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Apprehensively, Jeremiah put his key in the lock and entered his father’s penthouse apartment. Not that he hadn’t visited the large well furnished five room spread overlooking the east side of Central Park, many times since his father and mother divorced twelve years ago; but this time was different. His prior visits had been scheduled, as mandated by the judge who had edited that this only child of Harold and Ester Goodman would reside with his mother with prescribed visits to his father.

Ester Goodman, a legal secretary for one of Manhattan’s top law firms, makes a good salary and has a nice apartment on the West Side. But, her small apartment can in no way rank with the palatial quarters befitting his father’s status as a partner in one of Wall Street’s most highly regarded investment firms.

Harold Goodman’s reputation as a shrewd money manager extends far beyond the confines of his firm, well known, as he is, in financial circles both in the U.S. and aborad. This is attested to, among other accomplishments, by his frequent appearances on various financial TV programs. He has also authored many articles and been interviewed by writers for a number of top magazines.

Over the years since his parents’ breakup, Jeremiah always looked forward to visiting his father. Although he loves his mother, who provides a comfortable home for him; his father’s life has always seemed more interesting and exciting than that of his conservative mother. When Jeremiah was younger, his father frequently took him to movies and sometimes the circus. He seldom went anywhere with his mother. As he entered his teen-age years, he attended Broadway shows with his father, sometimes accompanied by one of the elder Goodman’s lady friends. Another thing that made visits to his father’s apartment to his liking were the fine collection of books and magazines to be found there.

Particularly over the last several years, Jeremiah couldn’t remember exactly when, especially interesting magazines began appearing in his father’s apartment – magazines like Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler. When his father was out the room, he would find them on the lower shelves of the bookcase, and sneak gazes at the pictures of the beautiful women, mostly naked! Sometimes, when his father was out of the apartment, perhaps still at work, Jeremiah would take one of these magazines into the bathroom, prop it up against the wall on top of the toilet and masturbate, eyes fixed on the place between a pair of open female legs. It was so much more exciting to do it while beholding such a sight, then in his own bedroom or bathroom at his mother’s apartment. Sometimes, with the aid of these gorgeous ladies, he could achieve that moment of supreme pleasure several times in less than an hour. At home, once was usually his limit for the night. Then he just wasn’t interested until the next morning.

Other than looking at the pictures in his father’s magazines, masturbating was Jeremiah’s sole sexual outlet. He had never had a date with a girl. It wasn’t that he didn’t like girls. He was fascinated by them, but he was very nervous whenever he was near them, and immediately became tongue tied. He knew he was too shy to ask a girl for a date and certain he wouldn’t know how to act if one accepted.

On one of his visits when Jeremiah was between sixteen and seventeen, his father asked. “Do you go out with girls much, Son?”

“Gee, I can’t say I do, Dad,” he stammered in reply. “It’s not that I don’t like ’em. I do. I’m really attracted to ’em. I’m certainly not attracted to boys, if that’s what’s worrying you. I know a few guys at school who are like that. But, I’m sure not,” he answered decisively. “I guess I’m just too scared to ask a girl for a date.”

“Then, you’re still a virgin? You’ve never had sex with a girl?” his father asked somewhat hesitantly. He had not had all that many discussions about sex with his son and realized that he should have brought the subject up years ago.

“No. I think about it a lot. But I know I’d be too scared to even try.”

“Don’t worry son,” his father counseled. “Your time will come. You have your whole life ahead of you.”

That ended the conversation, which Jeremiah would remember for a long time, as would his father.

As he entered the apartment, Jeremiah reveled in the knowledge that, from this day on, his visits to his father would no longer be controlled by a judge. And, his mother could no longer keep him from going there anytime he wanted, or at least anytime his father wanted him there. That, in itself was one of the reasons this particular visit was different from all the rest. The other reason was that he had come in response to a specific invitation from his father, even though it was not his normal day to visit him. Just after he arrived home that afternoon from the high school from which he would be graduating in three weeks, a messenger arrived at the door of his mother’s apartment. He handed Jeremiah an envelope. In it was a birthday card. And, inside the card, his father had written a message.


HAPPY poker oyna BIRTHDAY SON. Congratulations on turning eighteen.

I have a special surprise for you at my place. Come tonight about 8 o’clock.



