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This is the first thing I’ve ever written. Please be kind.


As she opened the door my pulse quickens. The smell of the heater mixed with her hair hits me as soon as I enter the room. My eyes meet her gaze. I hold my breath, lost inside those piercing green eyes. She leans in kissing me passionately. Her mouth is hot and tastes sweet yet salty. This causes my belly to tighten sending tingles all throughout my body to my lady bits. She grabs my hand and leads me down the hallway where she carelessly removes my coat depositing in the floor. Still wearing my scarf and gloves I slowly remove the gloves leaving them on the floor near the doorway. I finally touch her warm milky skin pulling her close sending electrifying goosebumps up my body. She quickly pulls away giving me a sultry look and leads me into her bedroom.

Once in her bedroom we stopped just short of the bed. I turn and plunge my fingers into her hair pulling her mouth to mine. We kiss deep and passionately. I pull her head back softy but firmly so I can kiss down her neck. I trace her throat with my tongue all the way to her chin. I hear her take a raspy breath. I kiss back down gently biting her neck. Using my other hand I roughly grab her breast and continue down her body reaching my hand under her short dress. I feel the heat from her excitement immediately. I let my fingers barely graze the damp fabric of her panties. I draw in a deep breath and mumble some incoherent words as I lead her by her hair gently pushing her chest down, bending her over the bed. I give firm instructions for her not to move as my entire body reacts. I try to calm myself as I take it all in the reality of this site. I have this beautiful woman in her short dress bent over her bed, dripping wet and eager awaiting more instruction.

Leaning over I kiss and playfully bite down her neck to her back, while reaching to her breast squeeze them through her bra. I drop down to my knees lifting up her skirt. I can already smell her sweet intoxicating scent. I slowly begin to remove her panties give her as little contact poker oyna with my skin as I possibly can, hoping that it keeps her craving my touch. I admire the milky white color of her thick ass cheeks. Without much thinking I give her a stern smack first to the right then to the left, staining her skin a shade of pink. I then rub my hand with a bit of pressure against her soaking nethers. Then again I smack with a little more firmness, left and then right.. she squeals with delight I return my hand to her dripping cleft and slowly insert my finger.. I started fucking her slowly while using my thumb to tap her clit with each stroke. She squeezes her thighs tightly trapping my hand between her thighs. She cries out loudly, her legs tremble.

I increase the speed while reaching pulling her hair gently warning her to hold still. I feel her body tighten with my warning, I insert another finger and continue pull her hair slightly holding her head back. Her moans turn squeals as I feel her muscles contract and she drips hot liquid into my hand. I drop to my knees eagerly to lap up every drop of her sweet hot nectar. I run my tongue across her tiny clit flicking it back and forth, then I suck her lady lips into my mouth try to make sure I mop up every bit of her juices. I use my hand and body language to push her body all way way down so I can begin to fuck her with my tongue so I can taste every bit of her. I use thumb to rub her clit in tiny circles. She bucks her hips and screams loudly as she cums so hard almost buckling her knees. I stand and spin her to me kissing her forcefully so she can taste herself on me. I step back giving her a minute to regain her composure. She shyly asks for a minute to go and reliever herself.

This gives me and moment to catch my breath. I have been in sexual frenzy I hadn’t even realized that other than her panties, we were both fully dressed. I was still wearing my scarf even.

She returns to the room and with flushed cheeks looking delightfully satisfied and so sexy. She approaches me quickly running her hands under my shirt up to my breast. canlı poker oyna She kisses me playfully teasing me with her tongue. She kisses my neck and gives a hard bite. I gasp and give her a warning smirking smile. She runs her hands up and down my body then quickly removes my shirt. Allowing it and my scarf to fall to the floor. She traces my breast with her finger tips as she bites her bottom lip hungry with desire. I hook my fingers around the bottom of her dress and skillfully remove it, depositing it in the pile of clothes on the floor. We let our hands wander exploring each other body.

She then carefully undoes the button of my jeans and slowly pulls them down leaving my stand in nothing but a lace thong. I quickly reach up and unhook her bra, pulling it off let in fall to the floor revealing the most beautiful breast with tiny light pink nipples. She leans in kissing me again quickly before leaning down and taking my nipple in to her mouth. She teases me seductively by flicking her tongue across each of my nipples and giving them tender bites. She reaches down slowly rubbing my pussy through my lace panties.. We make eye contact and it takes my breath. She gave me a look fueled by nothing but lust and desire. I stop her spin her around sitting her upon her bed. I kiss her mouth slowly and then her neck. I know I must have more of her.

I let my tongue trace her perfectly pink nipples and I suck them hard into my mouth. I suck vigorously on each or her nipples while also letting my hands explore her body. Run my hand between I feel a cool slimy reminder my earlier oral assault on this beautiful woman. I allow my mind to wonder slightly. And I stop everything I’m doing. I order her get fully upon the bed and latch her finger together, and hold her hands above her head. No matter what don’t move the I warned. I get down and pick up that black silky scarf I had been wearing earlier. Her eyes light up with excitement and delight. I fold it making a blindfold. I can see her quiver and her breath rate increases. I tie it around her eyes making sure that it’s secure internet casino and that she can not see.

I gently starting at her hands run my nails down the inside of her arms, making her hold her breath. I caress her armpit, then continue running my nails down her sides, while kisses her breast and down her belly. I stop and admire this breath taking view. My heart is racing, my mind is only focus and bringing pleasure to her. Her mouth is slightly open and her entire body is slightly flushed. Her pussy is swollen, her lips more plump than normal. I can see her wetness. I lean forward ever so slightly just to breathe her in. I , in a stern but seductive tone, warn her not to move. I quickly leave the room and go to get in my bag. I retrieved and tiny pink vibrating bullet I had brought with me. I hurry back to her.

Upon opening the door, I see her body jerk back to the way I left her. I told you hold still, I say. I lightly kiss her mouth then give her nipples a firm pinch. She screams in a mix of pain and pleasure. I lightly lick them and then travel down her body to her moist slit. I lightly lick her hood, then suck it in to my mouth. I can feel my own juices starting to drip on to my thighs as I stick my tongue into her. I slurp at her wetness. Her body jerks and she moans softly. I stick my fingers in her and begin to fuck her with them slowly at first.. I returned my mouth to her clit flicking my tongue in the a rhythmic pattern until I can feel her orgasm starting. I pick up the pink vibrating bullet and replace my mouth with it. She body starts to buck and shake. Her body breaks out in beads of sweat.

I fuck her faster with my finger. I can hear her wetness sloshing around my finger. I increase the speed of my bullet. She screams and is obviously resisting the urge to release her hands. I add more pressure to her clit with the toy and her body stills just for a second, then she releases with her gushing orgasm. I quickly go to clean up her thighs and cleft with my tongues with her body still twitches. I kiss her lips lightly and untie her blindfold. I tell her she can move. She collapses against me still breathing heavy. I hold her sweetly. Once she calm she turns to me with her sweet slightly crooked sultry smile and I know I’m about to be hers to play with…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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