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I spent 20 years of my life, avoiding a wild craving I had for a long time. I often thought, how much fun it could be, to suck on a nice big juicy cock. I always forced myself to put it out of my mind and avoided the steamy desire I felt inside. After I divorced my impossible wife and moved out, I started getting these cravings more and more.

I began to watch more guy on guy porn video’s on my computer, some made me cum harder than normal. It was kinky, nasty and turned me on way too much. It looked like fun sucking a big cock head, and I began to accept it my desires without embarrassment.

My interest grew and I began to give into my wild temptations. I drove way out of my area and went to this huge sex shop in the city. I took my time and checked out everything in the store. I was tantalized by all the kinky stuff they had. I bought some battery powered vibrators, life like cocks of all shapes and sizes and sex oils. I spent way to much money and got home as fast as I could.

Living alone now, I was free to explore my wild desires anytime I pleased. I set up all my new toys and turned on my computer to some hot guy videos. I stripped naked and got my kink on. I lubed up my ass and began to try out my new vibrators. I laid on my bed with my legs in the air and slowly slid a pulsating vibrator in my rear for the first time. I used the remote to change the speed and pulsations. With the sounds of sexy guys having sex in the background and a vibrator working my ass, I was lost in my own little world. I barely got my hand on my cock and shot a big hot steamy load all over my chest. I was feeling kinky as hell and tasted my cum for the first time. It wasn’t gross at all. In fact, the taste turned me on. My cum was hot and a little salty, but I loved it. I was enjoying this way too much.

I pulled the vibrator out and cleaned up my naughty mess. Then I put on some sexy panties and grabbed one of my new big rubber cocks. I watched the guy on my monitor sucking a big cock and copied his actions. I opened my mouth and sucked on the head like it was me sucking this hot guys boner, on the screen. It was very erotic and way more fun than I ever had, by myself. I loved my new toy collection, it was worth every nickel.

Soon I was doing this kind of kinky stuff every chance I got. I taught myself to suck cock with all those rubber toys. After a while I started craving the real thing even more. I wanted to find a hot guy, with a big cock to have sex with. I wanted my first to be with someone I was very attracted to. Hopefully a handsome, bi-curious, straight guy like me.

After several months of looking at guys in a new way, I realized this wasn’t going to be easy to find such a stud. I enjoyed looking at men in this way, it was strangely erotic.. I stole glances at the hottest guys I saw. Checking out there chest, ass and looking for signs of meat in their pants or shorts. I knew that I was way more attracted to straight guys, openly guy guys freaked me out…

I craved a big strong handsome type of guy, they were out there, I always saw a few around town. I’d go home to my toy collection after and picture my self doing all kinds of kinky stuff with the last hot guy I saw.

I was getting a little frustrated until one special day. I was at my bank and spotted a new hunk of a teller. He was younger, taller and very handsome. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was dressed very nice, and looked very masculine. I was pleased that he ended up being my teller that day. His badge said Doug and he greeted me very nicely.

“Hello sir, how can I help you today?”

“I just want to cash this check.” I said with butterflies inside.

“Ok, can you put your card in the card reader?” He asked.

“Uh sure, of course.” I replied.

I never had to be asked to do this by any teller before, I always do it automatically. He made me nervous in a good way. I bet he had a nice cock and a nice ass, I thought. We finished the transaction and I put the cash in my wallet.

“Thank you Doug, have a great day.” I said, holding eye contact with him.

“You to Mr. Anderson.” He said with a great smile.

I left the bank and feeling horny as ever, Doug got my blood boiling like crazy. I had some shopping to do but I went home immediately and beat off my hard cock. I came fast and hard, I still felt horny as hell after my orgasm. Doug was by far, the best candidate for me. I began to think of him every time I masturbated.

I have my own business and go to the bank about once a week. I usually waited till Friday to deposit all my checks, but that was about to change. I was in the bank every other day now and Doug was always there to help me. He got to know me better and I told him he could call me by my first name, Steve.

There was something brewing between us and I was falling for him. I wanted to be with him, and please him sexually. He began greeting me by my first name, he was very friendly and sincere.

After about a month of this, we were fortunate enough to see each other in the bank parking lot one afternoon. He was getting into güvenilir bahis his car as I pulled up next to him. He didn’t see me at first but saw him and my heart began to pound. This was my best chance to ask him to out, I thought. Fuck I was nervous. I jumped out of my car and he saw me at last.