His mother arrived home a few minutes later, earlier than her usual time of five-thirty. Greeting him at the door she announced, “Jeremiah, I came home a little early to fix you an especially nice dinner as my way of saying happy birthday. Then we can spend the whole evening talking, playing games, or whatever you want to do.”

Jeremiah’s heart sank. He thought about telling his mother about the message his father had sent, but decided to wait.

When dinner was over, he cautiously broached the subject – telling her his father had sent him a note inviting him, but intentionally omitting the part about the “surprise.”

“But, Jeremiah,” she protested “you’re not scheduled to go see him until tomorrow.”

“But, he sent me a card by messenger and asked me to come tonight, Ma,” he replied in almost a pleading tone. “I don’t want to disappoint him.”

“What about disappointing me? Did you think of that?” his mother responded somewhat angrily

“Ah, Ma. Ya know I loved the dinner. And, I don’t have to leave for another forty-five minutes. So we can sit and talk. Tell ya what I’ll do. If you let me go tonight, I’ll come home tomorrow afternoon instead of Sunday, like I usually do when I go there. And we can spend all of Saturday evening together. Please Ma!”

“Well, all right Jeremiah,” his mother finally agreed, though still reluctantly. She was suspicious of her ex- husbands intentions. She know he led a rather fast life and had several girl friends. She suspected that, now that her little boy was eighteen, his father might show him some of the porn tapes, she suspected him of having somewhere in that fancy apartment of his. He’s now legally able to see such trash, she thought to herself. “You know that, as of today, you are no longer bound by the Judge’s order, Jeremiah. Legally, you can visit your father whenever you like, but all I ask is please be careful. As long as you’re living here, I want to know where you are. Remember, just because you’re eighteen doesn’t mean you know it all. There’re lots of dangers out there in the world. You have your whole life ahead of you, so don’t ruin it by doing something foolish.”

“You know I’ll be careful and not do anything, as you say, ‘foolish,’ Ma.” He had heard similar lectures from his mother for as long as he could remember, and he didn’t want to sit through another one, especially tonight.

Jeremiah couldn’t wait to leave for his father’s apartment and see what the surprise was, but, nevertheless, he talked patiently with his mother for next forty-five minutes, before kissing her goodnight and going down to the street to hail a taxi.

As he stepped into the entrance hall, Jeremiah was surprised not to find his father there to greet him. The lights were low and he could hear soft music from the stereo. “Maybe dad’s entertaining a lady? Then, why did he specifically ask me to come tonight?” As he pondered this, he almost turned to leave, but then spotted a note taped to the mirror over hall table. It read:


Sorry, I was called out of town to appear on a TV program, tonight. I’m sure you know which one. I’ll be back about Noon tomorrow. See you then.

In the meantime, make yourself at home. Your surprise should arrive about 8:30. HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, SON.



What the–! What is this surprise anyway? Jeremiah thought, disappointed his father wasn’t there to greet him. Maybe he was planning to take me to a show or something. Now he’s gone somewhere to appear on a stupid TV program!

Jeremiah went into the living room and dropped into one of large leather chairs that dotted the large room. “Maybe, I’ll watch TV, possibly even catch Dad on the TV. That’s as close as I’ll come to seeing tonight,” he said out loud to the empty apartment.

Next to him on the table was the latest issue of Playboy. Jeremiah picked it up and started thrumming through the slick pages. He read the joke page and the letters asking for help on everything from how to hook up stereo speakers to the best way to ask your girlfriend for a blow job. He always enjoyed a few of those letters, and sometimes the Editor’s replies. Fifteen minutes had elapsed before he got around to the photos. Large color pictures of naked women are just what I need right now, he thought. Since Dad isn’t here, and won’t be until tomorrow, I might just as well enjoy the evening jacking off. These pictures should give me just the inspiration I need. Look at that one on page 69. You can see right up her cunt!” he mused.

Jeremiah was hard already and he was fingering his erection through his pants. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he would be stroking it hard, imagining that he was burying it deep into that woman on Page 69.

I better be careful and not get cum all over dad’s Playboy, he reasoned. He might get canlı poker oyna pissed.

Just as he was about to go into the bathroom to live his fantasy, he heard a key turn in the front door lock.

What the—! Did Dad’s trip get cancelled?

