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How it Was Chapter 4

This is a follow up to “How it Was” Ch.1, 2, and 3 so it might make a bit more sense if you read those ones first, as it makes references to characters and situations in the earlier chapters, although I think it also stands alone well enough.

This is a work of fiction that is not based on any real persons or events. If you are not legal age to read erotic fiction, please leave now and do not continue reading. For everyone else, I hope that you enjoy it and have fun. Feedback is always welcome.

All materials presented herein copyright the author.

It was risky, and I knew it, but I followed him into the locker room anyway. It was the middle of the last week of school and the place was practically deserted. I knew Coach Barnes had already left for his fishing holiday so the gym was empty and dark as Wayne made his way into the last row of steel cubbies and low benches. We arrived at the back corner and he turned to me, his pink face in shadow, his broad shouldered bulk looming over me. I shivered as I stepped closer and looked up at him, feeling the heat coming off him, the smell of his nervous sweat filling my nostrils.

I had been surprised when he approached me as I left my Biology final. We weren’t really in the same circles even though we were both athletes. He played football and hockey and ran with the popular crowd, people like Craig Morrison. The two of them had been whispering to each other in the hall before the exam and they both eyed me up as I entered Mr. Walters’ classroom for the test. The sight of Craig’s lean, muscled body in his tight t-shirt and jeans made my breath catch.

Since I’d literally run into Craig coming out of Mr. Robinson’s office earlier in the week, he had been the object of more than one stroke fantasy. Now, seeing him standing next to the larger boy, glancing at me and murmuring back and forth, I was on edge. Were they talking about me? I had a strong feeling Craig knew why I had been going into the vice principal’s office, and that he had been there for similar reasons. Did Wayne know too? Did he also go for “detention” and spend it sucking the vice principal’s cock and bending over the desk?

The thought seemed outlandish. Wayne was well known as a hard partying tough guy, a goon on the ice and on the football field. He had been suspended last season for a brutal fight at the beginning of the play offs, and he had had a string of short relationships with some of the hottest girls in school. The idea of him being one of Mr. Robinson’s conquests seemed out of place, but then, I was almost positive that Craig was involved in the vice principal’s extra-curricular games, so maybe his buddy was too.

Wayne left the exam about half way into the allotted time, and I felt a bit sorry for him that the test was probably beyond his ability. However much of a star he was in sports, he had never been even at my mediocre level as a student. I finished closer to the end and walked up to Mr. Walters’ desk to hand in the test.

He glanced up and our eyes met, he smiled warmly and his tongue ran slowly over his lips. My cock surged in my jeans and I bit my lower lip in response. The memories of what we had done in Mr. Robinson’s office were burned into my mind and I had been in a fever dream of lust anticipating our next meeting.

“I guess I’ll see you on Friday, Billy,” he said in his rich baritone. I tried to speak but the words caught in my throat. I nodded and quickly turned, using my books to cover the rock hard erection that was now tenting my pants. I exited the classroom and Wayne fell in beside me from where he had been slouched against the wall outside the door. His bulk dwarfed me as we walked down the hall, and I could feel the power in his strides, the tension in his arm as he brushed up against me.

I headed to my locker to clean it out and Wayne stopped with me, eyes darting around, still silent, but stepping closer. I looked up at him, not knowing what was going on, but my cock was still hard from my short conversation with Mr. Walters, and I was now drinking in the squared contours of his body. He stared intently at me, his small eyes pale chips of ice in his flat face. Perspiration beaded on his broad forehead and his upper lip. His flat, pink tongue emerged and slowly licked his lips. It seemed like a clumsy echo of Mr. Walters’ seductive gesture, and so unexpected from Wayne that it took a second to register what he was suggesting.

I’d been having sex with guys for less than a full week, but I was eighteen, horny as hell, and I had to admit to myself that his body and even his short, flat, nose and slight jowl was doing something for me. If I was being even more honest, any guy at all could have had me. Cock was all I thought about and any body attached to one was good enough for me. I had nodded slightly and turned making his way toward the gym.

