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The next morning, we woke up about 10:30. Perfect, the bars by the pools open at 10. We were exhausted from the night before. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. My beautiful, loving wife took a foot long cock while I fucked her ass and she sucked off another guy. It was an amazing gangbang of a purely, filthy, beautiful woman. Truly the love of my life.

Thinking about the past night’s events naturally gave me wood. So, I started rubbing on Diane’s hidden clit. She didn’t have a lot of clit licking last night, and I figured it wouldn’t be too sore, so I started in on it. She just moaned real nice. So, I kept rubbing, then I worked my kisses down her body until my mouth was breathing heavily above her opening. Wanting her to beg me to eat her, I licked her asshole. Then moved to the right and licked all the way up to her trimmed bush.

“Please.” Was all she managed to say.

“Please, what, my hot, sexy love.”

“Please make me cum with your tongue, you big stud.” She whispered.

And so I went to work on her clit. I licked it up and down softly, then quickly side-to-side. Now, the whole tongue around the sides of her swollen clit, in circles. That’s the one that did it. She came hard on my mouth. Then she did something I rarely see from her. She pulled her knees to her shoulders and said, “Now pound the shit out of me. And don’t come to soon.”

Fuck! I can’t believe this woman. She is perfect. A perfect cock lover. Well, I’m not the boss, and I’ll easily lose her to big Carlos the foot long from last night if I don’t comply, so I slipped my cock in her sopping hole and started really pounding her whole pelvis. I’m coming off the bed almost taking my cock out of her only to thrust it in with all my might. We both knew I wasn’t going to last long. And after about 5 minutes of hard fucking, I came in her. I actually got to shaking, I came so hard.

“Augh, that was awesome.” I said as I rolled off my love.

“Now THAT is how you bastards needed to fuck me last night. I knew I should have had you in my pussy. But, I’m sure I would have probably had to see the doctor if bag Carlos’ cock went into my ass. But, my God, baby, you are the best of them all. How’d I get so lucky to find you?” She said.

“You so lucky? You know I’m the lucky one… Let’s go get some breakfast and find our friends.”

We got dressed and saw our friends by the morning buffet. After telling them we went to the room and passed out from all the alcohol the night before, they laughed. They said they didn’t stay at the hot tub long, then walked along the beach and actually had sex about a quarter mile down on the beach. Huh, kind of wild. They are pretty straight lased, so we don’t usually talk about sex in front of each other, as couples, I mean.

After a quick meal I wanted to get started on the day, so we found a couple of lounge chairs and parked our stuff. Smeared on some sun block and got in the pool. I headed to the bar with the drink order and brought them back to the group.

On the second trip, I feel this demure tap on my shoulder. It was Kerry, Pete’s wife, from the bus ride to the resort. JESUS!!! She was wearing what can only be described as strings tied into some configuration that hid her nipples, but not much else. Those D cup tits looked incredible. Like mellons glued to her tight little body. I almost just grabbed them. Any man would. I had to concentrate at looking at her eyes, but my cock was betraying me. I knew then how the Carloses could pay me back. I wanted to fuck this girl badly. And might need their help.

“Kerry, hey, how are you guys doing?”

“We’re good. We love poker oyna this place, so far.” She said.

“Yeah, us too. What did you guys do last night?”

She proceeds with, “After dinner, we went down to the bar on the beach.”

“Yeah, we went down there. They were playing disco.”

“I know.” She continues, “We saw you guys.”

I look at her confused and say, “Why didn’t you come over. We might be older, but we’d have talked to you youngsters. Not hip enough for you?” I was kidding, but that is how I roll.

“Maybe, Too hip, I think.” She says.

“What do you mean?”

“Pete and I saw.”

“Saw?” Still the confused look, but now I feel the weight of having to think of something fast.

“Saw? Don’t act like you don’t know. Let’s see, how can I best describe it?” This little hottie has me backed up against a 40-foot wall in a pool with no walls. And she isn’t backing down. “I can’t really describe it with words, so here goes.” With that, she reached out and grabbed my now dwindling cock. Still looking me in the eyes while brushing her hand back and forth against my cock springing it back to attention.

“You’ve got a naughty little wife, there. Does that let you know what we saw?” She says with a wicked grin.

“Most certainly does, Princess.”

“But, when I saw you look back and ask those guys to come with you, we lost track. And had to let our imaginations run wild. What happened?”