He went out into the hall just in time to see the most beautiful girl he had ever set eyes on, letting herself in, and softly closing the door behind her.

No. She’s no ‘girl She’s a real woman. Wow!. She must be at least thirty, he thought.

She was blond with long flowing hair, and had the bluest eyes Jeremiah had ever seen – and beautiful face. And oh that figure. Those tits!

When she spoke, her voice was like velvet.

“Hello. You must be Jeri. Harold has told me so much about you.”

Jeremiah swallowed hard. “Er-ah, you know my father. Yah, I guess you must, or you wouldn’t have a key to his apartment.”

“That’s right, Jeri. Your father and I are quite good friends. I’m Samantha.”

“Well, er-ah Miss Samantha. I’m sorry, but Dad isn’t here. He had a sudden call to go out of town to appear on a TV program.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Then, how come you’re here?” The words tumbled out before Jeremiah could think about what he was asking. But, he had an inkling what the beautiful lady’s answer would be.

“Didn’t your father tell you that he had a special surprise for your eighteenth birthday?”


“Well Jeri, I’m your surprise!”

“Oh!” was the only response Jeremiah could muster, as he swallowed hard.

Samantha held out her hand and took his in it. It felt wonderful – cool and hot at the same time.

“Why don’t we go into the living room and get acquainted. We can have a couple of drinks and talk for a while. Then we can see what kind of surprise we can think up.”

Even though Jeremiah was technically too young to drink, liquor was not completely foreign to him. He had consumed a few beers with his friends at school and his father had treated him to a cocktail or two over the past year.

Samantha went right to the bar. Jeremiah noted that she seemed to know her way around the place.

“What would you like for your birthday drink Jeri?” she inquired in a low husky voice that reeked of a promise of things yet to come.

“Er-ah, rum and coke, please.”

“Comin’ right up,” she said, pouring the drink and fixing a bourbon and soda for herself.

She handed Jeremiah his glass and reached out to clink glasses. “Happy eighteenth birthday, Jeri. Of all your birthdays you’ve had, or ever will have, I hope you’ll remember this one with fondness forever!”

“Er-ah, thank you Miss Samantha,” Jeremiah responded nervously, turning beet red. His hand was shaking so violently the ice cubes in his drink were clanging against the sides of the glass and each other.

“You can drop the ‘Miss’. As well acquainted as we’re going to become tonight, I think we can be on a first name basis. Don’t you, Jeri?”

At that, Jeremiah became even more nervous – almost splashing his drink on the walls, floor and furniture; not to mention himself. But he managed a, “Yeah sure.”

“Calm down Jeri,” Samantha said in a soothing voice. There’s no rush. We have all night.”

Knowing that he was not going to be raped, for at least another five minutes, seemed to ease Jeremiah’s nerves a bit. But, he still sat on the edge of his chair as he downed his rum and coke in a few gulps. He had never drank liquor so fast. And, he felt the need for another. But before he could rise to get a re-fill, Samantha was up and reaching for his empty glass.

“I’ll take care of that Jeri. After all, it’s YOUR birthday. You just sit back and relax. I’ll do all the work, at least for now.”

He took longer to consume the second drink, and liquor was beginning to relax him. Or was it Samantha’s easy manner?

“Jeri,” she finally said as they were each finishing their second drink, “If you don’t mind, I’m going to slip into something a little more comfortable. I won’t be five minutes. You just sit here and relax. Or, perhaps you would rather look through your dad’s Playboy? That might put you in the right mood!”

He had forgotten all about the magazine, which was open on the table beside him, in plain sight.

The ensuing five minutes was a blur to Jeremiah. He couldn’t tell if the time passed like five seconds or five hours – so mixed were his emotions. He couldn’t decide if he was frightened, or so horny that he might rape the gorgeous female. But, something told him he wouldn’t have to. With that thought, his fright came back to the fore. But, he noted that his penis was as hard as he had ever noted it. And, it was straining to get loose from the prison in which his underwear and pants had it confined. He thought about taking it out. But then he reasoned such an act would be uncouth. Just as he had told his father, last year when he had brought up the subject of sex with a female, he was afraid and didn’t have a clue as to how to proceed.

Samantha re-appeared, wearing slinky robe. Where did internet casino she get that? Jeremiah wondered.

