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After one of our lingerie parties, two women, Jane and Cheryl asked if we could do one of these for the husbands. I asked if their hubbies knew what went on and they told me yes and they were glad because of the increased sex drive they had after a session.

I took it under advisement because it would have many ramifications. Women on men can be quite a powerful thing but if the men were to become a mob then it could end in rape and I wouldn’t want that.

Having talked to many of the women who were regular attendees at our little ‘dos’ I came to the conclusion that it could be done but would require the wives to almost give them permission to do more than look. They were prepared for that and that the hubbies might even have full on sex with the models, and there was the problem, who to get to model.

I approached Jane and Cheryl as they had suggested the idea to see who they thought could do the modelling. After some discussion they both said they would do it but there had to be rules. No anal, no playing or sex with their own husbands so they would not get favourable treatment. No means no.

I agreed the rules then they called their husbands to tell them about what was proposed. Both hubbies, Tony and Tim respectively said they would think about it and discuss it when Jane and Cheryl got home, thus putting a hold on arrangements for now.

Two days later I got calls from Tony and Tim to say they agreed the rules and hoped they would enjoy the evening, though they weren’t sure about their wives being used by the other men. I asked if they knew what their wives had done during the parties and they told me they had been told, and were happy about the increased sex drive, I suggested that their wives had already used Allan for sex so they were already cuckolds. Maybe they should just go with the flow.

I contacted all the other husbands and told them their wives had suggested they would like to attend an evening of lingerie sales, I told them there would be models and that their wives were happy with this. Their wives had been to other parties and they thought the men would like to buy sexy lingerie for them at a relaxed evening. Beer and wine would be provided, but my aim was to sell them lingerie to enhance profit.

They all agreed, I think because of the beer and models although poker oyna they probably thought they would be professional models.

After much tension in the two girls the evening arrived and so did the men. There was a huge amount of excitement in the room as the men talked about the models and what they would be like. Tony and Tim had to keep quiet at this point so as not to ruin the surprise. About half the men knew their wives and the secret was worth keeping for the initial moment.

I welcomed everyone and ensured they had a drink, then I announced that the models would start with something simple and fully covering but that as the evening progressed the outfits would become very revealing. They each had a catalogue so I asked them to look at page seven for the item marked Rosalind, this was a silk baby doll that would cover everything but was very thin so more might be seen.

I called out for the model to come in and parade for the men. Jane walked in looking very sexy in the baby doll and she was wearing stockings and suspenders in white to match the nightie. As soon as she entered the room there was a murmur of appreciation from the men and Peter turned to Tony and said “Isn’t that your wife Jane?” He admitted it was and then Peter said in a loud voice that the model was Tony’s wife. This took away from Jane just a bit as they all asked if he was OK with this. He assured them that he was and they turned their attention back to Jane.

If you looked carefully it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra and her nipples just showed through the material. The men were very complimentary and a little naughty in their comments then apologising to Tony for being rude about his wife.

Next up was a similar baby doll but in black. It just reached below the panties and left more of the neckline visible. When Cheryl walked in, Peter again commented that this was Tim’s wife. The men were wowed by the amount she was showing and the stockings and suspender belt really made it raunchy as had the ones Jane was wearing. They again apologised to Tim for the way they were talking about his wife.

Peter, always the mouthpiece, asked if any more of their wives were going to show up, and was Rosemarie his wife in on this. I said they would have to wait and see. Then Jane came out wearing a bustier canlı poker oyna that pushed her tits up and in and made seem naked even though covered. This was in black with a matching G-string and was very sexy. Mike, one of the other men who didn’t know Tony or Tim said “Bloody hell she is hot.” Others were in agreement, and then as Jane moved around the room they commented on how much of her arse was showing and maybe they should stroke her bum at which Tony asked Jane if she’d be OK with that. She said yes and the touching began. As well as her bum they felt the material of the string and probably her pussy as well.

After she left to change, Mike said “God, Tony how can you let us do that?” Tony then told how the evenings for the ladies had a male model and the ladies did what they wanted to him. This got the men excited and a little annoyed, but I said that the wives had agreed to this evening as a little pay back. Tony asked them if they gained from the wives attending and as one they said that their sex lives were always better after one of the evenings.

They eventually agreed that it was good for them and this evening would be too. Peter asked if Tony and Tim were OK with them touching and both the husbands said they were if the ladies were but there were rules. After explaining the rule Mike asked if that meant almost anything could happen. They said yes but the ‘no means no’ rule was absolute.

You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife, Cheryl walked in in a floor length nightie made of diaphanous material and it was obvious there were only the stockings and belt underneath it as no panties showed and her tits were completely visible. As she walked around all the men were caressing her, many of them cupping her tits and definitely stroking across her pussy. She became obviously excited and Tony leant over and asked Tim how far he would let it go. Tim was sporting a hard on and replied “as far as she wants.”

Cheryl eventually escaped a little red faced and breathless, her nipples poking through the material. Jane then entered wearing a basque and sheer knickers both in black but over the top she had an opaque bed jacket in pink. The men were disappointed and jeered a little but Jane told them the jacket was not part of the package and she turned away and slipped it off. The back internet casino was just what was expected and the men seemed a little happier.

Then Jane turned slowly around and the men at one end were whistling and clapping and in a sort of Mexican wave this happened around the room. Her basque merely supported her lovely 36C tits but did not cover them.

The men went mild and openly kissed and sucked her nipples while also fingering her pussy getting her really wet. Tim got up and as he approached Jane he got his cock out and asked her for a tit job so she knelt down and he put his cock between her lovely tits which she pushed together and he proceeded to get off. He was in severe danger of coming when Peter got round behind Jane and swiftly sank his cock to its full length. Jane reared up with pleasure and came, causing Tim to come too covering her face with spunk. At the exact time of Tim shooting his load Cheryl walked in, in open bra and knickers.

The men were beyond stopping and while two men were in Jane’s holes Tony asked Cheryl for a blow job. Most of the men had no trousers on and were all sporting hard-ons. The ladies were taking come in all holes and over many parts of their bodies. The room was one big double gang bang and everyone was having more fun than they would have believed. Both Cheryl and Jane were a mess and the clothes they had on needed a wash.

The two ladies went to get cleaned up but they waddled out of the room with sore pussies. The men were handed towels to get clean but their wives would know some of what happened by the pre-come soaked trousers that many sported. Jane and Cheryl finally returned and suggested that they use the strap-on; the men were really excited by that until they said it would be used on a man. The men chickened out but asked if it had been done before. Jane told them about the evening that Allan had submitted to it and they were amazed by it. Two did ask privately to buy one for their wives to use.

The evening wound up after the orders were taken with the wives turning up to drive their men home. We had orders for everything modeled many items that the men had wanted, including two maids uniforms, many toys and of course the strap-ons too.

Since the evening, and after talking to Jane and Cheryl, other wives have asked for a men’s evening too but so far we haven’t arranged one. Sales were better with the men than even with the ladies getting steamed up and playing. The moral of the tale is that to sell well get people closely engaged with the product.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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