“Hey Doug, you done for the day?” I asked nervously.

“No, I wish, I’m just taking my lunch break. What are you up to today, Steve?”

I loved the way he said my name. He made me hot and horny.

“Doing the work thing like always… You like your new job?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I wish I had more hours, I need to bring in more cash.”

“Hey you know how to clean pools?” I asked hoping he’d say yes.

“Sure, I always took care of my Dad’s pool growing up, I’m an expert.” He said with a curious grin.

“My pool man just quit and we need a new pool guy once a week. You can do it when ever you have time. I can pay you $250.00 a month if your interested?”

“Really, hey I think I can handle that. Thanks for the offer, I’ll do a great job for you Steve, do you have a skimmer and all that crap?”

“Yeah, I sure do. He’s my card, it’s got my cell number and home address on it. I live close by. Call me when you get a chance and I can show you around my place.”

“I live close by too, that’s cool. I’ll call you tonight after I get off work.”

“Great buddy, catch you later Doug.”

I gave myself a pat on the back for that one. Now I just had to fire my pool guy.

Doug called me that night and we made plans for him to come by and see what he had to deal with. Just hearing his voice on the phone, made me horny as hell, I was rubbing my cock, the entire time.. I couldn’t wait to see him the next day. I spent the rest of the day cleaning up my house and making myself look better. I shaved my body hairless and felt sexy and way too horny.

Doug arrived the next day and looked great in casual clothes. He had on shorts and a tight shirt. He looked great from head to toe. I showed him around and made him feel welcome. He seemed to be enjoying himself. I looked good and felt great that day. After I showed him the pool, pump house and hot tub, I asked him if he’d like a cold drink. He accepted my offer and we sat down and enjoyed some ice tea together. We opened up and talked more personal. We talked for almost two hours. The more he talked the more my cock swelled in my shorts.

He confided in me his last girlfriend cheated on him and he had to break up with her. He wouldn’t stand for a cheater. I learned he was 23 years old and loved swimming and outdoor activities like me. He said I was lucky to have a hot tub, he missed his Dad’s. I told him could use mine anytime, that way he’d keep it nice and clean. He perked up at my offer and seemed very happy. I was 12 years older and felt like I had a chance with this hot young guy. I never tried to seduce a guy before, but I was going to give this one a try.

“Hey Doug, would you like to take a hike in the mountains this Sunday? I know some great trails.”

“I’d love to that sounds fun, can we use the hot tub after?”

“Why not, that would be great after a long hike.”

“Awesome, I haven’t enjoyed a hot tub in a long time.”

“This one cranks, you’ll love it.”

“I bet I will.” He said in a sexy way.

I liked the way he said that and my chances with him seemed be increasing at this point. I felt like I didn’t have to hide my feelings for him much longer. He was straight but you ever know…

Sunday finally came, it was a very hot summer day. I put on my some tight running shorts and a stretchy tight shirt. Doug showed up on time, dressed a little more masculine. No tight shorts but looked sharp in his hiking shorts and tee shirt. I welcomed him and he gave me a nice strong hug. I held on tight for a few seconds and enjoyed the sensation of hugging a man I was attracted to, for the first time. I wanted to have wild sex with him right their on the floor. It was different and very tantalizing.

I let go of him and stepped back. My cock was growing in my tight shorts, it was on display for him at that moment. He played it cool and didn’t look at my cock. I was hoping he might. I went to grab a water from the fridge and saw in the reflection of the window him scoping out my tight ass. I held the door open and took my time, I double checked him in the reflection and he was definitely looking at my butt. I slowly turned around and asked him if he needed any water. He seemed a little nervous for the first time and stuttered a bit.

“Uh, sure, a water sounds great.” He said quietly.

I handed him the water and we left for our hike up in the mountains. This could get interesting I thought to myself. Hot single straight guy, with a nice body, I definitely had butterflies in my gut. Man I was horny for him.

We made it to the park and took off on our hike. Our hike lasted for a few hours. Along the way we stopped and talked and enjoyed the beautiful scenery a few times. He kept dropping behind me and must of been checking out my ass. I made türkçe bahis sure my skin tight shorts were hiked up all the way, hoping to turn him on. My cock was semi hard most of the time because of him, and I was thinking of my next move. We agreed to stop off for an early dinner and had a nice meal together. He seemed to be enjoying himself, then he mentioned the hot tub.

