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Author’s Note: The only thanks we get are your comments and e-mails. Please let us know how you like these stories. What’s good, and what’s not so good. Thank you.

Chapter 14

Orgy at the Club

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the voice called out in his sonorous voice, “Let us retire to the “Garden” for libations and games.”

But before John and Argie could leave the room, they were intercepted by Doctor Coughlin, who said, “Please join me for a cocktail in the next room. We’ll join the others momentarily. I have some things you need to know now that you’ve passed the initiation.

Actually this was a ploy to keep them from the “Garden” as the room, or rooms were called, while the others got started. It was another thing that newcomers had to put up with before being truly welcomed into the Club.

He kept the couple distracted for about ten minutes and then grandly waved them into the “Garden.”

Argie and John were taken aback, as Doctor Coughlin led them into the so called “Garden.” It wasn’t a garden at all, but a fairly large room with at least six other rooms feeding off of it. A giant HDTV had a porno movie with three men and three women entangled as they tried every debauchery known to man. There was a wet bar against the wall on the far side of the room, but what got Argie and John’s immediate attention was the hot and heavy action going on all over the room.

A J-shaped sectional couch was centered in the room with the base of the J facing the large screen television. Seated at the base of the J was the woman who had worn the skimpy black cocktail dress.

“That’s Jenna,” Doctor Coughlin said, casually pointing at her.

“She’s definitely hot,” John replied.

“Absolutely. She thought she’d be the one you’d make come. You fooled her. I hope she’s not the resentful type,” Coughlin said, and laughed immediately afterward.

“Yeah, me too,” John said. “I intend to try her out this evening.”

“As will several others, John. Good luck there. She’s a little spiteful; she may reject you.”

“Incidentally,” Coughlin added, “the two gentlemen sitting on either side of Jenna are Ajax and Thor.”

Both men sat back, shirts open, pants around their knees, legs up on the coffee table before them. Jenna, wearing nothing but high heels, stockings, and a black, lacy garter belt, had her legs spread and draped over the two men. She had their cocks in her hands, and was slowly stroking their erections, as all three watched the couples cavorting on the large screen TV.

John recognized Ivana, the long, lean, sultry looking brunette, who along with a dirty blonde haired woman he would soon learn was named Callie, were between the coffee table and the television, on the floor, and oblivious to the film. Both were stark naked, and in a heated sixty-nine, with Ivana laying on her back, and Callie kneeling over her. They both were slurping noisily.

After staring at the two women for a moment, John returned his gaze to the couch. On the long side of the J, the blond haired Scandinavian sat in the center of the sofa. He too was shirtless, with his pants around his ankles. A slim brunette named Bobbi had her sundress pulled both down and up to her waist. She was sitting in his lap, facing away from him. Her thigh high stocking clad thighs were wide spread, and his massive dick was deep in her cunt.

Doctor Coughlin, his arm around both Argie and John, guided them to the J-shaped couch.

“John, Argie, I’d like you to meet Bobbi and Morgan.” Morgan, like the two blondes John had eaten earlier, wore only a tan, and a pair of high-heeled shoes.

“And, with them,” Coughlin continued, “are Jeff and Dave.” Jeff, the Scandinavian, grinned at them and continued to pump his erection into Bobbi’s cunt.

“You were both terrific,” Morgan said pleasantly, and then bent to retrieve Dave’s longish, but thin prick, and brought it to her mouth and began blowing him.

Bobbi spoke for the first time, saying, “Argie?”

“Yes, Bobbi?”

“Want to get together later? We could sixty-nine for a while and then find us two big cocks.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Argie said with a big smile.

“Watch this,” Bobbi said, and promptly sent two stiffened fingers into Morgan’s twat, causing the blonde to shriek in surprise, and then recapture the cock that had flopped from her mouth.

John took Argie by the hand and was making for an armchair across the room from the sectional couch.

“Ah, sorry, John,” Coughlin said coming between them. “I’m sorry, Argie, but you two can’t be partners this evening. Argie, I think Adonis, your black stud awaits you. And, John, I think this lady has the hots for you.”

