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The following morning after John had set up his beautiful wife to be made love to by Lynne he woke up to the sound of Susan moving round the bedroom. He watched her getting dressed then seeing that Lynne had gone he thought it had all been a wine fuelled dream. So, he just lay on the bed and watched Lynne.

“Did you enjoy last evening?” John asked anxiously.

“Yes, why do you ask?” replied Susan as she went to leave the bedroom.

“No reason. I happy you did. What do you think of Lynne now?” he asked with anticipation.

“Oh, I love her. But I had a weird dream that you helped her seduce me.” Said Susan as she left the room.

John got up and showered then dressed and joined her downstairs.

“did you enjoy the dream? Its ok if you did. I like it.” Asked John

Susan looked back at John in surprise then admitted that she did enjoy the dream even though when started she wasn’t’ enjoying it. But as the dream progressed she started to love it. Later that night as they lay in bed John asked Susan to tell him more about the dream. Susan was reluctant at first then suddenly agreed as she recalled it made her pussy got very wet.

“Fuck me as I tell you all about it!” panted Susan as she took off her nightdress and lay on her back and opened her legs.

John climbed onto her and slid his cock easily into her. She had never been so excited before or had his cock entered her pussy so easily. Susan thrust back at poker oyna him and called out Lynne’s name calling for her to fuck her.

“Tell me about your dream darling!” gasped John as he thrust his cock into her.

Susan panted and gasped as she told John what had happened and how she was stripped naked by Lynne as John held her still and how she had been placed naked on their bed by John for Lynne to seduce. Then Susan got more excited as she told John how good Lynne was a lover. She panted and gasped excitedly as she described how she had tried to resist Lynne’s expert superior love making. Her pussy pulsated and flooded juices as surges of sexual pleasure filled her body as she recalled how Lynne’s naked body felt against her own.

Describing how the scent, texture of Lynnes wet excited pussy had ignited a powerful lust, passion and love for Lynne that was now so strong it could never end. Susan became more and more excited as she recounted her experience of lesbian seduction. She thrust back at John as he rammed his cock into her as she described how she started to enjoy him holding her still as Lynne made love to her.

“Please tell me how good is Lynne at making love?” begged John as he thrust his cock into Susan’s pussy.

“She is the best lover I’ve ever had!” panted Susan.

“Better than me!” gasped John.

“Much better than you. You’re fucking useless at fucking! Oooooohhhh my god she fucks me much canlı poker oyna better than you” Screamed Susan with passion as John’s cock throbbed harder as she taunted him.

“Tell me more. Just how bad I am at making love and how better she is at fucking you than me!” begged John excitedly.

“You’re the worst lover I’ve ever had and she’s the best. She made me cum so hard and often!” moaned Susan.

“Tell me more about how you prefer her pussy to my cock!” begged John.

“Your cock does nothing for me but her pussy is so beautiful. I want her pussy more than I want your cock!” gasped and panted Susan as she realised that she did prefer pussy.

“Tell me more darling!” gasped John as he thrust deep and hard into his wife’s pussy.

“My darling Susan is better at fucking than you. Your cock is disgusting, her pussy is so beautiful.” panted Susan.

“Please tell me more about how you feel about her.” John gasped as they fucked.

“I love her, I want her. I’m in love with her! I want her to fuck me!” screamed Susan as John rammed his cock into her pussy.

“Who is the better lover?” asked John again as they got closer to cumming together.

“Lynn is the best lover I’ve had and you’re the worst. You’re a useless disgusting animal!” Panted Susan getting closer to cumming.

“Tell me how disgusting I am!” gasped John

“You’re so fucking disgusting. Your body makes me sick. You’re so internet casino disgusting!” panted Susan taking her closer to cumming.

“Do you want me to stop fucking you so you can call Lynne to come and fuck you!” panted John.

“Yes, get that fucking revolting cock out of me and call Lynn for me and beg her to come over to fuck me again.” Shouted Susan as they came together.

Lying holding each other after they had made love Susan whispered “I hope that dream was true or hope it will happen if not.”

“I’m cumming just thinking about Lynne it’s not your cock that made me cum! You’re going to sleep in the spare as we make love!” panted Susan as she had a mind blowing orgasm.

“Yes please. Invite Lynne round and submit to her again!” gasped John as he orgasmed into his wife’s pussy as begged her to be with Lynne again.

After a few moments Susan laughed as she handed John her mobile phone instructing him to phone Lynne and beg her to come over to them.

Taking the phone John phone Lynne “Hi Lynne, would you please come round and take Susan to bed again and make wild passionate love to her again?”

“Of course. I’m coming round now!”

John handed Susan her phone back and the jumped out of the bed and as Susan watched he chose her the sexiest underwear and then ran to the bathroom to run her a scented bath. He did everything he could to let Susan know that he was getting her ready for Lynne. John guided Susan to the bathroom and helped into the bath then bathed her and dried her after the bath. He then led Susan back to their bedroom and helped her dress in sexy lingerie and then he helped her prepare her makeup helping her prepare to impress Lynne.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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