“There, that feels better,” she said. “Why don’t you go get a little less formal too Jeri? Do you have a robe here? If not, there’s one in your father’s closet.”

She sure must know him pretty well to know what’s in his closet, Jeremiah mused. “Yeah: I’ve got one in the room I use when I’m here,” he responded hesitantly.

He rose from his chair, trying unsuccessfully to conceal the bulge in his pants. Just as when he would often get a boner while riding a bus or on the subway, he was embarrassed for anyone to observe his protruding trowsers when he stood up to get off at his stop.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long. I’m anxious to see more of you,” Samantha cooed, obviously noticing the bulge.

Jeremiah went into the bathroom to take a pee. It wasn’t easy in his erect state. But, somehow he managed without having an accident. He thought about jerking off, so that he wouldn’t come before he wanted to. He thought in his present condition, he might explode as soon as she put her hand around it, that is if she was going to put her hand around it. He still was uncertain as to exactly what was going to take place. But, he didn’t want to take the extra time, and he remembered he had masturbated that morning as soon as he woke up. He did it almost every morning. He would almost always wake up with a erection and take care of it before he got up, which usually required only about two or three minutes. He went into the bedroom he used when visiting his father, took off his cloths, except for his shorts, and put on the robe hanging in the closet.

As Jeremiah re-entered the living room, Samantha came over to him and put her arms around him. She brought her face close to his and kissed him lightly. He caught his breath. This was the first time he had ever kissed a woman, other than his mother or one of his aunts or female cousins. Before he could think, she was at his lips again. This time, it was not a light kiss. She opened her mouth wide and thrust her tongue toward his. Almost instinctively, he thrust his tongue back. She held her body against his and he knew she couldn’t help but feel his erection through both robes and his shorts. He tried to back away, but she put her hand on his butt and pushed him forcefully against her body. Then she took one of his hands and guided it up to her chest and through the folds of her robe. One of her firm breasts met his fingers, and he felt for the nipple. Finding it, he circled it with a finger. She, next, put one of her hands on his head and was guiding his lips to the spot his hand just occupied. Her robe came completely open and Jeremiah gazed on the inviting crimson nipple and the areola surrounding it. Now his mouth was on it and he was ringing it with his tongue as he had with his finger.

They stood there for several minutes as he kissed first one nipple and then the other. Then, he became aware of her hand groping beneath his robe and encountering the substantial bulge in his shorts.

“No fair, Jeri. I’m not wearing any. They have to come off,” Samantha whispered, as she began tugging at his waistband

Almost before he knew it, his shorts were down around his ankles and she was motioning for him to step out of them. As he did, he reached out and pulled the belt on her robe. Her boldness was beginning to be contagious. Her robe fell open, and Jeremiah gasped at the sight of the beautiful body before him. The well-formed breasts the narrow waist and the blond hair at the confluence of her shapely legs were the most beautiful things he had ever beheld.

“Like father, like son, as the old saying goes,” Samantha said with a chuckle as she wrapped a hand around his erection. “I don’t know if I’m the first to tell you, Jeri, but you have a beautiful big cock.”

She certainly was the first person to ever tell him such a thing and the words, and her grip, sent electric shocks throughout Jeremiah’s entire body. Her other hand was on his, guiding it to the wetness between her legs.

“Feel me!” she whispered. “Put your hand down there and feel how wet I am. That means I’m ready for you Jeri. Put your finger in me. Go ahead.” As she was urging Jeremiah to explore her most secret place, she lightly stroked his erection, paying particular attention to its pink end and the roll of skin just behind it. Jeremiah could feel juices oozing from the end of his penis, and Samantha was spreading the slick liquid around on it. The sensation was like none he had ever experienced.

Meanwhile, he continued to explore the warm moist depths of Samantha’s vagina; and he could tell his probing finger was having an effect on her, similar to that produced by her foundling of his super sensitive penis.

Then, she shifted her position so that his hand came free of her; and bent down, bringing her mouth to within a fraction of an inch of the tip of his throbbing erection, her tongue reaching out and flicking its pink end. Before he knew it, her mouth engulfed it and her tongue continued to tickle that most sensitive part. Then, she withdrew and was kissing his balls with her lips and licking them with that marvelous tongue! Then, up it came along the underside and circled the tip once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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