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How can one describe in words the feeling that you get when a beautiful hard cock slides into you? How can you tell someone about the moment when that faceless man leaning against the wall in the dark room of the bathhouse makes you the centre of his world? Alternatively, the one with the thick uncut cock grabs you by the back of the head and forces himself down your throat?

I am a bathhouse boy and love the feeling of faceless sex. Being able to take part in some of the most unabashed and unfettered sex, doing that with as many partners as you want in one night or just being a voyeur.

There are nights that I go to the bath and look for the roughest, raunchiest sex you can imagine. Nights like that I can play out my wildest pig boy fantasies; let the bears use me for whatever they want and I relish the role. I have been made to crawl on my hands and knees through the entire bath with a collar and leash on and had whomever do whatever they wanted to me. I loved that night, the man who owned me made me suck so much cock that my jaw was sore for a week. There were men that took my ass with such force that I felt as if I was ripping open, and then there were the ones that just fucked me because they could; I leaked cum for the entire next day. That night was also one where güvenilir bahis I drank piss from the glorious cock of my master and his friends when we all went back to his house to carry on the pig boy role.

My owner had me back for a weekend and I was the entertainment for five of the nicest bears in the city. They where every thing that a cocksucking queen could want and then some. Each had a small pony sized cock and mandarin oranges for balls. They all took turns using my mouth and ass for whatever fluid they needed to get rid of. I cleaned each and every set of balls, ass and the one uncut cock of whatever was clinging to them; then the can of Crisco came out as well as some poppers. I was quickly inhaling the fumes that gave me a direct line to the feelings emanating from my well-used asschute.

It was the man who was the host for the evening that step behind me first. He was a patient lover, taking his time putting fingers slowly into my ass; first only one and then realising how loose I was quickly put three in working the nice wide point in and out widening and relaxing the muscles. At the same time he was also putting large amounts of grease in. “so that it will slide easier” he said I could care less at that moment I was seeing colours from the waves of pleasure türkçe bahis rolling over me.

He had me on my hands and knees on the floor but I guess it was uncomfortable for him because I was roughly lifted up onto a piece of gym apparatus so that his arm was able to pump in from a lower angle. The downside of this position was that I couldn’t get my mouth used but after a while it didn’t matter. Once I was comfortable on my perch he took four and then five fingers with more goop and worked them in. I could feel his knuckles ringing around my hole working one in and under. Once the first knuckle got in the rest followed just like beads on a rope.

My eyes opened to the size of dinner plates and more poppers went up my nose. He held his extended hand still for what felt like an hour, then slowly started twisting back and forth until he got me loosen enough to start the back and forth motion going as well. He next pulled his hand into a fist and the lights of pleasure draped in front of me once again. He started to run his fist up and down my chute working the Crisco into a lather. In one continuous motion he pulled his fist out and stepped back saying “this bitch is open for service, take a number”.

It took no time for the rest of them to attack my ass, some being nice güvenilir bahis siteleri and working their hands in, the rest just punching their fists right into my, by then, gaping asshole. This assault went on for a few more hours during which I was moved once again, this time to a position where I was able to have both ends used. This also allowed two men to have access to my backside; soon there was rather thick wrist pistoning my ass and a cock working it’s way to release inside of me. The various combinations going into my ass played out and soon I was a quivering mass of pearly cum and Crisco after they all had their way with me.

I had been came on and in so many times we lost the ability to remain hard. It was at that moment when my master stood at my head and started to piss on me. The others followed him; and soon they had all cum washed off of my body.

We were all spent and after showering, one by one dropped off into fitful bouts of sleep. By the time I woke I was in a comfy bed with my master wrapped around me. I wriggled my way down his body and teased his cock awake, licking and slurping until he put his morning shot down my throat. He grabbed my hair and held me until he released his bladder down my throat as well. We got out of bed, and he took me to the rest of the participants in the previous nights fun. There I gave each one a sloppy blowjob and drank or wore their morning piss. We all showered and went out for some breakfast, after which we all parted company promising to get together soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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