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I had repressed feelings for my college roommate before I came to terms with my being gay. I came out my last semester after we had both made other rooming arrangements. Knowing him to be very open-minded, we remained on friendly terms, but I did not have the stamina to reveal my feelings for him. Many of my gay friends and ex-lovers marveled at his slim strawberry blonde good looks, complete with perpetual tan and brown puppy dog eyes. When he would ask me non-judgmental questions about gay sex, I would always respond with as seductively explicit answers as I could muster. This would normally elicit nervous giggles on his part. Two years ago, such questions escalated shortly after an emotionally searing breakup with a girl friend. On the phone one evening, I softly inquired what else might be the source of his increased curiosity about intimacy between males. He then confided that he had been surfing explicit gay web-sites. I paused, for what seemed the longest time, summoning courage; I asked him if he would like to experiment with someone he could trust. Before he could answer, I suggested we spend the weekend at a secluded camping spot we had enjoyed with other classmates.

“That would be nice,” he whispered.

My heart was not the only organ to jump with exhilaration. I gently reassured him that no one ever had to know of our shared experience. After hastily working out logistical details, I hung up and began a masturbatory fantasy binge, which did not end, until our anticipated meeting in the woods the following Saturday evening. I reminded myself that although I had often glimpsed him nude in the dormitory showers, I never had seen his penis erect and this drove me into a frenzy of erotic imagination.

It was after dark when we met at our seldom-tracked trail from memory, now partially overgrown. We held hands, partly to assist each other from clearing the brush on the trail and losing each other in the thick darkness. After arriving at our destination over an hour later, the campsite was only slightly overgrown from our college years. Experienced outdoor types, it took no time to pitch camp and mount our small tent. Slowly we undressed each other as we organized our effects and prepared our first encounter of lovemaking. I sensitively acknowledged his exhaustion. On Saturdays, he works half a day, arising at 5:30, and proceeds to his health club for a long work out in the afternoon. Upon achieving nakedness, he is able to achieve only partial stiffness despite my gentle fondling of his handsomely boyish package. I softly kiss his neck and nipples, I lovingly assist him into my double sleeping bag and watch my beautiful tent mate fall to sleep comfortably in my warm arms.

At daybreak, we awake in the warmth of each other’s embrace. Listening to birdsong, we reveled in the moment and the heat of each other’s bodies by rubbing against each other, intent on each other’s exquisite smooth nakedness and body hair. Occasionally, tongues clashed as we exchanged sweet kisses. I am delighted by his willing manner despite his inexperience with men. Sporting hard cocks, we leak warm pre-cum on each other, turning our dry body heat to slippery wetness.

We unzipped the sleeping bag to keep it from getting drenched with our lusty effluence. That magic first glimpse of his gorgeous stiff and dripping 7″ cock reflexively sent my legs in the air and my fingers spreading my ass cheeks. Either by on-line education or sexual instinct, he immediately interpreted my unabashed yearning and accepted my intimate invitation, preparing our physical rendezvous by scooping shining little puddles of pre-cum where he could find them, first rubbing it on his precious manhood and then fingering it against my waiting orifice. The sensation of his slick finger against such a sensitive spot is electric to me. I gasped out loud, impatient to be filled with the heat of his passion. Finally, after raising my rear to level it with an odd bit of clothing underneath; kneeling, he pinned my thighs to my torso and guided his now throbbing dickhead to my twitching butt hole. AAAAHHHHHHH, the blissful moment when I felt the heat of his excitement penetrate my inviting sphincter.

The expression on his face now shifts to one of entranced focus. It thrilled me to know that he was savoring every sensation as my developed muscle massaged his delicious shaft. Once he pushed part way in, he paused I suspect to feel the involuntary flexes squeezing against his swollen dickhead. This provided me with an opportunity to relax and accept the length of his hot thrusting organ deep into the inner recesses of my lust engorged bowels. As my cavity walls grabbed and clutched at his fleshy man meat, he uninhibitedly gurgled little groans and grunts and mumbled vignettes about “tightness”. Sometime in the throes of union, we intuitively sensed the need for a shift of body position and without his completely withdrawing from me, somehow we found ourselves on our sides with poker oyna him behind me.

