-examination. I was amazed how your eyes threw me off during our cross-examination review. You can bore into the defense attorney all you want but save the sensitive look for the jury.”

Richard and Gloria were satisfied that all the women were ready for the trial. In leaving, they respectfully embraced the women, reminding each to stay strong.

They all knowingly nodded in agreement.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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