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One might say that travelling a long distance across Europe to go on a specialist bear watching holiday in Sweden and then not to see any bears is particularly unlucky, but sometimes good things come out of bad, which is the true nature of this story.

The Eurasian Brown Bear is not a common creature in Sweden and is also largely nocturnal, so is not easy to see in the wild. Generally, you employ the skills of an experienced wildlife guide and camp-out in the middle of the night near the smelly carcass of decaying elk (moose) and hope a hungry bear might lope-in for a feed. Bears have an amazing sense of smell, but they are also very frightened of humans, so you have to avoid anything that has the scent of people, like deodorant or toothpaste.

No bears turned-up in ten days of hanging-out in the woods, but others in my group did get a good view of a Lynx; I also glimpsed this elusive, wild feline, but it could have been a ginger moggie for all I saw of the critter as it disappeared into the gloom of the forest.

It was my obvious disappointment, coupled with the gift to our guide Markus of a bottle of excellent Springbank whisky from my homeland in Scotland that allowed me the opportunity to visit Sweden again later that year, this time in winter. You can’t see bears in the wintertime, as they are usually hibernating, but it’s a great season for tracking wolves and to hear them howling in the wilderness. Markus invited me to come out wolf-watching over Christmas, allowing me to stay in his little cabin in the woods, next to a pristine and beautiful lake.

When I arrived in December, the Swedish countryside was a winter wonderland of snow covered pines and frozen lakes. I spent a few excellent evenings out with Markus searching and listening for wolves on snow-mobiles and dog-sleds, which was a first and amazing experience for me.

Markus had to return to his family for the Christmas holidays leaving me alone in the cabin, but looked after by his cousin Lilly, who lived in a house nearby with her friend Elsa. Both were fabulous-looking, young women in their late 20s, tall, fit and slender; Lilly a brunette with striking blue eyes and Elsa a classic Swedish blond with long, golden hair.

The girls invited me over to their place for home-cooked meals and copious amounts of Absolut Vodka, a strong enough vintage to fuel rockets. Both were amazingly fun company and they seemed to love my British humour, as I considered it my patriotic duty to keep them constantly in stitches of laughter and giggling. Swedish men might well be handsome, but maybe I had the edge on them in the personality stakes, as both Lilly and poker oyna Elsa seemed to take a very strong shine to me.

Near to my cabin and on the very edge of the lake, Markus had built a little sauna house, with an outside hot-tub and a wooden pier that went-out onto the lake with a ladder at the end. The Scandanavians are a crazy bunch and the idea here is to lounge in the sauna or hot-tub in almost unbearable heat and then every now and again, run naked down the pier and jump into a hole you had dug in the ice of the frozen lake. Readers, yes I know, these folks are as mad as ferrets on Speed! I can now vouch however, that if you don’t die immediately of a heart attack, then it’s incredibly invigorating, apparently even more so if you beat yourself with birch twigs beforehand to further stimulate your circulation (err, no!).

Anyway, one evening I was lounging in the hot-tub with a book, when I heard girls’ laughter as they approached the sauna house. On seeing me in the tub and with absolutely no shyness nor hesitation, the girls were stripping-off their woolly jumpers and tight ski pants to reveal their flawless and lythe, naked bodies. Before I had a proper chance to absorb this glorious sight of femininity, they had both climbed gracefully into the bubbling hot-tub opposite me.

Being a gentleman, I grabbed a couple of cold beers from a case next to the tub and handed them to my sexy new companions. We chatted, laughed and drank for a while, playing a bit of footsie under the bubbles. When in conversation, I suggested this was the perfect menage-a-trois, one hunky guy with two beautiful women, Lilly, who was perhaps the cheekier of the two, stated with a giggle that they didn’t necessarily need the man. With this, she leaned over and gave the lovely Elsa a gentle kiss on the lips.

As I sat helplessly on my side of the tub, gorgeous Lilly and Elsa started to snog passionately. Their kisses were slow and sensual, just lips at first and stroking each other’s faces lovingly; then, as their lust was mounting, french-kissing with tongues sucking and moaning lightly, as hands began to stroke yearning breasts beneath the churning waterline.

My thick cock began to swell to a full erection at this wonderful spectacle of sapphic eroticism; I pumped the shaft slowly up and down in lust for these two lovely and uninhibited Swedish beauties. Elsa rose a little from the water to allow Lilly to fondle her pert boobs and to suck away at her small, pink nipples, which extended to little buds as Lilly’s tongue flicked and swirled around them.

I could tell by the tremorous movement of the girls’ arms that love-making was canlı poker oyna not just happening above the hot-tub waves, but that hands and fingers were making their wicked way between soft, wet thighs. Both women were now half in and out of the water with Elsa feasting on Lilly’s beautiful, tanned tits, which were a perfect size, plump and firm with youth. The girls were now moaning and totally engrossed with each other, scarcely paying me any heed.

