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I was nearly 19, my birthday was close. After 5 months of fucking (2 times a week, Monday and Thursday) my asshole got enough gap for Hasan’s cock. He could easily shove his dick (14 cm long, 3 cm thick) up my ass with an insignificant amount of lube. We were fucking at most 3 times in a day. Finding a place was not a problem because our parents were working and houses were empty from 9 am to 7 pm. If we had examinations, our parent allowed for sleepovers. So after they left, our fun times were beginning. He was claiming to be straight but admitting he enjoyed a tight boy-pussy until finding a beautiful woman. Ours was clearly friends with benefits; we weren’t kissing, he wasn’t sucking my dick or licking my asshole, my cum never touched his body. I always shaved my body so he was OK to kiss my neck, bite my nipples, finger my asshole. I never complained, nor did him.

One Friday, approximately 10 pm he was calling me. From his voice, I could tell he was angry at something. I asked but he didn’t tell. I asked him again:

“What’s the problem? Is there any thing I can do?”

“Just pack your stuff. I have a surprise for you.”

“Are you feeling OK?”

“Just do as I say and be ready for the night. I will pick you in 1 hour. My parents are out of town.”

“OK, call me when you arrive.”

I shaved any possible hair, had an enema, put on perfume and Vaseline to my asshole and collected my lingerie from the drawer. I was ready with my sport shots without panties. So he was, he called me, I went to his car. There was no one around, he grabbed my ass thru my shorts and fingered my ass.

“Blow me while I am driving.”

“My pleasure.”

I took out his dick and started my duty. He drove around dark streets to keep his pleasure going on. We were close to his apartment, he warned me

“Get up, we will continue soon.”

“What is the surprise?”

“Just wait bitch, it will be long night for you.”


“No. Just wait.”

He kept fingering my ass in the elevator and we reached to his floor, he took his hand off. When we entered the apartment, he ordered:

“Go to my room, you will see your surprise.”

There was a blonde wig, black short skirt, white tank-top, a black thong and colorful bra full of yellow and purple. It was the first time he wanted me to dress like a woman. Before our fuck sessions, he was an old friend, so I did what he wanted. I yelled:

“I am ready!”

“Good, very good.”

I heard a buzzing sound. It was like a vibrator. He came into the room with his electric toothbrush in his left hand and a bag of ice. It seemed like I was going to have the night of my life. Today, out of reason, he was ordering:

“Turn around.”

I poker oyna did. I was close to his bed. He came next to me, grabbed my ass under the skirt and spanked my left cheek so hard, I screamed.

“What are you doing?!”

“Didn’t you like it, bitch?”

“I did but it hurt a little.”

He spanked the right cheek after my sentence. He changed his position. Now he was standing behind me with his right middle finger in my ass. He held me, encircled his arms around my body, started kissing and biting my earlobes and neck. I was in full pleasure, he was just tasting my body. He levitated me and threw me to his bed, my face was on the pillow. Actually it was the first time that he was acting like this. While I was getting to my fours, he spanked my ass again. This time both cheeks and it was harder.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Shut the fuck up! I know you are enjoying every second of it!”

He was right, I was silent. He continued to spank my ass. Then suddenly he stopped, put the skirt to a side, cut the thong, split my ass cheeks and spat my on hole.

“Is this your fuckhole sissy?”

“Yes Mister.”

He instantly stuck his middle finger again.

“How many cocks did you take until today to this boipussy?”

“Only one Mister.”

“Whose was it?”

“My master’s, Mister.”

“Do you wanna take another?”

“No Mister. He is strong enough to fulfill my needs.”

He was pleased with my answers. His finger was in me, now he was pumping it after the conversation. He got me on my fours this time and told me to wait. I was curious. First he got the ice pack, picked one cube from inside, started rubbing it to my ass and asshole. It was cold, giving me chills but I didn’t say a word because I really loved what I was living thru. He stopped, this time his electric toothbrush was ready. He put some lube on it and started shoving it. I was enjoying the toothbrush penetration but he stopped on the half.

“Why did yo…”

He started the toothbrush. It was vibrating in me and he continued penetrating.

“Stop it! Please! Fuuuckkkkk! Please! Stop it! Fuck me instead!”

“No! I can see pleasure in your eyes. I replaced the batteries for tonight.”

He was right again.

“Turn around and hold your legs.”

He was pumping the toothbrush, kissing my neck, biting my nipples. My night was full of surprises and I admit I loved every moment of it.

“Please let me cum!” I screamed.

“You still have time bitch. If you cum, I will kick you out.”

“Let me suck you. I want your cum in me”


“Yes Master.”

My precum was oozing and I was squirming like a good bitch. He pulled out the toothbrush.

“Lick your canlı poker oyna own precum and I will continue.”

“Yes Master.”