And now we stood together in the dim room, silent except for our shallow breathing. He poker oyna leaned back against the locker and I moved to him, my hands roaming over his thick torso through his plaid cowboy shirt. He stood immobile as I pulled open the snaps one by one and ran my fingers through the light hair on his stomach, playfully rubbing his tiny, hard nipples. I kissed his chest, the deep cleft between his pecs, up to his shoulders and neck. He turned his face away from me and his large hands pushed hard on my shoulders until I was on my knees between his legs.

Not much into foreplay, I thought as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. There was a small wet spot forming on the crotch of his white briefs and I flicked it with my tongue, feeling the head of his cock. I molded my lips around it, drawing it into my mouth through the cotton fabric of his briefs and cupped his balls, rolling them between my fingers. He grunted and mashed my face with his crotch, his hands still gripping my shoulders.

I hooked my thumbs into his waistband and yanked his underwear down, his jeans still hitched up around his waist, his cock protruding straight out of a tangled thatch of blonde hair. The shaft was short and fat, the head coming to a narrow point without much flare, but oozing steadily, his fuzzy balls scrunched up under his stubby dick like a beanbag chair. It was adorable and I took him completely into my mouth in one fluid movement.

He gasped at the feeling of my wet tongue swirling around his dick and he began to rock his hips convulsively, his pubic bone battering my nose, his powerful hands now clenching in my hair. If he had been longer I would have been choking on each frantic thrust. The vertebrae in my neck rattled with the force of his pumping. I tried to slow him down, my hands gripping his hips, pushing him away from me. But he was too strong and rammed into me even more urgently, his high pitched moan-cough filling the empty locker room. I tried to relax into it, willing myself to passively receive his desperate, thrashing cock.

He sensed my acquiescence and grunted, hands tighter in my hair, forcing my head back and forth on his cock faster and faster. I no longer had any control as he fucked my face. I was only aware of the friction against my lips, the tight grip on my skull, the pounding of his pelvis against my nose and cheeks, the jerking rhythm of my neck and shoulders as he used me.

Even though this was far from the pleasant fullness I felt when sucking Mr. Robinson or Mr. Walters, it had its own erotic appeal. Wayne’s harsh, insistent ramming in my mouth, the saliva trailing down my chin, his balls slapping me, the tip of his cock tickling the top of my throat, his peculiar squeaking as he approached his peak, made me feel dirty, and I liked it. My own cock was straining against my jeans as I knelt on the polished cement floor, and I realized my own moans were mixing with his.

Then he was spurting, my mouth filled with his jizz and he crushed me against his hips as he emptied his balls, panting hoarsely. His cock was still at the back of my throat, slowly deflating. My nostrils were full of his pubic hair and it was getting harder to breath. I could feel that my face was a mess of saliva and sweat and cum dripping down my chin as I tried to gasp for air, but he still held my head against him, if anything his grip was tighter than ever.

I started to see spots dancing in front of my eyes and panic surged in me. His cock in my mouth was no longer erotic flesh but choking pressure, the smell of his sweat acrid, his blunt hands a vice on my skull. I tried to pull away but his grip was immoveable. I squirmed and pushed feebly at his thighs, struggling to detach from his towering bulk before I passed out.

Then I noticed that the corded muscle under my hands was trembling and the squeaking sound I had taken for his moans was something else. Before I could fully process this, his hands dropped away from me and I fell back on the floor gasping and panting, shaking with relief and cold adrenaline.

I looked up at Wayne and saw tears streaming down his cheeks, his lips curled in a rictus and I realized the coughing, moaning sound was his sobbing. I struggled to my feet and put my hand on his shoulder. Unsure of what to say, I just awkwardly patted him like I would a little kid that I didn’t know but had hurt themselves, making soothing sounds.

“Get away from me,” he growled, shoving me into the locker behind me. Snot trailed over his lip and his blue eyes glowed with rage.

“It’s okay,” I murmured, “we had a bit of fun, it’s alright”

“I said get away from me, you fucking faggot!” he screamed, splittle frothing on his mouth.

He didn’t have to say it a third time. Whatever was going through his head, it was plainly murderous, and I didn’t want to stick around to find out. I made a run for the locker room door and burst into the hallway just as Craig Morrison was about to enter.

“It’s over already?” canlı poker oyna he said, surprised.

“What’s over already?” I demanded, sneaking a quick glance behind me to see if Wayne was following. Craig looked me over with a sneer, reaching out and flicking a dollop of cum and spit from my chin.

