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Chapter 5: The Event is getting closer; fewer responses now

A week and a half had passed now. There were only 3 more responses in those intervening days. Jessica decided that she would limit the number of fuck guys to 80 men, with a couple of men in reserved, just in case some could not appear on the weekend or developed cold feet at the last minute.

She rather liked the idea of 80 guys. Firstly, there were fewer strange guys putting their dicks in her precious pussy; less chance for one of them to abuse her. She was still a little paranoid about that. Secondly, the 80 guys would have more chances to screw her, 25 times instead of just 20. She imagined that would not be a hardship for the guys involved. Afterall, what man would argue with multiple chances to fuck a beautiful young woman. She knew she was a beautiful creature but was surprised she could not snag a man.

Jessica walked with an exuberance and a lot of energy, much more than she had a week or so ago. Her period had ended and she was feeling so much better. This was the way she wanted to feel, full of vigour and vitality, and loads of energy. That was why she seriously wanted to have ovaries removed; she absolutely hated the feeling of menstruation, but loved the feeling of not being on the period. She was excited. Soon, very soon, she would actually realize her long awaited dream of reproducing. She would snag a man, for a short while anyway and in an unconventional way.

She would be pregnant with her first baby soon. That made her ecstatic. She dreamt about having children for years, ever since babysitting children a few years ago that started in her late teenage years, and ever since babysitting her young nephew. It excited her that she would no longer have to wait until later in life, possibly in her mid 30’s for a man to arrive in her life and give her that special gift. She was excited she would have young fertile eggs from which to reproduce, not eggs which could poker oyna possibly give her complications and possibly no children.

Also, she was glad that she could go ahead with her plan, in couple of years, to remove her eggs producing organs. That way, she would have her children, with or without a man in her life, in her vibrant youth before any complications could arise; and to later enjoy her life, without her ovaries, free from monthly pain and blood flows for the rest of her life.

Yes indeed, Jessica was exuberant. It was all falling into place. Soon, she will realize her dream. Now, she had to prepare for the Big Bang weekend. She sat down at her computer and started designing the “Screw My Pussy” card. She decided on 80 guys. She would leave the extra guys, who responded in the end, on a reserve list, just in case, some could not make it or developed cold feet.

With these 80 young guys, Jessica would offer them her pussy for screwing 25 times. She designed the card with a card number, assigned to each of the 80 guys. Then, she grouped 5 rows of 5 little pussies on the card that would be punched out, each time the guy fucked her. Lilly, who would be recording the various bits of data, would punch a hole into these pussies. When all of them were punched, then the guy was finished and he had his way with Jessica 25 times. He then gets to keep a beautiful souvenir for him, with which he can remember me and the beautiful fantastic weekend. The final card like the beautiful picture shown below.

Next, she designed a spreadsheet on her computer that would record each of the 2000 screws. Lilly, or someone else, would enter this information into the spreadsheet that would serve to determine the top 10 guys for round 2. Later information, recorded into the spreadsheet would determine the top 5, and then the top 3; ultimately, the winning guy will be chosen, based on this information. The information, she included on the spreadsheet, included canlı poker oyna the guy number which was also the card number, the man’s occupation, his penis length and girth, the amount of semen produced each time, and a subjective evaluation of the quality of the fuck. It would look something like:

Jessica then found a picture of a beautiful young nude woman, lying on a table, amongst several items of fruit and vegetables. She was tied up and lying on the table, glistening in oils or butter, and appearing much like a cooked turkey or pig.

She decided that she would very much like to be presented that way when the party guests arrived. That way, they would arrive, remove their coats, and come to the food table where they could see her glistening nude body with all of her holes stuffed, like a stuffed pig, and see the food on the table which they could eat and enjoy. That would be a great way to begin the fucking session. Later, she decided that she would let a few guys carry her tied up, glistening body to the bedroom where the fucking would begin. What an incredible idea and beautiful scene to behold.

“I am sure that the guests would be suitably surprised or shocked.” Jessica told herself.

She called Lilly about her ideas and Lilly was surprised. She thought Jessica was losing it. She was really enjoying this planning and staging of events.

Now, for the inaugural fuck. How was she going to achieve this memorable event? Who would that lucky guy be, the one that would poppy her cherry and free her from her state of virginity, a state she desperately wanted to end?

She decided, once she printed the “Screw My Pussy” cards, to number each card from 1 to 80. Then, she would randomly choose a number from 1 to 80, and that guy would be the lucky one to take her virginity. The inaugural fuck would occur while she was lying on the food table, all tied up like a roast pig. All someone had to do was remove the fruit from the internet casino vagina and he would stick his dick inside instead, while everyone else was standing around, eating food, and watching the performance. They would watch him, as the lucky guy screwed Jessica, in a frenzied way, for her first time; thus, blowing her mind, sending her into a crazed sexual bliss with eyes glazed over, until he pops her cherry. Now, that would be a memory she would keep for the rest of her life. Her guests would surely like that scene too.

Now, her mind was racing. Fantasies and thoughts of sex, some she never ever had before were flooding into her imaginative mind. She wrote some of the key points of these fantasies in her book for possible future stories or topics of conversation. After all, she was quickly turning into a sexual woman with interesting and previously dirty thoughts. Now, she would have something to talk about and subjects of conversations to share with her women friends in close and private company.

Often, in the past, she would go out to little gatherings of women for supper, lunch or coffee. Frequently the conversation was gravitate to men, relationships and sex. Jessica would always feel like an outsider as they discussed their excitement, disappointments and hopes. Now, she could join in the exciting conversations and possibly share some of her own stories. After all, stories of lying on a food table, all tied up and glistening like a stuffed pig; stories of the Big Bang weekend; snagging a man as a result of a fuck competition for purposes of reproducing; and having her ovaries and tubes surgically removed after her 2 children arrive would certainly heighten their interests. She was sure that her female friends would not have experienced such events or even dreamt of doing something like that. She would tell them that she was no longer willing to wait for Mr. Right to come along, go through the dating process, and then possibly give her a child or two. She wanted to have it all before her eggs became too old.

She could imagine all those ladies with their jaws dropped open, and literally on the floor, as she talked about her plans and eventually experiences.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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