“Thanks for a great dinner Steve, now all I need is a hot tub. You still have time for that?”

“Absolutely, I almost forgot. I have all night don’t worry about that.”

I was about to suggest the same thing to him. We got out of there and I drove us back to my place as fast as I could. We got back to my place in no time and went inside.

“Here Doug, let me show you how to turn on the hot tub and jets.”

“Sounds good.”

He followed me out to the pump house and I explained the simple task of starting it up. There wasn’t much room to move around in the pump house and Doug bumped into my ass a few times. I’m sure his cock was hard, like mine. After the hot tub was going, he turned around and started to exit. He stopped and this time my cock hit his cute ass. He sort of slipped and I grabbed him by the waist from behind and held him safe for a second. My cock straining against my shorts and stuck in his ass. He felt it!

We made our way over to the hot tub and he spoke, this time a little nervously.

“Dam, Uh Steve I forgot to bring some swim trunks, can I borrow a extra pair of yours.

“Sure I got plenty, come on back and pick out a pair.”

Doug followed me to my bedroom and I pulled open my dresser. I had all kind so swimwear and boldly tossed him a pair of red speedos.

“You might fit in these, you ever worn speedos before? Trust me, baggy shorts are not as good in a hot tub.”

“No I don’t have any speedos, I was always wanted to get a pair.”

“Well give them a try and see what you think.”

“Can I change in here?”

“Sure, go for it.”

He took off his shirt and shorts and underwear on the other side of the bed, with his back to me. I saw his ass and my god it made me way too hot. He did this like we were old pals in the locker room. I watched him in my mirror, slide the tight little speedos up his legs and over his sexy ass. I did the same for him, casually undressing and sliding on my speedos. He waited and watched me, I made sure my back was to him so he could see my hairless ass crack. He had been looking at it all day and wanted to show it off for him.

We walked out to the hot tub, me leading the way. I stepped in slowly and turned to look at him. His speedos were right in my face, since I was a step down in the hot tub. I got a good look at Doug’s huge boner filling out the entire front of his suit nicely. I wanted to slide my open mouth, up and down the side of that big fat shaft right there. I looked up at him and held out my hand. He took my hand and stepped in with me. It was too hot to sit right down, so we got to stare at each others hard cocks as our legs adjusted to the heat. Our cocks were straining in our speedos as we slowly sat down.

“Ah, this feels awesome Steve. Your right about the this tight suit, it feels great in the hot tub.”

“Glad you like them, they look nice on you. I think your old girlfriend would change her mind if she saw you now.”

“I forgot about her, I’m way over her now. I’m sort of loosing interest in chicks right now. I’m focusing on my job and future.”

“I’m tired of chicks too Doug, they constantly irritate me. I always pick the lemons.”

We both laughed at my joke and he slid a little closer. My heart began to beat hard in my chest. I wasn’t sure what to do then. He put his hand on my leg and I smiled at him and he smiled back.

“Steve, I want to feel your speedos, are you cool with that?”

Doug was breaking the ice for us, I was so grateful. My heart started pounding hard and my breathing increased.

” Um well, I’ve never done anything like this with a guy.” I said acting a little surprised.

“Me neither, I’m such an ass, sorry I asked. I feel stupid.”

“No it’s cool, this is all just so new to me, I’ve never messed around with a guy before. I think it might be fun. I would only like to do this with you Doug. You are very attractive to me. I think your the only guy in the world I could try this with.”

I sat up on the hot tub and let him feast his eyes on my big hard cock straining in my speedos. I could see my entire shaft of my long cock and the head was also visible. He sat up to and put his hand right on my hard-on. He looked transfixed on my cock and his breathing increased like mine. I put my hand over his hand and showed him what felt good to me. He started rubbing his own cock and mine at the same time. This was getting very hot, very

“Oh Doug, that feels great man. I love this, it’s so erotic.”

He increased the pressure and speed, on my cock. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I reached for his big hard cock and felt another man’s cock for the first time. It was such a new sensation, doing güvenilir bahis siteleri this for real. Toys were fun but this was a whole new game, it was getting more intense by the second. His enormous cock, was hard as a rock and the head was growing out of the top.