“Oh, Diane was pretty drunk, so those guys just walked with us, but once we got to our hallway, we all went our separate ways.”

“Oh… OK, Dude. I’m holding your cock because I saw your wife rub that big guy’s dick. Also, I want you to fuck me pretty badly. But, not if you’re going to lie to me, forget it. I just want the details. Pete got the shit fucked out of him last night because of what you guys had going on, and now you can, too. But, I need the details. K?”

“Kerry, look. Sorry, I’m just trying to not let our friends we’re here with know we have a wild side. And I don’t want us to get a bad rep. K?” She nodded. “So, I’m sorry. Do you want me or Diane to tell you what happened after we left the beach?”

“I want you to. Room 323 in 5 minutes. Pete will have no idea. Neither will Diane.”

“Can’t. D has to know. She wanted to fuck you when she met you in the bus.” I started telling her about me teasing Diane talking about Pete’s cock in the bus. With that I see this Cock Rocket’s nipples stand proudly. A-ha, I’d gotten some power back.

“Ok, you can get your wife’s permission. But, seriously, 5 minutes.”

I practically ran our round of drinks back to the group.

“D, come here.” And I filled her in. She was practically coming right there telling her about the discussion I just had with the hot little spinner.

“Go, then. I’m too tired. I’d love to, but I just can’t. I’ll be here. But, don’t take too long.”

WHAT?!?!? We’ve never had separate sex with strangers OR friends. This was turning into an amazing vacation.

I looked for Kerry and saw her kiss Pete on the cheek and leave the pool. So, here I go. I was probably 100 yards behind her telling our friends I needed to stop by the room for a minute. The fact that Diane stayed helped a lot.

I’m walking down the hall counting down the rooms, I’ve got a little buzz, and my third drink in my hand and there it is. Room 323. Knock-knock-knock.

Kerry opened the door still in her strings, and pulls me into the room. As she walks in front of me, she has basically a string going up the crack of her ass. Her ass is great, too. Not too thick, but meaty. Nice. That string isn’t canlı poker oyna covering anything, either. If she bends over, I’ll see her pussy and asshole. Please, bend over.

“So, come over here and tell us, we’ve got 20 good minutes before Pete and Mike start looking for us.”

“Us?” And I turn to see Lainy in a similar stringy thingy come out of the bathroom. “Uh, I don’t known” I stammer.

“Come on, Dude.” Kerry says, exasperated. “I told her what I saw and that you had the finger lickin’ details, and she wants to hear, too.”

And as soon as I say ok, Lainy says, “Sit in that chair, we’re going to get comfortable.” Both girls slip out of their suits and hop onto the bed. Kerry’s nipples are small, but her tits are fuckable Ds. She’s shaved and has a little ‘landing strip’ like Diane; however, not a natural blonde. No tan lines on her golden skin. She has a couple tribal tattoos, too. I bet she’s nasty. Now Lainy has these B cups that are firm and the nipples are actually hard and poking out about 1/2 an inch. Completely shaved and her clit is already hard and protruding. She’s got a bronzed look about her skin and the sexiest tan lines covering her girl stuff. She obviously wears thongs, cause she has the smallest hint of a tan line going up the crack of her ass. Just nasty enough, I thought. She’ll watch me fuck her friend. Yeah, for sure she might even lick my balls.

These are two hot women. I sit and begin telling the story, starting with Diane and Carlos (big Carlos) dancing and Diane feeling big Carlos’ cock. As I start, they both start rubbing their pussies with their right hands and the nipples with their lefts. With drill team precision. In tandem. It was incredible watching these two rub themselves. Finding their little clits and then fingering their holes. Back and forth. Then I tell them about the rules I had laid out. I left out the ‘Godfather’ rule, though. Once I told them about the size of big Carlos, they told me to show them with my hands. So, I put my hands about a foot apart, and that was it. They were so turned on, they switched. They start rubbing on each other. Lainy’s little fingers sopping up Kerry’s pussy juices. And Kerry pinching Lainy’s bud between hers. When I got to Diane having all her holes filled and almost passing out, both girls start screeching. They were coming right then. Unreal. I love my life.

“That’s it. That’s how it happened. I didn’t think Diane was going to get crazy this vacation, but she proves to me how hot she actually is all the time.” I said.

“That was so fucking hot, I want to see your cock in her mouth, right now.” This from the sweet, innocent Lainy. And, she seemed to be taking charge.

