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Robert was the special guy I met my freshman year in college. He was a senior and I found it exciting that someone that much older was interested in me. At first it was just friendship as he kind of mentored me in my accounting major. Honestly, I didn’t need much help but took it to get his attention.

Robert asked me out on a Friday two weeks after classes started. We went out to dinner and a movie. At the end of the date he kissed me goodnight before I took the elevator up to my dorm room. Yes, my panties were a little damp.

During the week I would join Robert for lunch and dinner most days and the following weekend he asked me to go ice skating with him. It was a double date with a friend of his and girlfriend. I had ice skated a little in high school and enjoyed having him to skate with. He kissed me a few times at the ice rink. After skating we returned to his row house and kissed while watching tv. I was not really used to college hours and was still back in my room at midnight.

It was during the following week that Robert’s hand first found it way inside my bra. Two nights later I was wearing a skirt and his hand went up my leg and started to stroke me through my panties. I climaxed my first time with Robert that evening.

Even when I got on Robert’s lap so I could feel his penis against my clitoris, he was never interested in dry humping like I had done with Jason the year before. He would lay me on my back and undo my blouse but he just stroked me through my panties.

Then one night he undid his pants and I got to see his penis for the first time. It was what I would call average size, about 6 inches, circumcised and oozing a drop of pre-cum. He told me to take it in my mouth and as I did he put his hand inside my panties. His finger inside my vagina was a new poker oyna and delightful feeling. I climaxed just before he did. I loved the taste of his semen and had no trouble swallowing it.

Right at the end of October we went to a party at the house of a friend of his. Of course the theme was Halloween and I was dressed as Dorothy in a somewhat short gingham dress and red pumps. Robert was the Scarecrow. Actually, my dress was not all that short for a college girl, but I had enough wine that I know my white panties were exposed a few times.

I was getting more sober again as we headed back to his room. We took off our shoes, settled on his bed and began making out. Soon his pants were off and I decided I wanted to feel him against me so I got on top of him so I could feel his penis rubbing my clitoris through my panties. I could also feel it pushing my panties between my labia. The feeling was wonderful.

So, when Robert reached under my dress and started to pull my panties down, I did not resist. Right after that he unzipped my dress and pulled it over my head and then undid my bra. I helped him get his shirt off and then we were naked together for the first time.

I was on my back and Robert was half on top of me, his hard penis against my thigh. Then as we kissed he moved on top of me and I spread my legs in order to feel closer to him. Still, when he put his penis at the opening of my vagina I got scared and asked him to move higher. He complied for a while but the truth was, I felt like I wanted to be closer to him.

I was rocking my hips under Robert and he slid lower again. This time I did not resist as his penis began to go between my inner labia and then to that tight spot that marks the beginning of my most intimate zone. As his penis went deep inside me I felt canlı poker oyna a little pain of stretching and I remember thinking, “This is it, I am no longer a virgin.”

That Robert was experienced was obvious as he slowly and gently made love to me. I had heard so many other girls talk about how disappointing their first time was, but the feelings I was feeling were not disappointing at all. Suddenly that tension built up to the point of no return and I found myself having my best climax ever. Robert held still deep within me as my vaginal muscles pulsed around him. I was amazed at how good a climax felt while making love. Shortly after that, Robert began to move in and out of me again until suddenly he pushed deep inside me and with a groan filled me with his semen. While it didn’t feel quite as fantastic as my climax, I was amazed at how good the pulsing of his penis inside me felt.

After that we just lay together for a while as he gently kissed me. Every so often his penis would give a little twitch inside me and I would have a little mini orgasm in response.

I knew I was in love, but all good feelings have to end and when he finally pulled out I decided I needed to get dressed and return to my dorm room. As Robert pulled out, it seemed like a huge amount of semen came out of me. He wanted me to leave my panties, but I was not willing to do that. Having the cold wind against my very sensitive girl parts did not sound very fun and I was worried about his semen still dripping out.

It was 1:30 when I got back to my room and my roommate, Sarah, was there. She commented on how late I was and when I blushed, she said, “Oh wait, you did it, didn’t you?” We had some girl talk, hugged and then I went to take a shower.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time with Robert after internet casino that night, often going to his room to do homework and making love with him every chance we got.

Thanksgiving was hard. Robert flew home to Massachusetts and I went home for the first time since going to college. I felt like a completely different person at home. Everything was so strange after being away for what seemed so long. It didn’t help any that I missed Robert terribly and only got to talk to him on the phone once. Still, I enjoyed reconnecting with my two best high school girl friends and sharing secrets. They were excited when I told them about Robert. Both were still virgins at that point, although Diane lost her virginity before Christmas and Sue the next March.

Back at school for the last three weeks of the semester was wonderful for me as Robert and I got to spend so much time together. Finals were almost a breeze and Robert and I spent the whole night together the final day of school, making love four times between dinner and when I drove him to the airport the next day.

Christmas break was pretty lonely. Robert called me every third or fourth day and I got to tell him how much I missed him and hear how much he missed me. I wanted to call him Christmas day, but my mother was adamant that girls do not call boys.

To my delight, Robert came back for school four days early and flew into Seattle. Our school was in Portland. I had his car and met him at the airport, then we drove to my parent’s house. I was so proud to introduce Robert to my family. I was also annoyed as my little sister (four years younger than me) flirted with him. My brother just acted immature.

Needless to say, each night I snuck down to the guest room and we made love. I also had sex in a car for the first time when we went out on a date and parked in a lonely corner at the mall.

We drove back to Portland for the start of my second semester of college and I settled in as an experienced college girl.

to be continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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