His body spooned against me seemingly on fire, my top leg propped up in the air, his hand clutching the back of my knee, he furiously pumped me from behind, cramming his soft tickling bush against my intensely sensitized ass cheeks. Suddenly, his thrusts stop, and I felt his joy stick give one final expansive throb as my muscles gripped the hardness. Instantly, I feel the splash of his silky climax thickly spray my prostate. The heated syrupy discharge stimulated me to a loss of self-control and I copiously squirt out my own load of cum. The intensity of our convulsive spasms in ejaculation evoked vocal ooooooooosssss and aaaaahhhhhhss as we immersed ourselves in the tender closeness of mutual orgasm.

Our small tent is soon reeking with bodily fluids and we are compelled to run out naked in the early morning dew and gather up leaves to absorb the liquids of our passionate encounter. Before retiring to the tent for a couple of more hours of shuteye, we contentedly peed in each other’s presence. Arms embraced around each other’s waist, we strolled back to the tent and languidly fell back into slumber, bodies entwined. When we awoke, the heat of the day is already nearly at peak and it seemed pointless to dress as we packed our backpacks, happy to continue our hike naked except the packs on our backs and shoes to protect our feet from the rugged earth. Spontaneously, I am able to turn to him and play with his dangling male protuberance, for I have always relished the opportunity to watch and maybe feel another of my own sex be aroused and swell from flaccidity to full erection and stiffness. These playful sessions would sometimes conclude with his musky cum squirting down my inviting mouth and throat. That I was able to do this with the roommate I had lusted after for so long was my ultimate turn-on!!

We mischievously fantasized about what we would do if we were suddenly approached by other hikers and caught “in flagrante delecti”. This contemplation excites us to another round of sweaty ass fucking. Towards the end of the day, our bodies having been bathed by the warm sun for the better part of the day and being so intent on planning for our next outing, we almost forgot to dress as we approached the road from whence we started. We laughed as we wondered out loud if anyone had seen us from their cars before we became conscious of approaching civilization, emerging from gleeful seclusion where we had communed with nature.


There was a three-week interlude since our last meeting at our remote destination. Other obligations prevented us from planning an earlier date. In the time between our couplings we wrote each other graphically descriptive e-mails of how we intended to pleasure each other. This fevered our desires for physical reunion and we descriptively recounted our masturbatory exploits prompted by our sensual fantasies.

We arrived at our same parking place near the main road in the early hours, as our plans abbreviated our next rendezvous to a day hike. Upon meeting, we embraced each other with such a force as to nearly knock each other over. Firm lips pressed against each other, tongues clashing to invade each other orally. I was enthralled to feel his flushed warm and well-defined torso through his flimsy clothing. Hands and fingers now probing and feeling under loose fitting shirts, it was inevitable that exploration would extend under the waistbands of hiking shorts. I promptly reminded him that other campers used this roadside space for parking. With a mischievous grin he quipped, “you would like that, wouldn’t you?”

We broke off the fervor of our encounter to hurriedly collect our lighter hiking gear, knowing that the true objective of our day’s excursion could not be far off. We nearly trotted down the beginning of our familiar trail laughing and joking along the way. After about a half a mile, we both knew to take a fork along a more overgrown trail more likely to provide us with privacy and seclusion. Reaching a small clearing warmed by the rising sun, we knowingly glanced at each other and instantly dropped our knapsacks off our backs.

Again, we fervently grabbed and groped at each other. Furiously tugging at each other’s clothes, we could not disrobe fast enough. Shoes and clothes flying, his sumptuous male form was revealing itself to me for my sensual perusals once again. Not wearing any underwear, he had me in the altogether first, my straining 6″ uncut arousal already wet with pre-cum. I tugged at the strap of a mightily tented jock strap, first pulled down to reveal a beautifully tousled heavy dark blonde bush, and then yanked down enough to free his gorgeous 7″ cut slightly arched cock. It greeted me by gracefully swaggering from the release of its constraint, offering me a most pleasing re-acquaintance. Immediately, I caught a whiff of his potent man scent also let loose from canlı poker oyna the confines of his attire. The assault on my senses made me giddy with delirium. I was swooning as we clashed into each other’s arms. The heat, the passion, the velvety smoothness being exchanged in the initial throes of erotic embrace was nearly overpowering.

