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The alarm clock on the nightstand blinked, 4:15am. It was a warm night, the blankets had been kicked away into a tangled mess sometime earlier and the young man that lay on the bed wore only a threadbare pair of sweatpants. Taylor was on his side, asleep and facing the wall with a peaceful expression. He was exhausted, college and his job barely left him any time for rest, but he needed the money too much to quit working and he was too stubborn to give up after working so hard for his degree. He remained still as the faint echo of a doorknob being jiggled and then unlocked sounded in the room. The tiniest hint of a smile appeared on his lips as footsteps moved through the small apartment, but it was schooled back into a sleeping guise by the time the hinge of the bedroom door creaked.

The man that slipped into the room was average height, his features indistinguishable in the dim light cast by the clock. The intruder had a duffel-bag slung over one shoulder, but set it down beside the bed as he approached. He watched the sleeping man as he bent down and unzipped the bag, removing four rolled up straps from inside. Quietly he moved around to each corner of the bed, anchoring a strap to each of the bedposts.

He reached again for the duffel, but stilled as the man on the bed moved slightly. He waited and glanced towards the door to check the escape route. Fleeing was unnecessary, all Taylor did was restlessly turn his face against the pillow and snore softly with his breath stirring the blond curls that framed his face. The intruder resumed movement then, pulling cuffs from the duffel-bag and carefully reaching over the sleeping body. His movements were gentle but certain as he secured two of the cuffs around the sleeping man’s wrists, then the other two around his ankles.

Once the cuffs were in place he secured them to the straps, letting them remain loose as he considered his next move. Taylor could still escape the bindings if he awoke then, he would only be truly helpless after the straps had been pulled tight. Rather than do that the intruder reached into his duffel-bag one more time. He extracted a pair of earplugs, a nose plug, and a face mask with a single hole for a mouth.

The intruder knelt on the bed. Taylor murmured in his sleep, then twitched a little as the earplugs were placed in his ears, but didn’t poker oyna wake even as the mask was pulled over his head to cover his eyes and the plug was secured on his nose.

A smile flitted across the intruder’s lips and he glanced over at the clock as he brushed his fingers across the younger man’s lips. 4:30am, right on time. He firmly covered his mouth.

Taylor shifted, stretching against his bedsheets as he ‘woke’ as naturally as he could. The stranger held his mouth closed, waiting until the first sign of actual struggling before he let Taylor breath and he set about tightening the bindings on his legs and arms.

Taylor started to struggle earnestly as soon as the intruder’s sure fingers finished securing the final cuff. He cussed and fought against the straps that held him to the bedposts. The bindings did not give, though he could move each limb an inch or two he could not slip the cuffs off or unlock them from the straps. Blind, deaf, and helpless, there was very little he could do.

The intruder waited, letting Taylor wear himself out by struggling and screaming. Eventually he grew bored of that and reached over, quieting the yells with a hand over the young man’s mouth. He pressed his fingers tightly together, so that his captive couldn’t sneak a breath between them.

Taylor went still then, tensed and trembling. His neck and back were arched, this throat exposed as his mouth tried to open despite the hand that held it still. Beneath him, between his body and the bedsheets, his cock was starting to pulse and take an interest in the intoxicating fear that was coursing through him. He was held that way, barely aware of the hand that stroked down his back as his lungs begged for and demanded air.

The intruder counted aloud, reached twenty seconds, and removed his hand to allow Taylor to breath. At the same time he slid his other hand inside the other man’s sweatpants, between his cheeks, and roughly shoving his middle finger inside his hole. Taylor’s gasps for breath became sharp groans of pain.

The yelling choked off as the stranger pushed the younger man’s head down, muffling him against the pillow. The intruder massaged inside, twisting his digit around until the muscles gave and the tightness loosened. He let Taylor’s head up again. The helpless young man gasped and twisted around against canlı poker oyna this bindings. “Please stop. I’ll do anything you ask, just please do-” The hand silenced him again and the intruder counted, shoving a second finger in and pumping the two digits inside Taylor until he let him breath at twenty-five seconds.