“He was supposed to get you ready to blow him, then beat the shit out of you, but I see he let you go through with it instead,” he stated, wiping the mess on my shirt, “that’s a bit of a surprise, since he hate homos so much.”

“Aren’t you a ‘homo’ too?” I spat at him, confused and angry at being set up, at being naive enough to let it happen.

“Wayne is too stupid to get that,” he replied rolling his eyes. “He’s too stupid to know that he’s probably a homo too, or too scared to consider it.” He looked at me speculatively now. “I guess you really are a good cock sucker, like Mr. Robinson said. I have to say, I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“Yeah. Well. I don’t know what your fucking problem is, or why you would send that goon in there after me, but you better back the fuck off, Craig.” I was now shaking with rage.

“Get one thing straight, Billy,” he said his face close to mine, “I’m the one, not you. I’m the star, you’re just a piece of easy ass to them.”

“What are you talking about?” I was completely confused now, my emotions roiling, angry, scared, relieved, still horny as hell. I was extremely aware that my erection hadn’t faded and that Craig’s tight, lithe body was only inches from my own. I didn’t know if I wanted to punch his perfect, full, sensual mouth or to kiss him.

“You don’t even know, do you?” he snorted in disbelief, “You’re as dumb as Wayne.” He shook his head, his hard blue-green eyes meeting mine, softening a little as he stepped even closer to me, his crotch rubbing lightly against mine.

“I guess you’ll find out if you show up on Friday,” his hand ran up my chest, over my nipples, and cupped my chin firmly.

Despite my anger and confusion, my response was automatic, my eyes closing slightly, my mouth opening, my tongue coming forward as I leaned into him, wanting nothing more than to kiss his beautiful, pouty lips. He stopped me by shoving his thumb in my mouth, the way Mr. Robinson had in his office. I moaned and took Craig’s digit deep in my mouth, swirling my tongue, bobbing my head, grinding my crotch against his.

I was beginning to see spots in my eyes again, but this time it was a shortness of breath caused by pure lust. I felt like I could cum in my pants right there in the school hallway, humping myself against Craig, sucking his thumb like a miniature cock. Then the locker room door crashed open and Wayne lumbered through.

Craig pushed me away, punching me hard in the gut, and I collapsed backward against the wall. Trying to catch my breath, I was only vaguely aware of what was happening, but it seemed Wayne was ready to finish me off and Craig was trying to convince him that it wasn’t worth it. They were yelling at each other and then two other figures swam into view from opposite directions.

Ms. Jones, the school secretary, stepped between Craig and Wayne and moved them down the hall towards the exit at the far end. My friend James stepped around the corner from the other side and helped me to my feet. He led me back the way he had come. I didn’t know what the hell was happening, swaddled in a daze of confused lust, but suddenly I was in his car, and we were leaving the school parking lot.

James was someone I played Dungeons and Dragons with every second week, so we weren’t exactly close. I thought he was a good guy, I just didn’t hang out with him at school because he was a nerd. He didn’t seem to mind the arrangement. We arrived at his house and he parked in the empty driveway, taking me in the back door that led to the basement where the gaming stuff was set up. I collapsed on the couch and he stood over me, speculatively taking in the mess I had made of myself during the afternoon’s misadventures.

“Do you want anything? Something to drink? We have milk and orange juice, and maybe some iced tea,” he offered.

“Anything stronger?” I asked, my hands were still shaking from the emotional rollercoaster I had just stumbled off. He nodded slightly and I thought I saw him smile slyly to himself.

“Why don’t you go into the bathroom and clean yourself up, I’ll see what I can do about something stronger.” He climbed the stairs and I absently noted how nice and round his ass looked in his faded GWG’s. Giving my head a shake, I went into the bathroom and splashed water on my face, rubbing at the dried cum and saliva with a threadbare facecloth, slowly coming out of the fog that had surrounded me for the last hour.

I returned to the couch and James appeared shortly with two glasses, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of Sunny Delight. He mixed a screwdriver and handed it to me, fixed his own and then sat down across from me in a folding internet casino chair.

“Thanks for this, it’s a real lifesaver,” I said gulping the tangy drink.

“So why were those two trying to kill you, anyway?” James asked, taking a slow sip. I panicked, casting around desperately for a plausible story. How was I going to explain this?