Faces, necks, shoulders, nipples, and stomachs all passionately groped by both extremities and tongues. Boldly our explorations continued to our freely exposed thighs, ass cheeks, crotches, pubes, balls, and cocks. For a minute we lined up our throbbing sex peckers to share the heat and pulsations of our mutual excitement.

I made the next move. I had him on his back and I lifted his legs bending his knees to further enjoy his ass. I kneaded and nibbled on those delectable flinching buns to his mesmerizing relaxation. With my thumbs and fingers, I deftly parted his cheeks to expose a sweet pink and puckering opening. Now I challenge the reader to pause and imagine a more beautiful scene than this. What bliss to have at my disposal a magnetic young male, completely and eagerly vulnerable to my every whim. Stunning spread ass cheeks, topped by muscular legs, spread to show off a gorgeous bouncing leaking cock, under which reclined a majestic wrinkled sac concealing two impressive eggs that hung over the top of his lightly furred crotch. This moment was well worth the long wait.

In my inspired fervor, I nearly lunged to exploit this awesome feast. My outstretched tongue made a beeline for his pink button. Hungrily I darted about this region, arduously lapping up the pungent crevice taste, feeling and tasting the animated reflexive muscles there. I heard him let out a hiss and in a loud whisper insistently implored me, “don’t stop!!” His face shone a hypnotic expression as my tongue firmly moved up his crotch, the fingers of my right hand now gently raising his nut sac for my tongue to massage its underside. Eager to feel the shape of his orbs in my mouth, I gently sucked in one ball and then the next, my tongue exploring all about the wrinkled sac that held them. My left hand now held his throbbing wet joystick, its heat pulsating into my palm. It was irresistible.

Patton’s army could not prevent me from plunging this silky smooth heated firm roll of flesh into my mouth. He let out a sigh as I was instantly upon him. Tongue working feverishly, the intensity of his earthy man taste only inflamed my fervor. My throat instinctively opened to receive the head of the organ I was now obsessed with. His hips stopped thrusting as he meandered and twisted to change position. Soon I felt the warm length of his body lined up parallel to mine and I was looking down to swinging balls and chin occasionally thrusting against his tickling bush. He insistently thrust my own hips up over him, my cock drooling pre-cum on his neck and upper chest. As he reached to bend my own cock slightly, I knew what he wanted. Before grasping it in oral embrace he flipped us over on our sides.

Remarkably, I didn’t miss a slurp and his manhood remained tightly trapped in my vacuum packed oral cavity. I felt his tongue swirl around my already drenched stretched dickhead with surprising intensity. As his hips thrust for my open throat to receive his springy ram rod, I felt his own tongue move my aching shaft deeper back into his own warm wet mouth. The feverish pitch of the combined exquisitely sensual activities alerted me to the first warnings in my bursting loins that the point of ecstatic explosion may be near. Suddenly I felt the flesh of his mouth instantly back away from my bathed excitement and I heard the unmistakable gagging of my partner. I backed off from the insistence of my own manipulations as if to signal him that all was well and nothing was expected or required of him in his initiation.

Bravely, it was less than a minute before he took me back into carnal oral contact and I resumed throat massaging his man meat with the same ferocity. Having gently reached out to caress his balls, I suddenly felt them spring back into his underside, alerting me to thrust his expanding gristle as far back as I could to receive his inevitable liquid offerings. Sure enough, I felt what must have been long silky ropes of heated man spooge surge down my gullet. I felt his nakedness was flexed with tension and heard his groan of pleasure as the convulsive spasms of his orgasmic organ stretched against the walls of my inviting throat again and again. He had stopped servicing the ardor in my own loins, presumably overcome with the intensity of his climax. Before he was completely relaxed, his tongue once again swirled around my persistently aroused protuberance. As his own member softened in my mouth, small streams of his musky cum swirled back into the base of my mouth. The most intimate tastes and smells of this vivacious male mixed with the now earnest attentions to my sex by tongue and sucking mouth caused me to swoon to internet casino the point of no return.