I licked my precum clean, he pushed the toothbrush in me without waiting. He was looking at my asshole while penetrating me with his toothbrush. Except the brush part, it was in me and vibrating solid. He pulled down his trousers, got his cock out and ordered me:

“Get on your knees and suck it dry!”

“Yes Master.”

He was sitting on his bed and I was on my knees. I began sucking his cock while toothbrush was working my pleasure. He was nice either while I was sucking him. He pulled and held my head deepthroating him. I was breathless. He pushed me back. He was smiling, he asked happily:

“Bitch, are you happy?”

I nodded while looking at his stiff cock.

I continued my blowjob and it didn’t take much time and he started cumming. I deepthroated, he pulled my head again and cumming down my throat. He pulled out his dick but there was a problem. He wasn’t soft. In most of the times, after ejaculates he got soft at most 10 seconds. This time, his manhood was still hard. Steel hard. I looked into his eyes with curiosity. He understood the question in my mind:

“Bitch I took a Cialis and you will drain my balls until the morning.”

“My pleasure Master!”

He stood next to and I got my back on the bed, pulled out the toothbrush and put my legs were on his shoulders and he pushed his cock without waiting. He was pumping so fast, it was incredible. His cock was throttling in my ass, my eyes were going out, I was moaning and squirming like a little bitch. His lips were around my neck and nipples again. He bit my left nipple so hard while cumming in my ass. I felt his cum flowing deep in my ass.He was still hard and not stopping with his Cialis powered cock. I was begging him to stop so I could cum.

“OK. Get up, walk to the bathroom.”

“Yes Master.”

I stood up, while walking he was spanking my ass.

“Did you like my surprise?”

“I loved it Master.”

He turned the hot water faucet to fill the tub. He ordered again:


“Yes Master!”

I held the tub and bent my body. He split my ass cheeks this time to fuck it. He pushed in, had no problem penetrating with his cum in my ass.

“Cum in your hand and swallow it like a good sissy bitch!”

“My pleasure Master.”

I cummed so hard with shaking, his lips around the back of neck, his hand grabbing my ass cheeks. I swallowed with a big gulp. He was very happy with the scene. He stopped suddenly and pulled out his cock. I was like a cat in the cold, looking at his face to feed me.

“Get in the tub bitch.”

“Yes master.”

“And close internet casino the faucet. There is enough water in the tub.”

He got in the tub after me, laid inside in the hot water and ordered me to sit on his cock. He began pumping when I felt his pubic hair touching to my ass. He was pumping so hard, water was splashing around. He got into sitting position, and pulled my body to his from my shoulders. I knew he was about to cum when he started kissing and biting my neck. He stopped pumping and started shooting his hot cum in my ass. I was exhausted, he wasn’t.

“We are just getting started bitch.”

“As you say so Master.”

No lies, I was happy. Very happy. He never fucked me this intense and hard from the first day. We turned back to his bed. Told me to get on my fours at the beginning of the bed. He was standing behind, split my ass cheeks, took a look at my fuckhole and said

“Your boipussy looks like a red flower. I am not done, when I am, we will see its condition.”

I was silent. He shoved his cock in my ass again and throbbing again. He got closer and closer while fucking and in out of a moment he pulled my arms, and made me fall to the bed. I wasn’t in control, he was still in my ass and pumping so hard. I was about to cry out of orgasm. It was dream position and it became when the least I expected. I wasn’t tight as I used, I was feeling it clearly. He fucked without pulling out for nearly 40 minutes. He cummed for the fourth time and claiming he had the power to go on. I was exhausted, desiring to cum again. After his fourth time, he was on me, half hard in me but I was tired of fucking. I felt his cum in me. Exactly that was the greatest moment of my life, feeling his hot cum feeling my ass. I went to bathroom, jerked and swallowed my own cum again. I was ready to sleep.

It was nearly 3 am when we stopped. I fell asleep but little did I know, he woke way early after such performance. I felt his cock pushing to me asshole. He got me into spoon, pushed the cock firmly and in 10 seconds he was in. He was fucking like he found a secret treasure.

“Bitch, your ass is killing me. I will fuck it time and time again.”

“Do as you please.”

He fucked my gaping ass for nearly 30 minutes and I was hearing the sound of his cock pushing in me with his cum helping the penetration. He stopped pumping and cummed again, this time he was holding my belly. Now he was ready.

“Good bitch! You drained my balls as I ordered. Good sissy.”

“Of course Master. Your orders are my pleasures.”

We woke up nearly at 4 pm and I asked him what all these orders and attitude were about. He confessed:

“There was a girl I liked very much in the class, she came today. While we were about to begin, she laughed at my cock. So every thing I wanted to do her, I did them to you.”

“She doesn’t know what she missed.” I replied.

He was happy about the respond. I was happy about my unforgettable night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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