He poker oyna watched his wife go off with Adonis, and then turned to face the woman mentioned by Doctor Coughlin.

“Hello,” a stunning brunette said, “My name is Martina.”

John looked at her. She was wearing a silky, almost see-through dress.

“John,” he said, “but you know that, right?”

“Right,” she said, as she smiled at him.

John liked her smile, and soon realized that with all the nude women around him, this one was more interesting simply because she still had her dress on.

“Shall I kiss you for starters?” he asked.

“By all means,” she replied, and closed her eyes and pursed her lips, much as a high school girl might on a first date. He kissed her. It was evident that they both enjoyed the kiss, and afterward, John looked around the room while idly caressing her smallish breasts and her ample, but firm, rear-end.

Obviously pleased with this languid approach, Martina responded by casually caressing his erection, every so often giving it a light slap. The slaps told John that Martina probably liked rough sex, and he made a mental note to see if he was right about it.

For a few minutes they carried on a low-keyed conversation, discussing those around them. Martina mentioned several of the men, and their particular likes and dislikes.

“And what about the women?” he asked.

She told him about them too, and then she told him what she liked. He smiled, for she did prefer rough sex.

He glanced across the room and saw his wife, Argie, leaving the room, hand in hand with the black man named Adonis. At about the same time, Martina raised her dress to her hips, hooked her leg around him, and pulled him inside her.

“Wow!” wheezed Martina, as John hoisted her up in his arms and sank deeply into her wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he continued fucking her standing up.

Slowly a growing crowd gathered around them, calling out complimentary remarks as the couple continued with their methodical fucking. Gradually John tired, and still penetrating Martina, he made his way to an armchair, and after turning slowly, sat down with a beaming Martina still attached to his appendage

After some light applause from the on-lookers, John rearranged them so that Martina was lying across his lap. Someone handed him a glass of beer, and he took a long swallow and gave the glass back.

“Show me your tits,” he said to her.

Martina promptly tore her dress open, revealing a pair of tiny, pear-shaped breasts with pointed nipples. Then she asked for a taste of beer and the gentleman who had provided a drink to John, offered her the same glass which she drained and then rubbed the condensation off the glass and onto her nipples.

His cock lurched inside her and she giggled happily.

It was the beginning of a long evening that would leave John worn out, but incredibly satisfied. He would have sex with many of the women there; none of whom seemed to mind if he left them before he came, as long as they got to come.


Meanwhile, Argie had been led into a small room with a Queen-sized bed the only item of furniture. They were both nude, and Adonis’ cock practically leaped up at her as they landed on the bed.

“My God, how big is that thing?” she felt compelled to ask.

“I’m told it measures eleven and a half inches,” he said casually. “Never took a tape to it myself.”

Argie laughed and said, “That figures, you never had to. Too many women all fascinated by it.”

“Lots of men too,” he said with a smile.

She toyed with the bulbous tip, still wet with her saliva.

“I have to admit, it scares me a little. I want it in me. But I’m wondering if it will rip me up, or do serious damage to my insides.”

“Well,” Adonis said laconically, “I’ve been with over a hundred forty different women . . . I keep sort of a little black book, you know? And none of them have ever reproached me for damaging them. Most all of them want another night with me and ‘Othello.’ “

“Othello?” she said, never doubting the large number of conquests he’d mentioned.

“That’s my nickname for it: ‘Othello.’ “

“That’s cute. I didn’t know men gave their dicks names.”

“Most do. Most don’t talk about it though.”

“I see,” she said, and understood how private that nickname might be. Still she made a mental note to ask John if he had a name for his.

Argie took him in her hands and saw that her fingers wouldn’t go all the way around it.

“You’re going to stretch me as much as my daughter did,” she told him in a matter-of-fact manner.

“You dilated for her. You’ll dilate for me. Soon canlı poker oyna enough you’ll be back to normal.”