The unmistakable churning in my balls triggered the wave of heat that traveled through my groin, to the root of my cock, bursting out the passageway and out my gaping pee hole into the back of the mouth of my insistent partner. With jaw locked on me, I had no recourse but to squirt out this most intimate bodily function into his multi sensate orifice and hope he would not be offended by its pungency. To the contrary, he would not release me until I was nearly completely flaccid.

Breathing hard, we embraced and kissed passionately, exchanging our most personal body fluids: cum mixed with saliva. The liquids were positively running off his chin and the sides of his mouth. I assiduously licked about his chin and face, gleefully licking off all the overflow man juices. He grinned like a small boy whose mother had just cleaned his face with a drenched wash cloth.

For 20 minutes, we languished in the tall grass, stark naked, legs and arms entwined in blissful repose. Finally starting to rise, he joked that there will be “other places to fuck, today.” This humor aroused me out of my semi-somnambulistic state and we gathered our effects to continue our hike. Enjoying our event together, we decided like before, to risk getting caught in our state of undress, and proceed naked except for shoes and backpacks.


Trekking along, the ultimate “happy campers”, we would occasionally reach out to one another to sling an arm around a shoulder, entwine our arms around each others waist, or cop a friendly feel about the thighs, buttocks, or genitals. When approaching our expected creek bank we had not foreseen that the water level in the creek would be substantially higher, caused by the heavy rains of two days earlier. Our customary stepping stones were now submerged. We had to remove our shoes and be prepared to carry our effects above our heads, unaware of the depth in some parts to prepare for our crossing. My partner, taking his time to look about the terrain prompted me to remind him that we would most likely encounter other hikers in the vicinity of the creek source. This information had an amazing effect upon him. He cupped his hands to his mouth and let out a battle whoop as his gender prong started to stir and swell once more. Startled but amused, I laughed as I realized that he was being stimulated by the thought of prompting nearby vacationers to investigate and encounter our state of seeming indecency. Muscled limbs flaying about in a spontaneous Bacchanalian dance, he catcalled and hollered at the top of his lungs, inviting others to witness his lunatic celebration in defiance of accepted conventions. His now fully swollen handsome cock shifting about, I thought of the gay strip bars and how willingly the admirers of naked men would part with their money to witness such antics from this comely youth.

Soon he had dragged me into the waters of the icy creek and was frantically splashing me from head to toe in an exuberant numbing baptism. Somehow, we found ourselves sitting in the rushing water at creek’s edge vigorously “hand jobbing” each other. With the tightness of our grasps on each other’s love poles we attempted to overcome the cold water that might douse our inflammations. Victory was ours. We successfully manipulated each other to satisfying climax, the effluence of our passions flowing likes little white clouds down the course of the creek. Again, tempting fate, we lounged about in total undress in the environs of the creek bed. If anyone had spotted us, they probably fled in fright.

Gathering up our effects once again and crossing the creek as we originally planned, we proceeded up the hill on our trail. We shivered as the sun was still behind the hill. At the top, we spread some clothes in our packs on a smooth large rock. Putting our effects aside, we were completely naked again and we cuddled allowing the morning sun to dry us. Soon we were fast asleep in each other’s arms.


When we awoke, it was past noon by reckoning of the position of the sun. We must have been asleep for at least 2 hours. I could not imagine in that time we had not been discovered by other hikers. Either they were exceptionally tolerant or intended to report us to who knows whom. There was no evidence of our belongings having been tampered with. Again, my companion was happy with the prospect of this inevitability. With mock sobriety, I informed him that one day he would make a good exhibitionist. Secretly, I thought with his looks, he should display himself to others.

The warm sun against our sensitized skin and the arousal he experienced with this contemplation, it was evident that our lustful impulses were superseding our sense of caution. Once again we affectionately kissed and groped about our body parts. Both of us now sporting completely swelled cocks and uninhibitedly leaking pre-cum on each other, he had me on my back, passionately kissing me on the mouth. He moved his tongue about my neck, chest, and nipples as I warmly embraced his broad shoulders and strong back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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