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At the age of twenty five I had my first encounter with another man. In my early days of being a bisexual I only met with men who would suck my cock with no reciprocation. After a couple of years seeking one-way cock sucking from anonymous men, I got curious what it would feel like to have a dick in my mouth. Being a very sexual person, it didn’t take me long to act on my curiosity. Once I had a man cum in my mouth, I became addicted to sucking cock to completion. Since then I’ve sucked many men over the past years, many told that I’m an enthusiastic cocksucker.

I started posting messages on Squirt, Craigslist and other web-site to find strangers who needed the feeling of a hot mouth engulfing their stiff cock and taking their load.

Kevin and I met on line when he responded to one of my ads by sending a naked picture of himself and a brief statement why he wanted to get together.

I exchanged emails with Kevin to make sure he wasn’t someone, I knew. I didn’t want Kevin to turn out to be a friend, family or co-worker. It would have been unlucky to agree to meet someone then discovering they were someone I knew. I didn’t want to be embarrassed. It would have been hard to talk my way out of a situation like that.

I asked Kevin where he lived to find out the possibility of my knowing him. When Kevin told me his address, he lived close enough to meet with little notice. We agreed to meet at a mutually convenient Kip’s Big Boy restaurant for a public meeting. This would allow us to get to know each other and feel comfortable with each other.

I told Kevin I would be sitting in the back of the restaurant wearing a blue knit polo shirt.

Kevin said he would be wearing a white button down Oxford shirt with the logo where he worked over the right pocket and his name over the left.

I met Kevin at the time agreed, we shook hands and ordered coffee.

I didn’t know what to say to Kevin so I let him start the conservation. I had a quick appreciation for Kevin. He had a soft-spoken voice, which quickly put me at ease. I was pleased that he didn’t appear in a hurry for a blow and go.

Kevin said he worked as a masseuse at a local health spa which explained his large hands with strong forearms. He said that he was thirty-eight but looked to be in his twenties.

Kevin talked about his career, telling funny stories about giving massages. Some of Kevin’s clients expected their manipulation to close by Kevin applying oil to their cocks and stroking them off to completion. You could say that a large part of Kevin’s job was to give hand jobs, known as ‘happy ending.’

Kevin told me, “With so many naked bodies all-day long, touching, jerking off and having men shooting off in my hands, I come home horny. All I want to do is relax, lie back and let someone to suck my cock.”

He continued, “I have a girlfriend but we don’t spend much time together. She knows that I’m bi and doesn’t care if I meet another man.”

I responded, “I can understand about coming home and wanting to relax. I like to relax by sucking cock and you poker oyna don’t need to do anything in return. No reciprocation is necessary.”

Kevin finished his coffee and said, “My place is not too far from here. If you’d like you can follow me to my apartment.”

Fifteen minutes later I followed Kevin into his apartment. It was an efficiency with a living room, with the dining room set off in a corner separated from the kitchen with a countertop. For living alone, the apartment was neat and tidy. Walking past the couch, Kevin suggested, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

In the bedroom, I noticed a portable folding massage table, a queen-sized bed and a chest of drawers.

Kevin asked, “Would you like a massage?”

I accepted by saying, “Sure, I’ve never had a massage before.”

As I stripped down to my boxers, asking Kevin, “Where do you want me?”

He nodded toward the massage table saying, “On the table but remove your boxers first.”

I felt a little nervous about being naked, but did as he directed.

Kevin was good at his craft. His hands were like magic, strong and powerful as they moved over my body, touching all the right stress points. After fifteen minutes, I felt relaxed. I hadn’t notice that while Kevin was giving me the massage, he was undressing. When I opened my eyes I was looking straight at his cock.

Kevin said, “Charles let’s move over to the bed where we can stretch out and be more comfortable.”

A few minutes later, our naked bodies were lying side by side on the bed. Kevin stood nearly six feet tall and weighed less than one hundred eighty pounds. His body looked in prime shape because his job kept him in excellent condition. My body compared to Kevin’s is not trim and fit. I felt a little uneasy about my body being ten pounds or so overweight. Slightly overweight but not fat.

Kevin had an all-over tan with a moderately hairy chest and legs. In comparison to Kevin, my body was smooth and white from the neck down.

Lying naked in bed with Kevin for the first thing I noticed was his cock. After I accepted my bisexuality, the sight of another man’s cock had always fascinated me. The attraction started while he was still dressed. I try to predict if he is big or little, cut or uncut, is his cock curved or is it straight? I think about whether he shoots off quickly and how much cum he will give me. The obsession about cocks and cock sucking continues as I try to picture how he would taste and would I swallow his load.

When talking with Kevin, he is the sort of person whom you would feel comfortable with whether you were sitting on the couch watching football or like now, lying in bed naked with.

I whispered, “You have a large cock,” while teasing him by rubbing around his semi-hard erection. As I continued to play with his cock, I looked into his eyes and knew that he wanted me to keep doing this.

In a few minutes, Kevin’s cock was pointing at the celling.

Moving between his outstretched legs, I started licking his stiff shaft. Cupping his balls in one hand, canlı poker oyna I used my other to rub his cock head across my mouth and lips like I was putting on lip stick.

I knew what I like when a man sucked my cock so I just tried to do the same when I played with Kevin’s cock. Kevin’s cock had a full mushroom shaped head colored a peachy shade of pinkish/purple. I guided the head of Kevin’s cock into my warm, wet mouth hoping he wouldn’t cum too soon.