“Yeah, I don’t know,” I finally mumbled, “just a misunderstanding, I guess.” I finished my drink, looking anywhere except at James. He stared at me intently for about thirty seconds, then sat forward taking my empty glass and refilling it.

“Well, it looked to me like you and Craig were about to have some fun, before Wayne burst out of the locker room,” he said calmly. My head shot up, I could feel my face burning in a deep blush.

How could he know? Had he been watching us? Had he seen me dry humping the captain of the swim team? James handed me another drink, and I finished it in one go. I glanced at him furtively, his short, pudgy frame in a loose sweatshirt and tight jeans, his legs spread, the contours of his basket bulging under his soft belly. I bit my lip, feeling my arousal wash in behind my panic.

“Um, what do you mean by fun?” I asked tentatively. He smiled and moved over to the couch, sitting close beside me.

“It looked like you were ready to blow him right there in the hallway, Billy,” he stated. His thigh was snugged up against mine, he took my glass and set it on the floor. “Is that what you were going to do? Were you going to suck him off?”

“I …uhhh, I don’t know what …” I trailed off as he placed my hand on his crotch.

“I watched the whole thing,” James said. “I saw you and Wayne at your locker. You left your backpack sitting there when you followed him. I was going to call to you, then Craig appeared out of a doorway and started following you. It looked suspicious, so I grabbed your bag and followed Craig.” He rubbed his crotch against my hand slowly and I could feel him harden. “He was pacing outside the door for about five minutes when you came rushing out. When I saw the mess on your face, I guessed what you had done with Wayne. You looked like a porn queen.” He leaned in closer to me, “It was hot.”

“So you’re into that … kind of thing?” I asked, kneading his balls. “You like the idea of a guy sucking another guy’s cock?” His hips were gyrating against me. He looked into my eyes and put his hand on my crotch.

“I think about it all the time,” he whispered, “I’ve thought about sucking your cock … I’ve thought about doing more.” Our lips met softly and he pulled me closer to him. We kissed again, a little harder, his mouth opened and my tongue slithered in. He moaned in response and his hand slid up into my t-shirt, across my abs and over my chest, flicking and gently pulling my nipples. Our mouths were mashed together, jaws working, tongues fencing. It felt like he was trying to literally devour me, moving to my neck, my ear, licking and kissing and biting.

My hands roamed over his torso, feeling his muscles tensing under a layer of soft flab. I was surprised by how pleasing it was to feel his flesh give way under my fingers, the way it molded itself to my touch. I struggled with the button on his jeans, finally pulling it open and tugging the zipper down. He was bulging against his Spider-man underwear, his pre-cum seeping through the red and blue web graphic. He moaned long and deep when I reached in and grasped his cock.

It filled my hand neatly, the rim of the head snug against my thumb and forefinger, the silky smooth hood sliding back as I slowly stroked it. He leaned back against the couch and we began kissing again as I jacked him. I sucked his bottom lip, his tongue, kissed his cheeks, his neck, he did the same to me. I pulled back and met his eyes, purposefully squeezing him, swabbing the pre-cum over his shaft.

“Do you want me to suck you?” I whispered, “do you want to shove your cock in my mouth?”. He moaned and nodded vaguely, moving his hips to pump his shaft in my hand. I slid off the couch onto my knees, our eyes still locked, I licked from the base of his shaft to the tip, then back down, taking his balls in my mouth. He whimpered, his cock flexing against my lips. I dragged the wet tip across my face, over my cheeks and chin, then I parted my lips and eased him onto my tongue, deeper to the back of my throat, then all the way in.

Slowly, deliberately I slid him in and out, my lips brushing his pelvis on each down stroke, my hands massaging his balls, running over his thighs. I yanked his jeans around his ankles and he lifted his feet so I could take them completely off, then he shucked his sweatshirt and he was completely naked under my touch. I pushed his thighs up over my shoulders and dove between his cheeks, swirling my tongue around his pink anus before taking him back in my mouth and bobbing on his cock faster. His moans were coming faster and louder and I knew he was close to the brink. I laid his head against the flat of my tongue and flicked it while sucking hard on his knob. I was rewarded with his screaming, thrashing, gushing load flooding my mouth and spilling over my lips, even as I tried to swallow it.

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