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As a psychiatrist Doctor Barnes was privy to many secrets. Which allowed him to ask deep, prying questions. Such would the case in today’s session with young Cody Jeffries. Doctor Barnes had been seeing Cody for about a month. He always looked forward to seeing the young man. He was by far the sexiest young stud the Doctor had ever treated. Rippling muscles, a chiselled jawline and bright blue eyes, Cody was absolute perfection. But, Doctor Barnes wanted to know all Cody’s secrets. The filthy secrets, he knew the young man must have. The focus of today’s session: Sex.

A knock at the door signalled Cody’s arrival.

‘Come on in Cody,’ said Doctor Barnes.

Doctor Barnes was shocked when Cody walked in. The young man sported a split lip, a gash on his cheek and a slightly bruised eye.

‘Cody!’ cried Doctor Barnes ‘what happened?’

‘I’m okay Doc,’ replied Cody ‘just got into a dumb fight with some guys at Uni.’

‘Oh Cody, we’ve talked about this,’ sighed Doctor Barnes.

‘I know Doc, Im sorry,’ said Cody, a foolish look on his face.

Even with his injuries, Cody still looked incredibly handsome. His emerald blue eyes always gave the Doctor butterflies. He was always so stylish to, without even trying. He wore a pair of skin tight black jeans with some worn out sneakers, a plain white t-shirt and a tight leather jacket. Doctor Barnes couldn’t help but stare.

‘Doc, you okay?’ asked Cody, waving his hand in front of Doctor Barnes face.

‘Um…yes. Sorry… I uh. Im just worried about you that’s all,’ stuttered Doctor Barnes. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri

Cody put his hand on the Doctor’s shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.

‘Im fine Doc, I promise.’

The Doctor felt shockwaves move through his body at Cody’s touch. He was absolutely besotted with this boy.

‘You don’t have to lie to me Cody, nothing you say will leave this room.’

‘Don’t worry about it. I’m good,’ said Cody ‘Besides I’d much rather talk about sex today,’ chuckled Cody.

Cody’s nonchalant attitude towards sex, excited Doctor Barnes. It could mean Cody would be very forthcoming in answering intimate questions.

‘Ah, yes. I’m glad your okay with covering the subject,’ said Doctor Barnes ‘I just think the more i know about you the better i can help. Plus as a 20 year old boy I’m sure sex is a huge part of your life.’

‘First, I wanted to cover masturbation,’ said Doctor Barnes ‘How often do you pleasure yourself?’

‘I don’t think I can put a number on it,’ laughed Cody ‘lets just say… a lot.’

This excited Doctor Barnes.

‘Okay, so tell me exactly, the things you do as you masturbate.’

Cody blushed hearing the Doctor’s question. He began fidgeting with the zips on his jacket, clearly a bit nervous about giving such intimate details.

‘It’s okay Cody, you can tell me,’ said Doctor Barnes reassuringly ‘a young man exploring his body and sexual pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of.’

Cody swallowed.

‘Okay, well, I uh… usually lay on the couch in my room. The smooth leather güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri feels really good on my naked body. I stroke my shaft slowly and tug lightly on my ballsack,’ began Cody ‘Once, I’m rock hard, and dripping with precum, i add some lube to my fingers, and pump my shaft. I open my legs wide and insert a few fingers into my ass whilst I pump. Stimulating my prostrate through direct contact is so intense.’

Filthy images flashed through Doctor Barnes mind, as he imagined Cody pleasuring himself. His young muscular body, flexing as waves of pleasure flooded his senses. Just looking at Cody’s fingers made Doctor Barnes even hornier. Knowing the lewd things Cody’s fingers had done, and the intimate parts of the young man they had touched.

‘I’m glad you’re being so open Cody,’ said Doctor Barnes ‘tell me, do you watch adult films whilst you masturbate?’

‘Yeah I watch porn,’ replied Cody ‘but not everytime I jerk of. Sometimes I just fantasize.’

‘About what?’

‘Well… I…Um. Of late… I’ve been fantasizing about being with other guys,’ said Cody nervously.

Doctor Barnes almost jumped out of his chair at Cody’s revelation. The boy was interested in men? He had to find out more.

‘Tell me more about your new found attraction to men Cody.’

‘It just kinda…happened,’ said Cody looking confused ‘I was just jerking of with some Uni buddies like we always did. But, instead of watching the porn we’d put on, I couldn’t stop looking at my friend’s. I play the image of them shooting cum all over their own güvenilir bahis şirketleri abs again and again in my head.’

Doctor Barnes hung on the edge of every word. His cock was rock hard under his desk. He’d been stroking it through his suit trousers as he imagined Cody and his buddies touching themselves as they watched porn together.

‘So, you fantasize about being intimate with your friends?’ asked Doctor Barnes.

‘Yeah, any hot guy to be honest,’ replied Cody ‘My buddies, celebrities, you…’

Cody stopped dead in his tracks. He looked at Doctor Barnes with wide eyes. He didn’t mean to admit his attraction to the Doctor. Doctor Barnes was startled to. Had the young man he had fantasised about, really be attracted to him to?!

‘I…I…I’m so sorry Doc,’ stammered Cody standing up. ‘Maybe I should just go.’

‘Cody, no,’ said Doctor Barnes ‘we need to talk about this.’

‘We can’t Doc, I’m sorry,’ said Cody walking towards the door.

As Cody tried to leave, Doctor Barnes grabbed him by the waist and pulled him in for a hard kiss. Immediately Cody responded, kissing Doctor Barnes back. Both men made out with each other passionately, exploring each other’s bodies. Cody’s smooth leather jacket felt good under Doctor Barnes fingers as he caressed the young man’s bulging back muscles. Cody’s lips were velvet soft and his hair soft as silk. Eventually they stopped making out, to catch their breath. Resting their foreheads on each other’s they caught their breath, holding their bodies close.

‘I’ve wanted to do that since the first moment I saw you,’ whispered Doctor Barnes.

‘You don’t know the countless times I’ve fantasised about you,’ said Cody.

‘You’re gonna tell me every lewd, filthy scenario you’ve thought about me in,’ said Doctor Barnes ‘then we’re gonna try every one.’

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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