“So,” she said out of curiosity, “how do you walk around with this thing hanging between your legs during the day?”

“Good question. Never been asked that before. Truth is, I strap it to my leg. My slacks are tailored to flare out along my upper thighs and that’s enough to hide it so that it’s not that obvious to people passing by.

She licked the head like she would an ice cream cone, then, before he could say or do anything, swallowed the first few inches.

“Excuse me, Argie, but you’ve already blown me. I want to fuck you now. Let me know if and when you’re ready, okay?”

His fingers touched down on the edge of her sex for a moment, and then wandered around, caressing her upper thighs and stomach. She reacted by squeezing his giant cock with both hands, not daring to let it go, although she wanted more than anything to tell him to jam his hand into her sex. And when his finger finally dipped between her legs to rub each of her folds in turn, Argie squirmed spasmodically, mentally urging him to delve deeper, much deeper.

Argie gently squeezed his balls, and Adonis let out a strangled moan. He retaliated by picking up her legs and crawling between them. He raised her legs even higher, and began kissing them. She could feel the faint stubble of his cheeks brushing the sensitive skin of her thighs. She felt herself shifting, and squirming, trying to direct him. She closed her eyes, and her hands cradled her breasts. She could feel the heat percolating in her cunt.

His breathing grew shorter and shorter. He made a sound deep in his throat, settled in, easing a finger into her. Argie had a flashing thought that his finger was at least as big as some of the cocks she had sampled in high school.

She almost came the moment his tongue joined the finger in tracing the outline of her pussy. Chills caused her to shiver, and were quickly followed by waves of heat so warm that she thought a thunder storm was developing inside her.

His free hand slid under her ass and squeezed the flesh there. Argie moaned and thought she was right there . . . for a brief second. But he didn’t allow her the pleasure of her climax . . . not just yet.

His tongue flattened itself against her clit, and he made a sort of humming noise with his lips that made her vibrate. Another most pleasurable wave rolled over her as she lifted into his face and his marvelous tongue.

She actually felt her cunt open flower-like to him as he concentrated on her clit.

Argie grew hotter and hotter. She dug her heels into his back, trying to jam him closer.

“Oh, yes, yes,” she whispered, as she rubbed her breasts with her right hand, and pushed herself into his face as she exploded and came . . . one long wave of pleasure after another.

Still gasping, she collapsed back on the bed, and then lifted his head away from her sensitive pussy. “Come here,” she whispered. “Put it in. Put it in me.”

He kissed her pussy one last time and crawled up her body. Argie could feel his ponderous cock as it rubbed against her leg. She reached down and held it while he positioned himself above her, and then slowly, almost reverently, she guided him to her entrance. Moaning softly, she rubbed the soft, yet blunt head of his cock up and down her cleft, and then brought it directly against her entrance.

“Are you ready?” Adonis asked, knowing there might be some sharp pain initially.

“I guess. I know I want it. What’s a little pain?”

He nodded, and told her, “Might hurt at first. But we get into it, it’s going to feel better than anything you’ve ever felt in your life.”

“Quite an endorsement, big boy,” she said smiling with nervous anticipation.

“You want references? I got ’em.”

“I don’t doubt it,” she replied and giggled nervously, and said, “Let’s do it, before I chicken out.”

“Brace yourself,” he said calmly, “here we go.”

Argie was watching his face as the first few inches split her apart.

“OH!” was all she could manage to say.

She wriggled a little and placed her heels on his bottom, then gave a little hitch with her hips.

“Thanks,” Adonis said, “I can use all the help I can get starting out.”

He grunted twice, and managed to get several more inches into her.

Argie laughed.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, more curious than bothered.

“I’ve taken it up my ass a couple times, and it went easier than this.”

“Point well taken,” he said. “You know, you’re a married woman . . .”

“Mother of two,” she added.

“Mother of two, and . . . please take this as the compliment internet casino I mean it as.”


“You’re pretty damn tight . . . for a mother of two.”

Argie laughed delightedly. “Why, thank you . . . I think.”