Taylor moaned and cried, but seemed to realize that pleading was useless. He braced against the straps attached to his arms, doing his best to relax around the intruding fingers. He tensed again as his mouth was once more covered.

A third finger was added and the ring of muscle was deliberately worked until it was loose enough. The intruder straddled the helpless, trembling body. Anticipation was coming off Taylor in waves, though he tried to disguise it as fear, he knew what was coming. He was panting, moaning as the cock was pressed inside. “Please-” he uttered quietly against the pillow.

The intruder shifted, pulling out of Taylor’s ass for a brief instant before thrusting back in. Taylor gave a strangled yell and moved with the thrusting, his hips raising up to meet the motion. A grin slipped across the intruder’s face and he smacked an ass cheek before raising up and positioning himself so that he could pound mercilessly into the body that lay exposed beneath him.

The only sound in the apartment were of flesh hitting flesh and Taylor’s pained gasps, punctuated by the intervals where he managed to beg. Though he was never sure if he was begging for it to end or pleading for more, harder, faster. Having his hole stretched in such a way was agony, without lube and only the brief preparation. Nevertheless the burn that spread through his body was hot, intense, he couldn’t get enough.

The intruder pulled out, his cock pulsing with the need to cum.

Taylor murmured a plea, “No, more,” but like before his begging was ignored as a hand gripped his hair and dragged his head back. A knee pressed on his back.

Slapping Taylor’s face with his cock, the intruder jerked himself off. He came spurting across the helpless man’s cheek, his hot semen spilling over his face and lips. Taylor licked at the cum, but soon cried out again as a hand reached beneath him and gripped his hard cock.

The intruder chuckled, pumping the tender flesh as Taylor humped against his hand. He smacked internet casino his ass a few times, pulling the younger man close to the edge of cumming before he stopped. He reached over the side of the bed and into his duffel-bag. The device he extracted was made out of metal rings, a plastic band, and sturdy locks. It was a chastity device.

Wrapping the plastic band around the erect cock took some doing, the length of it becoming incredibly hard and then suddenly flaccid as Taylor reacted to the pain to the point where he was overwhelmed by it. One metal ring attached to the band, and the other went around his balls, then the combination lock secured the rings together so that neither could be removed.

The intruder stroked Taylor’s cock, enjoying the whimpers that escaped the young man. He gripped his hair and pulled his head up as be bent over him. His mouth pressed to the exposed neck.

“Yes,” Taylor hissed, baring his neck as lips and then teeth grazed his flesh. He moaned, then hissed again, “yes,” as the intruder bit down. It was not hard enough to break skin, but it was a claiming, marking bite.

The intruder licked him once more and stood, gathering up his bag in silence. Before leaving the room he released Taylor’s left hand. He knew it would take the young man a while to fully free himself, so he didn’t bother hurrying as he left the room and let himself out of the apartment.

Taylor struggled from the bindings, ripped the mask and nose plug off, and pulling the earplugs out. He lay there weeping for a while, his soft cries the only sound in the quiet room. The taste of cum coated his lips and he licked it away as he finally got himself under control again. He carefully explored the chastity device, swearing. Any that any attempt to get it off would cause pain and would probably be unsuccessful anyways. Then he jumped as the alarm clock went off, glancing at it and realizing that he didn’t have time to get the device off or to worry about it at all.

Work started in forty-five minutes and there was no way he could afford to lose his job. Taylor stood with a wince, limping and trying to move in a way that didn’t jostle his cock as he got ready for the day ahead.


Author’s Note: I didn’t change much about this one. I just tried to make it somewhat more obvious that they were role playing. I also edited out the strap around his neck, since someone mentioned that it is not a proper method of breath control. Thanks to all who reviewed, hopefully the changes don’t keep you from enjoying the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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