I striped immediately and my cock pops out. As I head for Kerry, she gets on all fours and crawls toward me like some sex starved cat. In one motion, she sucks the length of my meat down her throat. And each time she takes it almost all the way out and all the way back in. Her nose hits my pelvis everytime. So, sexy. Lainy starts rubbing herself watching, then she says she wants to taste it. She has a much smaller mouth and can’t get it all the way in, but she makes up for that with her tongue. It felt like velvet. If I hadn’t cum an hour ago, I’m sure I’d be unloading spunk in her sexy mouth.

“Fuck me hard like you guys fucked your wife last night. Ker, roll a condom on this big fuck.” Lainy says.

Thank, God. Remember, I’m a leg guy, so I took her legs in my hands and pushed my cock in. Then I started going really slow. In. Then out. Really slow, licking her calves while I slow fucked her. I didn’t want to fuck this little kitty internet casino hard. Not yet, at least. Kerry meanwhile is biting on her friend’s nipples. First one, then the other.

“Lord, that cock is good so fuckin’ thick. The head drives me crazy. I’m so full. I’m gonna cum again,

Jeezzzuuu….” And as she did. The force on my cock was amazing. She actually gushed around my dick. I couldn’t feel the squirt coming because of the rubber. But, it made me feel like ‘The Man’. Then, she put her hand on my stomach and said no more as she pushed me out.

Then, after a brief moment Lainy pants out, “Thank you so much for that. But, you didn’t cum. Ker, get on all fours and turn around. Now, fuck her in the ass, while I hammer her pussy with this dildo.” She actually pulled a dildo from under the pillow. It was about 9 inches and about as think as my dick.

“Wait, now. Kerry needs to tell me what she wants.” I said. Kerry is now turned and on all fours.

“Let me feel that wonderful cock in my pussy first.” She says.

I smiled knowing I’d get her ass, too. I started slowly, then picked it up a little doing this angel doggie-style. Meanwhile, Lainy was under her sucking Kerry’s tiny nipples. Then I licked a finger and started fingering her ass. Slowly, then in time with my fucking. After some time, I pulled out of her pussy and Lainy immediately put the dildo into her. Then I put the tip my fat cock on her asshole. She lust closed her eyes and lifted her head, knowing what was coming. I slowly pushed the head past her ring. Once I felt it push past, I kind of made little in and out motions, before I jammed it all the way in. She kind of squealed and bit her lip as I entered. Then after her asshole let go of its death grip on my cock a little, I spit on my dick and started a rhythm. Almost as soon as I started, she started saying, “Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it.” Over and over louder and louder. Then, “FUCK MY FUCKING A.. I’M COMING……..”

With that display I couldn’t hold back any more and told them I was going to shoot my load.

“In my mouth!” Lainy yelled.

So I popped off the rubber, gave a couple of jerks and put it to her mouth. Then, as I started to cum, I grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock down her virgin throat. I could tell because of the look in her eyes she was scared initially, but then she hit ecstasy. She started coming, again while I unloaded in her throat. It was incredible. These two women had to have worked as a team before.

Well, I flushed the condom, got dressed and sat and watched them kiss and trade the little spunk left in Lainy’s mouth. Then, put their barely bikinis back on. Then I asked how often they did this. They said, never. Kerry and Pete have had sex with one other couple, but seeing Diane last night, the two of them started talking and each saw a knowing look in the other. Today, Kerry told Lainy they had to leave the pool and she’d explain later. While Lainy and Kerry walked Kerry told her about our interaction at the pool. Lainy was in completely. Then I showed up.

“So, you’ve never fucked around with others?” I asked Lainy.

“Well, I never said that. A girl can never have too much good cock, right? Oh, and good pussy.” This from what I thought was an innocent Lainy.

“Hm. What about Mike?”

“What about him? He works a lot and doesn’t fuck his wife near enough. So, I get what I need.” She says.

“Oh, I see.” I didn’t like that part, but I continued. “OK, but the deal is, our friends don’t know anything. K?” I pleaded with these two Goddesses.


“K. Hey, next time, maybe Diane can help us out with the Carloses…” Out of the hot mouth of Kerry.

“Let’s just get out of here for now, girls.”

I was first to leave the room. I wanted to get out before Pete came looking for his wife. So, I just headed to the pool.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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