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I have this hunger, an ever growing need that only you can satisfy. My entire body is starving, malnourished and in need. Its food, its one all saving, complete craving is you.

My skin yearns to feel your touch, every inch needs to feel your fingertips, the whispering graze, so full of promise that, as yet is denied to me. In your absence, the wind carries your voice, barely heard but containing everything I need to know. I hear your words promising me the world, telling me how you will feed my bodies hunger and how you yearn to feel me under your fingers. My skin jumps with excitement, knowing what is to come, the delights that lay in store as your soft fingers brush gently across my neck, sending shivers of icy excitement through me.

I long to feel you tease me, for your perfect fingers to barely brush my nipples and feed my desire for you. I see your face in my dreams, your eyes full of mischief as you run your hands over me, your fingers, having painfully teased my nipples and controlled their ever increasing hardness, slip so gently over my stomach, hinting at where you know I want you but ignoring my wetness, preferring instead to continue this delightful torture. My body sings, its song played only for you in notes only you can understand. I can feel your nails grazing my inner thigh as you lick your lips hungrily. I can see in your eyes how much you want this torture to end, to bury your lips and tongue in my hot, wet cunt. You don’t and it kills me.

I want you, pressing up towards you, hoping I can tempt you into fucking me but with my sweet wetness only inches from your lips, you sit back, the look of disappointed desire that dances in your eyes only fuels my hunger to feel you inside me and yet I know I must wait.

Slowly you watch as my body twitches and screams, your eyes like bolts of electricity as you hungrily eye the feast before you, a feast that is solely yours.

As you creep in, your güvenilir bahis own wetness clear as you move, your lips now following the well known trail. I ache to press up into you, to ease this burning between my thighs and yet, I know somehow that my eagerness, rather than satisfying my hunger for you will only prolong my agony.

As you gently nibble and tease my neck, I feel your breasts; nipples hard and full of their own unquenched thirst caress my skin.

My clit screams for you, my wetness begging for you to taste and fill me. Instead, I lay as still as I’m able, ignoring my increasing urgency to grab you, feast upon your exquisite taste and feel your body hum for me.

Your lips follow that carefully crafted path, forged so delicately only moments before. A soft moan escapes my lips as you take my nipples, one at a time, so gently in your mouth, teasing them with a flick of your hot tongue before moving on quickly, leaving me wanting more.

I cannot help myself as your kisses fall ever closer to my now dripping cunt, my clit jumps and twitches as you kiss along my thigh, teasing me with a gentle kiss on my wet lips. You look up at me with devilish hunger in your eyes and in the warm candlelight; I see my wetness only briefly, glistening on your lips. Your tongue licks it away slowly, daring me to ask for more.

Suddenly I feel you, a solitary finger brushing through my hot, slick folds, so tantalisingly close to my aching clit and yet still so very far away. You bring your finger slowly to your lips, prolonging my fulfilment until I can’t take anymore. As you taste my juices, I beg you to fill me, to fuck me hard, make me cum as you bury your tongue in my cunt.

Instead, you sit back and grin at me. Your silence is painful as you spread my legs wide and lips your lips hungrily. I reach down, determined to fulfil my own passions, for you to witness the power you hold but you won’t allow it. I türkçe bahis feel your hands firmly on my wrists and suddenly you’re above me again, holding me prisoner within my own desire.

For those few moments I drown in your eyes and beg you silently to take me completely. You finally speak, but only to tell me to behave myself before resuming your lusty silence.

In its way, your silence fuels my passion further and I feel my wetness growing as your gaze returns to my clit, now screaming and begging to be consumed.

I feel a finger caressing my wet lips, the most fleeting of contacts but guiding me closer to the edge of ecstasy.

“Please?” I ask you, my voice a pitiful whimper. I seem to have pleased you as you tease my opening, pressing gently but never really entering me. In my frustration I press up into you, trying to force you inside me.

You shake your head and I wonder how much longer you can play this game. You pull back and sigh, almost sadly as you reach for my hands, restraining me and leaving me no choice but to do as you desire.

From seemingly out of nowhere, you produce a blindfold and loving cover my eyes.

I wait in the dark, I know you have left the bed and can hear you rustling around nearby. My mind runs with possibilities. What delights lie in store for me? Silence falls over the room and I sense you near my head.

I lick my lips and you place your finger gently over them. I can taste your own juices there and I ache to have you between my legs.

I feel you return to that place on the bed between my legs and I hope your own hunger has grown too great.

Slowly, your hands run along my thighs and I feel your breath on my clit. Suddenly you’re there, devouring my, filling me, my body responding totally as your tongue works its magic in me.

As I hover on the brink, you pull away and I growl in frustration and I hear you chuckle softly.

Your güvenilir bahis siteleri lips meet mine and as your tongue forces its way into my mouth, I taste myself there.

“Tell me you want me!” you whisper and I tell you immediately. I can almost hear you smiling.

There is a glancing caress over my soaked cunt and I gasp. I know what is in store and I beg you unashamedly.

You slowly tease me with the tip of the strap on and I know I need it in me, need you to fuck me like a whore. ‘Want’ has no place now, I need it, the world is spinning and I need you to fill me with that toy.

Still you tease me, its head glistening in the candlelight.

“So you want it?” You ask, pressing it gently into me but never allowing me more that the head.

When I don’t — can’t answer, it is torn from me, my wetness left empty and without friend.

“Tell me you want it!” you demand.

I shake my head and try to form words as you slip the head of that toy once more between my lips.

“I need it!” I pant, straining against the confines I’m in.

“Good girl!” you reply, pushing the full length of the dildo into me.

Almost immediately, explosions fill me, flashing behind my eyes. Slowly you move in me, and my breath catches in my throat. You pull off my blindfold and as our eyes meet again we move together, your full length slowly moving in and out of me, filling me totally before leaving me empty and hungry once more.

I need you to fuck me hard and yet I teeter on the orgasmic precipice as we finally make soft, slow love.

I know you will never hold this out and I beg; “fuck me, slut!”

It seems to push you over the edge; you pound my hot cunt hard, unrelenting, punishing my demand with excruciating pleasure.

I feel you pulling my legs up, allowing your fake cock deeper access and as you pound away, you throw me into orgasmic oblivion, not once but many, many times over.

With my passion and pussy both spent and sore, you place a loving kiss gently on my lips before doing the same on my well fucked cunt.

As the desire burns and dances in your eyes, I grin…

Two can play at this game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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