“You’re welcome,” he said and slammed his hips into her, garnering another inch.

Argie glance down between her legs. He had a good five inches to go.

“Maybe you won’t get it all in.”

“I will if we keep trying . . . of course, if you want to stop . . .”

Argie felt between their legs. ‘God, he has barely half of it in me.’

She rested her hands on his back, and they tried again. They got maybe one more inch in her, and it seemed like that was as far as she could go.

“This is where the fun begins,” he said. “I’ll pull almost all the way back out and push it in again.”

The sudden emptiness almost hurt, and she bit her lower lip on his next thrust. She rose to meet him, and this time they got almost all of him in her. He pulled back and thrust again, and this time she felt a nudge deep within her. The only time she’d ever felt anything that deep was when someone reached her cervix. Adonis was in there. He was in as far as it would go and still she could see him sticking outside of her. ‘Amazing,’ she thought. ‘There’s not a woman I know who would believe this.’ She giggled, ‘And who the hell would I tell?’

Breathing hard, Adonis said, “I can feel your hair rubbing against me. I’m about as deep as I’m going to get.”

“And you’re so big,” she whispered. “I feel absolutely stuffed.”

He laughed at that, and beads of sweat flew from his forehead to land on her shoulders. And as he began to fuck her, really fuck her, Argie experienced emptiness as he eased from her hole and a complete fullness when he reentered it. It was a strange but delightful series of sensations that only heightened as she grew accustomed to them.

A small climax rushed through her, as his fingers pinched her nipples. Small jagged lightning bolts raced from her nipples to her womb, only to explode. She threw her head back; closed her eyes, and rode the wave higher and higher.

He stopped, suddenly, holding absolutely still. His eyes were closed and his features clenched as he controlled himself.

“Okay?” she asked, forcing her own body to stop. After a bit, and several deep breaths, he nodded. She pushed up against him, and he responded with another thrust. She closed her eyes. She was close. It was like balancing on something on a windy day over a creek where you were swimming. You wanted to fall off, but you wanted to hang on as long as possible.

He shook his head, and began to thrust faster. He made a whimpering sound as he fought his climax, and began to lose it.

“Cum for me, baby,” she whispered into his urgency. She clutched the small of his back. “Give it to me.”

She clung to him, matching him thrust for thrust. The sight of his face contorting in pleasure, the sound of their bodies slapping together, the smell of their mingled sweat, the touch of his slick skin and the friction of his cock whirled her higher and higher until she crested in one blinding moment that seemed to never stop.

She clung to him tightly, his body her only anchor, as she whirled off into the wildness of her own private storm. Dimly she felt his arms tighten, and his thrusts changed abruptly to short and hard. He groaned, and she knew he was about to cum. That knowledge touched off another wave of pleasure within her; a wave that shook her entire body with its force. All control was lost in the sheer intensity of the sensation. Argie was coming and coming and coming, as he unleashed a torrent of seminal fluid that crashed into her cervix, and immediately backed up, squeezing past the thickness of his member to forge uncontested from her cunt only to seep down her thighs, and his thighs, to mingle with the threads in the sheets they lay upon.

Slowly they drifted back down to earth. He was lying on top of her, his chin on her shoulder, gasping for breath. She was fighting for breath, too, dreamily rubbing her hands over his body. She had all of him. Still dazed with the intensity of her pleasure, Argie reached out to find his cock, only to have it practically leap up at her.

“Doesn’t it ever go down?”

“Hardly ever on nights like this,” he told her. She believed him.

“Want me to suck it some more?”

Before he answered, Argie had her mouth around him, tasting herself and his sperm.

“Argie! Argie!”

He’d had to call her name out twice before she heard him.

“Um, what?’

“We have to be going. This is an orgy. I can’t keep you to myself.”

“Oh,” she blurted, sounding very much like a little girl deprived of a nice desert.

“I want to, but the rules are to share.”

“Oh . . .” She took a deep breath, and sort of shoved his thick black cock away from her.

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