I sat down in front of him and spread his legs, I put my mouth inches away from his cock head. It was glistening with pre cum and bigger than mine. I slid his speedos down and licked the tip of his beautiful cock. He let out a soft moan and sat back. He spread his legs more for me, I was practically shaking with lust. I began to give my first real blow job and from what I could tell, all my recent practice paid off. His pre-cum tasted good, I wanted more and more. The slick hot liquid felt good on my tongue. I sucked gently at first savoring the moment of our new found joy. I bobbed with all my intense feelings for him and he grew even harder. I could make out the veins along his shaft as I went down on him. I squeezed the head of his cock and forced the blood out and let it return.

This was a million times better than sucking a dildo. It had taste and warmth and it had a life of it’s own. I’m sure if most straight guys could jump in my place and try this for a minute, 99% would love this sensation too.

Doug began to lift his ass up in the air, as I sucked away like a French whore. I was rubbing my cock with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. He started grunting and trembling like crazy. His load was building up and I was hungry for his cum. A jet shot hard into my mouth and hit the back of my throat. Then another, and another. He groaned with pleasure as I brought the first man of my life to orgasm with my mouth. He kept coming, more and more, harder than I ever have. My mouth was full and I had to swallow fast because more kept pumping out. I sucked as hard and fast as I could, releasing his seeds of love. The taste in my mouth was incredibly sexy and delicious. I’m serious, it was fun and intense making him cum like this. I could do this all dam day.

“Oh my god, Steve.” He said as he tried to catch his breath. “That was the best blow job of my life.”

I didn’t stop till his balls were empty. He was drained and I was still very horny with lust for his entire hot body.

“Doug, that was awesome. I’ve wanted to do that, ever since I first saw you in the bank that day. I had no idea it could be that great.”

“Steve, I loved that. I never came that fast, or so much from a blow job before..Did it taste Ok? I hope it didn’t gross you out or anything.”

“I wish there was more, it was fucking delicious man.”

“Steve, I’ve been wanting to play with your sexy ass all day. Can we take this to the next level and try a few more things together?”

I didn’t answer him right away, I just smiled, I got up and pulled him in the house. He followed me right to my bedroom and we laid down next to each other. I got out some sex oil and set it on the night stand. We grinded each other, still in our speedos and kissed softly and passionately for the first time. He was squeezing my ass and really turning me on as we made out.

I began to hold his tight buns in my hand and held his cheek with the other as we kissed. Then he surprised me a bit by sliding his fingers down my ass crack and massaged my tight hole. It felt amazing and now I was breathing hard from his touching. I wanted his fingers up there in a hurry and grabbed the oil for him. He accepted the oil and I slid my speedos off.

I laid face down on my bed and spread my legs for him. He pulled my bun to the side and squirted several drops of oil on my ass crack. He went wild with lust for me. He put the oil back and got behind me. The feeling of his hands all over my ass was fantastic. When he pressed his finger in my tight ass, I felt like a horny little girl. I was moaning in a new high pitched tone. He slowly slid his finger in deep and out, then deep again. He did this over and over, I thought I was gong to cum on the spot. Then I felt his breath on my buns and it made me quiver and shake with anticipation.

I spread my legs as much as possible and I felt his warm tongue licking up and down my ass crack. He brushed my tight hole a few times with his tongue and fireworks went off in my head. My cock was soaked with pre-cum and I was loving his touch. He began to push in two fingers and worked them in and out nice and gentle.

“Go Harder Doug, that feels great.”

He took my cue and started to fuck my ass with his fingers a little faster. I was in heaven at that moment. Then after a few moments he stopped. I looked back to see him removing his speedos and I got up on all fours ready to take him deep. He turned me around on my back and oiled up his huge boner, as I feasted my eyes on that gorgeous cock of his. It looked so hot watching him jack that big monster. Then he put my legs over his shoulders and rubbed his cock around my horny ass. Using his hand he lined up his cock to my hungry ass and pushed forward. My ass had been stretched out a little by my vibrators and was able to take him without any pain, it was all pleasure. I got to see this sexy guy taking me for the first time. My legs were up over his shoulders taking him in, this was the most erotic moment of my life. His crunched up face looked so hot as he slowly penetrated me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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