It was Lilly that came first. Elsa’s right hand was shivering faster and faster as she frigged Lilly under the water, her tongue still swirling around large, brown areola and swollen nipples. Lilly shouted-out loudly, grasping Elsa firmly to her bouncing boobs, as she shuddered and spasmed over and over again in a massive orgasm.

Lilly kissed Elsa gently in gratitude, raising her up with gym-toned arms onto the edge of the hot-tub and opening her legs to gain access to the delights of a clean-shaven, pink pussy. Lilly lapped at Elsa’s swollen labia and clitty like a kitten at milk, her index finger darting in and out of a tight little love-hole. Elsa’s head was thrown back, her eyes closed and mouth wide open with ecstasy. Soon she too was arching, crying-out and stroking Lilly’s dark hair, as a huge orgasm pulsed through her slender frame in a series of violent, electric shocks of pleasure.

The girls sank down into the hot-tub, breathlessly holding and gazing at each other, planting gentle, assuring kisses. Looking over at the neglected and frustrated man in front of them, they smiled sweetly with a glint in their eyes. “Isn’t he a handsome beast” said Lilly: “We wouldn’t wish to forget about him, poor boy”.

Splashing over to my side of the tub were the two most beautiful girls in the world, a dream come true for any red-blooded male. Soon we were kissing and stroking, three slippery bodies writhing against each other in the heat and bubbles.

Elsa was first to impale herself on my rampant prick, clamping onto me and humping back and forth causing waves to splash over the edge of the hot-tub. I moaned with manly pleasure and fondled her jiggling breasts, licking my tongue over raspberry nipples as they bounced up and down. The heat of her soaking pussy was so intense, it was a miracle I didn’t burst inside her there and then.

Lilly began to french kiss me and stroked my face and strong body, as I reached between her thighs to rub her clitty and pussy lips with flashing fingers, then probing in and out of her love tunnel to her complete and utter relish.

Swapping-over, Lilly this time grasped my pulsing cock, guiding it deeply into a vagina yearning internet casino to be filled. We both gasped and groaned as she pumped up and down on the shaft, her gorgeous boobs bumping against my face in gloriously comic fashion. Elsa kissed me and then Lilly and back again, her hand snaking down between us to massage Lilly’s pulsing bud as she bobbed up and down, causing her to moan loudly with high-pitched mewls.

Rising-up in the slippery tub, I lifted lovely Lilly from me and manoeuvred her around to face the edge so I could penetrate her doggy-style. Humping into her toned and tanned body, I watched my rock-hard rod thrust to and fro inside her, causing her tight little bottom to wobble deliciously. “Ooooh, I’m loving it” she cried over and over again.

Elsa too adopted the same position as Lilly, her fine bum stuck-up in the air and slender back arched, in a desperate gesture for her share of rampant cock. Withdrawing from Lilly with a spring of hard prick and a spray of love-juice, I braced little Elsa with muscular arms and rammed into her forcefully. This had her crying-out, spasming and contracting in immediate orgasm at the power of my thrust into such a tight, wet hole. Pummeling in and out of her had me grunting, as Elsa squeezed rhythmically on my pole, increasing the pleasure to intense heights for the both of us.

I knew I was about to explode and so did the girls from my pained expression and the increasing ferocity of my thrusts. “I’m going to cum” I groaned, as Elsa pulled forward, releasing her exquisite pressure on my pulsing cock, making it jump free of her and into my grasp.

Both lovely girls turned to face me, squatting down in the tub so only their faces and tits were above water. Pumping my hand up and down the shaft, Elsa and Lilly watched my pink cock-head disappear in and out of the foreskin with fascinated and excited expectation. Faster and faster I wanked that cock until my swinging balls rose and tightened and then it had to come, wracking me with pleasure – spurt after spurt of white hot spunk, splashing onto Elsa’s face and neck and down onto Lilly’s amazing boobs, which she held-up in order to catch the precious seed as it spewed over her.

Both gorgeous women were covered in lines and globules of pearly sperm, squealing and smiling at the manly gift I had bestowed upon them. Elsa rubbed the love-juice into Lilly’s boobs and Lilly sucked at the head of my sensitive throbbing prick, causing me to shudder, as I stroked the pretty faces of these wonderful Swedish girls in gratitude and contentment.

We had a few more wonderful days before I had to fly home to the UK and made the most of this time partying and feasting, but most memorably, making love together in all its varied forms. I have to praise these amazing Swedish women, who gave me some of the happiest and most satisfying moments of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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