Next, I wanted to lick Kevin’s frenulum that cute little flap on the underside that connects the head to the shaft. It’s similar to the floppy thing under your tongue, only smaller. I love flicking my tongue up the shaft toward this spots under the head where I hoped I would find Kevin’s tickle site.

I moved my mouth down to Kevin’s gonads…his balls, licking and sucking them. Moving his leg wider, Kevin gave me access to his ‘taint’ that space between his nut sack and the ass. Kevin was clean so I flicked my tongue back and forth and found his second tickle spot.

I lightly brushed Kevin’s shaft with my fingertips while I licked and kissed parts of his body. Then I kissed and licked Kevin’s cock shaft as if it was an all-day sucker. I circled the base of the head with the end of my tongue, tickling the frenulum with my tongue. I removed my mouth from Kevin’s swollen shaft and again moved down to his nut sack where I suck, kiss and lick his hairy balls, his ass hole and his taint and everything.

Kevin closed his eyes and gave a little, “Aaaaawwwwwww yeah,” of pleasure. I didn’t do this for long. A little relaxation can go a long way.

Taking one of Kevin’s fuzzy nuts in my mouth, I gently sucked on it. Stimulated, Kevin responds to the warmth of my mouth by saying, “Oh yeah, that feels good. Suck my nut.”

Kevin was a good 8 inches, respectable larger than other men I’ve met. I had to take his cock with both hands. Trying to look like I knew what I was doing I commented, “You have too much cock to get in my mouth. It’s too thick and long.” I wanted to make him feel strong and confident. Meanwhile I was relaxing him with my warm, wet mouth, my massaging hands and by the sound of my voice.

I continued to be in power with his dick in my mouth. Wanting him to fuck my mouth I finished teasing him and eager took his head in my mouth. My mouth slid over the velvety head, letting it slip between my lips. Making sure my lips were covering my teeth, I made small, unpredictable movements with my tongue on his head as I gradually started moving my head, bobbing up and down his thick hard shaft more enthusiastically.

Moving my tongue around as much as possible, I tightened my lips and slid them up and down, massaging Kevin’s his stiff shaft with my mouth. My Lips I tickled his shaft as his dick went deeper into my mouth.

Next, I twirled my lips and tongue around the head of Kevin’s dick. Of course, the motion of my tongue caused increasing delight. Kevin gasped, “Ohmifuckinggod, you’re fantastic. You sure can suck a cock.”

Kneeling next to Kevin, with my mouth internet casino full of his hard dick I could only replied with a nod of my head. I used various techniques on Kevin’s dick, changing them to keep Kevin from cumming.

My mind was awhirl wondering where Kevin would lose his load, in my mouth, on my face, or on my naked body.

I put my hand flat against his pubic hair with my fingers wide spread around the base of his shaft.

I slowly spread my soft lips over his stiff cock head while taking him all deep into my mouth until It bumped the back of my mouth. My mouth felt to Kevin liked a friendly, wet pussy. As Kevin watched me sucking his cock it was a powerful visual stimulation.

I wrapped my hand around the base of Kevin’s cock to keep from gagging on Kevin’s cock as it pumped in and out of my mouth. My hand and mouth worked together to provide the tension Kevin’s cock desired. I gently pushed my tongue down Kevin’s pee hole. As I move Kevin’s cock out of my mouth, I let the velvety head slide across the roof of my mouth, inducing more pleasure.

I felt Kevin’s orgasm starting. It got seem to grow and get harder as Kevin arched his back. Kevin gave me advance notice that he indented to shoot by saying, “I about to cum. Where do you want it?”

Like all cocksuckers, I liked the taste of a man’s cum and I loved to swallow so what else could I say? I uttered, “In my mouth.” Plus I’m submissive and by swallowing, Kevin would know that I’d accepted his control over my actions.

Holding my breath, with Kevin’s stiff cock balls deep down my throat, I wait for him to shoot. But he did not shoot. I moved my head back to allow me to breathe then again moved down, going balls deep again. I did this several times. I flexed and contracted my throat muscles to simulate a throbbing wet pussy. Knowing Kevin’s cock was ready to erupt, I fondled his balls more aggressively. in my throat, I felt a throbbing burst of energy as the dam breaks and Kevin’s hot salty cum flood my throat and on down to my stomach.

Kevin’s cum didn’t have any taste, because when he cummed his cock was so far my throat there were no taste’s buds.

I moved Kevin’s cock to the center of my mouth as I continued to massage his cock in my mouth and tongue. The rest of his load of creamy fluid splashed across my tongue where there were taste buds. I swished his warm man cream around in my mouth, before spilling some out, spreading it all over his cock.

I keep sucking him, taking all of his cum until his erection starts to go soft. I then I licked his cock clean of all his cum and ending by giving his cock a little thank you kiss on the head.

For a long time, Kevin and I just laid on the bed, spent.

When we were dressing, Kevin offered me something to drink, coffee, coke or a beer. I chose a beer. We sat on the couch and acted like two normal straight men. He didn’t mention of what we’d done in the bedroom. Kevin had a sense of separating our bi activities with his straight acting activities.

I finished the beer, shook hands with Kevin and I returned home. There I sent Kevin an email thanking him for inviting me into his home for an enjoyable evening.

Almost immediate I received a return email from Kevin telling me that he was free Saturday evening if I was interested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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